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RE: CFR and the empire of establishment media

What about GTE and Ma Bell... oh, I mean Verizon

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From: The War Of Terror
Date: Jun 14, 2007 10:25 AM

informative little clip. thanks. will repost. bazra
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From: 1wolf
Date: 14 Jun 2007, 06:37 AM

VIDEO: The Council on Foreign Relations Controls American Media

Global Research, June 3, 2007

Brilliant historical analysis of the CFR influence on the corporate media

A World System of Financial Control requires control of the media.
Media Giants created under the influence of the CFR.

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From: Shane (Infoseekr)
Date: Jun 14, 2007 11:44 AM

Contact Information

Tony Dolz
P.O. Box 5598
Santa Monica,
CA 90409
Tel.  310 371 7500
Fax  320 923 6566

Phone Numbers For All GOP State Party Chairmen, Cities and Zip Codes (Click Here)

Phone Numbers For All Senators, Cities and Zip Codes (Click Here)

List of Senators who vote Against the Vitter Amendment - The Pro-Amnesty Senator (Click Here)

List of ALL Senators and Congressmen STAFF EMAILS (Click Here)

Send FREE FAXES to Senate and Congress
(Click Here)

All National RADIO Stations - Listen in _ Call in. (Click Here)

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From: beau
Date: Jun 14, 2007 8:37 AM

its time to kick some ass

From: Pan Man
Date: Jun 14, 2007 8:15 AM

You have a long list of concerns about America and the way it is being managed by those who we elected, right? Well, you have a use it! Contqact your elected representatives and let them know how you feel about 9/11, Iraq, Iran, chemtrails, HAARP, martial law, habeas corpus, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, FEMA Concentration Camps, New Orleans, corporate and foreign lobbyists buying out our elected representatives, impeachment of Bush and Cheney, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the income tax, Ed and Elaine Brown, the rigged Presidential elections, the electoral college, Diebold voting machines, the North American Union, Deep Underground Military Bases, Homeland Security, Blackwater Security, Haliburton/KBR, the NAFTA Super Highway, the Amero, the NWO and all the other issues we confront here on a daily basis. Stop preaching to the choir and start being heard by the sinners on Capitol Shill in the District of Corruption!

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From: Blaine
Date: Jun 14, 2007 5:00 AM

Tony Dolz has already done the work you are asking for. Go to his website,

Call, Call, Call
-- EVERY DAY, SEVERAL TIMES PER DAY with each amendment.


There has always being a problem with elected representatives being choosy as to which calls they put on record as opposed to their amnesty treason. The usual drill is that they ask for the city and ZIP CODE. Now EVERYONE has the cities and ZIP CODE, the elderly with bad memories, the newly moved . . . EVERYONE!


I have put together the tool we have been asking for.
A site with the Senators, states, cities, ZIP CODES, tel. fax, email, websites, committee ctc info


1. Senators, states, cities, ZIP CODES, tel. fax, email, websites and more.
2. 1500 Senator staffer’s email addresses that can be sent as a single large group
3. All RADIO TALK HOSTS, call letters, CALL IN NUMBERS, emails, websites, TALKING POINTS
4. FREE faxing sites and an EXCEL comma delimited file with ALL Senators and their fax numbers for using with computer faxing software programs.
5. much more.

Hal, I would like your help in getting this tool into the hands of THOUSANDS of PEOPLE these next week.


Also I would like any help in making the site known across the nation by going VIRAL with email broadcasting.

As I am writing this, I have one notebook computer automatically sending faxes to all Congressmen and Senators, I am on the Computer searching for REPUBLICAN COMMITTEES around the country to call and fax to, I am calling the Senators using my own tool and more. I would appreciate a hand in getting this tool into the hands of all the pissed off people out there!!!

Best Wishes,



What Would You Do? by Paris

RE: Holy shit America! You been hijacked by Reptiles in Suits!

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From: Pan Man
Date: Jun 14, 2007 12:31 PM

Words and images that don't leave much to the imagination about where America is headed under its current leadership! Don't you think it's time for a change? Vote for Ron Paul.....or Dennis Kucinich...or someone we don't even know of yet who has the guts to end the madness of the corporate military industrial complex that hijacked this country right out from under our noses!

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From: SpeedReeser
Date: Jun 14, 2007 9:04 AM

From: Veritas (Latin For Truth)

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RE: banner for Ron

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From: Ry anti-neocons
Date: Jun 14, 2007 12:33 PM

From: Ron Paul 08; [Manny - CT]
Date: Jun 14, 2007 6:27 AM

Have you seen these banners? We created them; there all over myspace.

Here's the plan I sent out to these people:

I have a great plan that coincides with your idea. I've been promoting for a long time and found very effective ways to promote.

What I think we should do is use the banner that 1 in every 4 people are using now. This banner is all over Myspace. It's the most used Ron Paul internet tool yet and we created it. I can modify the banner to coincide with your idea; thus every person who has the banner will now receive information about the July 3rd date.


The second idea is to do a videoclip that has Ron Paul's main ideals on it.

Personally, I think this videoclip is the best yet. What we should do is condense the video a bit and also show how to put up signs, flyers, posters, etc. along with the old footage.

The third idea is to put up a flyer that looks very professional marking the date. This way if we put all three together and then we find a core dedicated group of Myspace promoters that put all of this all over Myspace. We'll rally the dedicated onto this site and other message boards and put them into a 'promoter' section so we can give further instructions. We should also leave a link so people can copy and paste the code once its commented on people's profiles.

Here's the videoclip that might be good to use:

The reason our banners are everywhere is because I promoted to over 50 pages; that's 2000 ppl. Yeah, that was crazy but I wanted ppl to tune into the New Hampshire debate.

July 3rd Project

Use Banner and put in July 3rd Date.

Make a professional Flyer.

Make a professional Video.


Attached below Jim Palmisano AFTF/RTR State Coordinator for Missouri has set forth a plan to call forth all Ron Paul presidential supporters to put signs in place on the evening of July 3rd. I suggest getting prepared now and recruiting more individuals until the 4th. Besides signs don't forget flyers, stickers, etc.

The Great Ron Paul Overnight!
« on: June 11, 2007, 01:11:48 pm »

Will your meetup group be the first to start organizing for:

The Great Ron Paul Overnight!

What to do:

Get started making and staging your "Ron Paul for President 2008"
signs in the early evening of July 3rd 2007. Then in the wee hours
of July 4th hit the streets in your city or town plastering the signs
everywhere you can!

Overpasses, street corners, along highways, in store fronts, in front
of media outlets newspapers, television networks, anywhere and everywhere!

When America wakes up on the 4th of July they will see the Ron Paul
revolution move from the internet into the streets!

Special thanks goes out to hardworking and dedicated Jim Palmisano
AFTF/RTR State Coordinator for Missouri for this excellent idea!

« Last Edit: Today at 10:23:03 pm by Gary Franchi » Logged

I am not looking for followers and I'm looking for leaders!

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NRA, Democrats Team Up To Pass Gun Bill

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From: Leo/FightNWO-Resisting World Government
Date: Jun 14, 2007 12:35 PM

NRA, Democrats Team Up To Pass Gun Bill
After Virginia Tech Shootings, House Passes Bill To Strengthen National Background Check System

Thursday June 14, 2007

..end--> ..start--> After 52 years in Congress, John Dingell knows it sometimes takes a "rather curious alliance," such as between the National Rifle Association and the House's most fervent gun control advocate, to move legislation.

That's what took place Wednesday when the House, by voice vote, passed a gun control bill that Rep. Dingell, D-Mich., helped broker between the NRA and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y.

With the NRA on board, the bill, which fixes flaws in the national gun background check system that allowed the Virginia Tech shooter to buy guns despite his mental health problems, has a good chance of becoming the first major gun control law in more than a decade.

"We’ll work with anyone, if you protect the rights of law-abiding people under the second amendment and you target people that shouldn't have guns," NRA chief Wayne LaPierre told CBS News Correspondent Sheryl Atkisson

"As the Virginia Tech shooting reminded us, there is an urgent national need to improve the background check system" to keep guns out of the hands of those barred from buying them, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

The measure would require states to automate their lists of convicted criminals and the mentally ill who are prohibited under a 1968 law from buying firearms, and report those lists to the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS.

Seung-Hui Cho, who in April killed 32 students and faculty at Virginia Tech before taking his own life, had been ordered to undergo outpatient mental health treatment and should have been barred from buying the two guns he used in the rampage. But the state of Virginia never forwarded this information to the national background check system.

The House action came as a panel ordered by President Bush to investigate the Virginia Tech shootings issued its findings, including a recommendation that legal and financial barriers to NICS submissions be addressed.

Mr. Bush, in a statement, said the report made clear that better information sharing between federal and state authorities "is essential in helping to keep guns out of the wrong hands and to punish those who break the law." He said he was "closely following legislative efforts to strengthen the instant background check system."

The panel also urged federal agencies to expand programs to prevent school violence and said the Health and Human Services Department should focus on college students in its mental health public education campaign.

Virginia Tech President Charles Steger said the report disclosed "the deep complexities of the issues facing college campuses today" and would advance government scrutiny of issues related to safety vs. personal freedoms.

The House bill next moves to the Senate, where gun control advocate Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., says he is talking to NRA ally Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, and there is a "very strong" chance of passage.

"When the NRA and I agree on legislation, you know that it's going to get through, become law and do some good," says Schumer.

The legislation requires state and federal agencies to transmit all relevant disqualifying records to the NICS database. It also provides $250 million a year over the next three years to help states meet those goals and it imposes penalties — including cuts in federal grants under an anti-crime law — on states that fail to meet benchmarks for automating their systems and supplying information to the NICS.

Virginia's Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine said Wednesday that in ordering state executive branch agencies to upgrade background check reporting last month he found that Virginia was one of only 22 states reporting any mental health information to the NICS. He said the House bill was “significant action to honor the memories of the victims who lost their lives at Virginia Tech.”

"Millions of criminal records are not accessible by NICS," said McCarthy, sponsor of the bill.

"I came to Congress in 1997, in the wake of my own personal tragedy, to help prevent gun violence," said McCarthy, who ran for office after her husband was gunned down on a Long Island commuter train in 1993. "Ten years later, I am more committed than ever to this cause."

McCarthy has been among the leaders in the largely futile efforts to legislate gun controls during the past dozen years of GOP control. The last major gun control bill, to ban some assault weapons, passed in 1994, the last year of a Democratic majority. In 1996, domestic violence offenders were added to the list of those barred from buying guns. However, a 1999 effort to close the gun show loophole on background checks after the Columbine school shootings was unsuccessful.

The NRA worked closely with Dingell, a gun rights proponent and senior House member, in crafting the new bill. The NRA insisted it was not gun control legislation because it does nothing to restrict legal rights to buy guns.

The NRA has supported the NICS since its inception in 1993, said Wayne LaPierre, the organization's executive vice president. “We've always been vigilant about protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens to purchase guns, and equally vigilant about keeping the guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally defective and people who shouldn't have them.”

The NRA did win concessions.

The bill would automatically restore the purchasing rights of veterans who were diagnosed with mental problems as part of the process of obtaining disability benefits. LaPierre said the Clinton administration put about 80,000 such veterans into the background check system.

It also outlines an appeals process for those who feel they have been wrongfully included in the system and ensures that funds allocated to improve the NICS are not used for other gun control purposes.

That wasn't enough for the Gun Owners of America, which said on its Web page that it was the only national pro-gun organization to oppose the McCarthy bill. "There are some seemingly pro-gun congressmen who are driven to get anything passed, just so they can say they did something about Virginia Tech," it said.

On the other side, Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said his group supported the legislation, noting that the Virginia Tech shootings "tragically demonstrated the gaps in the system that allowed a dangerous person to be armed."

He said he hoped Congress and the gun lobby would go a step further and extend background checks to all gun sales, not just those by licensed dealers covered by current law.

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They think they're god

RE: The Supreme Leader appoints Council of Guardians? huh?

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From: US Troops need a Wake Up Call like a Farenheit 101
Date: Jun 14, 2007 1:37 PM

Are you paying attention??? Iran Human Rights Act of 2007

From: Toll Road and a Pay Toilet (G8Keepers Key)

From: Tyler

From: Jennifer

From: Michelle

Found on Thomas

Title: A bill to hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its human rights record and to support a transition to democracy in Iran.

Sponsor: Sen Brownback, Sam [KS] (introduced 5/25/2007)

Cosponsors (1) Sen Bayh, Evan [IN] - 5/25/2007

Latest Major Action: 5/25/2007 Referred to Senate committee.

Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Iran Human Rights Act of 2007 (Introduced in Senate)

S 1534 IS


1st Session

S. 1534
To hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its human rights record and to support a transition to democracy in Iran.


May 25, 2007
Mr. BROWNBACK (for himself and Mr. BAYH) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations


To hold the current regime in Iran accountable for its human rights record and to support a transition to democracy in Iran.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the `Iran Human Rights Act of 2007'.


Congress makes the following findings:

(1) There is currently not a democratic government in Iran. Instead, Iran is an ideological dictatorship presided over by an unelected Supreme Leader with limitless veto power, an unelected Expediency Council, and a Council of Guardians capable of eviscerating any reforms.

(2) The Supreme Leader appoints the heads of the judiciary, the clergy members on the powerful Council of Guardians, the commanders of all the armed forces, Friday prayer leaders, and the head of radio and television and confirms the president's election, rendering him the most powerful person in Iranian politics with little accountability within the political system.

(3) Members of the Council of Guardians in Iran, who are chosen by the Supreme Leader, must vet all candidates for election based on their political predispositions and all legislation before it can be entered into law.

(4) There has been a re-entrenchment of revolutionary forces in the political system in Iran. Elections held in February 2004 resulted in significant gains by conservative hard-liners affiliated with the regime's clerical army, the Pasdaran, culminating in the election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in June 2005.

(5) Over the past decade, human rights have been in steady decline in Iran. Torture, executions after unfair trials, and censorship of all media remain rampant throughout the country. Stoning, amputation, flogging, and beheading are used as methods of punishment.

(6) Since his rise to power, President Ahmadinejad has embarked upon a concerted campaign of domestic repression, including new restrictions on radio, television, and film content, a ban on the publication of virtually all books, and an expansion in the activities of the regime's `morals police'.

(7) The United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 61/176 on December 19, 2006, to express its grave concern over the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran. The resolution urges the Government of Iran `to ensure full respect for the rights to freedom of assembly, opinion and expression ... to eliminate the use of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment ... [and] to eliminate, in law and in practice, all forms of discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, or linguistic grounds.

(8) The 2006 State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices states that `the Government's poor human rights record worsened, and it continued to commit numerous, serious abuses'.

(9) According to Human Rights Watch's World Report 2006, many of the human rights violations committed in Iran were performed by quasi-official `parallel institutions', which include `paramilitary groups and plainclothes intelligence agents [that] violently attack peaceful protesters, and intelligence services [that] run illegal secret prisons and interrogation centers'. Uniformed police officers are fearful of challenging plainclothes agents, who belong to groups such as Ansar-e Hizbollah and Basij.

(10) According to the 2006 State Department International Religious Freedom Report, the population of Iran is 89 percent Shi'a Muslim and 8 percent Sunni Muslim; less than 2 percent of the remaining population is comprised of Baha'is, Jews, Christians, Mandaeans, and Zoroastrians.

(11) Religious minorities in Iran face significant discrimination, including imprisonment, harassment, and intimidation. Accordingly, the Secretary of State has, since 1999, designated Iran as a country of particular concern pursuant to section 402(b)(1)(A) of the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 (22 U.S.C. 6442(b)(1)(A)).

(12) Ambeyi Ligabo, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression, submitted a report to the Commission on Human Rights in 2004 on `Civil and Political Rights, Including the Question of Freedom of Expression'. Mr. Ligabo asserted that `the climate of fear induced by the systematic repression of people expressing critical views against the authorized political and religious doctrine and the functioning of the institutions coupled with the severe and disproportionate sentences imposed lead to self-censorship on the part of many journalists, intellectuals, politicians, students and the population at large, thus in effect impeding freedom of expression.

13) According to the 2006 State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, on July 31, 2006, student protestor Akbar Mohammadi died in Evin Prison from medical complications related to a hunger strike. The report states that `authorities reportedly denied Mohammadi's parents permission to see their son's body and did not respond to calls for an independent investigation into the cause of death.

(14) Amnesty International's 2003 Report on Iran detailed the arrest of Iranian-born Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi for taking photographs outside Evin prison in Tehran on June 23, 2003. Over the course of her detention, judicial officials interrogated Ms. Kazemi for three days. While in custody, Ms. Kazemi was beaten, and she died of a brain hemorrhage on July 23, 2003. Despite court orders for investigation, no progress has been made on this case.

(15) Men and women are not equal under the laws of Iran, and women are legally deprived of their basic rights. The 2006 State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices stated that the weight of a woman's court testimony in Iran is half that of a man's testimony and the family of a female crime victim in that country receives only half the amount of `blood money' provided to the family of a male crime victim. The Government of Iran mandates gender segregation in most public spaces, including on public buses and at entrances to public buildings, universities, and airports.

(16) The April 30, 2007, State Department Country Reports on Terrorism states that Iran remains the most active state sponsor of terrorism.

(17) There exists a broad-based movement and desire for political change in the Islamic Republic of Iran that is pro-democratic and seeks freedom and economic opportunity, and which represents all sectors of Iranian society, including youth, women, students, military personnel, and religious figures.

(18) The people of Iran have increasingly expressed frustration at the slow pace of reform in Iran, and any efforts for nonviolent change in their society have been suppressed.

(19) On September 7, 2006, Mohammad Khatami, President of Iran from 1997 to 2005, became the highest ranking Iranian to visit Washington, DC, since the hostage crisis of 1979, despite his government's state sponsorship of terrorism, repression of political opponents, and dismal human rights record and the advancement of Iran's uranium enrichment program.

(20) President Ahmadinejad is moving to limit freedom of expression in higher education. On September 5, 2006, he expressed concern that universities were too secular and called for a purge of liberal and secular faculty members from universities in Iran.

SEC. 3. AMENDMENTS TO THE IRAN FREEDOM SUPPORT ACT - that was passed September 27th 2006

--> (a) Foreign Policy Priorities- Section 301(a)
of the Iran Freedom Support Act (Public Law 109-293; 22 U.S.C. 2151 note) is amended--

(1) in paragraph (1), by striking `and' at the end;

(2) in paragraph (2), by striking `in Iran.' and inserting `inside and outside Iran that maintain internationally recognized human rights standards, including those provided for in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Helsinki Commitments;'; and

(3) by adding at the end the following:

(3) to make the deplorable human rights record of the Government of Iran a top concern and priority of United States foreign policy; and

(4) to keep the deplorable human rights record of Iran a top priority, irrespective of ongoing nuclear issues.'.


SEC. 301. DECLARATION OF POLICY - Iran Freedom Support Act of 2006

(a) In General- Congress declares that it should be the policy of the United States--

(1) to support efforts by the people of Iran to exercise self-determination over the form of government of their country; and

(2) to support independent human rights and peaceful pro-democracy forces in Iran.

(b) Rule of Construction- Nothing in this Act shall be construed as authorizing the use of force against Iran.


--> (b) Support for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran- Section 302 of such Act is amended--

(1) by amending the section header to read as follows: `support for democracy and human rights in iran'; and

(2) by redesignating subsections (a) through (g) as subsections (b) through (h), respectively;

(3) in subsection (d), as redesignated--

(A) by inserting `, acting through the Special Envoy,' after `The President'; and

(B) in paragraph (2), by striking `(g)' and inserting `(h)'; and

(4) by inserting before subsection (b) the following:

`(a) Special Envoy on Human Rights in Iran-

`(1) APPOINTMENT OF SPECIAL ENVOY- The President shall appoint a special envoy for human rights in Iran within the Department of State (in this section referred to as the `Special Envoy'). The Special Envoy should--

`(A) be a person of recognized distinction in the field of human rights;

`(B) not be an incumbent official of the Department of State; and

`(C) report directly to the Secretary of State.

`(2) DUTIES-

`(A) IN GENERAL- The Special Envoy shall coordinate and promote efforts to improve respect for the fundamental human rights of the people of Iran and work with organizations committed to promoting democracy in Iran.

`(B) SPECIFIC DUTIES- The Special Envoy shall--

`(i) support and promote international efforts to promote human rights and political freedoms in Iran, including coordination between the United States and the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and countries in the region;

`(ii) establish the regional framework described in section 304;

`(iii) coordinate with appropriate offices of the Department of State, the Department of Defense, the National Security Council, and such other agencies as may be necessary to coordinate the establishment and operation of the regional framework;

`(iv) serve as point of contact for opposition groups, diaspora groups, and nongovernmental organizations interested in advocating democracy and human rights in Iran;

`(v) coordinate efforts with appropriate departments and agencies of the Federal Government, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and individuals and organizations from the Iranian diaspora to acquire greater information and reporting on conditions in Iran;

`(vi) oversee funding for, and providing consultative authority with respect to, public and private broadcasting into Iran; and

`(vii) review strategies for improving the protection of human rights in Iran, including technical training and exchange programs.

`(3) REPORT ON ACTIVITIES- Not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of the Iran Human Rights Act of 2007, and annually thereafter for each of the following 5 years, the Special Envoy shall submit a report on the activities undertaken under paragraph (2) during the preceding 12 months to--

`(A) the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate;

`(B) the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate;

`(C) the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives; and

`(D) the Committee on Appropriations of the House of Representatives.'.


SEC. 302. ASSISTANCE TO SUPPORT DEMOCRACY IN IRAN - Iran Freedom Support Act of 2006

(a) Authorization-

(1) IN GENERAL- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the President is authorized to provide financial and political assistance (including the award of grants) to foreign and domestic individuals, organizations, and entities in Iran or the United States working for the purpose of supporting and promoting democracy in Iran. Such assistance may include the award of grants to eligible independent pro-democracy radio and television broadcasting organizations that broadcast into Iran.

(2) LIMITATION ON ASSISTANCE- In accordance with the rule of construction described in subsection (b) of section 401, none of the funds authorized under this section shall be used to support the use of force against Iran.

(b) Eligibility for Assistance- Financial and political assistance under this section should be provided only to an individual, organization, or entity that--

(1) officially opposes the use of violence and terrorism and has not been designated as a foreign terrorist organization under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189) at any time during the preceding four years;

(2) advocates the adherence by Iran to nonproliferation regimes for nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and materiel;

(3) is dedicated to democratic values and supports the adoption of a democratic form of government in Iran;

(4) is dedicated to respect for human rights, including the fundamental equality of women;

(5) works to establish equality of opportunity for people; and

(6) supports freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of religion.

(c) Funding- The President may provide assistance under this section using--

(1) funds available to the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), the Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative, and the Human Rights and Democracy Fund; and

(2) amounts made available pursuant to the authorization of appropriations under subsection (g).

(d) Notification- Not later than 15 days before each obligation of assistance under this section, and in accordance with the procedures under section 634A of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (22 U.S.C. 2394-l), the President shall notify the Committee on International Relations and the Committee on Appropriations of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Foreign Relations and the Committee on Appropriations of the Senate.

(e) Sense of Congress Regarding Diplomatic Assistance- It is the sense of Congress that--

(1) support for a transition to democracy in Iran should be expressed by United States representatives and officials in all appropriate international fora;

(2) officials and representatives of the United States should--

(A) strongly and unequivocally support indigenous efforts in Iran calling for free, transparent, and democratic elections; and

(B) draw international attention to violations by the Government of Iran of human rights, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press.

(f) Authorization of Appropriations- There is authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary of State such sums as may be necessary to carry out this section.


-->(c) Sense of Congress- Title III of such Act is amended by adding at the end the following:


`It is the sense of Congress that--

`(1) there is a direct relationship between the state of freedom and democracy within Iran and the efforts of the current regime of Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and the long-term success of the global war on terror; and

`(2) it is essential that the issue of human rights violations in Iran should remain a top United States foreign policy priority, independent of efforts to address the nuclear threat in Iran.


`(a) Finding- Congress finds that human rights initiatives can be undertaken on a multilateral basis, as demonstrated by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which established a regional framework for discussing human rights, scientific and educational cooperation, and economic and trade issues.

`(b) Sense of Congress- It is the sense of Congress that the United States Government should explore the possibility of a regional human rights dialogue on Iran that is modeled on the Helsinki process established by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, engaging all countries in the region in a common commitment to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms.


`It is the sense of Congress that the United Nations has a significant role to play in promoting and improving human rights in Iran, and that--

`(1) the United Nations General Assembly has taken positive steps by adopting Resolution 61/176, which expresses its grave concern over the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran;

`(2) the severe human rights violations in Iran warrant country-specific attention and reporting by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, the United Nations Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances, the Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions, the Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression, the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, and the Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women;

`(3) United Nations member states should not support Iran as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council until the Government of Iran has made significant progress in its human rights record, including the adherence to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights; and

`(4) the Special Envoy should work with the United Nations to compile accurate statistical data on social and political conditions inside Iran.


`It is the sense of Congress that the commitment to human rights and democracy of a national of Iran who has applied for a visa to enter the United States should be considered when determining the eligibility of such national for the visa.'.

Found on Thomas

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RE: Dept. Of Homeland Security's List Of "Terrorists" Taken Down

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From: Pamela's Protest
Date: Jun 13, 2007 9:19 PM

Dept. Of Homeland Security's List Of "Terrorists" Taken Down

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From: Robert
Date: Jun 13, 2007 6:10 PM

From: VANCE...what a goddamned circus!
Date: Jun 13, 2007 5:57 PM

"Terrorist" List Taken Down!
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RE: Breaking Breaking!! Scum Sweeps Nation!! watch here...

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From: US Troops need a Wake Up Call like a Farenheit 101
Date: Jun 13, 2007 8:48 PM

From: Anti-NWO

WeAreChange / InfoWars Reporter Arrested at Republican Debate

New Never Before Seen Video
 (high res version) and reporter Matt Lepacek was arrested last night for simply asking Guiliani's press secretary a question. The entire event was recorded on multiple videos and at no point did Matt act in an unlawful manner. Check out the following article and check back for more updates as the situation develops.

Reporter Arrested at Republican Debate
Giuliani does flip-flop on 9/11
Audio: We Are Change Crew On Matt Lepacek's Arrest
Raw Story covers Matt Lepacek's arrest

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Posted: Monday, June 4, 2007

.. Begin .post -->

We had our legendary banner stolen. We promised 2 more and the Truth Community responded! 2 Banners were on the streets within days. Future sabotage attempts will only result in the redoubling of our efforts.

thank you Scott Star for these pictures.

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RE: Funny: Nature is VERY happy to see you...

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From: Precarious333
Date: Jun 13, 2007 6:54 PM



RE: Secret Surveillance Evidence Unsealed in AT&T Spying Case

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From: OWN-the-NWO (Hostilis-Pugnator)
Date: Jun 13, 2007 6:46 PM

Date: 13 Jun 2007, 15:14

Secret Surveillance Evidence Unsealed in AT&T Spying Case

Whistleblower Declaration and Other Key Documents Released to Public

San Francisco - More documents detailing secret government surveillance of AT&T's Internet traffic have been released to the public as part of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's (EFF's) class-action lawsuit against the telecom giant.

Some of the unsealed information was previously made public in redacted form. But after negotiations with AT&T, EFF has filed newly unredacted documents describing a secret, secure room in AT&T's facilities that gave the National Security Agency (NSA) direct access to customers' emails and other Internet communications. These include several internal AT&T documents that have long been available on media websites, EFF's legal arguments to the 9th Circuit, and the full declarations of whistleblower Mark Klein and of J. Scott Marcus, the former Senior Advisor for Internet Technology to the Federal Communications Commission, who bolsters and explains EFF's evidence.

"This is critical evidence supporting our claim that AT&T is cooperating with the NSA in the illegal dragnet surveillance of millions of ordinary Americans," said EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn. "This surveillance is under debate in Congress and across the nation, as well as in the courts. The public has a right to see these important documents, the declarations from our witnesses, and our legal arguments, and we are very pleased to release them."

EFF filed the class-action suit against AT&T last year, accusing the telecom giant of illegally assisting in the NSA's spying on millions of ordinary Americans. The lower court allowed the case to proceed and the government has now asked the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to dismiss the case, claiming that the lawsuit could expose state secrets. EFF's newly released brief in response outlines how the case should go forward respecting both liberty and security.

"The District Court rejected the government's attempt to sweep this case under the rug," said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kurt Opsahl. "This country has a long tradition of open court proceedings, and we're pleased that as we present our case to the Court of Appeals, the millions of affected AT&T customers will be able to see our arguments and evidence and judge for themselves."

Oral arguments in the 9th Circuit appeal are set for the week of August 13.

For the unredacted Klein declaration:

For the internal documents:

For the unredacted Marcus declaration:

For EFF's 9th Circuit brief:

For more on the class-action lawsuit against AT&T:


Cindy Cohn

Legal Director

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Kurt Opsahl

Senior Staff Attorney

Electronic Frontier Foundation



RE: Amazing New Ron Paul - Hope for America

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From: Pamela's Protest
Date: Jun 13, 2007 5:59 PM

Amazing New Ron Paul - Hope for America

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From: Haduken Jeckt
Date: Jun 13, 2007 2:52 PM

From: Ron Paul 08; [Manny - CT]
Date: Jun 13, 2007 2:29 PM

Thanks: Ron Paul Revolution

Dr. Ron Paul - "Hope for America"



RE: Michael Moore 9/11 truth on Oprah / FOX/-Full Movie link

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From: US Troops need a Wake Up Call like a Farenheit 101
Date: Jun 13, 2007 4:27 PM

Dont Miss it!!!!!

Full at bottom of page.

Here's what i think...
earthica's podcast



(i wondered how Moore was able to approach Guantanamo in a boat with a bullhorn and 911 first responders.. let this bust the truth open, and let's see through the neo con agenda)

'Sicko' Shows Michael Moore's Maturity as a Filmmaker
Sunday , May 20, 2007

By Roger Friedman

Filmmaker Michael Moore's brilliant and uplifting new documentary, "Sicko," deals with the failings of the U.S. healthcare system, both real and perceived. But this time around, the controversial documentarian seems to be letting the subject matter do the talking, and in the process shows a new maturity.

Unlike many of his previous films ("Roger and Me," "Bowling for Columbine," "Fahrenheit 9-11"), "Sicko" works because in this one there are no confrontations. Moore smartly lets very articulate average Americans tell their personal horror stories at the hands of insurance companies. The film never talks down or baits the audience.

"This film is a call to action," Moore said at a press conference on Saturday. "It's also not a partisan film."

Indeed, in "Sicko," Moore criticizes both Democrats and Republicans for their inaction and in some cases their willingness to be bribed by pharmaceutical companies and insurance carriers.

In a key moment in the film, Moore takes a group of patients by boat to the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba because of its outstanding medical care. When they can't get into the U.S. naval base, Moore proceeds onto Havana where the patients are treated well and cheaply.

This has caused a great deal of controversy, with the federal government launching an investigation into the trip, which officials say was in violation of the trade and commerce embargo against the Communist country.

"This administration flaunts the law, flaunts the constitution," Moore said at the press conference, explaining the flap over the trip to Cuba.

Moore now claims the U.S. government says his Cuban footage may be illegal, and Moore said he made a second master copy of "Sicko" and had it shipped it to France immediately just in case of potential government,3566,273875,00.html

Michael Moore's Sicko (Full Length)

Regardless of what you think of Michael Moore.. he has brought enormous awareness to 911 truth, but people need to think for themselves all the way around, and see EVERYTHING out there, and make their own decisions... Moore, and Jones, are just guys makin a buck off of calamity.... because they know how to, and the sheeple dont like thinking and making thier own decisions... thats how we remained an Oligarchy, and didnt even see it right in front of our faces.

So People like Moore can shed light on some things...
and others are going to call him names..

hey he got 911 truth on Oprah for cryin out loud... that wasnt an easy trick, and i gotta commend him for that.

I think Moore probably relates to these sickos in the govt, and thats how the best investigators become the best... by thinking like the criminal, and sometimes that is an after effect of being hurt by these criminals.


I Am Like You Too

Veritas (Latin For Truth)
*frEinLy Fier* .... l l 9 .
FREE FALL (Space Beam)

Toll Road and a Pay Toilet (G8Keepers Key)

Ukrainian Existentialism
a total betty
Pamela's Protest
Leo Krayola - South Texas P.N.A.C.
Andrew Mariano
VANCE...what a goddamned circus!


" Sicko " - Michael Moore's New Film full length Movie

Michael Moore's Sicko



RE: this is what they send in when you have a .50 cal

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From: Sinchi Runa (enemy of tyrannical regimes)
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those who understand this:
Mary aka Rev. Mary @~
& High Voltage!!!
Date: Jun 13, 2007 12:51 PM
RE: Feds announce plan to kill the BROWN'S with robots...

Feds Ready to Kill old people with Robots...

Article from

..start--> Federal marshals have called Ed and Elaine Brown to tell them that the authorities are coming in to their property at some point soon but "do not want to kill" the Browns.

US Marshall Gary Dimartino, who previously promised the Browns that federal authorities would not raid them only for the feds to then conduct an aborted raid last week, told Elaine Brown that they were coming in.

Given that the Browns now know the marshals have no honor and they have flat out lied before, it is likely that they mean exactly the opposite of anything they openly say to the Browns.

Local security hacks have also heard police scanner radios, on which it has been suggested that two Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection System, (SWORDS) combat robots (see picture below) are going to be sent into the property at some point soon.

In addition Federal vehicles have been spotted in local hotel parking lots. Yesterday we exclusively revealed that the Browns believed their home had been infiltrated by an informer.

The Browns remain without power, the internet and have telephone access fleetingly, seemingly only when the authorities wish to contact them.

Ruby Ridge Siege survivor Randy Weaver told the Alex Jones show yesterday that if he can raise the funds he will make a stand and travel to stay with the Browns in New Hampshire.

"I'm really worried for the Browns out there, personally I would like to be out there and stand with these people... If they had a bunch of people, that's what helped save us up at Ruby Ridge, those of us that survived anyway." said Weaver.

Weaver also hinted that the legal team that won him cases in the wrongful killing of some of his family at Ruby Ridge are watching the situation with the Browns carefully to see what transpires. ..end-->
Weaver has walked a thousand miles in the Browns shoes, having his wife and child killed by federal authorities in the brutal siege that took place in 1992.

"As long as they are still allowing outside people to go into their place I don't think they are planning an imminent dynamic entry. They may be still trying to get snitches in there... But once they block the roads off and keep people at least a mile or two miles away that's when you know they are going to come down hard on them."

The true story behind government sponsored terror, 7/7, Gladio and 9/11, get Terror Storm!
Let us help you reach a huge audience of potential customers. Help support the website and take advantage of low advertising rates. Click here for more info.

Weaver offered some sound advice for the Browns:

"Be real cool, let them fire first, cos if they go in they'll be coming in hard and heavy real fast, and stand up and do what is right. But if it comes down to it then when its all said and done the feds will just claim that its their fault and leave it at that and get away with it."

Meanwhile Danny Riley, the man who was shot and tasered on the Browns' property has had his google and youtube accounts blocked so he cannot upload anymore videos. Riley told infowars that he was a nervous wreck and still feared for his safety.

He cannot reveal full details of what he is going through but informed us that the authorities are "hanging things over his head" in an attempt to get him to cooperate with them. The feds keep warning him to stop telling people that the FBI is involved in the case.




RE: Perfect Wave (Sacred Geometry)

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From: *Galactic Consciousness*
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From: Daniel
Date: Jun 13, 2007 2:34 PM

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Date: Jun 12, 2007 10:26 PM

Blessings to: Emanations Of Love

Introduction to the Perfect Wave Programmers

Creating The Council - 2 hours

This 2 Hour Video goes into detail for how to create a powerful council structure inside your mind that can be utilized for collecting and sorting information. An incredible intelligence system is introduced that reveals how to build a system of consciousness to tap into the unlimited wisdom of the body. Creating the Council is a Powerful and Advanced level of information that is rare to find in such an information saturated environment.

Creating The Collective - 1 Hour

This 1 hour video goes into detail the purpose behind the programming used to create a collective field that we can all contribute towards and experience the return of massive levels of energy. There is a major focus towards the development of the Artificial Intelligence system, Pure Performance and the Virtual Systems introduced in the book "Visions of Heaven" Enjoy this breathtaking information as Cory Herter explains some of the most intricate programming created through the Perfect Wave Programmers.

Advanced Sacred Geometry - 2 hours

Learn the intricate details of Sacred Geometry and how it relates to the creation of the Perfect Wave Programmers. Discover a Law of Geometry that Governs the Underlying Foundation of Nature.

Advanced Sacred Geometry
Part 2 - Time & Space - 2 hours

Discover the concepts that allow the Perfect Wave Programmers to be able to effect our 3-dimensional reality from a 2-dimensional surface. Awaken to new concepts about Time & Space that have never been revealed before.

(more information)



RE: Of Crazies, Neocons and the Enemy Within

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From: Pamela's Protest
Date: Jun 13, 2007 9:49 PM

Of Crazies, Neocons and the Enemy Within
by Manuel Valenzuela


An all too familiar and ominous echo is reverberating through the American landscape, once more blasted into the airwaves, and our minds, through the Ministry of Propaganda and its merry bunch of sycophants and stenographers. For yet another consecutive year since three monolithic towers were demolished, imploded and systemically brought down onto their own footprints in a catalyzing event unleashing a new American century, Americans are hearing the fiery rhetoric of imminent danger, a cocktail of fear, terror and warmongering fed our enemy-addicted culture, aimed both at stirring conflict with Iran and conditioning our minds into accepting the coming attack on yet another Muslim nation that poses no threat to the mighty Empire.

For the Enemy Within is hard at work concocting the trigger-happy bogeyman Americans are always too eager to declare war upon, and they are working overtime, using their control of the print, radio and television media, to condition us into accepting their version of reality. Yes, the dreaded neocons are once more circling this nation like vultures, flying high above the dying carcass of freedom and democracy, ready to plunge down to Earth for a mighty feast. The reviled neocons, that plague that refuses to die, that pestilence that seemingly only increases in number, that nest of rats that lingers in our midst, is once more contorting truth and creating reality, once more beating the drums of war in continuation of their war song. The Enemy Within is softening us up, readying our minds, preparing us into accepting yet one more blitzkrieg of evil, criminality and mass murder.

If you are not disgusted at how this species of human being has hijacked America, how it has condemned a million people to their premature death, how it has turned the beacon of freedom into the gulag of criminality, how it has made mass murder, torture, rape and pillage acceptable, how it has made an entire nation hateful, xenophobic and jingoistic, how it has molded and conditioned an army of American authoritarians, then you have not been paying attention. If you are not reviled at the existence of this nest of cockroaches, and how, even after all the damage it has done to America and the Middle East it nonetheless remains alive and thriving, seemingly – and bewilderingly – given prominence, authority and visibility in the media, in spite of its perpetual stream of lies, incompetence and subversion of freedom, in spite of getting everything about Iraq wrong, then you have not understood the real and severe threat of the neocon element to America, and the world.

Deeply entrenched within the corridors of power, infesting the Department of War, the Department of State, the Department of Justice, the Congress and the White House, and firmly, and clandestinely, embedded throughout the corporatist media, the Enemy Within, it can safely be said, has hijacked America, taking her hostage, occupying her capital, unleashing an incessant barrage of psychological warfare against the American people. Neocon nests, those putrid think tanks and lobbying offices where delusion and deception thrive, are clustered throughout Washington, having acronyms all too familiar to those still living in truth and reality.

The neocon infrastructure is powerful and massive, financed by moneyed and influential people, supported by modern day little Sparta, that American financed welfare state, that encircled Bantustan of imported European Zionists hunkered down among an ocean of native Arabs, possessing all necessary machinations to concoct enemies, the deceptions to create and unleash wars, the scruples to divide and conquer, and the media tools to brainwash and condition millions of human beings. The neocon machine prevents truth from ever seeing light, reality from ever surfacing, debate from ever existing and dissidents from ever having a voice. Instead, the neocon big lie is allowed to be repeated countless times, their deceptions and distortions are granted the aura of reality, and their propaganda is allowed to thrive, and spread.

The card carrying member of the neocon community has instant access to the airwaves, to op-ed articles and editorial opinion. The neocon talking points grace front page headlines and the opinions of news anchors and reporters. These same talking points are given preeminence and are never questioned or challenged. Neocon talking heads, representatives, hacks and lackeys have an always open invitation, in spite of the disaster they have created for America in Iraq, to appear on television news shows to spew their venomous rhetoric and talking points. Neocons are sent in droves, upon commands from on high, to appear in the always friendly corporatist media, as always spewing lies and deceptions when propaganda needs to be delivered, when fear needs to grow or when hatred needs to find new hosts.

Staying on message, the big lie is repeated over and over by this army of manipulators, attacking the airwaves, and thus our brains, in a constant stream of appearances, offering a multitude of faces, and voice tones. Treated as experts and opinion makers, when in fact they are but ignorant, ideological and delusional Machiavelli’s, this legion of propagandists is given free rein to saturate both televised and written media with their talking points. They appear as “guests” on news shows, making the rounds, regurgitating the message their group wants disseminated, never being challenged, always having a loudspeaker from which to reach the citizenry.

Without merit, these operatives are placed as opinion writers, reporters and editors in America’s most influential magazines and newspapers, free to manipulate and condition the minds of readers, free to shift the nation’s discourse in a particular direction. Hired and promoted, even after being wrong or delusional about nearly everything they have ever said or written about, these enemies of the people are nonetheless still given a voice and a bully pulpit from where to manipulate millions of readers.

Even when one thinks the neocons have been discredited thanks to the myriad number of pathetic mistakes they have made, even when one thinks their opinions have made them clowns, even when they are the laughingstock to those aware of their incompetence and delusion, they are still prominently displayed on our monitors, magazines and newspapers. Somehow, after so many errors, after so many disasters, they still remain to unleash more damage, shaping the nation’s opinion, setting its direction, pushing policy and as always, steering the nation towards war. This reality has not changed since 9/11, which should be a clear indication that the corporatist media is a full collaborator and partner in the neocon agenda. The Enemy Within is deeply entrenched in the corporatist media, and this should never be forgotten.


Using the same recipe that launched the false Iraq WMD fear and terror marketing campaign, the same audacity that gave birth to the official and highly fictional 9/11 conspiracy theory, recycling the same cast of neocon characters for years warning us of the imminent and perpetual Arab danger, the warmongers in power are slowly, yet surely, prepping the American people into accepting a new act of preemptive, and illegal, aggression. For the Enemy Within knows that the American people will voluntarily remain ignorant of whatever enemy is chosen for them, never wanting to use reason and logic and critical thinking or common sense, always believing the lies and deceptions of the state and its vast propaganda machine, always eager to believe the myths and fictions spouted by criminals and murderers. Indeed, manipulating the American mind is like taking candy from a baby. At no time has the American mind been more fragile, ignorant and ripe for the picking.

Under ceaseless assault since the false flag operation of 9/11, the collective American mind is in deep psychosis, unable to escape the cloud of fear and terror thrust upon us by the neocon cabal in power. The catalyzing event of 9/11, methodically executed by warmongers and crazed zealots, was orchestrated with the intent of birthing a new American century, one in which the Pax Americana would thrive, unparalleled in power, reigning as the new Rome, unrivaled among the brotherhood of nations. It would merge the interests of little apartheid Sparta with those of America, forever cementing ties born through deception, for now the American people would also be confronted with the “evildoer” Arab horde, conveniently having as new enemy the same peoples whose oil we coveted and were addicted to, the same peoples whom little apartheid Sparta hated and detested.

The inside job of 9/11 would unleash a Long War, the so-called War on Terror, as much a fictional fantasy as any war concocted by Hollywood. Without the dreaded Soviet to scapegoat, to distract from internal strife, to use as excuse to enrich the military-industrial complex, a new enemy had to be manufactured, one that, unlike the Soviet Communist, was ambiguous, hidden, alien, an enigma, free of borders, national constraints and political handcuffs. Free to create any enemy out of thin air, the marketers of fear, for that is what the creators of enemies are, decided that the American populace needed a bogeyman unlike any ever devised, one free to roam beyond borders, lurking in dark alleys, independent of a nation that could, just like the Soviet Union, dissolve due to internal incompetence or political strife.

While the Soviet enemy remained known, even familiar to average Americans through European-like skin color and facial features, an appearance that seemed close to home, its culture and ethnicity unable to be dehumanized and made sub-human by the state’s propagandists, both essential elements in conditioning the populace into accepting destruction and murder of the enemy, the newly minted enemy, the Arab bogeyman, faced no such obstacles. Indeed, years of conditioning by Hollywood vilifying Arabs had jumpstarted the American hatred of the Islamic culture, even before 9/11, planting the seeds of hatred and xenophobia that would fully sprout on the day catalyzing events unleashed a new American century and Americans were introduced to the dreaded Arab terrorist.

The dreaded Arab bogeyman, concocted as terrorist through years of state sponsored propaganda and manipulation, only fed into the historical hatred of people of color by xenophobic majorities. The decimation of tens of millions of Native Americans, their condemnation into hellholes called reservations, the prolonged enslavement of Africans, the decimation of Filipinos, Koreans and Vietnamese in Asia, the wars of aggression and senseless mass murder against Latin Americans spanning decades, the still prevalent racism against African Americans and Latinos, condemning most to lifelong imprisonment and abandonment in urban ghettos, and the recent jingoism and bigotry exhibited against Hispanic immigrants – nothing more than America’s new slave class – by a new generation of No Nothings are but a few examples of a time honored tradition of indifference, racism and hatred of peoples not possessing the characteristics of European lineage, of white Anglo-Saxon tradition. The Arab culture, then, would be treated no different.

A new scapegoat had been chosen, one alien and fear-inducing, for fear of the unknown is the greatest fear in the human condition. All that was needed to foment the fusion of alien dark skinned Arab with terrorism in the minds of the people would be a catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor, that would cement a hatred and anger never before seen on American shores, one that would blind and make fearful entire segments of the population. Of course the chosen patsies would perform the tasks assigned to them, oblivious to the eternal fame they would garner. Molded and nurtured, observed and guided, these patsies would become the face of evil incarnate, with the modern day Emmanuel Goldstein, Osama bin Laden, striking fear and terror in the minds of Americans.

It would be the events of 9/11 that would firmly, and permanently, transfix Al-Qaeda into the imaginations of 300 million Americans, striking fear and a Pavlovian induced schizophrenia into the populace with every pronouncement of its title. Blinded by fear, made devoid of reason and logic through the manipulations of terror, the American people would follow lies and deceptions without question; they would obey and become subservient to the dictates of the neocon ideology; they would take as truth and reality the fictions and charades offered by the state and the corporatist media.

It would be 9/11 that would forever alter the course of American history, along with the psyches of her people, becoming an untouchable, almost religious myth whose original story was sacrosanct, an untouchable story no matter how unrealistic it was. Of course, 9/11 became a most fortuitous event to several entities, benefiting, first and foremost, the military-industrial-energy complex, desperately in search of an enemy and a region to exploit, as well as those seeking American hegemony around the globe, and fitting perfectly with the master plans of the Likudnik neocons and their Project for a New American Century. Thanks to 9/11, America had her new enemy, one evolved to suit the best interests of America’s warmongering class, one designed as a failsafe entity that could be counted on, in relative confidence, for a perpetual stream of conflict, war, destruction, hegemony, profit and power.

Al-Qaeda, born and reared by America’s clandestine services, having evolved from Afghan freedom fighters battling the Soviet Union to evil incarnate after 9/11, a product of ceaseless marketing and constant manipulation of fragile and vulnerable psyches, would be the face of America’s new enemy, one without borders, politicians, standing armies and capitals, a bogeyman hidden and secretive, free to appear anywhere on the planet, alien and ambiguous, a mole popping up exactly where it was, and is, needed most. In short, al-Qaeda is the perfect enemy for America, capable of sprouting like a weed wherever and whenever America needed a place to attack, invade, conquer and pillage. Used as the perfect excuse by which to attack sovereign nations, labeling fighters or insurgents Al-Qaeda acts both as cover for the advancement of Empire and as the marketing ploy used to smear and label legitimate peoples’ movements fighting the criminality of the Empire itself.

When marketed to the American people by the propaganda of the state and the corporatist media, resistance fighters such as those in Iraq struggling to rid their lands and homes of the imperial overreach of the Empire become sub-human enemies whose death is accepted and indeed sought by the citizenry. When the Pavlovian term “Al-Qaeda” is ushered, all semblance of common sense and reason is lost upon the populace of the Empire, who has been trained to fear and hate when the utterance of the evildoers is mentioned. Designed to dehumanize valid resistance and freedom movements, the people of the Empire will thus only see terrorists and criminality when reality offers a different portrait. Such is the power of the label Al-Qaeda that it immediately makes terrorists of those fighting the evil and terrorism of the Empire itself. It validates and indeed obscures the high levels of state sponsored terrorism of the Empire. Such is the genius of those who concoct enemies for a living.

Make no mistake, 9/11 was a declaration of war upon the American people by the Enemy Within, acting as the first strike in a psychological war aimed at our emotions. A new Pearl Harbor was needed to unleash invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and eventually Iran, opening up new imperial hegemony. Freedoms and rights had to be eviscerated, the better to control the citizenry, the better to take advantage of technological innovations that would facilitate an omnipresent police state. Solidarity with little Sparta had to be increased, both to take worldwide pressure off its Nazi like treatment of Palestinians and to join at the hip two nations that were now seen to fight the same fight. Only two powers could dominate the Middle East, and with America establishing a permanent presence, with its military fomenting civil war between the region’s Sunni and Shia, following the old adage of divide and conquer, little Sparta could become the preeminent power in the region, its rivals destroyed and weakened, its threats curtailed and its hegemony growing.

Carefully planned and orchestrated, 9/11 and its myth, most of which was disseminated in the hours after the tragic events, with pieces of the still smoldering puzzle miraculously being put together at the speed of light, was designed as the new Pearl Harbor needed to militarize the citizenry into supporting the invasions and occupations of Middle East nations. In that sense, 9/11 was an event staged specifically to manipulate the emotions and psychology of the American people in the expectation that we would march lock step with the warmongering aspirations of the state. Its tragedy was calculated more as a shock to the psyche than as an act of war; its horrors were needed to act as conduit between calls for revenge, hatred of the Muslim world, and acquiescence to pre-9/11 invasion plans.

We the People were the targets on that day, not the state and certainly not our elected leaders. It was We the People that were the intended victims, not our freedoms or our way of life, not our happiness nor our comfortable lifestyles. Our minds were the ultimate prize, which is why the towers had to be demolished in such violent fashion, why the controlled demolitions were covered from every conceivable angle, to be played and replayed countless times, until they were seared into our memory, into our psyche, so that we would forever be victims of fear and terror manipulations, so that we would forever acknowledge and assist the military-industrial-energy complex in its quest for global hegemony.

For the neocons, two enormous towers and 3,000 human beings were an easy sacrifice compared to the dividends the Project for the New American Century would get in return. Two towers in a metropolis full of skyscrapers, along with 3,000 Americans out of 300 million, were simply the collateral damage needed to fulfill Rebuilding America’s Defenses. Thus, a New Pearl Harbor took place on 9/11, ushering in a new American Century, just as the neocons had predicted, just as they had fortuitously envisioned. Using the power of the corporatist media and its battalions of propagandists, the psychological war against the American people, with 9/11 as catalyst, was only beginning.

In the years that followed the manipulation of emotions to extract long-sought rewards and objectives would intensify, as would the subversion of freedoms, rights and liberties in the name of promising security to fragile and maimed American psyches. America’s real enemy, that which resides within, was about to unleash a barrage of fear and terror mongering the likes of which no people have ever encountered, in furtherance of the war against the American people, a war unlike any other, a war for our minds and psychology, against the very freedoms, rights and democracy we so cherish. For what manufactured terrorists could never take away, homegrown terrorists were slowly, yet surely, making extinct.

Cabal of Criminality

Democracy and freedom has never been of much importance to the neocon vultures, even as they spew these virtues as sacred dogma. Of course, what neocons say, and what they do, are almost always at odds with each other. They are experts at extolling the virtues of the grand lie, of lying pathologically to the people for the people’s supposed own good. Government secrecy is a hallmark of the neocons, a reality the world has seen since 2001. Keeping secrets and telling a constant stream of lies has defined the neocon administration of George W. Bush.

It is interesting that while they talk of democracy and freedom, they try to destroy both, abroad and at home. These vermin stand for Machiavelli-style rule, being comforted more by authoritarian governance than pure democracy. Indeed, democracy is anathema to their ideology, for they do not believe the masses can correctly govern themselves. Therefore, leaders possessing dictatorial powers must be created, the better to serve the interests of the neocon belief system. In fact, the stolen election of 2000, in the state of Florida, was a direct consequence of neocon planning and implementation, the first domino to fall in pursuit of their new American century. The ascension of Bush to the throne, a man who had promised them Iraq on a silver platter if elected, was of paramount importance. He was also a willing participant and firm believer in Rebuilding America’s Defenses. Once immediately safely selected to the throne, in fact, he began implementing its highly militarized and unilateral policies.

Knowing the final outcome, and triumph, of the 2000 election would inevitably come down to Florida, all machinations needed to steal the election were implemented, showcasing a disregard for the will of the people and democracy in pursuit of absolute power. Florida 2000 was the catalyst the neocons needed to begin altering the face of American governance and her role in the world. Everything that was to come hinged on the election in Florida, hence the audacity and the purposefulness seen in completely subverting American democracy. One day, it will be Florida 2000, along with 9/11, that will be studied, analyzed and seen for the history altering event that it was, becoming recognized as the first salvo in a war against the American people, the key that unlocked the gates of Hades upon the world. Without Florida 2000, history, and 21st century reality, would have perhaps never become familiar with the neocons and their demented and delusional ideology.

Thrust into power in 2001, an administration saturated with neocons in the Departments of War, Justice, State and the White House set about to alter the system of checks and balances and to begin implementing, step by militarized step, the blueprint called Rebuilding America’s Defenses. Once deeply ensconced inside the halls of power, once comfortable with the methods and systems of governance, once confident in their control and mastery over the state’s apparatus, once they had fully hijacked the government of the United States of America, they could finally implement the catalyzing event they so desperately wanted, and needed.

With their dirty and criminal hands at the helm of every strategic department and office, especially within the Department of War and the Office of the Vice President, a new Pearl Harbor was ready to be born, conceived through distracting war games and drills, allowed to breathe life through systematic planning and confusion. Possessing absolute power, becoming the hand guiding the American puppet, with the corporatist media as collaborators, the cabal of criminality declared war upon every American. On September 11, 2001, America’s worst and most heinous crime was perpetrated, along with her greatest criminal cover up. The 9/11 Commission Report would only cement the cover up, with yet one more neocon assigned to make sure a whitewash occurred.

After 9/11 the nest of vultures embedded in the Pentagon and the Office of the Vice President began manufacturing war, first in Afghanistan and later, much more famously, in Iraq. Today it is widely known the severity by which the Office of Special Plans manufactured and devised the lies that led to war, piping only information that would push the neocon agenda directly to the top, thereby bypassing career analysts and experts. Today it is widely known the lies told repeatedly to guide us into war, with warnings of mushroom clouds and WMD. That the neocon establishment led us into a war of choice, based on lies, deceptions and delusions, is not in question. Indeed, these architects of the Iraq War should never be allowed to forget that they involved America in the greatest strategic disaster in her history.

That the neocon establishment lied us into an immoral and illegal preemptive war, based on lies and fictions they knew to be false, in order to secure Empire’s petroleum and beachhead, not to mention Israel’s security, demands that these individuals be seen for what they really are: war criminals, surely guilty of crimes against humanity, fully responsible for the death of one million Iraqis, thousands of Afghanis, and 6,500 Americans. War criminals tried since World War II have been sentenced to death on far less heinous and egregious crimes.

To say the neocons should be sitting at The Hague, rotting away their existence, contemplating their crimes in perpetuity, locked away for centuries so they can no longer inflict carnage and evil on our world, is an understatement. These individuals, this cabal of criminality, those visible and clandestine in government, business and the media, those responsible for 9/11 and the Iraq War, from the architects to the propagandists, should be facing war crime charges in both New York City and Baghdad, forced to face trial for the human wickedness they have engendered.

In a more perfect world, they would be. In this world, unfortunately, they are promoted, rewarded, saluted and allowed to ride into the sunset, free to corrupt young minds, continue living in freedom, profiteering from their opinions and wreaking havoc upon the peoples of Earth. In a more perfect world, one different than the one we presently inhabit, there would be justice for all those murdered and maimed in pursuit of blatant ignorance, psychotic delusion and deranged ideology.

Project Iran

Instead, the terrorists living among us, the elements we call neocons, with their vast control of American government and media, and by consequence control over our lives, continue expanding their power and their pursuit of further decadence. Not content to dwell as history’s greatest fools, they maintain a course of further escalation in Iraq, still thinking possible a victory that will never arrive and a delusion that will never become reality. Delusion and denial being a neocon characteristic, they think further military action, this time against Iran, will salvage victory from the throes of defeat, giving America the birth pangs of triumph from the calamity of debacle and quagmire.

Enraptured by their longtime hatred of Iran and its supposed threat to Israeli hegemony, the neocon element has once more gone on a fairy tale adventure, this time by trying to get America to do Israel’s bidding. The same playbook once used to cajole us into the Iraq debacle has been taken out of the closet, wiped free of dust, and implemented throughout the neocon world. This time, however, the neocon infestation is less prevalent in government, so they must resort to their nests in think tanks and lobbying offices, along with their vast power in the corporatist media, to sell, convince, connive and foment a war between Iran and America. With so many people in government aware of their constant malfeasance, however, the road to warmonger heaven has been a bit more difficult.

This explains why the corporatist media, doing the bidding of Israeli interests, has become a major player in the Iran propaganda campaign. Without the Office of Special Plans, with many military personnel aware of the techniques of the “crazies”, with deeper scrutiny by the public and America’s intelligence agencies, and with many officials aware of the consequences of a war with Iran, the neocons have had to bombard the airwaves with the lies, deceptions and manipulations needed to once again bamboozle the Empire into a war of choice.

It is from inside the corporatist media, with help from neocon think tanks and Israeli interests, where the propaganda is in full swing, where neocons are given an open microphone, a camera to look at, and where the interests of the state of Israel are given credence. It is from the inner doings of the corporatist media where war with Iran is being conditioned into our minds, for the Enemy Within knows it has less than two years left to destroy its hegemonic rival.

Sensing desperation that Iran has yet to be attacked, thanks in large measure to the disaster unfolding in Iraq, the neocons may yet resort to desperate measures, perhaps even another false flag operation blamed on Al-Qaeda, working for Iran, which would again become a catalyzing event unfolding yet another new Pearl Harbor. When dealing with psychotics of this nature, nothing should be discounted, and nothing should be left to chance.

As always emanating from the mouths of America’s most vile criminal element and terrorists extraordinaire, better known as the neoconservatives, the false alarms and war trumpets now being heard are part of a careful and methodical campaign of psychological warfare against the American people. A continuance of the psychological operation launched against America on 9/11, that catalyzing event granting New Pearl Harbors life and a New American Century sustenance, the latest act of manipulation is designed to make evildoers of the Iranian people, turning Iran into a scapegoat for the disaster unfolding in Iraq.

Such is the debacle in Iraq, created by the delusions, complete ignorance and gross incompetence of the neocons that, since American exceptionalism prevents America from ever making mistakes, being outwitted or admitting defeat, an easy scapegoat must be fomented to take the blame for the greatest strategic disaster in American foreign policy. Enter the puppet Iraq government and Iran, two easy targets offered up as the sacrificial lamb to a perpetually ignorant, delusional and completely devolving populace that would much sooner believe outside forces were to blame for the inevitable defeat than realize that the myths of American grandeur are nothing but the fairy tale propaganda of a corporatist state.

Almost on a daily basis, this group of terrorists, for no other word can best describe the neocons, is systematically cementing into the American conscious the idea of attacking and bombing Iran, a nation that poses no military threat to America, under the rubric of terrorism, mushroom clouds and Hitler-like evil, thereby extending forward a fictional war on terror along with an already disastrous debacle in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Once more a Muslim nation is about to be attacked, as always following the blueprint of the neocon Mein Kampf, Rebuilding America’s Defenses. More and more Iran is being blamed for arming the Iraqi – and now Afghan – resistance, training its fighters and financing its activities. That no proof has yet to appear, even among a barrage of accusations, should give one pause as to the validity of such asinine propaganda and should leave no doubt in whose hands the corporatist media lies.

For the neocons, a group of Christian and Jewish Zionists, most with strong ties to the Israeli right-wing Likud Party, embedded throughout the halls of governance, business and the corporatist media, hate Persians, Arabs and Muslims with a passion only seen in xenophobic psychopaths. Their contempt for the peoples of the Middle East has become apparent in their actions and writings, their beliefs and hypocrisy, and in their defense of the Nazi-like treatment of Arabs by apartheid Israel, . It is this hatred that they hope to embed into America’s citizenry, enough that we think of Arabs as subhuman animals, and is therefore the reason for the saturation of the airwaves with anti-Arab, Persian and Muslim propaganda, designed to engender hatred and feelings of xenophobia against the non-European people of the Middle East. This manipulation, of course, has not relented since the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

These architects of New Pearl Harbors, fictional wars on terror and the Iraq War, names all too familiar within the reality of those who chose to pay attention and stay informed, have set their targets on another Islamic nation, now that Iraq is in disarray, as always pursuing the interests both of the so-called New American Century as well as those of Mother Israel. On both sides of the imaginary and nonexistent aisle, inside the bowels of political duopoly and the two headed hydra, where political prostitutes are allowed to roam free, as always paying homage to the hand that rocks the cradle, the shrieks of war are therefore getting louder, for the sugar daddy to Washington’s politicians has arrived to collect on dues and debt once paid.

From these charlatans and miscreants we somehow always chose to elect the war cries and the drums of war are growing in strength, for the time of preemptive criminality is almost upon us. For they have been given their marching orders from on high, where the high priests of war convene, where criminals and murderers congregate, and slowly their cohorts in the media are conditioning America to the inevitability of continuing war crimes and crimes upon humanity on Muslim lands.

Iran has been selected for destruction, becoming the prize of prizes, the ultimate reward in pursuit of a Project for a New American Century. The cries desperate for an attack on Iran are palpable, coming from all neocon nests and perching trees. The call to use nuclear weapons against the Persian state is also resounding loudly, becoming both an ominous declaration of neocon intentions and a warning to the world entire of ignoring and not halting the delusional cries of the crazies.

As expected, and predicted, the delusional Machiavelli’s we know as the neocons have increased their level of vitriol against Iran, in conjunction both with the coordinated propaganda campaign begun by their masters in Tel Aviv as well as through the perpetual dissemination of such manipulations by their stenographers and lackeys in the corporatist media. For the days are fast approaching, and all preparations must be made, before those living in delusion unleash their latest, and greatest, military blunder.

Ending the Occupation of America

We in America must be vigilant, for a poisonous snake cornered is at its most dangerous. Time is running out on the neocon element, which, sensing desperation, and the ticking sound of time, might resort to reenacting its greatest triumph, the manufacturing of new Pearl Harbors on American soil, sacrificing American lives in pursuit of Israeli interests, making thousands of citizens the collateral damage needed to attack Iran.

The Enemy Within lives among us, occupying our capital, owning our elected officials, saturating our airwaves, manipulating our minds, polluting our society. The Enemy Within is the only entity we must fear, for it is psychotic and delusional, criminal and devoid of scruples, ready at a moment’s notice to kill in the name of a new American Century, in the name of A Clean Break. The Enemy Within is our greatest threat, both to life and freedom, to limb and democracy, lingering in our midst, two faced and corrupt, pursuing the interests of militarization and those of little Sparta, trying to ensure hegemony for the Zionist ghetto, trying to establish proxy wars fought by the Empire in the interests of the dog’s tail.

The Enemy Within is the terrorist organization we must fear most, and fight against, declaring our own war on terror, our own fight against extremism and criminality. Our nation has been hijacked, dispossessed of its reputation and its treasure, her sons and daughters dying in the interests of corporatism and Empire, maimed due to delusion and ego. America lives under occupation, our freedoms and rights and liberties being made extinct by Machiavelli pretenders. A welfare state in the Middle East controls our elected officials, dictating policy that directly contradicts our own interests.

We are being transformed by the tools of the neocon element into a nation of xenophobic bigots, slowly being bred to hate scapegoats and concocted enemies. Our corporatist media has become the Department of Propaganda, a Ministry of Truth where reality is manufactured and truth sequestered, hidden in the deep dark recesses of censured stories and stifled dissent. Only the propaganda beneficial to the Enemy Within is allowed to grace our monitors and our newspapers; only the stories and individuals pushing for war are ever seen or heard. America is occupied, her capital hijacked by a malevolent cabal of criminality, caring only to perpetuate a war against the Arab world through action and reaction, eye for an eye, and inevitable blowback.

It is up to Americans, in valid resistance to authoritarian tendencies, to stop the crazies from unleashing hell on Iran and the Middle East. It is up to us to stop them before another Pearl Harbor strikes one of our cities, killing hundreds or thousands of our brothers and sisters. It is up to us, true patriots of the republic, to finally expel the occupiers from our land, thereby restoring a nation that has much to offer the world, perhaps finally becoming a beacon of light upon a city on a hill, surpassing even the myths of American state-sponsored propaganda. The real war on terror must begin, for the neocon terrorists must be thrown in the gulag they have created for the world.

If you are repulsed with the neocon plague afflicting our country, if you are tired of the warmongering and the manipulations, of the lies and profiteering, of elected representatives listening to foreign agents and not native citizens, if you are ready to put Americans’ interest first, second and third, and those of little welfare state Sparta in the dustbin of history, then get ready to confront the occupiers and hijackers, never letting them rest, never letting them speak or be seen publicly without being confronted with a litany of their crimes.

If the courts will not try them, then we must. If the media will not expose them, then we will. If the state will not prosecute them, then we should. If their peers will not shame them, then we most definitely will. Karma and justice should follow these crazies and criminals wherever they go, wherever they appear. If America no longer suits them thanks to our actions, then they are welcome to move elsewhere. We do not want them in our nation anymore. They are not welcome, for they have brought nothing but war, death, destruction, fear, terror, decadence and manipulations.

Peaceful resistance must commence, the occupation of America must end, the neocon reign must be extinguished and the crazies roaming our streets must never be allowed to hijack our country again.

Manuel Valenzuela is a social critic, commentator, Internet essayist and author of Echoes in the Wind, a novel now published by His essays appear regularly at various alternative news websites from around the globe. Mr. Valenzuela welcomes comments and can be reached at He encourages readers to surf the collection of over 100 essays he has written which can be found visiting his archives and by searching the Internet. His next book, Beyond the Smoking Mirror: Reflections on America and Humanity, a collection of his essays, will be published in early 2007.
By Manuel Valenzuela at Jun 13 2007 - 12:19am


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