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RE: Xmark and Somark! Competing for your skin! Pass On Please

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Date: Jul 6, 2007 4:51 PM

Christians will love this short blog but one must state the following revelations ;) make for great conspiracy conversation . There are what appears to be two major players at this stage competing for the human 'chipping or marking' market. How mankind has even entertained these companies without burning their premises to the ground showcases the apathy and self indulgent detachment from world events the average man of the street exhibits. Let's not forget you would be labelled as a terrorist. Put out those Molotov cocktails and lets move on to the fight of the century. The fight of all fights ! In the red corner we have Somark , a relatively new player in the game being at the seed stage of development. Somark offers a chipless RFID using a biocompatible ink tattoo with chipless RFID functionality. On application the unique ID generated can be detected without line of site. Many Christians have emailed us stating that the company is blatantly using the word 'mark' in its company name thus trying to guarantee success through aligning itself to the Bible passage in Revelations "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand,or in their foreheads: [Rev. 13:16]. If these alarmists had researched the company they would have clearly realised that the founder of Somark is Mr Mark C. Pydynowski. He named his company after his first name! Case closed as they say!

What about the boxing match you ask? As we cross live to Vegas , we have in the blue corner the old sluggard heavyweight, Verichip who recently broke its shackles from Applied Digital and leaped into the Nasdaq sinking some weeks and swimming on the others. Verichip showcased it's athletic prowess by jumping over some FDA hurdles and crashing on others. They still got approved! Could that have been the magic waving =wand of Former Bush official Tommy Thomson ? Who has now been elected to the throne position of board of directors.

What has prompted this blog was when we received a flurry of emails stating that Applied Digital solutions and Verichip had moved some of their range to a new umbrella brand. The name? Xmark! X marks the spot as the saying goes . Initially we thought this was a joke as from a marketing angle , whoever authorised this term was either a new graduate from a home schooled internet marketing course or leveraging off the word 'mark' as used in Revelations perhaps? Cue the Twighlight Zone music. Could this useless marketing graduate guarantee the products future success by 'naming and claiming' the word mark? More Christian emails flooded our inbox! We sat back drinking coffee and I realised , have we been sucked into this debate? Could this bible passage validate this companies role in the future? The fact that we even entertained the thought showcased the strange coincidence at play. Here we have two companies competing in many respects for the titanic market of human inventorying and both companies have the name mark in their company name or product range. Have the atheists within our organisation flocked to church as a result of this? The answer is no but we find the coincidence to be amusing to say the least and will add further fuel to the tin foil hat vs Velostat beanie wars that rage on on bulletin boards. Don't know what a Velostat beanie is? Your not much of a conpiracy theorist then. Back on subject , we considered calling both Applied Digital and Verichip to ask the reason for the name change but quickly concluded all they would do is lie as they have consistently whilst promoting the glitched and hazardous Verichip.

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Greg Nikolettos
 Death To Verichip – We the People will Not Be Chipped

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Hilarious !!!

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