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RE: Drew Careys Show REASON on Medical Marijuana

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911 the Fukin' truth

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RE: Engineered Collapse of the US Economy - Alex Jones Interview

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Engineered Collapse of the US Economy - Alex Jones interview
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Engineered Collapse of the US Economy - Alex Jones interviews Richard C Cook

In order for the proposed solutions to the Banksters control of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CORPORATION, all 50 of the sovereign united States of America should secede: i.e, close down the Federal Government while remaining united and keeping the Bill of Rights, freedom of travel and no tariffs on commerce between the States.. as the foundation..

Watch these short videos - listen carefully, act upon the recommendations..It could save your life..
It could save the united States of America and OUR Rights..

IMHO the Rule of Law is not in effect in the USA at all..The Banksters are calling the shots and they are intent on destroying the US economy and the Sovereignty of the USA..If you doubt these things you had better get your head out of the sand, because the plans to sell US down the river are in writing and are being played out..

You are in peril and the enemy is within..Besides, Mr. Cook's recommendation to plant a garden and Mr. Jones's recommendation to store up food, you had better get yourself armed, because you will be fighting UN troops already in the USA to keep your Country, all that you have worked for, and your life - literally..

Thanks Brian - excellent info

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From: Bryan
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We're in a lot of trouble here!

Inflation=too many dollars,chasing too few goods. We're in a lot of trouble here folks.Still think it's a conspiracy theory?You won't as you try to feed your family and heat your home this winter.Natural gas up 43%,up to 3 million acres of corn may be lost due to flooding.

Members of Congress discussing another stimulus package?This is insane!The printing presses are rolling and the dollar isn't worth a damn. If you are not storing food,you'd better take a hard look at what's going on around you.I have lost $100,000 in my 401k,they're going to take it all away,your wealth,your food,your freedom.

Hold on folks,we're in for a hell of a ride!



RE: Democrats Ready To Gut The Constitution

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http://www. rense. com/general82/gut. htm

Democrats Ready To Gut The
Constitution To Protect Their
'Constituents' - The Telecoms
By Tom Burghardt
Antifascist Calling...

Proving the old axiom that Congress "is the best that money can buy," congressional Democrats are preparing to gut the Constitution by granting giant telecom companies retroactive immunity and liability protection on warrantless wiretapping by the Bush regime

According to Congressional Quarterly, "Congressional leaders and the Bush administration have reached an agreement in principle on an overhaul of surveillance rules"

Tim Starks reports
http://www. cqpolitics. com/wmspage. cfm?parm1=5&docID=news-000002897247

According to sources familiar with the negotiations, the compromise would be very similar to the last proposal by Sen. Christopher S. Bond , R-Mo., to House Majority Leader Steny H.

Hoyer, D-Md

Sources said the major change is that a federal district court, not the secret FISA court itself, would make an assessment about whether to provide retroactive legal immunity to telecommunications companies being sued for their alleged role in the Bush administration's warrantless surveillance program ("Agreement Could Pave Way for Surveillance Overhaul," Congressional Quarterly, June 13, 2008)

In other words, the telecommunication corporations and their "customers," the NSA, FBI and other members of the "intelligence community" will get everything they want--retroactive immunity and billions of dollars in continued taxpayer subsidies for intelligence "outsourcing"
Without clear standards for determining whether immunity for these privateers is even justified, the courts will be forced to issue virtual get-out-of-jail-free cards to corporate executives and their shareholders, thus freeing them from any and all liability, should companies claim they had "received assurances" from the state that its spying program was "legal"
Indeed, no warrants at all would be required when the administration and their outsourced private "partners" choose surveillance "targets" under "exigent," or urgent circumstances.

Needless to say, such "exigent" circumstances are determined by executive branch "intelligence officials," of whom fully ..70% are private mercenaries in the employ of corporatist state structures

However, civil liberties' campaigners charge that language currently under consideration by House and Senate "leaders" is "judicial theatre" and a "mirage"According to the ..ACLU,

Allowing phone companies to avoid litigation by simply presenting a "permission slip" from the president is not court review. This is immunity pure and simple because the companies are NOT being judged on whether they followed the law.

A document stating that the president asked them to conduct warrantless wiretapping is not enough justification for violating the basic privacy rights of Americans("Facts on Senator Kit Bond's (R-MO) FISA Proposal," American Civil Liberties Union, June 13, 2008)

Under rules being considered by Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Kit Bond (R-MO), House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), House Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Bush administration officials, the deal would allow the federal district court "to look at a lower standard of evidence to determine if companies received such orders--a provision sought by the GOP, according to one person involved in the talks," The Hill ..reports

Who then, are the privateers that "opposition" Democrats want to "protect" from litigious "radicals" such as the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation? Some of the wealthiest recipients of "outsourced" intelligence handouts, that's who! Major players in the administration's illegal spying programs include, according to ..Washington Technology's 2008 Top 100 Government IT Contractors : Verizon Communications Inc., $1,320,637,982 (No. 18); Sprint-Nextel Corporation, $839,946,000 (No. 25); AT&T Inc., $505,358,533 (No. 38); Qwest Communications International Inc., $306,617,000 (No.


If this weren't bad enough, mendacious "leaders" such as Jay Rockefeller claim that spying telecoms "deserve" immunity because they were "ordered" by the NSA to cooperate with the administration Indeed, back in ..


Rockefeller defended the actions of the telecom companies, arguing that the companies received explicit orders from the National Security Agency to cooperate with the supersecret surveillance effort. The West Virginia Democrat said the telecom companies were being "pushed by the government, compelled by the government, required by the government to do this.

And I think in the end, we'll prevail"

Rockefeller added: "If people want to be mad, don't be mad at the telecommunications companies, who are restrained from saying anything at all under the State Secrets Act. And they really are. They can't say whether they were involved, they can't go to court, they can't do anything. They're just helpless. And the president was just having his way.

" (Daniel W Reilly, "Rockefeller predicts win in FISA fight over telecom immunity," Politico, January 23, 2008)

Pity the poor "helpless" telecoms! But as investigative journalist Tim Shorrock documents,

The history of telecom cooperation with the NSA is a guide to how the NSA went about winning cooperation with the industry in 2001. During the 1940s, when telephone and telegraph companies began turning over their call and telegram records to the NSA, only one or two executives at each firm were in on the secret. Essentially, the government raised the issue of patriotism with them, and the companies went along. That kind of arrangement continued into the 1970s, and is likely how cooperation works today. "Once the CEO approved, all the contacts" with the intelligence agencies "would be worked at a lower level," Kenneth Bass, a former Justice Department official with the Carter administration, told me. "The telecos have been participating in surveillance activities for decades--pre-FISA, post-FISA--so its nothing new to them." Bass, who helped craft the FISA law and worked with the NSA to implement it, added that he "would not be surprised at all" if cooperating executives received from the Bush administration "the same sort of briefing, but much more detailed and specific, that the FISA court got when [the surveillance] was first approved.

" (Spies for Hire, New York: Simon and Schuster, 2008, p 320)

Helpless indeed! Let's make a couple of things clear: the Democratic party is completely beholden to their "constituents"--the multinational corporations, including the telecoms, the giant defense contractors and the well-heeled lobbyists who fill their campaign coffers.

Since 9/11, with few rare exceptions that can be counted on one hand, the Democrats have been complicit with the Bush administration's quasi-fascistic "war on terror" and everything that followed in its wake--illegal spying, torture, wars of aggression, not to mention the looting of public assets for private profit known as "outsourcing"

The facile "debate" over retroactive immunity for spooky telecommunication corporations will reach its inevitable denouement with the Democrats allowing either the FISA court or Federal District courts to essentially rubberstamp immunity orders issued by the Bush administration

As the ACLU's Caroline Fredrickson told The Hill, "Whatever silk purse Hoyer tries to make of Bond's sow's ear and no matter how they try to sell it, the end result of all this negotiating will be exactly what the administration has wanted from the beginning--FISA rewritten to delete court oversight of surveillance and immunity for its pals at the telephone companies"
In the final analysis, these "negotiations" are taking place behind closed doors, subject to input by influence-peddlers and corporate lobbyists, without even a cursory--let alone, public--exploration of whether these mercenary outfits violated the law

It's a rigged game without a referee...

Tom Burghardt is a researcher and activist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to publishing in Covert Action Quarterly, Love & Rage and Antifa Forum, he is the editor of Police State America: U.S.

Military "Civil Disturbance" Planning, distributed by ..AK Press

© Copyright Tom Burghardt,
http://antifascist-calling. blogspot. com/
Antifascist Calling...2008



Elect a Oil man and, I use that term loosely, you get New Texas!?!

RE: A Golden Rule Foreign Policy

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Quote of the Day:

"George W. Bush brought death and chaos to Iraq on the basis of lies. Now, as he staggers through the last months of his failed presidency, he is trying one more bit of trickery — forcing the Nuri Al-Maliki government to legitimize a long-term military occupation of Iraq in a treaty, which will make that sovereign country an American colony.

-- from an editorial in the "Arab News," June 8, 2008

Subject: A Golden Rule Foreign Policy

We advocate a "Golden Rule" foreign policy. We want our government to treat other people as we would want to be treated. Our politicians have not done this. Instead, they've used wrongs committed by others to justify wrongs of their own.

It doesn't matter that our government's policies may have done some good, or that our politicians may have intended to do only good. What matters is that they've done too many things to other people that those people didn't want.

The above quote of the day reflects widespread Arab and Muslim reaction to the Bush administration's proposed "treaty of permanent occupation" with Iraq. We believe the Golden Rule requires us to give these reactions respectful consideration. Would we accept what we're asking the Iraqi people to accept? The proposed treaty requires that Iraq . . .

* Allow the U.S.

to build 58 permanent military bases on their soil
* Grant U.S.

control of Iraqi airspace up to 30,000 feet
* Establish immunity from prosecution for U.S.

troops and contractors
* Permit the U.S.

to determine when Iraq is at war with another country (Iran for instance)
* Agree to a two year notice to cancel the treaty

Please notice that President Bush wants to impose his preferred policy on the next president. He also asserts that his "agreement" with Iraq will be an "executive accord," NOT subject to ratification by the Senate.

The President's policy is unconstitutional. It violates the Golden Rule. It's also dangerous -- to YOU.

These treaty proposals, coming in the wake of everything else our government has done -- invasions, renditions, torture, lack of due process -- massively increase the danger of blowback against the American people. We believe it's time to downsize the President's reckless and overreaching foreign policy.

But how?

Read more . . .



Now wonder McCain wants to "bomb Iran,"

RE: Ahmadinejad:Oil Plentiful, Market Manipulated
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http://news. yahoo. com/s/nm/20080617/ts_nm/iran_oil_ahmadinejad_dc

Back to Story - Help
Market full of oil, price trend "fake": Ahmadinejad By Hashem Kalentari
Tue Jun 17, 2:59 AM ET

The market is full of oil and the rising price trend is "fake and imposed," Iran's president said on Tuesday, partly blaming a weak U.S.

dollar which he said was being pushed lower on purpose

"At a time when the growth of consumption is lower than the growth of production and the market is full of oil, prices are rising and this trend is completely fake and imposed," President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech

"It is very clear that visible and invisible hands are controlling prices in a fake way with political and economic aims," he said when opening a meeting of the OPEC Fund for International Development in the central Iranian city of Isfahan

Iran, the world's fourth-largest oil exporter, has repeatedly said the market is well-supplied with crude and blames rising prices on speculation, a weak U.S.

currency and geopolitical factors

"As you know the decrease in the dollar's value and the increase in energy prices are two sides of the same coin which are being introduced as factors behind the recent instability," Ahmadinejad said
Oil steadied on Tuesday after touching a record near $140 the previous day, with traders caught between a weaker dollar and expectations that top exporter Saudi Arabia will ramp up output to its highest rate in decades
Iran has often said it sees no need for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to boost output


Ahmadinejad reiterated his view that oil should be sold in a basket of currencies rather than U.S.

dollars, an idea which has failed to win over other OPEC members, except Venezuela

"The ever-increasing decrease in the dollar's value is one of the world's major problems," he said

"A combination of the world's valid currencies should become a basis for oil transactions or (OPEC) member countries should determine a new currency for oil transactions," he said

Iran, embroiled in a standoff with the West over its nuclear program, has for more than two years been increasing its sales of oil for currencies other than the dollar, saying the weak U.S.

currency is eroding its purchasing power
Ahmadinejad, who in the past has called the dollar a "worthless piece of paper," suggested "some big powers" were driving it lower on purpose:

"The planners for some big powers are acting to decrease the dollar's value," he said.

"For years they imposed inflation and their own economic problems to other nations by injecting the dollar without any support to the global economy"

Foes since Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution, Tehran and Washington are also at odds over Tehran's disputed nuclear activities as well as over policy in Iraq.

Iran says its atomic work is peaceful

(Additional reporting by Zahra Hosseinian in Tehran; Writing by Fredrik Dahl; Editing by William Hardy)

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RE: The CIA, Narcotics & Underworld

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From: The War Of Terror
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i'm not sure but i think i published some of doug valentine's stuff in one of my TWOT mags. i'll check in the morning.

fascinating read tho. .


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big thanks2: Nierika
Date: 18 Jun 2008, 04:05 AM


http://www. scoop. co. nz/stories/HL0708/S00242. htm

The CIA, Narcotics & Underworld: Doug Valentine


81 Bedford Street & Richard Helms (from
Suzan Mazur's Archives)
.. Richard Helms,
chief of the Central Intelligence Agency's Clandestine
Services, asked the Agency to start funding a biochemical
warfare program in 1953 called MKULTRA, which included the
drugging of unwitting suspects in New York's Greenwich
Village with LSD and other hallucinogens.

One of the
safehouses was at 81 Bedford Street across from Chumley's

While many of Greenwich Village's buildings
today bear historic plaques, the CIA's mind control
experiments at 81 Bedford Street go


Several years ago, when I
was trying to make the distinction between Lewis Lapham, the
Editor of Harper's Magazine -- whose roots are in an
old San Francisco banking family -- and Lewis Lapham, the
Central Intelligence Agency's man, I was directed to author
Doug Valentine by Lou Wolf of Covert

Action Quarterly, who described Valentine as
one of the most knowledgeable people on the CIA.

Valentine told me the two Laphams were not the same man.

I was relieved.

But in the next breath he said that Tony
Lapham, Harper's Editor Lewis Lapham's brother, had
been both a covert CIA agent and General Counsel to the CIA,
appointed in 1976 by then Director of Central Intelligence,
George H.W. Bush. I was again concerned.

Lewis Lapham has
since left Harper's to start his own

I've kept in touch with
Doug, and recently asked him if he'd help me to flesh-out
the new CIA book, Legacy of Ashes by Tim Weiner, the
New York Times National Security

Doug Valentine is a poet and also the author of several
incredibly rich and revealing books on the workings of
National Security.

Best known of these is the

Phoenix Program
about the Vietnam War and
Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History
of America's War on Drugs.

His new book,
Strength of the Pack, volume two
about America's war on drugs, will be published next year by
the University of Kansas Press.

Strength of

the Wolf documents the history of the Federal
Bureau of Narcotics.

The FBN rubbed up against the CIA and
FBI until it was finally rubbed out by "the Establishment"
in 1968.

Valentine attributes the demise of the FBN to the
bureau's success in penetrating the Mafia and the French
connection and case-making agents uncovering "the
Establishment's ties to organized crime".

href="http://www. amazon. com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0595007384/ref=pd_bxgy_img_2/104-8364555-9833502"

href="http://www. amazon. com/Strength-Wolf-Secret-History-Americas/dp/1844675645/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-5639742-2495327ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1187476379&sr=1-1"target="_blank">

Click Images For Amazon
Purchase Pages

Unlike the
Weiner book's interviews with 10 CIA Directors, Valentine
says the CIA did its best to prevent Strength of the Wolf
from going forward.

My interview with Doug Valentine

Author Douglas
Valentine -


Mazur: The New York Times
National Security reporter, Tim Weiner, is out with a
60-year history of the Central Intelligence Agency’s
failures called Legacy of Ashes.

was recently a guest on the Charlie Rose

Show talking about the CIA book.

I’d like to use
that interview as a backdrop for our conversation.

the past 15 years the Charlie Rose
Show's host and executive producer, the elegant
Charlie Rose, has established himself as sort of the US
minister of propaganda, using PBS as a platform, and
funding from major foundations and major banks to broadcast
his public affairs program from New York Mayor Mike
Bloomberg's Bloomberg News studios in

Sometimes the propaganda is a result of Rose
not knowing the material, making it a perfect showcase for
the Kissingers, Holbrookes, etc.

to maneuver around

For the record, I appeared on the broadcast in the
1990s when the show first went national, to discuss the
crisis in Sudan.

The Khartoum government had been
overwhelmingly condemned for human rights violations by the
UN. It was not letting in Western journalists.

Osama bin
Laden, Carlos the Jackal and Abu Nidal were all based in
Khartoum at the time.

Is it a coincidence that bin Laden
was there? Maybe not.

Khartoum had been the CIA’s most
important outpost in Africa and Sudan’s de facto leader,
Hassan Turabi, had an interesting history with the CIA, most
visibly through
target="_blank">Operation Moses

I managed to get in
and do a videotaped interview in Khartoum with Hassan

Hassan Turabi -

Image Source

to Charlie Rose’s credit that he attempted a segment on
Sudan when nobody else was really.

Fortunately, John
McLaughlin followed up, inviting me for an in-depth look at
the issues.

However, even in those years, the
Charlie Rose Show seemed controlled or
perhaps bungled so that none of the footage from my
conversation in Khartoum with Turabi or discussion of that
conversation or even discussion of my visit to Khartoum made
it into the broadcast.

Rose’s focus was on starvation,
and a decade and a half later we still have starvation –
now in Darfur – because the media backed by big money
will not look squarely at the problem.

It takes work and

As you’ve said so well in the introduction to
your book, Strength of the Wolf:
The Secret History of America’s War on Drugs:

..“Much of our history is hidden behind
a wall of national security and that sad fact prevents
America from realizing its destiny.


My first question to you is this: In
Tim Weiner’s hour-long talk with Charlie Rose about his
book on the CIA, Weiner made the point that the late
Director of Central Intelligence, Richard Helms, thought it
was tragic that the US did not care enough anymore about
espionage, which “seeks to know the world” through
secrecy and deception. Charlie Rose replied, “I do too.

What is US national security all about really – whose
national security is being served?

Valentine: It's a class issue.

The CIA has not been
running around the world trying to improve the lives of poor
people, to raise their standard of living, even though they
say they’re out there trying to bring freedom and
democracy to the world.

They’re just as likely to back a
Pinochet, a despot, as they are to fight a Communist.

Suzan Mazur: What do you suppose the
New York Times is up to with the Weiner
book? Why is a reporter from one of the most important
commercial newspapers, sticking it to the CIA by exposing
the CIA’s 60 years of horrific failure, with monarchs and
dictators on the payroll (King Hussein of Jordan for 20
years, Mobutu, etc.

), when as you note in your richly
informative book on the Federal Bureau of Narcotics,
“Establishment privateers run the secret

Doug Valentine: Most of what
Weiner writes about the CIA is already known.

It’s a
history book with a bias, not an expose, at least not for
the Vietnam generation.

He doesn’t even really get into
the current Bush administration.

He gives us a predictable
treatment of William Casey and the Contras, when there was
an incredible revival of the CIA under Casey.

William Casey - Image

Suzan Mazur:
Weiner plays up the fact that long-time CIA
counterintelligence chief, James Angleton, was constantly
spilling the beans to Kim Philby during their frequent
liquid lunches – Philby, a British agent who turned out to
be a spy for the Soviet Union.

Valentine: Angleton was key to understanding the CIA.

Weiner hasn’t detailed Angleton’s relationship with the
underworld through the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

hasn’t gotten past CIA 101.

James Jesus Angleton
- Image

Angleton had his own
mysterious agenda, counterintelligence, seeking out enemy
agents inside the CIA.

He had liaison to the Mafia through
Charles Siragusa, a Federal Bureau of Narcotics agent –
and Mario Brod, a labor lawyer from Connecticut and New
York, who as an Army counterintelligence officer had worked
with Angleton at OSS – Office of Strategic Services, the
forerunner of the CIA.

As I say in the book, James
Angleton alone possessed the coveted Israeli account.

loyalty was to the Director of Central Intelligence, Allen
Dulles – then Richard Helms, who was chief of Clandestine
Services and later DCI.

Director William Colby was his

Allen Dulles (Image Source) And William Colby (..Image

Through Angleton’s
relationships with Italian royalty, Tibor Rosenbaum [Mossad
agent], Charlie Siragusa [FBN agent], Hank Manfredi [FBN],
and Mario Brod, he was certainly aware of Meyer Lansky’s central
role as the Mafia’s banker in the Caribbean - where
Lansky’s mob associate from Las Vegas, Moe Dalitz, opened
an account at Castle Bank - as well as in Mexico, where
Angleton’s friend, Winston M.

Scott, was station chief,
and certainly kept tabs on Lansky’s associate, former
Mexican president Miguel Aleman.

As ever, Angleton and
Lansky were the dark stars of the intelligence and financial
aspects of international drug smuggling.

Alan Block devotes
some pages to this in his book, Masters of


width="273" height="400">
Meyer Lansky
- Image

Angleton thought William
Colby might be a mole.

Angleton exposed the divisions within
the CIA after 1966, the Colby vs. Helms factions.

He also
represented the literary sensibility the CIA once had, where
finding secrets was like teasing the meaning out of a poem.

Now we have sledgehammer spies.

Suzan Mazur:
What kind of cut do the “privateers” take from the
Agency for clearing the way for new markets abroad however
they can do it?

Doug Valentine: History
here: The feds made it illegal for the government to hire
Pinkertons to break up labor unions and so the FBI was

These industrialists in America then had no foreign

They kept President Wilson out of the League of

But other industrialists did have foreign
ambitions. Big division.

It shows the class origins of the

How the CIA represents a faction of the United States
Establishment that has imperial ambitions as opposed to the
nativist faction of the American Establishment which is more
concerned about doing business here in the United

The original CIA is the Foreign Policy
Association, which sent representatives to the League of
Nations and survey teams around the world looking for market
opportunities for the non-nativist industrialists.

Depression brought Franklin D. Roosevelt and social reform.

Before WW II, FDR (aristocrat) hired William Donovan (lace
curtain Irish lawyer) to start the office of Coordinator of
Information and then the OSS.

Who was hired to run these
organizations? Representatives of the privateers.

This is
how to understand the money part of the CIA.


Mazur: So the current Foreign Policy Association is
in essence a CIA?

Doug Valentine: From my
point of view, the Council on Foreign Relations and the
Foreign Policy Association are the original CIA.

They work
for industry that is interested in trade overseas, inviting
themselves into the politics of foreign countries.

They sent
representatives to the League of Nations when the United
States government wouldn’t officially do so.

Suzan Mazur: So nothing has changed in that

Doug Valentine: No.

It’s a shell

Suzan Mazur: Is there a chance Weiner
and Rose are looking out for the common good, and pushing
for more resources for the CIA in order to prevent a further
Shackleyization of intelligence, a further privatization of
intel, which disenfranchises most people (the late
spymaster, Ted Shackley, operated a political risk group –
Research Associates International – after he left the
Agency in the late 1970s and ran oil shipments into
apartheid South Africa, for example)? (See…
target="_blank">Scoop: John Deuss - The Manhattan

Ted Shackley - Image


Valentine: Trick question.

The CIA created its own
privateers, as spying itself became an industry.

Weiner and
Rose have no say in the matter.

Weiner is doing a history
book. He’s not a player as far as I know.

He’s not
someone who’s actually making foreign policy.

He hasn’t
explained with any depth that would indicate he has any
vested interest in either promoting the CIA or not promoting
the CIA.

It's a superficial account of something that’s
really serious.

Something called "courting the compatible
Left" was also a useful instrument of the Agency, created
after WWII.

That was pretty much devised by a guy named
Cord Meyer, who was head of the CIA’s International
Operations division.

Suzan Mazur: Speaking
of affairs, Weiner’s mention of Cord Meyer on the show had
to do with Meyer’s ex-wife (no name), who was one of
JFK’s lovers, being mysteriously murdered and Angleton
turning up at her house to see if there was a diary.

But as
you illuminate in Strength of the Wolf, Mary Pinchot Meyer
took LSD given to her by Timothy Leary and also distributed
it to the Washington Establishment, possibly to JFK as well.

LSD Guru Timothy
Leary - Image

Valentine: Cord Meyer worked with Angleton and used
people like labor leader Irving Brown and Jay Lovestone to
travel around Europe in the early 1950s.

Despite all the
strum and drang about battling the Soviet Union, what the
CIA was really trying to do was court Socialists away from
Communists to form Social Democracy governments to counter
the influence of the Soviet Union.

Eventually that strategy

That was really what was going on behind the

The CIA never had to convince right wing
governments that they should fight the Soviet Union.

It was
a battle that was occurring secretly.

Even here in the
United States, the CIA was always trying to recruit

Suzan Mazur: Do you think
Weiner and Rose may be hinting that some kind of a global
intelligence agency should rise up out of the “ashes” of
the CIA, which they repeat has “lost its primacy”?
Afterall, the US has merged Defense operations with the UK
to a degree, etc. etc.

Doug Valentine: That
assumes the CIA is in ashes, I don’t think it is.

technically, the CIA has liaison relations with the intel
services of almost every country, so what you see is the
"consolidated" CIA running everyone's intel servces.

..[Lou Wolf of Covert Action Quarterly has emailed saying, "Their [CIA] release of the 'Family Jewels' is a classic case of as the inside terminology calls it -- "limited hangout" -- meaning they are willing to hang out some of their dirty laundry while they hold back by far the majority of the dirty stuff. . . . Also, it was a largely unsuccessful effort to divert attention from the war and various other scandals.


Suzan Mazur: Why is a Times reporter
the messenger for this? What does it say about the
NYT’'s compromised relations with the National
Security Establishment where Weiner has access to 10
directors and conducts 300 interviews with agency officers?
We know from the Church hearings in the 1970s of the CIA’s
links to major news organizations and foundations – like
the Ford Foundation and Asia Foundation – and dictating
content and direction, getting bureau chiefs to assist in
the overthrow of governments.

Charlie Rose gets his
funding from major foundations, and of course, major
corporations – although he’s just announced he’s now
also considering Internet funding like PayPal.

No doubt
because people are disgusted by the right wing noose he’s
currently in on public television.

Valentine: Some things never change.

The Weiner CIA
book is revisionism for a purpose.

Mazur: More recently, we've had Lewis Lapham running

Harper’s magazine while his brother Tony Lapham was
the CIA’s general counsel.

How tight would you say the
connections between the CIA and the media are at the moment,
including the new media?

Doug Valentine:
Tony Lapham was a George H.W.

Bush appointee as CIA General
Counsel when Bush was DCI.

Lapham had also been a covert

He ordered the shut down of a CIA MKULTRA New York
safe house at 105 West 13th Street in Greenwich Village
where the agency did some of its mind control experiments.

George H.W.

Bush -
Image Source

answer your question about the connections between the CIA
and the media and new media – I’d say they’re tighter
than ever.

It has to do with the centralization of wealth
and influence.

News organizations used to be a lot of
independent owners of news outlets.

There’s now less and
less of that.

It goes hand in hand with the consolidation
of capital in the United States.

The media’s in the hands
of fewer and fewer people, and those people are closer and
closer to the imperial interests of the United States

Their interests are now more in tune with the
interests of the CIA.

And they’re more likely to skew,
without even being agents of the CIA.

So you don’t
have to rely on the old boy system anymore; accommodating
the CIA is built into the system because of the
consolidation of capital.

It’s been reported that the
CIA writes for Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

So establishing and corroborating sources is more important
now than ever.

Also, since Watergate and Deep Throat,
there’s a tendency on the part of CIA-connected
journalists like Bob Woodward and Seymour Hersh to use
anonymous sources.

Just another sign of how incestuous it
is between the media and the CIA.


Mazur: Rose and Weiner agree that Bill Clinton had a
dysfunctional relationship with the CIA.

Would you comment
on the Clintons’ relationship with the CIA? First there
was Operation Chaos, right? And then Mena? You’ve got a
new book coming out this Fall, Strength of
the Pack, that refers to the Mena Cartel.

you name some names – who were the Mena

Doug Valentine: Well, I’m actually
being facetious in the book about the Mena Cartel.

haven’t been on the ground in Mena researching the drug
operation there, so I’d prefer not to get into a detailed
discussion about it.

But if anybody should be associated
with the goings on at Mena – Barry Seal and his operations
– it’s William Casey, George Bush I, and Ronald Reagan.

Mena was a CIA operation that existed between 1981 and 1984
but became an issue while Clinton was president and was used
to deflect attention from Iran-Contra and the CIA’s own
involvement in international drug trafficking.

target="_blank">Scoop: Mazur: Deeper Into The Clintons' CIA
Drug Nexus

Suzan Mazur: Speaking of
drugs, Weiner does a Holly-go-lightly over the CIA’s
MKULTRA mind control episode.

He says the Agency
href="http://www. counterpunch. org/valentine0621. html"
target="_blank">destroyed almost all the MKULTRA

But beyond Richard Helms' and Allen Dulles'
MKULTRA program of random drugging of Greenwich Village
Leftists at 81 Bedford Street in the 1950s and 60s after
getting them drunk at Chumley’s speakeasy across the
street, or around the corner on Cherry Lane at the Lefty
Blue Mill tavern – in your book, Strength of

the Wolf, you mention the Agency’s
involvement on the Colombian Amazon where the celebrated
American adventurer Mike Tsalickis, the region’s one-time
US Vice Consul, was asked to find some useful tropical drugs
for the CIA – probably along the lines of hallucinogenic

Mike Tsalickis - the CIA's go-to guy for hallucinogens

Curiously, in the late 1980s, Tsalickis was
busted for smuggling into the US 4.

4 tons of cocaine in a
shipment of Brazilian lumber; it was the biggest cocaine
bust in US history at the time.

Tsalickis told me in a phone
conversation following the bust that the feds were in the
drug business on the Amazon.

The DEA told me they’d been
tracking Tsalickis’ exploits for 10 years.

He was sent to
Marion. Believe he’s out now.

I stayed at Tsalickis'
hotel there in Leticia, the Parador Ticuna, months before
the drug bust, researching a story.

Leticia was indeed the
wild frontier, made wilder because of the armed desperados
high on drugs.

Have fond memories of the night I spent
upriver at Tsalickis’ Monkey Island communing with caiman
by flashlight and their cooing -- nyock, nyock, nyock. . . .

Hand Drawn Map Of
Leticia On The Colombian Amazon - Image

There were clearly no
surveillance cameras in the bird nests along the banks of
the Amazon – it was anything goes on the river.

Peru on
the opposite bank and Brazil a walk across the Colombian

Recall sitting around a table at Tsalickis’
Leticia hotel sipping Aguardiente with a British art scholar
and a lumber dealer from Manaus, the latter anxious about
speaking with Mike about a lumber sale. Kept pacing. .

Weiner does not go into the CIA’s commercial drug

In fact, he quotes Helms in his book as follows:

..“We could get money anyplace in the
world . . . We ran a whole arbitrage operation.

We didn’t
need to launder money –


Would you comment?

Doug Valentine: Angleton ran the CIA's
narcotics operation, in league with the Federal Bureau of
Narcotics, until 1971, when Helms put it under Tom
Karamessines at operations; Karamessines was the former CIA
Athens chief.

I know for a fact that Angleton in the
counterintelligence division of the CIA was in charge of its
relations with law enforcement agencies, including the
Federal Bureau of Narcotics, which is one of the reasons
organizationally that he ended up having relations with
people like Charlie Siragusa, a high ranking official in the

This is how Angleton enters into relationships with
Corsican drug traffickers and uses them for
counterintelligence operations.

I know this because
I interviewed one of the officers who was on Angleton’s
staff and who actually was his liaison to the Bureau of

And I’ll be talking more about that in my new
book, Strength of the Pack.

The guy’s name was Jim
Ludlum. People say he’s related to Robert Ludlum.

In 1968 the Federal Bureau of Narcotics was abolished
and Lyndon Johnson’s administration created the Bureau of
Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Angleton and the CIA
continued to have an official relationship with the BNDD
until 1971, at which point Nixon declared narcotics law
enforcement a national emergency and made it an issue of
national security.

And at that point relations switched
from Angleton at counterintelligence to the operations
branch of the CIA.

That’s incredibly important in
understanding the history of the CIA’s involvement with
drug trafficking, because now it’s no longer a function of
counterintelligence, something deep inside the Agency.

you actually have CIA chiefs of station all around the world
becoming actively involved in collecting intelligence on
drug trafficking.

It became in 1971 a very, very big
business – drug trafficking within the CIA.

Suzan Mazur: When you say big business,
what exactly do you mean?

Doug Valentine:
There was a guy at the CIA who worked with the BNDD.

Ludlum then gave up his liaison relationship because he was
counterintelligence and the new liaison was an operations

His name was Seymour Bolton, the father of Joshua
Bolton – now a high ranking official in the Bush

What the CIA drug business is, is
controlling how the DEA targets foreign drug traffickers.

The CIA’s drug business is the management of how the DEA
conducts foreign investigations.

The CIA reports directly
to the president or the national security council and there
are issues to consider in going after traffickers that
transcend law enforcement and involve national security.

Which is why Nixon made that change.

Nixon did not want
officials going off and investigating Chinese drug
traffickers at the same time he was to trying to secretly
form diplomatic relations with China.

So he had to put the
CIA in control of how the DEA mounted its foreign drug

Suzan Mazur: And what are
your thoughts about that arrangement?


Valentine: If you’re going to go about the business
of empire, creating an empire around the world, you don’t
want to put it in the hands of a law enforcement agency
that’s going to bust Salvador Allende yesterday and
General Pinochet tomorrow.

You want to make sure they only
bust Allende.

And that Pinochet gets away with drug
trafficking for 20 years.

How the CIA evolved over the
past 60 years in all these different ways in relation to
narcotics trafficking, to the media, in relation to foreign
policy, etc. – has enabled it to consolidate power.

It’s far from being out of business or in descent or
rising from the ashes.

It’s more powerful than it ever

Suzan Mazur: Are you familiar with the

target="_blank">Eurasia Group

Started out as a
mini-foreign policy association back in 1998, backed by the
CIA – the so-called analyst side – and the Council on
Foreign Relations.

I attended some of their fascinating

They invited a slew of officials and former
officials of the FSU, as well as business leaders to speak
– Boris Berezovsky, etc.

There's been a controversial
Russian industrialist on the advisory board from the start.

At some point they began charging $100 to attend

And I got an angry phone call from EG because
I’d contacted someone I met at one of the meetings
regarding an interview.

Apparently EG was now selling
those contacts the CIA & CFR helped them establish.

Group has had some affiliation with Lehman Brothers and is considered the
world’s largest political risk group.

( http://www. eurasiagroup. net/about/


Doug Valentine: One of the great untold
stories of the CIA.

Privatization of intelligence – as you
call it, Shackleyization.

RJ Hillhouse, a blogger who
investigates the clandestine world of private contractors
and US intelligence, recently obtained documents from the
Office of the Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI)
showing that Washington spends some $42 billion annually on
private intelligence contractors, up from $17.

54 billion in

Currently that spending represents 70 percent of the
US intelligence budget going to private companies.

William Casey sort of paved the way for the downfall of
the Soviet Union.

The CIA officers involved in the Russia
division at that time were responsible for recruiting over
to our side KGB officers, intelligence officers, government
officials who brought about the breakup of that republic.

Those relationships still exist.

And if anybody was REALLY
interested in doing a history of the CIA, that particular
aspect would be the most explosive story.

Mazur: In your book you also tie in Agency drug
operations to the JFK assassination.

You note that "the CIA
protected its drug dealing assets in the Mexican
intelligence services" and say further:

..“[I]t’s possible that SDECE [French
Intel] agents working for the KGB may have sent an assassin
into Dallas [to kill JFK] through Angleton’s [Irving]
Brown-[Maurice] Castellani drug network, or through Paul
Mondoloni [a Corsican who smuggled drugs from Mexico and
then from Cuba under Batista's


You say this assassin
may have been the Agency’s own QJ/WIN with Oswald as the

.."The best evidence suggests that
this mysterious operative [QJ/WIN] was Jose Marie Andre
Mankel, as Mason Cargill (a staff member of vice president
Rockefeller's Commission to Investigate CIA Activities
within the United Sates) reported in a 1 May 1975 memo. . .


According to documents contained in his 201-file, QJ/WIN
was tall and thin, married (although homosexual), with many
friends in well-to-do Parisian circles.

He was a conman

It’s interesting,
Tim Weiner says in his book that President Lyndon Johnson
requested all the files on Oswald following his murder by
Ruby -- who you say was a Federal Bureau of Narcotics
informant beginning in the 1940s -- and that those files
then vanished.

You say further in your

..“JFK wanted to expel Air America,
the CIA’s drug smuggling proprietary airline from Laos.

And, in 1962 in another attempt to curb the CIA’s drug
smuggling activities in East Asia, Bobby [Kennedy] indicted
Sea Supply manager Willis Bird. . . .

Kennedy’s enemies
ensured that the Bird prosecution was blocked, and that Air
America kept its contract in Laos, and continued to fly

Meanwhile, General Walker, the far-right American
Security Council (including General Lansdale and Air America
Chairman Admiral Felix Stump), and the Texas ultras started
plotting their coup d’etat in


And you note that Senator
Estes Kefauver's committee investigation was kept away from a
discussion of Dallas, Ruby would only tell the committee
what he knew about Chicago.

..“Was it to
deflect attention from the Pawley-Cooke mission in Taiwan,
which was funded by ultra Texas oilmen like H.L.

Hunt, and
which in 1951, was facilitating the CIA-Kuomintang drug
smuggling operation that entered the US by crossing the
Mexican border at Laredo, Texas?” ..

You also say that Joseph Civello ran the heroin business
in Dallas with John Ormento and the Magaddino family in
Buffalo and that they were linked to Carlos Marcello, Santo
Trafficante, Jr.

and Jimmy Hoffa – “the House
Subcommitte on Assassination’s three prime suspects in the
JFK murder.

Then you note that Hunt and the other Texas
oil men, including the emerging Bush dynasty, were also
outraged at JFK for planning to “eliminate the oil
depletion allowances” not to mention JFK's desegregating
the South.

Jackie Kennedy in a kind of premonition of
Dallas wrote in one of her letters to Clark Clifford that
she was concerned about the 50 businessmen in Texas who
said: "Why should we do anything to help the Kennedys?" --
something I highlighted in one of my FT stories. (See.

href="http://www. scoop. co. nz/stories/HL0412/S00161. htm"
target="_blank">Financial Times: he President's Man


Anything you'd like to add? And are you still of the
opinion that QJ/WIN may have been JFK’s assassin and that
the best evidence suggests he was Mankel.

Valentine: First of all, I don’t pretend to know
who killed Kennedy.

For all I know it could have been Lee
Harvey Oswald.

That chapter on JFK in my book is
speculative, that is to say, if the CIA was involved in
JFK’s assassination, how would it have been involved.

it goes back to the relationship the CIA had with the
Federal Bureau of Narcotics and in particular with an agent
named George White.

George White was the guy the CIA
went to when they wanted to start up the MKULTRA program at
Bedford Street.

But prior to that, in 1947, he was head of
the Chicago office and one of his informants was Jack

Jack Ruby went to Dallas in 1948 working for White
and actually infiltrated Bugsy Siegel’s Mafia drug
connection with the Kuomintang in Mexico.

As far as I know
nobody was ever arrested.

Bugsy Siegel was killed because
he was getting a little out of control.

Bugsy Siegel -
target="_blank">Image Source

CIA needs to manage drug trafficking in a way of providing
internal security for it.

It needed to keep the Mafia
happy. It needed to keep Mexican officials happy.

needed to keep the Kuomintang financed and so the CIA
protected this drug route of Nationalist Chinese heroin
going through Mexico through Nuevo Laredo through Laredo and
into Dallas into Chicago.

Suzan Mazur: And
they protected it for how long? Until when?


Valentine: Well as far as I know .

Mazur: They’re still protecting it.

Valentine: They never stopped protecting

Suzan Mazur: I did a story recently
about the Mormon church – which the CIA and FBI have
traditionally recruited heavily from – and possible LDS
drug money link in Mexico, where the Mormon church doubled
its membership beginning in the mid 1980s when the Latin
American drug epidemic really hit.

(See…Scoop: LDS Church -- Mexico Drug Money Connection? )

The treasury of the LDS church is
nobody’s business but the LDS church’s.

The story
followed one about a Roman Catholic bishop who went on
television in Mexico announcing that his church was, of
course, taking substantial donations from drug traffickers.

One of the LDS temples is right there on the border at El

Doug Valentine: As far as I’m
concerned, the CIA never stopped protecting those drug
routes. It’s just an ongoing operation.

Mazur: Another item Weiner didn’t discuss was that
CIA Director Bill Casey turned up in the VIP section of the
Mormon church in Salt Lake City one day when author Alex
Shoumatoff was visiting, which Shoumatoff writes about in
his book, Legends of the
American Desert.

Shoumatoff said the CIA
recruits heavily from the LDS flock because they’re good
at surveillance technology and tend to be loyal.

reported about the FBI recruits from the LDS church,
including the former FBI Chief Information Officer, Darwin

John – a Robert Mueller hiree, coming right from a
decade-long job as chief information officer of the LDS

(See… Scoop: he AZ Polygamy Town Airport Built With Fed $$$Mns )

Doug Valentine: The
CIA doesn’t get arrested. So you never really know.

It’s an espionage organization.

The Rosenbergs in the
United States were tried for espionage and given a death
sentence. But this is what the CIA does for its business.

It goes around the world and it gets foreign nationals to
spy on their government and it has an army of Rosenbergs out

It’s a group of mafia bosses who are getting
people of foreign countries to spy on their own countries
and subvert their own countries and they give them massive
amounts of dollars to do it.

The CIA people who do
these things are no different than the KGB people running
the Rosenbergs.

And the issue I referred to
earlIer, the "courting of the compatible Left".

This takes
us to Bill Clinton and the CIA.

If anybody represented the
compatible Left, it was Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton
destroyed the Democratic party.

There used to be a
difference between Republicans and Democrats until Bill
Clinton came along.

If anybody was a CIA agent, it was Bill

Suzan Mazur: Well, that’s what
Roger Morris is saying in Partners in Power -- his
book on the Clintons --going back to Bill’s days at Oxford University with Operation Chaos.

Doug Valentine: I
don’t see why people say there was a problem between
Clinton and the CIA.

Suzan Mazur:
“Dysfunctional relationship”, say Weiner and

Doug Valentine: Clinton and the CIA
were hand-in-glove.

They may have had a problem getting a
director on the payroll for a while, but I think that was
more a problem of the Senate, which was under Republican

Just wouldn’t confirm anybody that he threw up,
because they didn’t want anybody who was too cozy with
him. That was in domestic politics.

But it has nothing to
do with the fact that Clinton and the CIA were expanding the
American empire.

Suzan Mazur: As in the mad
rush for oil in Azerbaijan where we now have a military
base? The wild amounts of oil there heavily promoted in the
major newspapers and then as I discovered in my interviews
in Baku -- the dry holes and subsequent resignation of
Energy Secretary Pena? Another geostrategic

Doug Valentine: Yes, Clinton and the
CIA were expanding the American empire gleefully,

Suzan Mazur: Plus in the
1990s, when Clinton was so chummy with Boris Yeltsin and
money was being thrown at the Russians.

And then the
Russian economy collapsed.

In the 1990s international
organized crime made Russia the biggest money laundering
operation in the world as it primed the new Russian economy.

Weiner also does not mention the CIA-linked banks like
Nugan Hand or founding CIA father Clark Clifford’s role in

Doug Valentine: Drugs again.

Suzan Mazur: But you cite in
Strength then-general counsel for the Thai Consulate
in Miami, Paul Helliwell, establishing and directing a
“string of drug money-laundering banks for the CIA.

you mention Vanguard Services set up as a front in 1962
“for yet another batch of CIA-financed, drug-related
anti-Castro operations.

Can you say more about these
outlaw banks?

Doug Valentine: A little.

Drugs again, and Nugan Hand, and Golden Triangle stuff,
among other things.

The Mafia connection to Trafficante and
JFK. Angleton.

Paul Helliwell had been in the OSS.

When Nugan died in 1980 or 1981, he had William Colby’s
business card on his body.

William Colby was providing
legal counsel for the Nugan Hand bank and it had on its
board numerous generals, retired US generals who had been in

if they can get the money selling drugs, they get the money
selling drugs.

If they can get the money breaking up the
Soviet Union, and then cutting deals with the Mafia and
robbing the Russian treasury, then they’ll do it that way.


And one
of their stronger suits is financial intelligence and
following the money.

Something they’re light years ahead
of the FBI or DEA on.

The CIA was able to put together
strong boxes full of $750 million dollars and bring them
over to Iraq for paying off Iraqi officials in $20 bills.

Where did this covert cash come from?

They’ve got a
diversified portfolio after 60 years in the business: The
institutions they started building up from Ford franchises
in the Philippines, kickbacks from Westinghouse for helping
them get contracts in Korea, deals with the Mafia, drug
traffickers and arms dealers.

The CIA gets oodles of
money from the arms business.

Most of their income comes
from criminal activity.

The Russian Mafia operates with a
sort of impunity. And so does the Israeli Mafia.

And one
of the reasons they have this sort of impunity is that
they’re sharing their profits with the CIA.

And I think
a lot of CIA money is capital investments.

They’re like
movie producers.

They want to overthrow the Iraqi
government, they go to companies like Halliburton and others
who are going to profit from the overthrow of Iraq.

like the executive producers of some movie, they get them to
ante-up some cash.

Telling them, don’t worry about it,
the government contracts you get in return will cover your

Plus they have the old boy network – which now
is so far flung.

Suzan Mazur: Plus some of
the military contractors are organized crime and have had
contracts since the 50s.

Doug Valentine:
Exactly. Which bring us back to Barry Seal (Iran-Contra).

Because in 1972, Barry Seal was to fly some arms and some
explosives into Mexico.

What the Brooklyn Drug Task Force
found out is that this guy named Murray Kessler, who was
involved with the Gambino family in Brooklyn, had an arms
manufacturing company in New Jersey where the guns and the
bombs came from.

Suzan Mazur: And some of
these arms merchants also had security clearance during the
McNamara and Clifford years of heading the Defense

They make weapons for the US government and
some for whoever they feel like.


Valentine: From my perspective, the spy industry and
especially the arms industry, is the foundation on which the
American empire is built.

The United States has a military
budget of I think $300 billion dollars and the CIA budget is
like $50 billion – that’s a year.

Together that’s
bigger than the gross national product of any country in the

And in the meantime we’re worried about 20 guys
in Al-Qaeda.

Suzan Mazur: And the American
people are largely innocent captives of this ever-turning

Weiner considers Helms the greatest of the CIA

He notes: "When Richard Helms was in charge, the
agency spoke the truth to Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara
about the war in Vietnam and they listened.

" Even though in
another breath Weiner says Helms (like George Tenet)
"caved": Regarding the reporting of numbers of Vietcong
irregulars, Helms said the numbers "didn't mean a damn".

"Helms felt a crushing pressure to get on the team -- and to
trim the CIA's reporting to fit the president's policy.

Weiner says the agency officially accepted the falsified
figure of 299,000 enemy forces or fewer.

What are your
thoughts about Helms?

Doug Valentine: A
patrician, old school, but destroyed by Kissinger and the
neo-con Nixon wave.

Suzan Mazur: Former DCI
Robert Gates, now serving as Secretary of Defense, who
Weiner says was the Agency’s chief Kremlinologist but had
never been to the Soviet Union?


Valentine: Boy, you ask a lot of

Suzan Mazur: How about Frank
Carlucci? Weiner citing an oral history of Carlucci’s
describes him as instrumental in ending the Cold War as a
result of his “disarming” talk to some Soviet generals
in Moscow in 1988 in which he was asked how the US knew so
much about them.

Carlucci said the US had to do it from
satellites and it would be "a lot easier" if the Soviets
would publish their military budget.

The generals laughed;
it dawned on them America did not want to kill them and that
even if they were stronger militarily, the system of secrecy
left them weaker.

A closed society couldn't match an open
one -- end of game.

Doug Valentine: The
Russian people may have a different view.

Mazur: Which exploits of the agency do you consider
the most diabolical – aside from the fact that one of its

target="_blank">founding fathers molested two of his own
– and a reason why the CIA should have been
dismantled years ago?

Doug Valentine: Your
readers don't want to know that answer.

The most dastardly
thing that the CIA has done is to wage this campaign of
psychological warfare against the American people.

Where the
American people don’t see t



RE: israeli musings

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thought provoking articles i'm happy to repost.

happy reading folks baz

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A short Trip in Knowledge & Information To Advise!: 9/11, Israel, Mossad, CIA~~

RE: Am I CRAZY... or is the TRUTH "anti-semitic"?
Datum: 17 Jun 2008, 11:24

I know I am, I ant-semitic?... or is the TRUTH anti=semitic?

If you choose to educate yourself & read about it, you'll learn why Israel is the current center of our foreign policy... Along with oil, power & greed! But "Who's" oil, power & greed!?!

Thank you much for posting Saladin
Date: Jun 17, 2008 3:27 AM

http://smokingmirrors blogspot com/

When you put ‘Mossad 9/11’ into Google you get around a million hits. You get around 700,000 when you put in ‘Israel 9/11’. If you put in ‘Mossad was behind 9/11’ you get more than a million..

When you start reading about the connections between Israel, Mossad and 9/11 you find so much information and you also find the same people showing up over and over again. You find information that connects to other information in various ways. The more you read and the more you study, the more you come to the same conclusion. You finally realize that Israel and the CIA with the help of an assortment of werewolves and vampires in the business and political worlds did 9/11..

It begins to hit you early on. There’s just too much coincidence. Early on you realize that it couldn’t have been Al Qaeda who did this. After all, high ranking members of the CIA say there was no Al Qaeda. After you have waded through the curious matter of Cheney refusing to scramble any jet fighters; Arabs who were supposed to be on the planes being found alive and well in their home countries, the five dancing Israeli Mossad agents, three high rise buildings coming down into their own footprints at the speed of free fall and the endless following connections… you realize… you should realize that what you have been told is not true. At this point you might go and see who owns the corporations that bring you the news..

Maybe you look into what followed afterwards. Maybe you study who was responsible for lying America into the Iraq War. Maybe you study who is pressing for an Iranian invasion. Maybe you observe the dreadful genocide being practiced on the Palestinians..

There is so much more to research and study. You find out that Michael Chertoff, the head of Homeland Security is an Israeli/U.S. dual national. But did you know that the Deputy Secretary of H.S., Paul A. Schneider, the Secretary of Operations of H.S., Fred L. Schwien and the Secretary for Technology for H.S., Jay M.

Cohen are the same as Chertoff? Maybe you then find out that Joe Lieberman is the Chairman of Homeland Security

But did you know that Barrack Obama is on that committee?

What about that Mukaskey appointment?

The more you dig around the more you find the same people coming up over and over again. When you look at the PNAC membership and when you look at characters like Michael Ledeen and a host of other scoundrels, you consistently come back to Israel. What options do you have when you consider the information you have gathered? You either conclude that Israel is deep into whatever happened or… some unknown force wants to make it look like that. Then you have to consider that since the majority of the world’s major media is Zionist owned then who, who makes it look the way it does? … Well, it always comes back to the same thing..

No one can say that 9/11 benefitted the Arab world. The one who benefitted the most was and is Israel. The old sayings of “Cui Bono” and “follow the money” add a great deal of weight to what already is a fait accompli. There are exhaustive time lines available and maybe someone will find things like this valuable. There are in depth articles that are enough to make the dead horse you are beating scream for you to stop..

The more you look the more you find the same thing. It should be added that no nation on Earth is more famous for false flag events than is Israel. I might also include the Mossad motto, “By deception ye shall wage war”. On and on it goes..

The internet is awash in information. Some of it found its way into the mainstream and some of it is alternative news and some of it has strange provenance. Even if you discount most of it, for whatever your reasons may be, you are still left with more evidence than you will ever need. If you’ve got any kind of name power and you say anything about these things you will find that the truth is anti-Semitic. You will be hounded out of town..

I’ve ruminated about how this particular force of Zionism could have so much power and it seems to go back to the banks and the interest charged on money printed out of thin air.

It seems like this power is the power of money

When you look at how the power of money was used to gain control of the outlets that process the flow of information and manufacture the news well… what can I say?

Whoever these people are they’ve had a certain intention all along

To what bright future does this intention incline? Shall we all have tea in paradise tomorrow once they have achieved their ends on our behalf?

There have been thousands of articles written about this. Some of them are finely detailed and there for the reading by anyone curious enough to do so. No one could cover all of the ground in a short essay. In any case, it’s not proof we need. We have more proof than reasonable judgment requires. Many people see what is going on and many, many more do not..

It was the perfect scam for a particular people to set themselves up as the eternal victim. To criticize them is tantamount to pushing over a baby carriage. We are led to believe that this ‘chosen people’ were expelled from dozens of countries over time but the reasons are obscured. It is implied that it was all because they were disliked for what they were and seldom is much said about what they did. They say that where there is smoke there is fire. In this instance there is so much smoke you cannot see the fire but you can certainly feel the heat..

Now they’re put CFR member, General Norton Schwartz in charge of the Air Force. Since he’s the first non-fighter pilot put into that position in a long time it makes you wonder about dissension in military ranks over the ongoing neo-con world-wide murder spree. It also might cause you to give thought to that missing nuke and the killing of Tony Carnaby by the Houston Police. Of course you might flash back to other replacements in the military, notably the one that led to General Petraeus..

Once you have accepted that 9/11 was done by the only people capable of doing it. Once you have reasoned out that the ONLY foreign country who could have been involved and not caused an immediate war would be Israel well then… This is why it was so important to blame it on a non-existent terror group that was conveniently hosted by a country whose turf we were after and who had unforgivably shut down the world’s opium supply, well then… it really is two for one night at Little Caesars. Once you have accepted what all the evidence tells you, that 9/11 was an inside job done by Israel and her agents in the United States you have to know that they fully intend to do it again. Houston… we have a problem..

There’s no oil shortage and there will be nothing like an oil shortage by the time the new hydrogen cars, already coming off of the assembly lines, are available across the board. I hear they are even pumping oil back into the ground. Whatever the truth of that, there are enough lies everywhere else to make you wonder. New technologies are on the verge of sweeping away the world as we know it. This oil crisis is being engineered by the same forces that are up to all the other nasty shit going down. The food crisis and the sub-prime mess are also not accidents. They all dovetail to a clear purpose. These are not accidents any more than The Great Depression was, nor is it an accident that you are facing another..

My advice to you is to stay away from urban centers. Pay attention to who gets chosen for the running mate in either party; this may prove to be more important than the main candidate. Keep in mind all of the mutations and incremental gelding of The Constitution and ask yourself why the incumbent would need such a capacity for martial law.

Ask yourself if all of the oil and food and economic problems are not part of the whole agenda

Ask yourself why, if it is not so… why does it look so compelling in that regard and why does every move ‘they’ make continue to enhance that appearance?

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From: WorldEarth. org
Date: 18 Jun 2008, 06:25 AM

A one-minute audio clip of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) is currently sweeping the blogosphere (with 35 separate stories in less than a week), but so far receiving no notice in the mainstream media. In it, Paul charges that House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) removed a section from a bill passed by Congress, which would have barred the U.S. government from going to war without a congressional vote, at the behest of the "leadership of Israel" and "AIPAC" (the American Israel Public Affairs committee).

Paul made the allegation at the Future of Freedom (FFF) conference, 'Restoring the Republic 2008: Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties', earlier this month in Reston Virginia. Paul, who was awarded the FFF's Lifetime Achievement Award on June 6, addressed the conference that day on "A Foreign Policy of Freedom." (His speech, which was recorded by C-SPAN, can be ordered using the link at the end of this article.


The audio excerpt has Paul declaring:

The Democrats finally win the election in 2006, and it was a mandate, the Republicans get thrown out; what's the first act that Pelosi does? There was a supplemental bill that had a bill of ours we had gotten put in, and the bill said -- you shouldn't need a bill like this! -- it said, you can't go to war with Iran without getting approval from Congress. And she removed it, she removed it deliberately. And then, the astounding thing is, they asked her why, and she said the leadershiip in Israel asked her to. That was in the newspaper, that was in the Washington Post, that she was asked by AIPAC and others not to do that.

" (1)
A quick search of newspaper accounts of the bill -- which was ultimately vetoed by President Bush -- from that time reveals only one, in the strongly pro-Israel Washington Times, that mentions AIPAC at all:

Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received a smattering of boos when she bad-mouthed the war effort during a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and the Democratic leadership, responding to concerns from pro-Israel lawmakers, was forced to strip from a military appopriations measure a provision meant to weaken President Bush's ability to respond to threats from Iran.

However, Paul's allegation is corroborated by a contemporary account (from the Asia Times), which cites a different congressional source:

In March 2007, the US Congress was trying to attach a provision to a Pentagon spending bill that would have required President George W Bush to get congressional approval before attacking Iran. AIPAC was strongly against it - because it viewed the legislation as taking the military option "off the table". The provision was killed. Congressman Dennis Kucinich [D-OH] said this was due to AIPAC.

John Nichols of The Nation also covered the story at the time, as did Patrick Buchanan of The Conservative Voice.

Here's Buchanan's take:

If George W. Bush launches a pre-emptive war on Iran, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bear full moral responsibility for that war.

For it was Pelosi who quietly agreed to strip out of the $100 billion funding bill for Iraq a provision that would have required President Bush to seek congressional approval before launching any new war on Iran....

According to John Nichols of The Nation, Pelosi's decision to strip the provision barring Bush from attacking Iran without Congress' approval "sends the worst possible signal to the White House.


"The speaker has erred dangerously and dramatically," writes Nichols. Her "disastrous misstep could haunt her and the Congress for years to come."...

Nothing in the provision would have prevented Bush, as commander in chief, from responding to an Iranian attack or engaging in hot pursuit of an enemy found in Iraq. Nor would the provision have prevented Bush from threatening Iran. It would simply have required him to come to Congress -- before launching all-out war....

Why did Pelosi capitulate? Answer: She was "under pressure from some conservative members of her caucus, and from lobbyists associated with neoconservative groups that want war with Iran, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)," writes Nichols.

Salon reporter Ben Kamiya also mentioned the incident, in his 2007 report on that year's AIPAC conference:

AIPAC showed its true power -- and its continuing ability to steer American Mideast policy in a disastrous direction -- when a group of conservative and pro-Israel Democrats succeeded in removing language from a military appropriations bill that would have required Bush to get congressional approval before using military force against Iran.

The pro-Israel lobby's victory on the Iran bill is almost unbelievable. Even after the nation repudiated the Iraq war decisively in the 2006 midterms, even after it has become clear that the Bush administration's Middle East policy is severely unbalanced toward Israel and has damaged America's standing in the world, Congress still cannot bring itself to stand up to the AIPAC line.



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