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From: The War Of Terror
Date: Jun 18, 2008 9:50 AM

thought provoking articles i'm happy to repost.

happy reading folks baz

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thansk: Maria & the many DiMenSioNs
Date: 18 Jun 2008, 03:29 AM

Bee_Freeee_________عش حرا
Date: 18 Jun 2008, 09:40 AM

A short Trip in Knowledge & Information To Advise!: 9/11, Israel, Mossad, CIA~~

RE: Am I CRAZY... or is the TRUTH "anti-semitic"?
Datum: 17 Jun 2008, 11:24

I know I am, I ant-semitic?... or is the TRUTH anti=semitic?

If you choose to educate yourself & read about it, you'll learn why Israel is the current center of our foreign policy... Along with oil, power & greed! But "Who's" oil, power & greed!?!

Thank you much for posting Saladin
Date: Jun 17, 2008 3:27 AM

http://smokingmirrors blogspot com/

When you put ‘Mossad 9/11’ into Google you get around a million hits. You get around 700,000 when you put in ‘Israel 9/11’. If you put in ‘Mossad was behind 9/11’ you get more than a million..

When you start reading about the connections between Israel, Mossad and 9/11 you find so much information and you also find the same people showing up over and over again. You find information that connects to other information in various ways. The more you read and the more you study, the more you come to the same conclusion. You finally realize that Israel and the CIA with the help of an assortment of werewolves and vampires in the business and political worlds did 9/11..

It begins to hit you early on. There’s just too much coincidence. Early on you realize that it couldn’t have been Al Qaeda who did this. After all, high ranking members of the CIA say there was no Al Qaeda. After you have waded through the curious matter of Cheney refusing to scramble any jet fighters; Arabs who were supposed to be on the planes being found alive and well in their home countries, the five dancing Israeli Mossad agents, three high rise buildings coming down into their own footprints at the speed of free fall and the endless following connections… you realize… you should realize that what you have been told is not true. At this point you might go and see who owns the corporations that bring you the news..

Maybe you look into what followed afterwards. Maybe you study who was responsible for lying America into the Iraq War. Maybe you study who is pressing for an Iranian invasion. Maybe you observe the dreadful genocide being practiced on the Palestinians..

There is so much more to research and study. You find out that Michael Chertoff, the head of Homeland Security is an Israeli/U.S. dual national. But did you know that the Deputy Secretary of H.S., Paul A. Schneider, the Secretary of Operations of H.S., Fred L. Schwien and the Secretary for Technology for H.S., Jay M.

Cohen are the same as Chertoff? Maybe you then find out that Joe Lieberman is the Chairman of Homeland Security

But did you know that Barrack Obama is on that committee?

What about that Mukaskey appointment?

The more you dig around the more you find the same people coming up over and over again. When you look at the PNAC membership and when you look at characters like Michael Ledeen and a host of other scoundrels, you consistently come back to Israel. What options do you have when you consider the information you have gathered? You either conclude that Israel is deep into whatever happened or… some unknown force wants to make it look like that. Then you have to consider that since the majority of the world’s major media is Zionist owned then who, who makes it look the way it does? … Well, it always comes back to the same thing..

No one can say that 9/11 benefitted the Arab world. The one who benefitted the most was and is Israel. The old sayings of “Cui Bono” and “follow the money” add a great deal of weight to what already is a fait accompli. There are exhaustive time lines available and maybe someone will find things like this valuable. There are in depth articles that are enough to make the dead horse you are beating scream for you to stop..

The more you look the more you find the same thing. It should be added that no nation on Earth is more famous for false flag events than is Israel. I might also include the Mossad motto, “By deception ye shall wage war”. On and on it goes..

The internet is awash in information. Some of it found its way into the mainstream and some of it is alternative news and some of it has strange provenance. Even if you discount most of it, for whatever your reasons may be, you are still left with more evidence than you will ever need. If you’ve got any kind of name power and you say anything about these things you will find that the truth is anti-Semitic. You will be hounded out of town..

I’ve ruminated about how this particular force of Zionism could have so much power and it seems to go back to the banks and the interest charged on money printed out of thin air.

It seems like this power is the power of money

When you look at how the power of money was used to gain control of the outlets that process the flow of information and manufacture the news well… what can I say?

Whoever these people are they’ve had a certain intention all along

To what bright future does this intention incline? Shall we all have tea in paradise tomorrow once they have achieved their ends on our behalf?

There have been thousands of articles written about this. Some of them are finely detailed and there for the reading by anyone curious enough to do so. No one could cover all of the ground in a short essay. In any case, it’s not proof we need. We have more proof than reasonable judgment requires. Many people see what is going on and many, many more do not..

It was the perfect scam for a particular people to set themselves up as the eternal victim. To criticize them is tantamount to pushing over a baby carriage. We are led to believe that this ‘chosen people’ were expelled from dozens of countries over time but the reasons are obscured. It is implied that it was all because they were disliked for what they were and seldom is much said about what they did. They say that where there is smoke there is fire. In this instance there is so much smoke you cannot see the fire but you can certainly feel the heat..

Now they’re put CFR member, General Norton Schwartz in charge of the Air Force. Since he’s the first non-fighter pilot put into that position in a long time it makes you wonder about dissension in military ranks over the ongoing neo-con world-wide murder spree. It also might cause you to give thought to that missing nuke and the killing of Tony Carnaby by the Houston Police. Of course you might flash back to other replacements in the military, notably the one that led to General Petraeus..

Once you have accepted that 9/11 was done by the only people capable of doing it. Once you have reasoned out that the ONLY foreign country who could have been involved and not caused an immediate war would be Israel well then… This is why it was so important to blame it on a non-existent terror group that was conveniently hosted by a country whose turf we were after and who had unforgivably shut down the world’s opium supply, well then… it really is two for one night at Little Caesars. Once you have accepted what all the evidence tells you, that 9/11 was an inside job done by Israel and her agents in the United States you have to know that they fully intend to do it again. Houston… we have a problem..

There’s no oil shortage and there will be nothing like an oil shortage by the time the new hydrogen cars, already coming off of the assembly lines, are available across the board. I hear they are even pumping oil back into the ground. Whatever the truth of that, there are enough lies everywhere else to make you wonder. New technologies are on the verge of sweeping away the world as we know it. This oil crisis is being engineered by the same forces that are up to all the other nasty shit going down. The food crisis and the sub-prime mess are also not accidents. They all dovetail to a clear purpose. These are not accidents any more than The Great Depression was, nor is it an accident that you are facing another..

My advice to you is to stay away from urban centers. Pay attention to who gets chosen for the running mate in either party; this may prove to be more important than the main candidate. Keep in mind all of the mutations and incremental gelding of The Constitution and ask yourself why the incumbent would need such a capacity for martial law.

Ask yourself if all of the oil and food and economic problems are not part of the whole agenda

Ask yourself why, if it is not so… why does it look so compelling in that regard and why does every move ‘they’ make continue to enhance that appearance?

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From: WorldEarth. org
Date: 18 Jun 2008, 06:25 AM

A one-minute audio clip of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) is currently sweeping the blogosphere (with 35 separate stories in less than a week), but so far receiving no notice in the mainstream media. In it, Paul charges that House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) removed a section from a bill passed by Congress, which would have barred the U.S. government from going to war without a congressional vote, at the behest of the "leadership of Israel" and "AIPAC" (the American Israel Public Affairs committee).

Paul made the allegation at the Future of Freedom (FFF) conference, 'Restoring the Republic 2008: Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties', earlier this month in Reston Virginia. Paul, who was awarded the FFF's Lifetime Achievement Award on June 6, addressed the conference that day on "A Foreign Policy of Freedom." (His speech, which was recorded by C-SPAN, can be ordered using the link at the end of this article.


The audio excerpt has Paul declaring:

The Democrats finally win the election in 2006, and it was a mandate, the Republicans get thrown out; what's the first act that Pelosi does? There was a supplemental bill that had a bill of ours we had gotten put in, and the bill said -- you shouldn't need a bill like this! -- it said, you can't go to war with Iran without getting approval from Congress. And she removed it, she removed it deliberately. And then, the astounding thing is, they asked her why, and she said the leadershiip in Israel asked her to. That was in the newspaper, that was in the Washington Post, that she was asked by AIPAC and others not to do that.

" (1)
A quick search of newspaper accounts of the bill -- which was ultimately vetoed by President Bush -- from that time reveals only one, in the strongly pro-Israel Washington Times, that mentions AIPAC at all:

Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received a smattering of boos when she bad-mouthed the war effort during a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and the Democratic leadership, responding to concerns from pro-Israel lawmakers, was forced to strip from a military appopriations measure a provision meant to weaken President Bush's ability to respond to threats from Iran.

However, Paul's allegation is corroborated by a contemporary account (from the Asia Times), which cites a different congressional source:

In March 2007, the US Congress was trying to attach a provision to a Pentagon spending bill that would have required President George W Bush to get congressional approval before attacking Iran. AIPAC was strongly against it - because it viewed the legislation as taking the military option "off the table". The provision was killed. Congressman Dennis Kucinich [D-OH] said this was due to AIPAC.

John Nichols of The Nation also covered the story at the time, as did Patrick Buchanan of The Conservative Voice.

Here's Buchanan's take:

If George W. Bush launches a pre-emptive war on Iran, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bear full moral responsibility for that war.

For it was Pelosi who quietly agreed to strip out of the $100 billion funding bill for Iraq a provision that would have required President Bush to seek congressional approval before launching any new war on Iran....

According to John Nichols of The Nation, Pelosi's decision to strip the provision barring Bush from attacking Iran without Congress' approval "sends the worst possible signal to the White House.


"The speaker has erred dangerously and dramatically," writes Nichols. Her "disastrous misstep could haunt her and the Congress for years to come."...

Nothing in the provision would have prevented Bush, as commander in chief, from responding to an Iranian attack or engaging in hot pursuit of an enemy found in Iraq. Nor would the provision have prevented Bush from threatening Iran. It would simply have required him to come to Congress -- before launching all-out war....

Why did Pelosi capitulate? Answer: She was "under pressure from some conservative members of her caucus, and from lobbyists associated with neoconservative groups that want war with Iran, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)," writes Nichols.

Salon reporter Ben Kamiya also mentioned the incident, in his 2007 report on that year's AIPAC conference:

AIPAC showed its true power -- and its continuing ability to steer American Mideast policy in a disastrous direction -- when a group of conservative and pro-Israel Democrats succeeded in removing language from a military appropriations bill that would have required Bush to get congressional approval before using military force against Iran.

The pro-Israel lobby's victory on the Iran bill is almost unbelievable. Even after the nation repudiated the Iraq war decisively in the 2006 midterms, even after it has become clear that the Bush administration's Middle East policy is severely unbalanced toward Israel and has damaged America's standing in the world, Congress still cannot bring itself to stand up to the AIPAC line.





Blogger Ojalanpoika said...

You might be interested on the "Sins of the fathers" in the Bush family. Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker were running the slave coal mines that needed Jewish and other camp laborers in Poland. Bush continued his business transactions with Fritz "I Paid Hitler -author" Thyssen even after US had been in war with the Nazi Germany already for a year.

I think GW Bush was repenting over the sins of his fathers during his era. But "Thou Shall Not Take the Name of the Lord in Vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless whosoever uses His name in vain", said the decalog, Ten Commandments to the hypocrite fake believers. Not to your own ends. I pray for the Republican quasi-royal families, I wish them all good. An analogous process of blood money laundring was going on in the richest family of the "impartial" Sweden, the Wallenberg's. They invested in the Nazi's during the hyperinflation at the 1920's, when money from abroad determined who's gonna get the power. SA was a private and PAID army with its 350,000 x2 arms. They were no boy scouts but demanded money. Four times larger private army than the Wehrmacht field army of Germany!

A longer version in English with Scientific backround of Western race hygiene in general (first a scanned text from a classic volume of professor Daniel Gasman, then my own 50 page research with 100 references):

Currently, "A new wave of ethnic cleansing is going on in Iraq," Iraqi Christian representative Behiye Hadodo told the gathering. "If these atrocities continue, the Chaldean, Syriac and Assyrian communities there will be wiped out altogether, creating a new catastrophe for humanity." Yet nobody seems to care. Boycotts, divestment and other initiatives are directed only at Israel. Iraq's Assyrians are a non-Arab ethnic minority located mainly in northeastern Iraq, and adherents of Christian denominations including the Chaldean Catholic and Syriac Orthodox churches. A 1987 census recorded 1.4 million Christians in Iraq, but the numbers began to drop after the 1990 Gulf War, reaching around 800,000 before the U.S. invaded in March 2003. Persecution at the hands of Islamic radicals -- killings, church bombings, kidnappings, forced conversions and harassment -- has prompted hundreds of thousands of Christians to flee the country since 2003. Although accurate statistics are unavailable, researchers believe the community may have been halved in the past five years. Within one or two generations, he said, Christians in the Middle East - the birthplace of Christianity - may be reduced to a negligible number, having been forced to flee radical Islam.

Be it either the civilian Obama or the 5-year Viet-Kong suicidal captive admirals son McCain, please mention the forgotten Iraqi Christians...

Recovering from hemorrhage in the left hemisphere of the brain,, evolutionary critic
Helsinki, Finland
Biochemist, drop-out (MSci-Master of Sciing)

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