Sunday, September 10, 2006

911 fact or fiction

In the years since we have gone to war with an invisible enemy we have discovered many hidden truths. We have seen how evidence can be manipulated to give an impression and effect desired to rally the people. This is something that is not new but the veil has been drawn back enough for us to see that the lies have nothing to stand on and yet war persists. Why is it that or leaders only want to lead us down the path of destruction and human sacrifice? The more evidence that is uncovered this is not an isolated instance or coincidence pertaining to only one country. This has been going on for centuries and even past the last crusade. It is the oldest game in the book; manipulate information to give the desired result. It is no coincidence that Osama bin Laden is not a priority of the U.S. government but oil is. There is not even any real proof that al Qaeda could have pulled off such a well-executed demolition of the N.Y.C. skyline. It is quite funny that Larry Silverstein admits that they “pulled” building seven because it had a few fires in it but it was never hit. If you can’t believe that someone would wire his own buildings with explosives just two months after he bought and insured them; then watch it for yourself on the P.B.S. documentary “America Rebuilds: a year after ground zero.” Another great film if you can find it has the “only” footage of the first plane hitting the W.T.C. which was shot by the Naude brothers but has been removed from most search engines, ironic don’t ya think. But C.B.S. did take their film and make a movie for the masses but there is information that was omitted because it did not jive with the party line that can only be found on the Naude brothers’ directors cut or on a film called “Loose Change 2nd Edition”. I did see that it is sited and referred to in this film and you get to see educated witnesses(N.Y.C. Firefighters) stating that there were explosives going of that day. Please find the information for yourself, I have. We are in an information war that we have to win, so be a concerned citizen and pull back the rest of the veil and let's let some light shine in.


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