Saturday, July 14, 2007


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From: Dalibor
Date: Jul 13, 2007 8:05 PM


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From: Keith (enemy combatant for peace)
Date: Jul 13, 2007 11:31 AM

Watched it live last night, Michael was on top of it, thanks DJLenaDOTcom

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From: Love Cursed
Date: Jul 13, 2007 4:31 PM

thanks to psychocandy for the update..

looks like it worked for now, but how ridiculous. check this link:

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From: Love Cursed
Date: Jul 13, 2007 3:57 AM

repost~ please get involved. save net radio!

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From: Mark Marshall
Date: Jul 13, 2007 1:49 AM

This came from our friends at This is NOT an alarmist post - upwards of TWENTY THOUSAND netradio stations could be closed as soon as NEXT WEEK if this isn't stopped - PLEASE REPOST.

for more background info on the story, you can read Idiots killed the radio star (opens in a new window)


Time and options are running out for Internet Radio. Late this afternoon, the court DENIED the emergency stay sought on behalf of webcasters, millions of listeners and the artists and music they support.

UNLESS CONGRESS ACTS BY JULY 15th, the new ruinous royalty rates will be going into effect on Sunday, threatening the future of all internet radio.

We are appealing to the millions of Internet radio listeners out there, the webcasters they support and the artists and labels we treasure to rise up and make your voices heard again before this vibrant medium is silenced. Even if you have already called, we need you to call again.

The situation is grave, but that makes the message all the simpler and more serious.

PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES RIGHT AWAY and urge them to support the Internet Equality Act. Go to to find the phone numbers of your Senators and Representative.

If they've already co-sponsored, thank them and tell them to fight to bring the bill to the floor for an immediate vote. If the line is busy, please call back. Call until you know your voice has been heard.

Your voices are what have gotten us this far - Congress has listened. Now, they are our only hope.

We are outmatched by lobbying power and money but we are NOT outmatched by facts and passion and the power of our voices.

Again, please go to to find the necessary phone numbers and make the call today.

Thank you,

The SaveNetRadio Campaign

To repost, just hit reply to poster below, then copy the code and paste it into your own bulletin.

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