Saturday, July 14, 2007

RE: The Chicken Store continues the crusade

I recently took a trip to the Florida Keys and stumbled upon a shop that would make Steve Irwin proud. It's "The Chicken Store," operated by Jesse and the gypsy chickens. It is a quiet little store filled with art that Jesse has produced and it helps to pay for the Rooster Rescue Team that is based at this location. Now, why do the chickens need rescuing in Key West? I guess it is because they taste so good.

Since we have cleared that bit up, now it's on to The Great Key West Chicken Debate! Some say they are pets and some say they are dinner but whatever they are, they have come to roost in Key West. But that hasn't happened without the Key West Chicken Wars becoming the talk of the town and yet The Key West Chicken is still around.

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