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RE: Ed and Elaine Brown's Jamboree a huge success thanks to DHS!

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From: Pan Man
Date: Jul 17, 2007 9:22 AM

Don't you just love it when the enemy volunteers for dumbass duty?

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From: .:Truth Seeker:.
Date: Jul 17, 2007 8:06 AM

From: Poker Face
Date: 17 Jul 2007, 01:35 AM


[b]by Jack Blood[/b]

The local newspaper headlines rang with dire warnings for all who would attend the Live Free or Die jamboree held on Ed and Elaine Brown's front yard July 14th.

"That's an illegal gathering, and it's not a safe situation for anybody to really go to, and the people who go there have to realize that. . . . We can't say it's safe for anybody to go there. We will not send emergency vehicles into this area, no matter what." said Plainfield Police Chief Gordon Gillens.

Gillens also warned people in advance that no emergency services would be provided for concert goers as it was too dangerous to send them in to the area. Attendees were also warned that many would be armed and again were on there own if anything should turn ugly.

(The so called police presence was thin with only Chief Gillens, and officer O Sullivan at the bottom of the road, though reports of Federal officers coming and going were constant. The Brown's were kind enough to send the boys some hamburgers which they appreciated and consumed.)

Ed Brown responded by assuring the police that he didn't need any assistance by the city or state, and that we were perfectly capable of handling whatever might happen.

But assistance he received as airspace was closed over Plainfield through Boston and surrounding airports while a mysterious white helicopter circled the crowd of 200 for about 6 hours, flying so low at times it appeared to be coming in for a landing. At one point, after apparently refueling… The chopper returned appearing about 100 feet out of the trees. It must have been lying low in silent mode before it jumped out and buzzed the crowd. It felt like apocalypse now, Vietnam or Iraq.

The chopper was traced by its ubiquitous ID numbers N187AE as solo artist Dave Cahill was tearing through a blistering set on stage. With the help of GCN radio host Mike Rivero of www.whatreallyhappened.com we were able to determine that the helicopter was created exclusively for the US Government, and was registered to Homeland Security, and this was announced to the live audience and live web viewers.

Ed Brown at one point called the FAA to warn them that the chopper was too low, and could be in harm's way as a commercial fireworks show was planned for later that evening. It seems to be debatable at this time whose airspace DHS was operating in, state or federal. It would seem that DHS can and will do what they want just the same.

I had the opportunity to interview Chief Gillens about this and in fact it was news to him. Ironically, he wasn't in the loop until we alerted him to the situation regarding DHS. He had been superseded by the Feds repeatedly that day, and Gillens like the rest of us was at their mercy.

Maybe this was the culmination of Michael (the Devil) Chertoff's "gut Feeling" and concert goers were all relieved that any attempt by Al Qaeda to attack the Brown home would be thwarted by the DHS Chopper.

In my opinion it was incredibly clumsy to have sent this chopper to harass the Browns, and their guests as I was grateful for the expensive show of force on peace loving constitutionalists. If I could have I would have paid them to do it… It looked great for the many cameras ..ing the event, and must have been thrilling for those watching on the myriad of live web casts. A perfect example of what we are talking about, and succinct imagery to go with the anti police state music and message echoing throughout day. You really couldn't have planned it better I thought, and DHS played right into our hands.

At one point, as darkness closed in, and after hours of constant buzzing and low level hovering (no doubt recording every move we made for future reference) the crowd became bolder. Ed had gone down into a pasture for reconnaissance which was certainly concerning as the chopper with a sniper could have easily taken him out. Flanked by videographer Terry Melton, and backed up by myself and others proudly defying the DHS Chopper while holding banners for "From Freedom to Fascism" and making "certain" hand gestures…. The laugh was on them.

A spotlight war began as one Brown supporter hit the chopper with a high powered light beam while the white helicopter answered back with a flood of light of their own.

As for the event itself? It was an overwhelming success!

The music was excellent and perfectly placed. Opening the show was a message by Ed and Elaine who seemed overjoyed by the attention, and support. Dave Von Kliest of the GCN Morning show The Power Hour did a great job opening with his original tune, "Show Me The Law"

(All gave heart felt talks for the roaring crowd) next up was the cool organ driven tunes of Paperback Radio who came in by private bus from NJ and sounded awesome under the 80 degree sun.

The headliner Pokerface blistered the stage for 90 minutes playing many of their hits including "America", "the Watchmen" and and "Prayer For America"<

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RE: Dragon Skin ~~~ Discovery Channel future wpns

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From: § Lori §
Date: Jul 16, 2007 10:40 PM

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RE: Libs/Cons agree Administration must be Impeached to save US

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From: Pamela's Protest
Date: Jul 16, 2007 10:43 PM

Libs/Cons agree Administration must be Impeached to save US

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From: Iconoclasm (U.S. National) [Brad/Deez]
Date: Jul 16, 2007 7:37 PM

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From: SpeedReeser
Date: Jul 16, 2007 7:33 PM

From: [JOE]™

Liberal /Conservative Agree: Impeach Cheney & Bush PlzRepost

July 13, 2007

Transcript from: http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/07132007/transcript2.html

Bill Moyers talks with Bruce Fein and John Nichols

July 13, 2007

Bill Moyers talks with Bruce Fein and John Nichols
BILL MOYERS: One of the fellows you're about to meet wrote the first article of impeachment against President Clinton. Bruce Fein did so because perjury is a legal crime. And Fein believed no one is above the law. A constitutional scholar, Bruce Fein served in the Justice Department during the Reagan administration and as general counsel of the Federal Communications Commission. Bruce Fein has been affiliated with conservative think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation and now writes a weekly column for THE WASHINGTON TIMES and Politico.com.

He's joined by John Nichols, the Washington correspondent for THE NATION and an associate editor of the CAPITOL TIMES. Among his many books is this most recent one, THE GENIUS OF IMPEACHMENT: THE FOUNDERS' CURE FOR ROYALISM. Good to see you both. Bruce, you wrote that article of impeachment against Bill Clinton. Why did you think he should be impeached?

BILL MOYERS: Bruce you wrote that article of impeachment against Bill Clinton. Why did you think he should be impeached?

BRUCE FEIN: I think he was setting a precedent that placed the president above the law. I did not believe that the initial perjury or misstatements-- that came perhaps in a moment of embarrassment stemming from the Paula Jones lawsuit was justified impeachment if he apologized. Even his second perjury before the grand jury when Ken Starr's staff was questioning him, as long as he expressed repentance, would not have set an example of saying every man, if you're president, is entitled to be a law unto himself. I think Bush's crimes are a little bit different. I think they're a little bit more worrisome than Clinton's. You don't have to have--

BILL MOYERS: More worrisome?

BRUCE FEIN: More worrisome than Clinton's-- because he is seeking more institutionally to cripple checks and balances and the authority of Congress and the judiciary to superintend his assertions of power. He has claimed the authority to tell Congress they don't have any right to know what he's doing with relation to spying on American citizens, using that information in any way that he wants in contradiction to a federal statute called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. He's claimed authority to say he can kidnap people, throw them into dungeons abroad, dump them out into Siberia without any political or legal accountability. These are standards that are totally anathema to a democratic society devoted to the rule of law.

BILL MOYERS: You're talking about terrifying power but this is a terrifying time. People are afraid of those people abroad who want to kill us. Do you think, in any way, that justifies the claims that Bruce just said Bush has made?

JOHN NICHOLS: I think that the war on terror, as defined by our president, is perpetual war. And I think that he has acted precisely as Madison feared. He has taken powers unto himself that were never intended to be in the executive. And, frankly, that when an executive uses them, in the way that this president has, you actually undermine the process of uniting the country and really focusing the country on the issues that need to be dealt with. Let's be clear. If we had a president who was seeking to inspire us to take seriously the issues that are in play and to bring all the government together, he'd be consulting with Congress. He'd be working with Congress. And, frankly, Congress, through the system of checks and balances, would be preventing him from doing insane things like invading Iraq.

BRUCE FEIN: In the past, presidents like Abe Lincoln, who confronted a far dire emergency in the Civil War than today, sought congressional ratification approval of his emergency measures. He didn't seek to hide them from the people and from Congress and to prevent there to be accountability. And, of course, Congress did ratify what he had done. Secondly, sure, times can be terrifying. But that also should alert us to the fact that we can make mistakes. The executive can make mistakes.

Take World War II. We locked up 120,000 Japanese Americans, said they were all disloyal. Well, we got 120,000 mistakes. They lost their property. They lost their liberty for years and years because we made a huge mistake. And that can be true after 9/11 as well. No one wants other downgrade the fact that we have abominations out there and people want to kill us. But we should not inflate the danger and we should not cast aside what we are as a people. We can fight and defeat these individuals, these criminals, based upon our system of law and justice. It's not a-- we have a fighting constitution. It's always worked in the past. But it still remains the constitution of checks of balances.

BILL MOYERS: A fighting constitution--

BRUCE FEIN: It's a fighting constitution that enables us-

BILL MOYERS: What do you mean?

BRUCE FEIN: That with the-- with the consent of Congress and the president working hand in glove with consistent with due process of law, we have the authority to suspend habeas corpus in times of invasion or rebellion. It has enabled us to defeat all of our enemies consistent with the law.

BILL MOYERS: Congress did not stand up to George Bush for five years when it was controlled by Republicans. And I don't see any strong evidence that the Democrats are playing the role that you think the Congress should be playing.

BRUCE FEIN: That is correct. But it doesn't exculpate the president that Congress has not sought immediately to sanctions his excesses.

BRUCE FEIN: --exactly right. And Bill, this could not happen if we had a Congress that was aggressive, if we had a Congress the likes of Watergate when Nixon was president and he tried to-- obstruct justice and defeat the course of law. We have a Congress that basically is an invertebrate.

BILL MOYERS: But why is Congress supine?

JOHN NICHOLS: They are supine for two reasons. One, they are politicians who do not-- quite know how to handle the moment. And they know that something very bad happened on September 11th, 2001

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The Democratic Republic of New Texas

RE: Oil Workers Mount Protest in Basra

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From: Patriots Speak Out ®©™
Date: Jul 16, 2007 10:46 PM

Oil Workers Mount Protest in Basra

Union Protests Oil Law, Government Increase on Fuel Prices
Posted 5 hr. 47 min. ago

Essam al-Sudani/AFP/Getty
Basra, IRAQ: Iraqis shout slogans as they demonstrate in the southern city of Basra, 16 July 2007.

Basra, Jul 16, (VOI) – The executive bureau of Basra's trade unions organized a large demonstration on Monday, where hundreds of workers called for reconsidering the oil and gas law and the government's recent decision to increase fuel prices.

"Members of all Basra's trade unions took to the streets to show solidarity with the oil trade union, calling for reconsidering the oil and gas law and the government decision to increase fuel prices," the head of the bureau, Hussein Fadel, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).

The executive bureau issued a statement last week calling for the removal of the oil minister, freedom of syndicates to organize their administrations and activities and the cancellation of decision no. 150, which bans syndicates' activities in public sector institutions.

"The demonstration reflected the unity of Basra's trade unions. The ports, electricity, services, municipalities and other trade unions all united to call for the legitimate demands of the oil trade union's workers," he added.

A media spokesman for Basra's trade unions, Faraj Ribat Mazban, told VOI that the demonstrators were protesting against the oil and gas law, which he said allows foreign companies to exploit Iraq's wealth.

The law on oil and gas is one of the most controversial laws on the Iraqi political scene. It was recently ratified by the Iraqi cabinet after a number of Shura Council amendments were made to it, described by the government as "peripheral." The law was referred to the parliament for approval and is currently under discussion. The current draft gives foreign investors the right to set up refineries and oil facilities and to invest in them for 50 years, after which they will belong to the Iraqi government.

Mazban added that the demonstrators were also angry at being unheard. Representatives from the syndicate of trade unions met several officials, including the prime minister and the oil minister, "but all they gave were empty promises," he indicated.

The Iraqi Oil Ministry said earlier that starting July 1, 2007, premium gas will be sold at 450 Iraqi dinars per liter (36 U.S. cents) and regular gas for 400 dinars (32 U.S. cents), attributing the price increase to pressure from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Paris Club to remove subsidies on oil derivatives.

Basra, a Shiite province with 20% Sunni population, is 590 km south of Baghdad.

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RE: Bush Government to Poor Voters: We Don't Want You to Vote

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From: The Man Common
Date: Jul 17, 2007 10:03 AM

Bush Government to Poor Voters: We Don't Want You to Vote

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
Posted on July 17, 2007, Printed on July 17, 2007

State welfare offices across the country are not offering millions of low-income Americans the opportunity to register to vote when applying for public assistance despite a federal law requiring them to do so, according to an analysis of a recent federal voting registration report and experts who say the Department of Justice and states are to blame.

"It's huge. It's another area where the administration is failing us," said Donna Brazile, chair of the Democratic National Committee's Voting Rights Institute, speaking of the Department of Justice's oversight of the nation's voter registration laws. "They are not pushing states to recognize their voter registration responsibilities."

At the same time, the Justice Department's Voting Section, which enforces voting rights and supervises elections in some states, is pressuring 10 states to do more to purge voter rolls -- or remove ineligible voters -- before the 2008 presidential election, according to letters sent to state election officials this spring.

"We conducted an analysis of each state's total voter registration numbers as a percentage of citizen voting age population," wrote John Tanner, the Department of Justice Voting Section chief, in an April 18, 2007, letter to North Carolina's top election official. "We write now to assess the changes in your voter registration list ... and the subsequent removal of persons no longer eligible to vote."

Cynthia Magnuson, a Justice Department spokeswoman, confirmed in an e-mail that similar letters had been sent to 10 states, but did not list the recipients. "The Department actively works with all states to comply with all provisions of the statutes we enforce," she said.

Voter lists are updated because people move, die or lose their right to vote if convicted of felonies. But because this process occurs out of public view and without much regulation, it can be open to partisan abuse or produce incorrect results, such as in Florida in 2000 when more than 50,000 voters were incorrectly removed from voter registration lists.

The contrast of a Justice Department that apparently has not enforced voter registration opportunities for poor people -- who tend to vote Democratic -- and a department that is pressuring states to more thoroughly trim voter rolls has prompted some voting rights advocates to accuse the agency of selective enforcement and partisan bias.

"I think it's pretty clear the Justice Department is pursing a partisan agenda to get states to purge voters while ignoring requirements to get states to register voters," said Michael Slater, deputy director of Project Vote, a national nonprofit specializing in voter registration drives targeting low- and moderate-income families.

Voting Section chief John Tanner did return a telephone call to discuss his office's priorities and accomplishments. On Monday, July 16, the House Judiciary Committee announced it was postponing a hearing scheduled for Tuesday, July 17 "because the Department refused to make Voting Section chief John Tanner available to testify," its press release said.

However, Hans A. Von Spakovsky, a former assistant attorney general who served four years as a top Civil Rights Division lawyer overseeing the Voting Rights Section discussed accusations of changing "the enforcement direction of the department" in a June 29, 2007, letter to the Senate Rules Committee. He became a federal elections commissioner in December 2005, and his appointment is under review.

Von Spakovsky's 18-page letter is a detailed defense of some of the department's most controversial recent rulings, such as approving a Texas congressional redistricting plan and a Georgia voter I.D. law that later was blocked in court as a violation of the Constitutional amendment barring poll taxes. Nowhere in the often-technical letter is any mention in section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which is intended to help poor people vote by requiring state welfare agencies to offer the chance to register.

Instead, Von Spakovsky defended an aggressive stance with enforcing the NVRA's voter purge provisions, which fall under section 8 of the law. "The division could not willfully ignore the list maintenance requirements of the NVRA," he wrote. "It is the responsibility of DOJ to enforce these laws."

While the national media has followed the department's firing of U.S. attorneys who, in some cases, did not pursue voter fraud cases -- another priority of longtime GOP lawyer-activists like Von Spakovsky -- the department's oversight of the nation's voter rolls has mostly gone unnoticed. The potential impact on the 2008 election could be enormous, however, especially if millions of disenfranchised people registered and voted.

A just-released federal voter registration report reveals the stakes. In late June, the Election Assistance Commission issued a biennial voter registration report to Congress for 2005 and 2006. The report found that 16.6 million new registration applications were received by state motor vehicles agencies while only 527,752 applications came from state public assistance offices -- a 50 percent drop from 2003-2004. The report also found 13.0 million voters were purged nationwide and 9.9 million were put on "inactive" status, meaning these people have to provide identification before receiving a 2008 ballot.

The potential number of public assistance recipients who could register runs into the millions. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration's FY 2008 budget, federally subsidized "health centers" will serve an estimated 16.3 million patients, a population where "91 percent are at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, 64 percent are from racial/ethnic minority groups and 40 percent are uninsured." This is the same population who typically seek a variety of federally subsidized public assistance, from food stamps to fuel assistance to welfare.

Another indication of how many poor people could register is Tennessee, whose elections are federally supervised. From 2005-2006, Tennessee registered 120,992 people at public assistance offices -- nearly a quarter of the national total, the EAC reported. Tennessee registered more voters than the combined totals of welfare office registrations from California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

Karen Lynn Dyson, EAC Research director, said there were several reasons why many states have not made voter registration more available through public assistance agencies. First, the NVRA was passed in 1993, and many state and county election officials have been paying more attention to newer federal election mandates and transitioning to new voting machines. Moreover, many state welfare agencies don't see voter registration in their job descriptions -- despite the federal law. The same factors were also cited by Project Vote's Michael Slater, who emphasized that low-income people tend to move more often than better-off Americans.

"Our organization exists to correct the problem that voting is skewed toward upper-income folks," he said. "We are trying to make voting more representative of the population."

Justice Department spokesperson Cynthia Magnuson cited two department enforcement actions concerning increased voter registration; suing New York in 2004 because its state universities did not "offer voter registration opportunities at those offices serving students with disabilities," and the department's 2002 suit against Tennessee, which led to federal oversight of its elections. The New York suit is still pending.

Scott Novakowski, a senior policy analyst at Demos, a centrist public policy group based in New Yo



RE: who's who of Illuminati

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From: The War Of Terror
Date: Jul 17, 2007 11:29 AM

excellent stuff. wish i had a transcript.


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thanks: sage advice
Date: 17 Jul 2007, 07:46 AM

The who's who of Illuminati
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From: Joey Storm!
Date: Jul 17, 2007 7:18 AM

Secret societies can't remain secret when you know who the membership is and what their agendas are, can they? Don't worry if you don't speak German...just listen to the names and look at the pictures~See what their common bond is and know the Truth...for it shall set you and all of us free!

thanks to:
Pan Man
Angelica Wandering Angel~R.I.P. Kelly Johnson U.K.

Illuminati..s - MyVideo



RE: Federal Police Called for using the word Vent? Pass on pl

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From: NoVerichipInside.com
Date: Jul 16, 2007 9:51 PM

A short but sweet blog showcasing the madness of the world we live in. Today I was greeted with a call from Australia's Federal Police. Basically our equivalent of the FBI! Why would the Federal Police call me? The content of the We the People Will Not Be Chipped site? The fact that we are a movement that refuses to be inventoried? No!
Something far more sinister than that! I used the words 'vent my frustration in person' on an email that was sent to the Greek Consulate highlighting some failings on their part when attending to a business matter.

Shock gripped me as I didn't realise that those words were constituted as 'terror threats'. I felt miserable for awhile wondering how I could have misrepresented the English language is such a poor fashion! I typed dictionary.com into my Firefox web browser and hit enter!

Vent - Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source vent1 - Show Spelled Pronunciation[vent] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation, –noun

Expression; utterance; release: to give vent to one's emotions.
to give public utterance to: to vent one's opinions.

I sat and pondered the consequences of using more venomous words such as cake, biscuits and carnival in a sentence. The horrors of being thrown into the Villawood Detention Centre flooded me and put an end to the Kamikaze that lives in me.

I sat looking at the monitor screen shaking my head in disbelief and there it was staring back at me! I was correct but we don’t live in a world where being correct is rewarded with the label of ‘terror threat’. Standing up for what you believe in now is seen as bucking the system and fuelled by snitch citizens wanting to betray their fellow man for a piece of the slavery pie.

Be subservient and be diplomatic to one and all as the surveillance grid falls upon us! Will I now conform? Not on your life and not for a million dollars. You can’t buy respect.

Greg Nikolettos



RE: Ron Paul Rally - Mountain View California

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From: Brad [Ron Paul 08]
Date: Jul 16, 2007 8:14 PM

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From: Jah Red
Date: Jul 16, 2007 5:31 PM

Ron Paul Rally - Mountain View California July 14th 2007 pt1



Ron Paul Rally - Mountain View California July 14th 2007 pt2



Ron Paul Rally - Mountain View California July 14th 2007 pt3



Ron Paul Rally - Mountain View California July 14th 2007 pt4



John E
Date: Jul 11, 2007 1:50 AM

and look, myspace made it easy for you to register, NO EXCUSES!!!

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RE: Photo of low flying Reichland Security Helicopter at Browns

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From: Leo/FightNWO-Defeating World Government!!
Date: Jul 17, 2007 12:05 PM

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Thanks!: Deiph [WTF HAPPENED?!]
Date: Jul 17, 2007 8:54 AM

So the Live Free or Die concert at Ed Brown's house was amazing! I took a bunch of photos... Here is the first of many that I am putting out there. Please forward this to your friends. All Americans should know the Ed and Elaine Brown story. It is monumental! Homeland Security was there all day watching and harassing us and I have pics to prove it! At one point their chopper was so loud and hovering so low that we couldn't even hear the band playing! Regardless of their intimidating tactics, we didn't get scared and some of us even taunted them back!

Check out what the Genesis Communications Network wrote about this incident...

"airspace was closed over Plainfield through Boston and surrounding airports while a mysterious white helicopter circled the crowd of 200 for about 6 hours, flying so low at times it appeared to be coming in for a landing. At one point, after apparently refueling… The chopper returned appearing about 100 feet out of the trees. It must have been lying low in silent mode before it jumped out and buzzed the crowd. It felt like apocalypse now, Vietnam or Iraq.

The chopper was traced by its ubiquitous ID numbers N187AE as solo artist Dave Cahill was tearing through a blistering set on stage. With the help of GCN radio host Mike Rivero of www.whatreallyhappened.com we were able to determine that the helicopter was created exclusively for the US Government, and was registered to Homeland Security, and this was announced to the live audience and live web viewers."

For the rest of this amazing story please go here:

For more info on this helicopter visit this site:

For more info on Ed and Elaine Brown visit:

Show us the law!! Stand up for your rights! :)


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RE: The Siege of Ed and Elaine Brown

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From: Pamela's Protest
Date: Jul 16, 2007 7:38 PM

The Siege of Ed and Elaine Brown

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From: Kenny
Date: Jul 16, 2007 3:52 PM

Live Free or Die Concert photo slide show with sideshow tune

show me the law
and i'll give you all
all that you need
without a law
i may fall
but i'll not be on my knees
it's a very serious scene
no more war taxes for the crown
the siege of ed and elaine brown

they'll be coming for all of us next

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Dr. Paul goes to Google

RE: Candidates@Google: Ron Paul

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From: Pamela's Protest
Date: Jul 16, 2007 7:48 PM

Candidates@Google: Ron Paul
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From: We Are Change - R.I.P. Dan Wallace
Date: Jul 16, 2007 4:44 PM

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RE: Register To Vote On Myspace

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From: 9/11 Research
Date: Jul 16, 2007 6:54 PM

Now You Dont Actually Have To Get Off Your Ass To Register!
We may not be electing a President this November, but important elections are happening in your state - with control of Congress, state legislatures, school boards, and more at stake. So MySpace has partnered with Declare Yourself, a national nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign to energize and empoewr you. In 2004, DY registered over a million young voters - this year, MySpace and DY are working together to make it easy for millions more to make a difference.

Whether you care about health care, job opportunities, student loans, the environment, national security, or Iraq - and whatever your positions on those issues may be - politicians need to hear from you. The more you engage, the more of a difference you can make. The first step is to make your voice heard. It's time to Declare Yourself by registering to vote, going to the polls, and making an impact.

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Soldiers support Dr. Know

RE: Ron Paul is the US Military's Top Candidate!

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From: Matt
Date: Jul 16, 2007 6:48 PM

Date: Jul 16, 2007 6:43 PM

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From: mike
Date: 16 Jul 2007, 18:40

Excellent thank you much,
LIZard- don't tread on me!!,
Shame on U.S! Nobody for Pres. 2008,

Freedom Fighter

khurt's picture
Posted July 16th, 2007 by khurt


Yes you heard me right. Now that all Q2 financial reports from both sides are publicized we can see who is getting money from where.

It has been no surprise that the contributions from the US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, and US Veterans tends to favor the Republican Party but what might be a little surprising is that Congressman Ron Paul leads the pack overall with more contributions than even Senator John McCain. Here are the numbers (in dollars) as compiled by eaglescout over at TheSpinFactor.com:


RON PAUL: 23,465 [6,975] [6,765] [4,650] [5,075]
McCain: 15,825 [6925] [6305] [1795] [800]
Romney: 3,551 [2,051] [0] [1500] [0]
Rudy: 2,320 [1,450] [370] [250] [250]
Hunter: 1000 [0] [1000] [0]
Richardson: 800 [50] [750] [0]
Huckabee: 750 [250] [0] [500]
Tancredo: 350 [350] [0] [0]
Brownback: 71 [71] [0] [0]
Thompson: 0 [0] [0] [0]

Units are contributions in dollars by employees of the respective military organizations (all numbers can be found via the FEC Website ).

I would have jumped to the conclusion that our soldiers are ticked off that they have to be fighting an unecessary war against an invisible enemy in 120+ degree weather BUT that would certainly not explain why many veterans would be supporting Ron Paul. This sentiment probably stems from Congressman (and US Air Force veteran) Paul's honesty, as well as his ability to both use and communicate solid reasoning. Soldiers must not like how they are being used for the whims of corrupt politicians and I'm sure would like to get back to the days when they were used in the honorable role of protecting freedom... something Dr. No has consistently done from his seat in Congress and would undoubtedly do from his seat in the Oval Office.

(Please let me know if there are any major errors in data or facts)


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