Tuesday, July 17, 2007

RE: Register To Vote On Myspace

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From: 9/11 Research
Date: Jul 16, 2007 6:54 PM

Now You Dont Actually Have To Get Off Your Ass To Register!
We may not be electing a President this November, but important elections are happening in your state - with control of Congress, state legislatures, school boards, and more at stake. So MySpace has partnered with Declare Yourself, a national nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign to energize and empoewr you. In 2004, DY registered over a million young voters - this year, MySpace and DY are working together to make it easy for millions more to make a difference.

Whether you care about health care, job opportunities, student loans, the environment, national security, or Iraq - and whatever your positions on those issues may be - politicians need to hear from you. The more you engage, the more of a difference you can make. The first step is to make your voice heard. It's time to Declare Yourself by registering to vote, going to the polls, and making an impact.

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