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RE: Whistleblower Exposes Nazi Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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http://video. google. com/videoplay?docid=-7098616762893270148&ei=z-feSPiOApryqAOI_ZjdCw&q=alex+jones+cynthia+bill&vt=lf&hl=en


RE: Senate Leader Harry Reid Admits Income Tax is VOLUNTARY

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From: Lori
Date: Dec 4, 2008 9:43 AM

From: MAX FAN (Cowboys/LSU/Ron Paul2012/NASCAR)
Date: Dec 4, 2008 8:07 AM

I believe most of the thieves in government are informed to never say Mandatory when it comes to income taxes because it IS actually Voluntary to file and pay income taxes. Remember.............EVERYTHING collected on April 15 does NOTHING but pay the interest on the said Senator Pete Domenici, of the Senate Appropriations Committee.
They KNOW where our tax money is spent!

It's hard to keep one's lies straight when it becomes second nature to never tell the truth.
Witness this fool believing that we've all been successfully dumbed down enough to actually believe words don't have meanings!


VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE COPY & SAVE - Put this in your Freedom or Patriot folder on your computer and keep and spread!

Photobucket Photobucket

Not only is there no law that requires the average American Citizen wage earner to pay an Income Tax, there is certainly no law that requires one to give up his 5th Amendment Constitutional Right to bear witness against himself as when he files a tax return! When you sign anything UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY you are waving your 5th Amendment Right. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS! Our Founders were protecting us against just such shenanigans as this.

It’s like listening to a cop read you the Miranda Warning (the right to remain silent etc.) when they arrest you and you giving up those rights and talking to them.

The following information is directly from the Beast’s mouth. These are IRS handbooks I ordered back in the early ‘80’s. The Constitution has not changed since then, so the statements still apply. The IRS knows that they can’t require you to give up your Constitutional Rights, that’s why they tell you, themselves, that filing a return is voluntary! These statements are at the beginnings of each of these books or sections. They spell it out in plain English.
They are hoping, I guess, that they’ve successfully dumbed us sheep down to the point that we don’t know what voluntary means or can locate a dictionary to remind us!

Let’s see what the Merriam-Webster dictionary says:

- Voluntary : proceeding from the will or from one's own choice or consent
- Compliance : a: the act or process of complying to a desire, demand, proposal, or regimen or to coercion b: conformity in fulfilling official requirements

So……….. Voluntary Compliance in these IRS matters means – fulfilling official requirements from one’s own choice or consent.

** This first photo is from the IRS’ Audit Guidelines Handbook. When they say “Service” they mean the Internal Revenue Service. The underlined parts are what is important.


** These next two are from their Criminal Investigations Handbook.



** These next two are from their Special Agents Handbook. Remember, liquor distillers, tobacco merchants and a few others ARE required to file returns, just not us wage-earning citizens. This is where they try to confuse us. Also, the courts have ruled in tax cases that “shall” means “may.” “Shall” doesn’t mean “required,” it means you may or you may not.



** I wrote my senators and congressman and asked them if we were REQUIRED to file a tax return, and again, the IRS tells my congressman that it’s voluntary.
Can you feel the arrogance coming from this squirrel? Can you spot the lies?


** This is an article from the Wall Street Journal, 20 years ago! Has anything changed? Everyone knows that the Income Tax is voluntary except us sheep at the bottom, I guess! LOL Are there also penalties for not volunteering to contribute to the United Way or Toys for Tots? Can you believe the scam and smoke and mirrors that we have been living under?


** You will not see Voluntary Compliance attached to any “real” law. You won’t find it near laws for Murder, Robbery, TREASON, Kidnapping or Traffic laws. Why? Because the United States Constitution doesn’t protect us from these like it does from Bearing Witness Against Ourselves with our 5th Amendment. The IRS and Congress who writes this crap know the law, this ain’t by mistake! This is by design to keep us enslaved, period! End of discussion! Please pass this on far and wide. We need to return to Constitutional government like Ron Paul espouses. Thanks.


I believe banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies! If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, 1st by inflation, then by deflation, the banks & corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.
~ Thomas Jefferson 1802



TOM CRYER - LAWYER WHO BEAT THE IRS (Watch all the videos)





RE: An Indonesian citizen born in Kenya, named Obama

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From: Randomlight
Date: Dec 4, 2008 9:50 AM

From: International Man of Mystery

Obama Vs. Constitution (60 Sec.
TV Ad)

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From: robert
Date: Dec 4, 2008 9:27 AM

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=YYdk26ezVio

Chicago Atty Say 'Natural Born' Requirement 'Stupid'!

http://www. worldnetdaily. com/index. php?fa=PAGE. view&pageId=82680

RE: Mass Mobilization Of US Troops On US Soil

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From: JERM
Date: Dec 4, 2008 1:45 PM

From: K1NG D@VID {rEVOLutionary Mind}
Date: Dec 4, 2008 12:41 PM
Mass Mobilization Of US Troops On US Soil - Martial Law

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From: Eddie NWO Censored
Date: Dec 4, 2008 10:32 AM

Eddie NWO Censored

December 03, 2008 - Twenty thousand additional US uniformed troops, set to be trained by 2011, are to help as a response to the threat of a possible mass terror attack or civil unrest following an economic collapse, But despite assurances from the Pentagon, many Americans are worried by the prospect of seeing the military guard in the streets

Dec 3, 2008 - Fox: Experts Warn of an Impending WMD Attack Within 5 Years

CNN – Attack before 2013 likely

December 03, 2008 - Homeland Security picks K-State for biodefense lab

CBS On The Trail With The Nuke Hunters - WASHINGTON, Nov 24, 2008 - CBS Evening News Exclusive: Specialized Teams Map Natural Radiation In Cities To Prep For Worst

SanDimas. net - 2008 ShakeOut 7.
8 Earthquake Simulation
Nov 20, 2008 - Government warns of "catastrophic" US quake

Police watch over travelers at New York's Grand Central Terminal before Thanksgiving

Biological terror attack likely by 2013, panel says

CNN News
December 2, 2008

http://edition. cnn. com/2008/US/12/02/terror. report/?iref=mpstoryview

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Terrorists are likely to use a weapon of mass destruction somewhere in the world in the next five years, a blue-ribbon panel assembled by Congress has concluded

They are more likely to use a biological weapon than a nuclear one -- and the results could be devastating, the chairman of the commission told CNN

"The consequences of a biological attack are almost beyond comprehension.
It would be 9/11 times 10 or a hundred in terms of the number of people who would be killed," former Sen Bob Graham said

Read The Rest HERE

CBN News: Bio Attack Likely in Next 5 Years - December 02, 2008

An anthrax attack is a particular danger, the commission warns

WMD strike 'likely' in five years

BBC News
4 December 2008

http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/americas/7762318. stm

The chance of a nuclear or biological attack on a major world city within the next five years is now much greater, a new report has warned

A bi-partisan commission set up by the US Congress said America's "margin of safety" was shrinking, not growing

One of the authors of World at Risk said its enemies were moving quickly to gain weapons of mass destruction

The White House later said it did not plan to overhaul the country's national security structures in response

A spokeswoman said it would be up to Barack Obama to consider the issue, when he took office

Read The Rest HERE

The US Northern Command plans to station 15,000 uniformed troops inside the US by 2011, ready to respond to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive incidents

With WMD Attack Likely, Can the US Cope?

National Security Experts Say 15,000 Troops Aren't Enough

ABC News
Dec 3, 2008

The recent report revealing a likely biological or nuclear terror attack on the United States by 2013 has left some national security experts questioning what, if anything, a government plan to station 15,000 military troops inside the United States might do to counteract a domestic catastrophe

The report, released by the Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism, determined that, because of the availability of biological weapons and, to a lesser extent, the distribution of nuclear material, "it is more likely than not" that an attack on the United States using a weapon of mass destruction will occur in the next five years

Read The Rest HERE

US soldiers re-enlisting because of poor economy

Associated Press
By JOHN MILBURN and STEPHEN MANNING, Associated Press Writers John Milburn And Stephen Manning
Tue Dec 2, 2008

http://news. yahoo. com/s/ap/20081202/ap_on_re_us/meltdown_choosing_war/print;_ylt=All_tJvjvxaZPc62yb0aNgfLLJ94

FORT RILEY, Kan. – Sgt. Ryan Nyhus spent 14 months patrolling the deadly streets of Baghdad, where five members of his platoon were shot and one died.
As bad as that was, he would rather go back there than take his chances in this brutal job market

Nyhus re-enlisted last Wednesday, and in so doing joined the growing ranks of those choosing to stay in the U.S.
military because of the bleak economy

"In the Army, you're always guaranteed a steady paycheck and a job," said the 21-year-old Nyhus. "Deploying's something that's going to happen.
That's a fact of life in the Army — a fact of life in the infantry"

In 2008, as the stock market cratered and the housing market collapsed, more young members of the Army, Air Force and Navy decided to re-up.
While several factors might explain the rise in re-enlistments, including a decline in violence in Iraq, Pentagon officials acknowledge that bad news for the economy is usually good news for the military

In fact, the Pentagon just completed its strongest recruiting year in four years

"We do benefit when things look less positive in civil society," said David Chu, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness.
"What difficult economic times give us, I think, is an opening to make our case to people who we might not otherwise have"

The retention rate of early-career soldiers in the Army has risen steadily over the past four years and now stands 20 percentage points higher than it was in fiscal 2004. As for the Navy and the Air Force, early- and mid-career sailors and airmen re-enlisted at a higher rate in October than during the same period in 2007.
The Marine Corps was not immediately able to provide comparative figures on re-enlistments

Alex Stewart joined the Army two years ago, when the factory where he worked as a welder started laying off.
He was sent to Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division, which suffered 87 deaths last year, the highest total suffered by the 20,000-member unit since the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan began

When his hitch was up in earlier this year, the 32-year-old from Grand Rapids, Mich.
, didn't hesitate to re-up for five more years

"I want a stable life for my wife in a very shaky economy," Stewart said.
"There were no other options"

Stewart's new assignment will take him to Germany, where he will serve as a truck driver, though it is always possible he could be sent back into combat

"I figure if I do another five or 10 years in the Army," he said, "the economy will turn around and I can get a truck-driving job"

Army Spc. Alicia Fauls, 20, of the Woodlands, Texas, had two years to go when she re-enlisted last week at Fort Riley, home of the Army's 1st Infantry Division, which has one brigade in Iraq, one headed home and another preparing to ship out.
She has not been sent into the war zone yet but knows an assignment in Iraq or Afghanistan is probably in her future

"I did have only two years left, but I'm not sure what I would do," Fauls said. "It's harder to find jobs.
If I do wait to get out, the economy should be in better shape"

When Nyhus' tour in Iraq ended last April, he talked to his wife about getting out of the Army and working toward a college degree.
But the father of a 2-year-old daughter opted for the job security, even though he is likely to be sent back to Iraq as a member of the 4th Infantry Division, which has shouldered a heavy burden of the fighting

Marine Staff Sgt. Angela Mink, who was injured in a helicopter accident in Iraq in 2004 and now works in public affairs at the Corps' New River air station in North Carolina, said the thought of taking a civilian job "without my fellow Marines just didn't appeal to me.
" Moreover, she had little hope of finding a private-sector job that pays as well as the Marines

"Equivalent pay is nonexistent, once you factor in insurance premiums, housing costs," said Mink, 37.
"And we would definitely have had to relocate I have a child with a disability and what civilian employer is going to take that into consideration when they think of moving you somewhere?"

And so the married mother of five signed up recently for four more years

Roughly 208,000 men and women left the military in 2007. Some were rank-and-file warriors, while others worked in specialized fields such as satellite communications or computer networking.
Only about 30 percent of enlisted soldiers hold a bachelor's degree

The job market is still fairly good for veterans with technical skills, especially those coveted by defense contractors, said Carl Savino, a retired Army major who runs a company outside Washington that offers employment services to new veterans

Sgt. Michael Rodriguez, 29, of San Antonio, decided to get out after he landed a job with a defense contractor working on communications systems.
"I feel pretty secure with them," said Rodriguez, who will leave the military soon

But even defense-contractor jobs could dry up as the economic crisis deepens, Savino said

"Jobs are getting harder to come by for veterans," Savino said.
"The farther they deviate from the defense contractors, who are still in reasonably strong shape, the more challenging it is"

US prepares for "continuity of government"

Bruce Fein: Army to deal with potential domestic "civil unrest and crowd control"

December 1, 2008

US prepares for "continuity of government"
Bruce Fein: Army to deal with potential domestic "civil unrest and crowd control"

The US federal government has made strong preparations for "continuity of government" in the event of a national catastrophe, A full army brigade is now on active duty within domestic borders, and the Bush administration has issued a directive which allows the president to coordinate all three branches of the federal government in such an event


Oct 26, 2008 - US Combat Brigade on Domestic Mission

Oct 7, 2008 - Pentagon dedicated unit for US Patrol - Martial Law

Pentagon to detail military to bolster security

Plan would dedicate 20,000 uniformed troops inside U.
S by 2011

Washington Post
By Spencer S Hsu and Ann Scott Tyson
Nov 30, 2008

http://www. msnbc. msn. com/id/27989275/

The U.S.
military expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe, according to Pentagon officials

The long-planned shift in the Defense Department's role in homeland security was recently backed with funding and troop commitments after years of prodding by Congress and outside experts, defense analysts said

There are critics of the change, in the military and among civil liberties groups and libertarians who express concern that the new homeland emphasis threatens to strain the military and possibly undermine the Posse Comitatus Act, a 130-year-old federal law restricting the military's role in domestic law enforcement

But the Bush administration and some in Congress have pushed for a heightened homeland military role since the middle of this decade, saying the greatest domestic threat is terrorists exploiting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

Before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, dedicating 20,000 troops to domestic response -- a nearly sevenfold increase in five years -- "would have been extraordinary to the point of unbelievable," Paul McHale, assistant defense secretary for homeland defense, said in remarks last month at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
But the realization that civilian authorities may be overwhelmed in a catastrophe prompted "a fundamental change in military culture," he said

The Pentagon's plan calls for three rapid-reaction forces to be ready for emergency response by September 2011. The first 4,700-person unit, built around an active-duty combat brigade based at Fort Stewart, Ga., was available as of Oct. 1, said Gen. Victor E. Renuart Jr., commander of the U.S.
Northern Command

If funding continues, two additional teams will join nearly 80 smaller National Guard and reserve units made up of about 6,000 troops in supporting local and state officials nationwide.
All would be trained to respond to a domestic chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or high-yield explosive attack, or CBRNE event, as the military calls it

Military preparations for a domestic weapon-of-mass-destruction attack have been underway since at least 1996, when the Marine Corps activated a 350-member chemical and biological incident response force and later based it in Indian Head, Md., a Washington suburb. Such efforts accelerated after the Sept.
11 attacks, and at the time Iraq was invaded in 2003, a Pentagon joint task force drew on 3,000 civil support personnel across the United States

In 2005, a new Pentagon homeland defense strategy emphasized "preparing for multiple, simultaneous mass casualty incidents." National security threats were not limited to adversaries who seek to grind down U.S. combat forces abroad, McHale said, but also include those who "want to inflict such brutality on our society that we give up the fight," such as by detonating a nuclear bomb in a U.S.

In late 2007, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England signed a directive approving more than $556 million over five years to set up the three response teams, known as CBRNE Consequence Management Response Forces.
Planners assume an incident could lead to thousands of casualties, more than 1 million evacuees and contamination of as many as 3,000 square miles, about the scope of damage Hurricane Katrina caused in 2005

Last month, McHale said, authorities agreed to begin a $1.8 million pilot project funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency through which civilian authorities in five states could tap military planners to develop disaster response plans.
Hawaii, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Washington and West Virginia will each focus on a particular threat -- pandemic flu, a terrorist attack, hurricane, earthquake and catastrophic chemical release, respectively -- speeding up federal and state emergency planning begun in 2003

Last Monday, Defense Secretary Robert M.
Gates ordered defense officials to review whether the military, Guard and reserves can respond adequately to domestic disasters

Gates gave commanders 25 days to propose changes and cost estimates.
He cited the work of a congressionally chartered commission, which concluded in January that the Guard and reserve forces are not ready and that they lack equipment and training

Bert B. Tussing, director of homeland defense and security issues at the U.S. Army War College's Center for Strategic Leadership, said the new Pentagon approach "breaks the mold" by assigning an active-duty combat brigade to the Northern Command for the first time.
Until now, the military required the command to rely on troops requested from other sources

"This is a genuine recognition that this [job] isn't something that you want to have a pickup team responsible for," said Tussing, who has assessed the military's homeland security strategies

The American Civil Liberties Union and the libertarian Cato Institute are troubled by what they consider an expansion of executive authority

Domestic emergency deployment may be "just the first example of a series of expansions in presidential and military authority," or even an increase in domestic surveillance, said Anna Christensen of the ACLU's National Security Project.
And Cato Vice President Gene Healy warned of "a creeping militarization" of homeland security

"There's a notion that whenever there's an important problem, that the thing to do is to call in the boys in green," Healy said, "and that's at odds with our long-standing tradition of being wary of the use of standing armies to keep the peace"

McHale stressed that the response units will be subject to the act, that only 8 percent of their personnel will be responsible for security and that their duties will be to protect the force, not other law enforcement.
For decades, the military has assigned larger units to respond to civil disturbances, such as during the Los Angeles riot in 1992

U.S. forces are already under heavy strain, however. The first reaction force is built around the Army's 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team, which returned in April after 15 months in Iraq.
The team includes operations, aviation and medical task forces that are to be ready to deploy at home or overseas within 48 hours, with units specializing in chemical decontamination, bomb disposal, emergency care and logistics

The one-year domestic mission, however, does not replace the brigade's next scheduled combat deployment in 2010.
The brigade may get additional time in the United States to rest and regroup, compared with other combat units, but it may also face more training and operational requirements depending on its homeland security assignments

Renuart said the Pentagon is accounting for the strain of fighting two wars, and the need for troops to spend time with their families. "We want to make sure the parameters are right for Iraq and Afghanistan," he said.
The 1st Brigade's soldiers "will have some very aggressive training, but will also be home for much of that"

Although some Pentagon leaders initially expected to build the next two response units around combat teams, they are likely to be drawn mainly from reserves and the National Guard, such as the 218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade from South Carolina, which returned in May after more than a year in Afghanistan

Now that Pentagon strategy gives new priority to homeland security and calls for heavier reliance on the Guard and reserves, McHale said, Washington has to figure out how to pay for it

"It's one thing to decide upon a course of action, and it's something else to make it happen," he said.
"It's time to put our money where our mouth is"


RE: Gold Buyers Smash Records

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From: Vaccine Truther (End the Fed
Date: Dec 4, 2008 1:53 PM

Gold Buyers Smash Records

Doug Hornig, co-editor of
BIG GOLD, from Casey Research
Dec 4, 2008

http://www. 321gold. com/editorials/casey/casey120408. html

The spot price of gold has fallen more than 20% from its all-time high, reached in March of 2008. But if you think that means demand has declined, think again.

Gold demand has in fact exploded, and not just here and there. Everywhere. Around the world, customers have been queuing up to strip coin shops' shelves bare. Mints have been running 24/7 and still have been forced to ration coin shipments to their dealers. ETF vaults are bulging.

Now, the World Gold Council has confirmed the trend with hard numbers for the third quarter of this year. In a page-and-a-half press release summarizing 3Q2008 activity, the WGC had to use the word "record" ten times.

Some highlights:-

* Dollar demand for gold in Q3 was a record US$32 billion, 45% higher than the previous record, set in 2Q2008.


* Identifiable investment demand, which incorporates demand for gold through exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bars and coins, rose to $10.7 billion (12.3 million ounces), double year-earlier levels.


* Retail investment demand rose 121% to 7.5 million ounces, with strong bar and coin buying in the Swiss, German, and U.S. markets. Europe as a whole saw an all-time record 1.64 million ounces of bar and coin buying. France became a net investor in gold for the first time since the early 1980s.


* Gold ETFs posted a record quarterly inflow of 4.8 million ounces in Q3. After the collapse of Lehman Brothers in late September, ETF inflows shot higher by an unprecedented 3.6 million ounces in only five days.


* Demand for gold jewelry hit a record $18 billion. Leading the way was India, which witnessed a rise of 65% in dollar value (1.3 million ounces) compared with 3Q2007. The Middle East, Indonesia, and China all experienced increases of more than 40% in value or 10% in weight, year over year.

At the same time that demand is setting records, supply has been unable to keep pace, falling 9.7% from year-earlier levels, the WGC reported. The drop was largely due to inaction on the part of central banks, which have increasingly shut their vault doors.

Heavy demand, declining supply... small wonder that gold prices have remained near record highs in most of the world's currencies; that dealers have been marking up coins by 10% or even 15% (when they can get them); and that one-ounce coins still fetch bids close to $1,000 on eBay.

When will the spot price in U.S. dollars, which is set by the futures market, catch up? No one knows. But it will.

The world's hunger for gold will only grow into a future awash in fiat currency. Gold is the ultimate and, at day's end, the only safe haven from the kind of currency destruction that is being visited upon the dollar, the euro, even the renminbi, as governments everywhere desperately try to stave off a deflationary depression the only way they know how: by turning on the printing press.

We are in a period of intense monetary inflation. It will be followed, inevitably, by a long period of price inflation. People will be desperate to preserve the buying power of their dollars, euros, etc., and they will turn to the one thing capable of doing just that. Gold.

As gold rises, it will lift the shares of selected mining companies with it. The ones that prosper the most will be those that have positioned themselves to survive the credit crisis -- by stockpiling cash, keeping production costs down, and locking up borrowed money on favorable terms.

Companies that have failed to do this will go under, unable to get credit in a frozen market. That will both diminish competition and further curb supply, and those that properly planned ahead will rake in enormous profits as gold goes through the roof. Or more likely, as Casey Research founder Doug Casey puts it, gold "heads to the moon.

But which are the companies poised to profit the most? The ones we cover in our monthly newsletter for conservative investors, BIG GOLD.

We are dedicated to bringing you the information that will allow you profitably to pick your way through the present economic minefield. We search the world of producing gold miners, to find the best of the best. We pinpoint the investments that will not only hold on through a market downturn, but will rebound spectacularly as the commodities market recovers, which it must.

In addition, we bring subscribers the best ways to invest in physical gold, including where to find coins and bars at affordable prices in times of extreme scarcity -- like right now, when mints are not minting, most dealers are out of stock, and those still taking orders are charging exorbitant premiums.

While we specialize in producing companies, we also cover such alternative gold investments as ETFs, mutual funds, royalty companies, and closed-end funds. We strive to find what's best for you. And we answer your specific questions, each month in our BIG GOLD Responds section.

The elaborate world financial structure that has been erected over the past two decades created a humongous bubble that has now popped. What will come in the aftermath of this cataclysm cannot be foreseen, but it will be different. One thing is for certain, though, gold has been money, in all times and places, for thousands of years. The people of the world are already returning to it as the sole store of value, and that's a trend that will accelerate in the coming years. You can count on it.

Learn how to make the trend your friend with a 3-month, no-risk subscription to BIG GOLD... and as an added bonus, receive our hot-off-the-press special report "The Crisis in Pictures" absolutely FREE of charge. Click here to continue...

Dec 3, 2008

Casey Archives

Captive Audience

RE: new world order in schools

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From: The War Of Terror
Date: Dec 5, 2008 4:12 AM

the kid says it well. apparently they are talking about 'persistent contrails', too, in schools (whilst denying it to the non-school population) as a cover for chemtrails. it is another way 2 indoctrinate children and divide families, all part of the joll(roger) new world order.

be a good cowgirl/boy folks and 'choose respect' of your oversees-even if they respect you only as a herd.


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thanks: SafetyJoe's Backup Page <~~ADD ME
Date: 05 Dec 2008, 12:29 PM

New World Order Being Taught In Schools? Ultimate Propaganda
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From: randomღ®oy♪ ™
Date: Dec 4, 2008 11:26 PM

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From: Lori
Date: Dec 4, 2008 11:18 PM

Date: Dec 4, 2008 9:54 PM


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From: Kyle
Date: Dec 4, 2008 9:55 PM

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and thanks 2: Eddie NWO Censored
Date: 05 Dec 2008, 04:55 PM

Eddie NWO Censored

The worst is yet to come with this economy...

December 04, 2008 - When faced with a shortfall in his copying budget, math teacher Tom Farber decided to pay for the paper he puts his calculus tests on by selling ad space on them

RE: welcome to nazi amerikkka

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From: The War Of Terror
Date: Dec 5, 2008 8:13 AM

wow; what an honourable profession-policeman. i mean what a pathetic bunch of neo-nazis.
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thanks: Rich~(Μολών Λaβέ)
Date: 04 Dec 2008, 01:27 PM

Reposted by Rich

Filming the Police is Now an Arrestable Offense in the US
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From: Biberius Cauldius Mero
Date: 03 Dec 2008, 09:23 PM

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From: SafetyJoe's Backup Page <~~ADD ME
Date: Dec 3, 2008 11:12 PM

Filming the Police is Now an Arrestable Offense in the US
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From: JAYSON [Illuminati Killa] Μολών Λaβέ
Date: Dec 3, 2008 11:06 PM

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From: Peace & Freedom Are Achieved Through Understanding
Date: Dec 3, 2008 11:00 PM

You want to see my permission slip to film? Here:



Crafted by:

Peace & Freedom Are Achieved Through Understanding

Police Get Violent at a Protest Against Police Violence...


For those of you that don't know, you have the right to observe, assemble and even film police as long as you are not obstructing them in what they are lawfully doing. This is protected by the 1st Amendment. There is a reason this one was 1st, backed up by the 2nd. It is perfectly legal to film the police while in action as long as you do not obstruct them, or commit any crimes while filming. I have friends that do it routinely with Cop Watch. Cop Watch Routinely films arrests to make sure they are more fair. Honest police even appreciate it..

This video was shot by a friend of mine and given to me to upload and promote. It is getting close to 50,000 views and the comments are still raging. Watch the video, read the comments. It will piss you off. What's the 1st thing the Border Patrol Agent says? "Can you stop filming?". Pay attention in this video. The officer only asks questions. Can I search the car? Can you get out? Can you roll down your window? Please? NOTHING to do with immigration, no orders. I think they get through 10 minutes and he doesn't ask him if he is a citizen. My buddy didn't even really want to confront this guy but he was intent on filming what was going to happen.. They just use every trick in the book so that they can search your car for drugs...I mean, Illegal immigrants. This "Border Patrol Checkpoint" is about 40-50 miles from the US/Mexican Border and the highway does not cross the border. This is a suspicionless BP checkpoint making it illegal. A checkpoint that stops all traffic must have lawful authority, these do not. They must have suspicion. Welcome to www. CheckpointUSA.. org..!

Internal Suspicionless Border Patrol Checkpoint July 18th 08

This next video is an older incident but this kind of thing happens all the time and I suspect it always has, we just didn't have video cameras everywhere. The crooked cops and corrupt politicians really hate this stuff. The honest GOOD cops like it.. I wonder why they tried to make public filming illegal in New York?
http://www. infowars. net/articles/june2007/290607Filming. htm

Thug Cop Assaults Cameraman For Filming Across the Street

Here's some info on this, it's already been handled but feel free to call

Office of the Mayor
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1293
Albuquerque, NM 87103
Physical Address:
City/County Building, 11th floor
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Man videoing DUI arrest is himself arrested

A man who is videotaping a DUI arrest is ordered detained. He is slammed face-first into the concrete, handcuffed and searched. He was later released.This was in Orlando Florida..




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http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=ftlJVFBNyfo


RE: Indian Group - Al Qaeda Is CIA-Mossad Front

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Indian Group - Al Qaeda Is CIA-Mossad Front
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Not that this is suprising to most in the Truth movement but glad to see it in major paper....



Indian Group - Al Qaeda is CIA-Mossad Front

Al-Qaeda is a front organization of CIA and MOSSAD says Mumbai based group of intellectuals and human rights activists

India Daily

The Mumbai based group alleged that Al-Qaeda is a front organization of CIA and MOSSAD. "There is enough evidence that the Al-Qaeda is a front organization of the CIA and MOSSAD. The Bush junta has used the bogey of terror and of Al Qaeda to justify his unending and ever expanding Global War on Terror, which is only a means of capturing the resources of the world and of establishing the sole hegemony of Israel in West Asia," said the group of activists and intellectuals. The group is holding a press conference in Mumbai on Wednesday to "expose the links between Al-Qaeda and the CIA-MOSSAD".

Holding American-Israeli operation accomplices of the 9/11 attack on the WTC, the spokesman of the group said that this has been widely written about in USA and Europe itself and more than 50% of the American people and far more Europeans, now believe and are convinced about this fact. He said that sections of the Indian ruling political and military elite are importing the same Bush-Olmert formula into India. "The increasing terror attacks only serve the cause of the Indian elite and divide the masses along communal lines. It is only the ordinary Indians who are the victims of terror either in temples, mosques, buses or trains," he said adding that practically no political leader suffers a similar fate, where the terrorists are apprehended and killed in "encounters".

"Every terror attack is meant to push and drag the Indian masses further into the waiting arms of Uncle Sam and the Israeli Goliath. Every terror attack spreads further hatred for Muslims and Islam and weakens the Indian Muslim community," he said.

Original here: http://www. indiadaily. com/editorial/17121. asp


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RE: The Mechanics of Mind Control - Tools for the Awakening

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I will watch later..pp

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The Mechanics of Mind Control - Tools for the Awakening

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Love & Thanks to

Ancient Wisdom

The Mechanics of Mind Control - Tools for the Awakening

This facinating 2 hour lecture will keep you on the edge of your seat and mind in understanding the mechanisms of your mind and the implications of applying this information to the current awakening that is happening in human consciousness.


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RE: Is There a Toxic Secret in Victoria's Secret Bras?

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From: Vaccine Truther (End the Fed
Date: Dec 4, 2008 8:47 PM

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Is There a Toxic Secret in Victoria's Secret Bras?

Several women have claimed that a popular type of bra from the leading lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret made them ill.

Roberta Ritter, 37, claims: "I had the welts that were very red, hot to the touch, extremely inflamed, blistery. It itched profusely. I couldn't sleep and was waking up itching.

Miss Ritter, from Ohio, filed a lawsuit against Victoria's Secret in May and claims she has been contacted by dozens of women suffering similar symptoms who are now seeking permission to join her in a class-action lawsuit.

Her lawyers said they purchased the same bra types that Miss Ritter had bought and had them laboratory tested. They claim the tests revealed that the bras showed traces of formaldehyde, which is used in the textile industry to make fabrics crease-resistant. The lawyers believe Miss Ritter may be allergic to formaldehyde.

Mercola's Comments:
Here’s yet another sad reminder of the toxic world we live in today. You are exposed to potentially hazardous poisons from so many areas on a daily basis – you’re not even safe from your underwear.

It’s easy to throw your hands up in despair and disgust, but remember, you are not entirely powerless. There are always healthier options, even when it comes to your undergarments.

But first, let’s look at why this hazardous toxin is rearing its ugly head in your closet to begin with.

Why Do They Put Formaldehyde in Bras?

Formaldehyde, most commonly known as embalming fluid, serves a number of purposes in manufactured products.
It is actually frequently used in fabrics to give them a variety of “easy care properties” such as:

Permanent press
Anti-cling, anti-static, anti-wrinkle, and anti-shrink
Waterproofing and stain resistance
Perspiration proof
Moth proof
Mildew resistance
According to the American Contact Dermatitis Society, rayon, blended cotton, corduroy, wrinkle-resistant 100 percent cotton, and any synthetic blended polymer are likely to have been treated with formaldehyde resins.

But as some are finding out the hard way, easy care comes at a price.

Health Hazards of Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde, for all its benefits, is also listed as a “probable carcinogen.” And, unfortunately, the United States is more lax about its regulation than most other countries. For example, “low level” of acceptable formaldehyde in Japan is 75 ppm, whereas the U.S. “low level” of acceptable formaldehyde is near 300 ppm.

There’s evidence that some people can develop sensitivity to formaldehyde from repeated exposure, which can eventually become a serious health concern.

You can be exposed to the chemical both via off-gassing and direct contact with your skin.

Formaldehyde has also been shown to cause cancer in animals, and may cause cancer in humans.
Other common adverse health effects include:

skin rash (contact dermatitis)
severe allergic reactions
eye, nose, and throat irritation
wheezing and coughing
Be aware that it takes several washings, with dryings and airings in between, to significantly reduce the amount of formaldehyde found in clothing and other household fabrics like window drapes.

So if you suffer from chemical sensitivities, it is important to pay careful attention to what you buy, especially if it’s going next to your skin. Contact dermatitis from clothing can be recognized by a chronic and recurring rash that appears on parts of your body where clothing fits tight.

Because heat and humidity increase the emissions from formaldehyde resins, the American Contact Dermatitis Society warns that areas around waistbands, collars, underarms, the upper back, inner thighs, and back of knees are more prone to chemical-induced skin rashes.

Other Little Known Dangers of Bras

Aside from the issue of formaldehyde (and who knows what else might be in there), the mere act of wearing a bra might not be in a woman’s best interest – health-wise, at least.

Some types of bras are worse than others, but many physicians and researchers are now warning that tight fitting bras should be avoided as they cut off lymph drainage. This can also contribute to breast cancer, as your body will be less able to excrete all the other toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis, such as aluminum from antiperspirants.

Bras have also been implicated in the rise of benign (non-cancerous) but often painful breast cysts and lumps. Says Dr. Dr. John McDougall, M.D.
, in his book titled The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart:

"After repeated bouts of inflammation, the breasts develop scar tissue in many places, and some of the milk ducts become plugged, forming cysts. Fibrocystic breast disease, not surprisingly, is associated with a higher risk of breast cancer.

And according to Michael Schacter, M.D.

"Any activity which will help to remove accumulated toxins in the breasts will help to reduce the chances of developing breast cancer. It is the job of the lymphatic system of the body to help drain toxic substances from tissues and poor lymphatic drainage may play a role in breast cancer formation.

(Lymph flow) is very sensitive to constricting external pressure which can impede its flow. Bras and other external tight clothing can impede flow. So, the take home message to women is to wear bras as little as possible, and when wearing them try to choose one that is least constricting.

Medical anthropologists Sydney Singer and Soma Grismaijer – authors of Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras -- conducted a study of over 4,000 women, and found that women who do not wear bras have a much lower risk of breast cancer.

They also found that about 90 percent of fibrocystic patients improve when they quit wearing bras.

Beware of the Wire in Your Bra

If you wear metal underwire bras, you’re exposing yourself to an even greater level of hazard, as the wire can form an antenna attracting electromagnetic fields, which can also increase your risk of breast cancer.

Wearing metal on your body is something you generally want to avoid. If you feel you need the underwire, please consider switching out the metal wire in your favorite bra for a plastic wire, available in nearly any fabric store.

An even better option is to opt for a wireless style bra, which are now available in most brands, and for various levels of support.

To avoid a potentially dangerous chemical cocktail from soaking into your chest, look for organic varieties, which are now being offered by quite a few organic clothing manufacturers.

Last but not least, you can avoid some of the improper drainage issues if you wear a bra that is properly fitted. Many, many women simply wear bras that do not fit. The website Linda’s Bra School offers plenty of guidance on proper bra fitting and can help you find a more appropriate bra style.

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