Saturday, July 14, 2007

RE: 9/11 Banner Captured on Live TV - Removed by YouTube

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: East Anglia Truth
Date: Jul 14, 2007 6:29 AM

Good day,

The following video was submitted to YouTube by East Anglia Truth following their removal of the clips of Corinne Bailey Rae performing "I'd Like to" at the recent Live Earth concert in London.

The clips featured a brief, but clear, view of the "9/11 Inside Job" banner that the East Anglia Truthers had taken to the stadium in the hope this would be captured. This indeed was broadcast live across the globe, however, it appears that its presence is no longer welcome on youtube and it is interesting that its removal shortly followed comments had been posted on the page alerting other viewers to the banner.

Whilst YouTube cite "copyright" reasons for the deletion of the original videos it is interesting that Corinne Bailey Rae's other song performances -- as well as the performances of the various other artists -- are still available.

Corinne Bailey Rae’s performance of “I’d Like To” removed by Youtube

Corinne Bailey Rae’s other songs are still presented on YouTube

Of course, we hope the video we uploaded has a longer shelf life but please view and download the video whilst it is still available..

Here is the mobile camera video that was recorded by the truthers, during which the banners were taken by security.

We would appreciate if it you could find the time to visit Youtube to rate and comment on these clips in recognition of the effort put into this project.

And thanks to all those who have contacted us showing your support, we truly appreciate it.

Best Wishes,
East Anglia Truth

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