Sunday, May 18, 2008

RE: Dr.Deagle is the man..! add him...!

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From: Eddie Spaghetti (Ron Paul)
Date: May 18, 2008 8:38 PM

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From: jane
Date: May 18, 2008 8:29 PM

This is the most important and comprehensive video you will ever see. Dr. Deagle is a highly intelligent whistle-blower with info that you need to know about nutrition, extraterrestrails, New World Order, Moon Base, Mars colony, Deep Underground Military Bases, super soldiers, GMO, Illuminati 4th dimensional workings, even modified attack baboons. Nutrition, government cover-up, extraterrestrials, subterranian entities, higher dimensions, this film has it all. Dr. Deagle knows what he is talking about. This is one of the most important films you will ever see.

http://www. myspace. com/drbilldeaglemd

http://video. google. com/videoplay?docid=-2221852945040630461&q=&hl=en

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RE: Imagine if HAARP is speedng up earth rotation, causng quakes

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From: frEE faLL - Sent Down from the Top
Date: May 18, 2008 12:29 AM

then that means im only 37, instead of 51,
and i dont have the shakes!!!



but all kidding aside folks,
check it

China Earthquake caused by HAARP weapon? ...uh ... yeah
Support the US Terrorists! (Free the Enemy)

The War Of Terror

my god; that was horrible (footage of quake).

will repost: juan
Date: 17 May 2008, 05:31 PM

China Earthquake caused by HAARP weapon ?

Ån†h☮n¥ ®™~Huntress of Truth~

Iconoclasm(Defeat the Illuminati Cartels)

China Earthquake caused by HAARP weapon

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RE: Be aware of your thinking

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From: Dalibor
Date: May 18, 2008 1:07 AM

Be aware of your thinking

Saalome: EarthMama
Date: May 17, 2008 8:51 PM

"There is a thought in your mind right now. The longer you hold on to it, the more you dwell upon it, the more life you give to that thought. Give it enough life, and it will become real. So make sure the thought is indeed a great one.."

-- Ralph Marston

Most of our self-talk comes unconsciously from our subconscious. Yet every thought that exists in our subconscious got there through a conscious decision to accept that thought..

We need to become conscious of our self-talk so we can at will choose to replace negative beliefs with positive ones. We have the power to choose an identity we love, but we need to do the work. The process of changing our subconscious beliefs requires awareness, diligence, consistency and repetition..

"Man is made or unmade by himself. In the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself. He also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace.."

-- James Allen

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From: Chris
Date: May 17, 2008 5:23 PM

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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RE: McCain getting owned by a caller & ron paul on the neo cons

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From: nick's antinomy
Date: May 18, 2008 12:51 AM

thanks: Ry anti-neocons

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RE: Dr. Nikola Tesla : pbs video presentation

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Date: May 18, 2008 5:44 AM

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