Friday, October 27, 2006

Mark Foley has nothing on Politicians of old

In the mid-80’s and into the 90’s Lawrence(Larry) King, televangelist and government pawn, was involved in a Conspiracy of Silence against the American people. When the scandal came to light the fires climbed as high as the Whitehouse before King was sacrificed on the judicial altar. These people are obsessed with domination over the sheeple. In the near future these deceptive deprivations of humanist will no longer be able to mask their intentions and can be judged as the horrid abominations that they are. To allow this to continue is to condone it even though you are not the one committing the act you are just as guilty. Leaders on congerss knew in advance of Mark Foley's actions yet did nothing, could there be a reason?

Just look at what God the Christian conservative leaders really worship let alone the forms of mind control that American Citizens were forced to participate in for National Security. In my opinion this weakens this great country. This may be set in motion to help destroy the Nations Security. Ater all its not like it is a Cardinal Law or anything.



Suppressed Medical Discovery: Dr. Robert C. Beck ( Cancer,AIDS, anything viral)

In 1990, an astounding discovery was reported at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC by Drs. Kaali and Wyman, resulting in Patent No. 5,188,738 being issued in 1993 entitled "Alternating Current Supplied Electrically Conductive Method and System for Treatment of Blood and/or Other Body Fluids and/or Synthetic Fluids with Electric Forces.". Their research work involved an in vitro & in vivo human Blood Electrification process, which electronically sterilizes the blood, resulting in all known pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus, being completely eliminated! Their research had been anticipated 24 years earlier in 1973 with the research involved in Patent No. 3,753,886. Not surprisingly though, due to the stranglehold, that the Pharmaceutical Cartel has in the U.S., this revolutionary clinical data was almost totally suppressed. Other than a few News Articles such as the Science News: Mar. 30, `91 pg. 207, Longevity: Dec. `92/pg. 14, and Houston Post: Mar. 20, '91 /Sect. A-10, plus the Patent No. 5,188,738, there has been a complete BLACKOUT since then in the News Media about this powerful medical technology.

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Conspiracy of Silence - US Politicians Pedophile Ring

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