Saturday, October 28, 2006

Is Freemasonry a Religion? If so then what kind is it?

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The members of Freemasonry have to this day contested the fact that Freemasonry could not possibly be a religion. So to get an idea of what a religion is. According to Wikipedia a “religion may be defined as the presence of a belief in the sacred or the holy” but I will have to go further and say that symbols ad ritual are required as well though I may be alone in this belief. Now that we know what defines a religion, we can begin to classify our subject.

Lets examine a Temples of Freemasonry, inside you will find an altar with the Bible, Koran, Vedis or even the Pentateauch. On the book of religious preforance will be placed a square and compas, these symbolize the order helping to build the initiats way to heaven. The East, West and South walls of the lodge have three thrones on each. The thrones are for the heirarchy who have autonimous control over their lodge. Above the “worshipful master” of the East sits the letter “G” with the square and compas encircling the letter that one would denote to symbolize “God” but it is said to refer to geometry as well.

Now for anyone to become a Mason you would have to be selected be another mason for membership because you are of the right calliber to rise above the “profane.” Once this has occurred you are introduced to the ritual and secrets that suround this society. There is too much to go into here so I will continue to post links to information but I must ask that you look for yourself.

I have briefly gone over the society that admitadly formed the United States of “America” eventhough the largest center for Freemasonry is at Temple “Bar” in London. Ironically the bar exam is what all lawyers are required to pass before ataining the ability to “practice” law.

We have covered the fact that Freemasonry does indeed qualify as a religion as we have defined it. The society has an altar, where ritualistic cerimonies are carried out with many religious books of holy scripture on it. Symbols abound in any lodge which are secret in their meaning even to most initiats because of deep esoteric and occult ties to ancient history. The last piece of the puzzle is the belief in something sacred or holy. The Masons are taught that through Masonry’s teachings of how to be a better man you will atain entrance to heaven and save his soul.

Now I do appologize if I offended anyone but the truth hurts. Everything disclosed shows Freemasonry is a religion, so what kind is it? This is where your belief system should kick in and give you that answer. In my opinion Freemasonry is not Christian, Catholic, Hindu or any other religion that has been sacraficed on their altar. If this clandestend group were viewed as traitors and cultist and were persicuted when we still had a governvent that was “for the people.” Then you must ask yourself what has changed and what still needs to be corrected so we can save this great country and planet?


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