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RE: RE: Liberty Bound - The US Slide Toward Fascism...

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Date: Jul 6, 2007 2:57 PM

RE: Liberty Bound - The US Slide Toward Fascism...

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From: Charlie Brown (Truth Seeker)
Date: Jul 6, 2007 11:55 AM

RE: Liberty Bound - The US Slide Toward Fascism...

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From: yaKir
Date: Jul 6, 2007 11:39 AM

Liberty Bound is a horrifying, yet strangely humorous film about the loss of civil liberties and the undermining of Democracy in the United States



Blue Moose Films, LLC
1 hr 27 min 28 sec

A US Citizen's journey of discovery into the lies, oppression, and corruption that has invaded her country since 9/11.

Through ... all original footage, archived footage, and interviews with people such as Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, and Michael Ruppert, Liberty Bound explores the state of the union and its ostensible move toward fascism. We talk with people who have been interrogated by the Secret Service and threatened with arrest for doing such benign things as sending an email, turning around during a Bush speech, and having a philosophical discussion on a train.

MySpace URL:

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RE: RE: VIDEO: Cheney lies caught on tape.

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Date: Jul 6, 2007 2:27 PM

RE: VIDEO: Cheney lies caught on tape.

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From: Denise
Date: Jul 6, 2007 11:24 AM

Source: YouTube

Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films has launched a new video laying out the evidence for the articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney.

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RE: Breaking News! Court throws out spying lawsuit

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From: Revolution Radio
Date: Jul 6, 2007 2:10 PM


CINCINNATI - A federal appeals court ordered the dismissal Friday of a lawsuit challenging President Bush’s domestic spying program, saying the plaintiffs had no standing to sue....

Court throws out spying lawsuit

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Date: Jul 6, 2007 2:13 PM


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From: Charlie Brown (Truth Seeker)
Date: Jul 6, 2007 10:59 AM


Summer of Decisions: The State of Health Freedom 2007

Natural Solutions Foundation Analysis

A series of international and US government actions at the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007 have put Health Freedom of Choice -- with regards to Organic Standards, Nutrients, Traditional Remedies and Leading Edge Alternatives -- in greater jeopardy than any time since the adoption of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). Thus, the Summer of 2007 has become a Summer of Decision for health freedom activists.

Codex Alimentarius is the least known, the most impactful and potentially the most dangerous threat to health and health freedom. Most threats to health freedom are local ( e.g., a State goes on a rampage against physicians practicing drug free medicine), national (e.g., the US FDA decides to articulate the law inaccurately setting the stage for draconian "enforcement" of a regulatory structure which deems all health aides to be untested drugs, like cherries if used for arthritis, or untested devices, like hot rocks to sooth painful muscles). Codex, because it is a UN project which sets standards and guidelines controlling the international trade of all foods and nutrients, not only determines what is available internationally (with all the market pressure that implies) but also becomes the domestic law for those countries which, like the United States, have decided to "Harmonize" with Codex standards and guidelines. The US announced its intention to do just that on October 11, 1995 in the Federal Register when it stated that it would give preference to international standards over US regulation and, as it has turned out, US law as well.

Codex is a mechanism for moving the entire world rapidly towards an industrialized, nutrient poor diet which benefit a multinational constituency and threaten health everywhere by compromising food on a cataclysmic scale. Under Codex, dangerous, expensive and health-damaging changes in the global food supply are being implemented. Organic standards are being degraded, permitted heavy metal residue levels are being increased, Codex permits astonishingly high levels of dangerous industrial drugs, chemicals, pesticides, toxic veterinary drugs and other poisons in the food supply. Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for many pesticides are being removed so that there is no upper limit whatsoever to the amounts of these systemic poisons which can be introduced into foods (and into the bodies and environments of the farmer, his family and his land. Others are being increased dramatically. Organic standards are being lowered so pure, unadulterated food can be expected to vanish globally since the phrase will be maintained but the reality will be degraded beyond recognition to meet the needs of industrial farming. At the same time, high potency (dose) nutrients are being prohibited since they are treated as if they were toxins (severely limited, unlike most toxins) and "assessed" by "Risk Assessment" to be present at no more than, for vitamins and minerals, for example, 115% of the amount found in untreated foods. High potency nutrients will become unavailable in any country which "HARMonizes" with Codex" (the US) or adopts its texts as its domestic laws (most of the developing world).

In effect, Codex standards and guidelines mandate unparalleled levels of toxicity plus global under-nutrition, the very same condition to which the World Health Organization (WHO), one of Codex's parent organizations (Food and Agriculture Organization, or FAO, is the other) attributes the global epidemic of non communicable diseases of under nutrition: cancers, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes and obesity. These diseases are the principle killers in the developed world (after properly used pharmaceuticals) and are rapidly becoming the principle killers in the developing world as well. These preventable diseases are also major profit centers for industries that depend on illness for their profits: the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

At this year's Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) meeting (FAO Headquarters, Rome, July 2-7, 2007) the procedure has been radically altered. In previous years, standards and Guidelines proposed by the various Codex Committees and regional associations were discussed (at least to some extent) by the national delegates to the annual CAC. Unjust, dangerous, unwise or unhealthy Codex texts were opposed by countries whose self interest or public health was harmed by the text under consideration. If the standard or Guideline was not approved or needed to be revised, it would either be killed or sent back to Committee for revision, often along with specific instructions to that body. When ready, the text would return to CAC for further consideration, advancement to another level of acceptance or rejection.

That has changed dramatically. The anticipated date for implementation and globalization of total control of the world's food trade appeared to be dramatically off track. Things were not moving very rapidly despite the near-desperate efforts of Committee chairpersons like the German Rolf Grossklaus, MD. of the Codex Committee for Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) and the Canadian Ellen Mackenzie, Ph.D. of the Codex Committee for Food Labeling to rush decisions, curtail discussion and gallop through their view of the agenda at a dizzying pace. Of course, pro-health options like the WHO's Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Nutrition (mandated for implementation by Codex by both WHO and FAO) somehow never seemed to garner adequate time for meaningful discussion leaving implementation strategies in the dust and in the dark.

This year at CAC not only has the Natural Solutions Foundation been prevented from mingling, eating or talking with the Codex Delegates (by security guards on several occasions!), but the delegates have been prevented from discussion of the standards and Guidelines they are advancing through the Codex process! It is strikingly reminiscent of the US Senate being handed sealed copies of the Patriot Act weeks after 9/11, assured that their security clearances were not high enough to read the law but being instructed to vote on it anyway. If you recall, 99 US Senators did. Robert Bryd of Virginia was the sole member of the Senate to refuse to buy that pig in that poke.



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From: Charlie Brown (Truth Seeker)
Date: Jul 6, 2007 11:06 AM


Summer of Decisions: The State of Health Freedom 2007

Natural Solutions Foundation Analysis

At CAC, the Chair now urges members to adopt whatever texts have been brought forward, whether they agree with them or vehemently disagree. Texts and amendments to them are presented "en bloc" for approval en mass without a single word of discussion, if the Chair can bully the delegates into it. When delegates try to overcome this de facto gag rule, either they are told that they are getting in the way of the good work of the CAC (shame) or that they are making it impossible for the CAC to complete its work (guilt).

Those few delegates who try to clarify the irregularities of the process or the dangers of the standards or Guidelines are told that they are getting in the way. Since Codex refuses to define "consensus" and the Chair's agenda is set before the meeting, the Chair does whatever the Chair had intended to do in the first place. An example: today new standards were authorized for a whole group of dangerous industrial chemicals (pesticides) whose MRLs were simply evaporated by the Chairman's administrative fiat. This means that there is no upper limit to the amount of these metabolic poisons which may be incorporated into your food.

Critical health freedom choices this summer mean making sure that your country does not harmonize with Codex Alimentarius and that your national scientists and legislators follow the Codex Two Step Process to make pro-health choices where Codex makes pro-industry ones and to protect your right to clean, unadulterated and healthy food. If you are a United States citizen, that also means signing the Natural Solutions Foundation Citizens Petition to force the US Government to comply with US law, rather than Codex standards and Guidelines, with reference to vitamins and minerals.

In the last days of the year the President signed the Adverse Event Reporting Act that requires supplement sellers to report reactions to their products; we view this law as potentially beneficial to consumers. At the same time the Food and Drug Administration - the FDA - issued a draft "CAM" Guidance (complementary and alternative modalities) that Congressman Ron Paul, MD, called "an abuse of FDA power..." This is and attempt to grab power over our remedies traditionally overseen by state law by an agency that has show itself unable to effectively implement its confused and contradictory authority over foods and drugs.

The FDA issued the draft Guidance on December 26th, but did not bother to give the public notice until February 26, 2007. Then the public had its turn to comment. nearly two hundred thousand people did so, telling the FDA to leave our alternatives alone. This same grassroots movement has swelled the ranks of NSF supporters. We've joined Dr. Paul in condemning this blatant power grab and have called for meaningful reorganization of the FDA. The FDA needs to focus on its core mission of protecting the public from dangerous, side-effect causing prescription drugs that, these days, have much more in common with chemical toxins than natural materials. To do that, the agency's food jurisdiction should be shifted to the US Agriculture Department or other existing agencies.

Every Federal agency, however, is capable of causing great harm to the public and the USDA is no exception. early June, the Department approved the addition of 38 more non-organic source materials to products that can continue to mislead us by pretending to be truly organic. This continues a general and disturbing trend to dilute organic standards. The NSF supports strong organic standards and supports the disclosure of conditions, such as irradiation and genetic modification, that allow the public to make informed choices.

Late in June the FDA, 14 years after being instructed to do so by Congress, finally issued what are called "Good Manufacturing Practices" regulations to the dietary supplement industry. This 467 page document has capacity to reduce consumer access to high potency nutrients and admits that many small companies will be driven out of business as a result. We are very concerned about this increase in regulation. Just previously, the US Senate adopted the FDA "Revitalization" bill which would "solve" the problem of FDA failures by granting it more power to abuse. When the public rose up against that bill, it was amended to protect dietary supplements from its new powers. But the House must now consider it, as HR.1561, which ought to be further amended to further protect natural remedies. We note that Dr. Paul has introduced the Health Freedom Protection Act, HR.2117, that would do just that. Our Representatives need to hear from the public so they support our freedoms with Dr. Paul instead of the new restrictions proposed by Sen. Kennedy.

At the same time, various regional and international agencies continue to threaten market access to wholesome foods, natural remedies and dietary supplements. As always, the FDA's announced intent to "HARMonize" our freedoms to international rules (even where that decreases our access to safe products), operating through the North American Union, Codex and the new US/EU cooperation agreement, remains an ever present threat. Codex Alimentarius - the world food code - still remains too much a creature of big governments and big commercial interests, although a nascent alliance of health-friendly countries, inspired by information from NSF is making inroads and recently protected healthy babies from being exposed to fluoride in their formulas.



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From: Charlie Brown (Truth Seeker)
Date: Jul 6, 2007 11:08 AM


Summer of Decisions: The State of Health Freedom 2007

Natural Solutions Foundation Analysis

This is an especially exciting time for the Dietary Supplement / Natural Products market. While stricter regulations seem on the way, scientific advances and ongoing clinical studies point the way to better and more effective products. The problem is not in the science or the production; the problem is in the politics. These products are generally recognized as safe when used as directed, like any food. We therefore need to reject the big government notion that tells us we will only be safe if bureaucrats have more control over us. That nostrum is provably wrong, as we see from the failure of government, with plenary power over approving drugs (as to efficacy and safety) to protect the public from what some estimate to be hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths each year from lawful and correctly used prescription drugs.

The wise people who wrote the Declaration of Independence told us, "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security..."

It is now time for people concerned with natural solutions to our health care crises to declare our independence from the failures of the bureaucratic system and to demand new freedoms to offset and correct the old failures of the regulators.

Ralph Fucetola, JD

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation

Citizens Petition



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RE: Where's the Promise to Veterans?

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From: Pamela's Protest
Date: Jul 6, 2007 1:50 PM

Where's the Promise to Veterans?

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From: Veterans PTSD Portal
Date: Jul 6, 2007 10:40 AM

Where's the Promise to Veterans?

Larry Scott | July 05, 2007

I've searched high and low for a promise made to veterans. I can't find it. Surely, it must exist. From George Washington to George Bush, we have reams of flowery rhetoric praising the good deeds of those who have served in the U.S. military. But, where is the promise?

Washington said the nation owes veterans a "debt of honor." Bush often speaks of "honor," "support" and "compassion" in speeches about veterans. In between, Abraham Lincoln said our mission is ". . . to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and orphan. . ." All of this sounds good, but it's not a promise.

The elusive promise to veterans has been used by politicians since the earliest days of our republic to raise armies to fight wars and to pass legislation to care for veterans when they come home from those wars. But, what actually was promised?

It's a simple fact: that nothing was promised to veterans. There was no promise made, so there's nothing to keep and nothing to break. It's the great American myth; an urban legend of epic proportions.

This myth is promulgated by politicians who want us to think they are keeping a promise to veterans or want us to think some other politician isn't keeping a promise. A quick Google search will show thousands of entries about a promise to veterans. Many are from those claiming to keep the promise. Others are from those who loudly declare the promise is not being kept. But, nowhere will you find exactly what this promise might be.

So, why do we believe there's a promise to veterans? Because we want to believe it. We want to believe that our country will care and provide for those who have given years of their lives to military service. We desperately want to believe that our country will care for those who return from the fields of battle with physical and emotional wounds. Anything else would not fit the standards we have set for ourselves as Americans.

However, the truth is something different.

Veterans of the Civil War have left us volumes of their post-war battles with the Commissioner of Pensions who parceled out medical care and disability compensation. One document tells of a veteran's struggle with the Commissioner to get a wooden leg to replace the real leg he'd lost in combat. After years of denials, he carved the leg himself.

Military retirees of the World War II era were under the assumption they would have free, life-time healthcare at military hospitals. Those hospitals were closed. And now, the retirees find themselves in a HMO.

Vietnam veterans fought for years to get benefits for exposure to Agent Orange. Now, many of them who served in the "Blue Water Navy" find their adversary is the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) who is in Federal Court trying to deny them benefits.

Our new veterans coming home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan find themselves faced with military and VA healthcare systems that are underfunded, overcrowded and incapable of caring for their needs.

All of these veterans thought there was a promise and found out otherwise.

Veterans have been accepting the constantly-changing hodge-podge of laws and regulations that, sometimes, provide disability compensation and care. And, "sometimes" is the operative word. A check of federal regulations covering veterans' benefits shows an abundant use of the phrase "the Secretary may." The "Secretary" is the Secretary of Veterans' Affairs who "may" or may NOT provide the benefit listed in the specific regulation.

But, could there be a promise to veterans buried somewhere in mountains of laws or hidden deep in the recesses of the Federal Code? The Herculean effort to see if such a promise existed was undertaken by David F. Burelli, a National Defense Specialist for the Congressional Research Service. Burelli's research paper is titled Military Health Care: The Issue of "Promised" Benefits. The 23-page paper makes this determination: "Many…military retirees…state that they were promised 'free health care for life at military facilities' as part of their 'contractual agreement' when they entered the armed forces. Efforts to locate authoritative documentation of such promises have not been successful. Congressional report language and recent court decisions have rejected retiree claims [of] a right or entitlement." While Burelli's paper deals with military retirees, it can be extrapolated to include non-retiree veterans, as well.

Others, realizing Burelli's findings to be accurate, have tried to reframe the language of a promise to veterans. Dave Autry of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) likes to use the concept of a "moral obligation" to veterans. That high-minded verbiage has been used thousands of times by politicians, authors and veterans' advocates. But, it still doesn't equate to a promise. And, it assumes that Congress, who supplies funding for veterans' care and disability compensation, understands what is "moral" and has the fortitude to commit to an "obligation." Those are two dangerous assumptions.

But, this verbal posturing leaves us where we began. There is no promise to veterans. The government can't keep a promise that was never made. And, it's not realistic to assume that they are breaking a promise they never made.

Will there ever be a promise to veterans? A real promise that is codified? A document that positively states what veterans will receive for their service to country? Not unless we, as veterans, force the issue. No politician is brave enough to step forward and say, "We lied to you," so it's up to us. We must raise hell about the issue.

I, for one, am tired of the hand-in-glove relationships our veterans' service organizations (VSOs) have established with Congress and the VA. Every year the VSOs go to Capitol Hill and grovel for next year's VA budget handout. When the budget is passed and doesn't meet their expectations, the VSOs politely thank the politicians for doing a good job and then politely urge them to do better.

Whatever happened to in-your-face, do-it-or-else political lobbying? We pay our VSO dues so they can represent us on Capitol Hill. They are failing in their mission. They allow politicians to ramble on about a promise to veterans and never ask the questions: What promise is that, politician? The one you never keep? And, the politicians keep playing us for fools. As long as veterans buy into the myth of a promise, the politicians win.

We, as veterans will continue to scrap and fight for our justly-deserved benefits. But, it's time we adopt a new attitude. It's time to stop accepting piecemeal legislation that gives a few budget dollars to slap a Band-Aid on a chronically-underfunded VA healthcare and benefits system. It's time we stop accepting the nonsense of politicians who openly view VA benefits as charity, to be handed out only to those who fit their warped definition of the deserving. We owe it to all of our Brother and Sister veterans. And, let's be honest, we owe it to ourselves. This is not the time to be humble.

It's time for the in-your-face type of confrontation that our VSOs are incapable of providing. We must take our elected representatives to task and demand that they stop talking about a promise and actually give us one. We must tell Congress what we want. We must tell the American people what we want and that we earned our benefits through our service. Most "civilians" live under the assumption that "the VA takes care

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RE: A Bad Week For Al Gore

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From: Lullaby Academy
Date: Jul 6, 2007 12:33 PM


A Bad Week For Al Gore
Man made global warming myth takes another battering as Live Earth propaganda bandwagon is derailed, drug arrest puts former VP's hypocrisy in focus again

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, July 6, 2007

The religion of man-made global warming has had its orthodoxy shot to pieces again right before an assorted gaggle of hypocrites and control freaks, led by Al Gore, prepare this weekend to unleash Live Earth, one of the most sophisticated and carefully packaged political propaganda assaults in recent years.

This rejuvenated religion of Pagan earth worship took another blow from hard science just today, after it was revealed that the oldest plant DNA ever discovered showed that "the planet was far warmer hundreds of thousands of years ago than is generally believed," again underscoring the fact that climate change is a routine and natural phenomenon that has occurred throughout earth's history.

"They also indicated that during the last period between ice ages, 116,000-130,000 years ago, when temperatures were on average 5 C (9 F) higher than now, the glaciers on Greenland did not completely melt away," reports Reuters.

In another development, scientists examining the world's deepest ice core samples concluded that records of greenhouse gases varied wildly over the course of 800,000 years, producing temperatures that differed as much as 15 C (27 F) at different periods of time.

These two new scientific papers, allied to the understanding that CO2 emissions lag behind temperature increase by hundreds of years, reinforce the reality that we live on a volatile and constantly changing planet.

The earth's climate has always been shifting and is dependent on ice age cycles and the activity of the sun. Today we see global warming and climate change on every planet and moon within the solar system, largely due to increased sunspot activity. For humans to think that they can contribute to significant climate change models that have domineered the planet for eons before human civilization existed betrays a supreme level of arrogance and self-importance.

A Mori poll released on Monday found that a majority of the UK population were still skeptical about man-made global warming and believed the threats were being exaggerated for political purposes and to make money.

The head researchers for the poll are global warming advocates but the results forced them to admit that "counter-arguments" are beginning to erode the monopoly on truth that climate change adherents make claim to.

"The survey suggested that terrorism, graffiti, crime and dog mess were all of more concern than climate change," reported the BBC.

Emotional fearmongering: yes that's right, polar bears can swim!

This meshes with a general trend that we have tracked which clearly suggests the public are becoming wary of the outlandish fearmongering that the global warming crowd have engaged in to sell their belief system, for example the claim that climate change will be so disastrous for mankind that it will make world war look like heaven, as John Edwards stated.

The concern is felt so deep that even two of man-made global warming's closest bedfellows, Professors Paul Hardaker and Chris Collier, warned their own choir earlier this year to stop preaching doomsday scenarios about global warming, recognizing that the hysteria has eroded a lot of credibility the man-made camp had built.

The fallacy of man-made global warming is already running out of steam for three reasons. One - the hysteria will only get louder because man-made advocates have a dearth of facts to base their alarmism on and always have to resort to fearmongering. Two - as we progress further into the 21st century and the much vaunted eco-apocalypse never arrives, the alarmists will begin to look increasingly stupid and untrustworthy. Three - the hardcore science will continue to prove the climate cult wrong as it has done again today.

More bad news for Al Gore

The tabloid flirtation with the arrest of Gore's son for marijuana possession is a sideshow, but it will be interesting to see if the former Vice President's rampant hypocrisy comes to the fore once again.

For it was Gore who dismissed the use of marijuana for medical purposes in May 2000 while he also proposed a $500 million dollar program of mandatory drug testing. In addition, during his presidential run Gore vowed to create a massive bureaucracy to beef up the self-defeating war on drugs, including expanding the number of drug courts and imposing tougher penalties on users.

In his 1999 National Drug Control Strategy, Gore secured funding of $18 billion dollars to use the military to support domestic drug law enforcement efforts, a violation of Posse Comitatus.

One wonders whether Gore will crack the whip when it comes to his own son as he did during his political tenure or whether, as in the case of his energy sapping 20 room mansion with its heated swimming pool that consumes 20 times the average electricity, that it will be one rule for Gore while he lectures us on following another.

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RE: Meet the Press snail-mail address (Demand Ron Paul!)

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From: I AM
Date: Jul 6, 2007 12:43 PM

From: Rocky Mountain States Secession Supports RON PAUL
Date: Jul 6, 2007 9:37 AM

Snail-mail and faxes are always the most hard hitting because they are tangible and take up physical space. Remember we believe what we see? What's more intimidating? 10 lingering mail bags or 3,000 deleted e-mails?

(remember the sacks are phucking heavy man!)

QUESTION: What is your mailing address?
ANSWER: Our mailing address is: Meet the Press, NBC News, 4001 Nebraska Avenue, Washington, DC 20016.
Thanks again for your interest in MEET THE PRESS.
Have a nice day.

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RE: Are you a U.S. citizen? You may wanna read this.

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From: *Galactic Consciousness*
Date: Jul 5, 2007 4:11 PM

From: peacesign
Date: Jul 5, 2007 1:13 PM

Are You A US
Citizen Or Not ?


WARNING: Information provided here will challenge your comfort zone and will involve some reading and research.

Can you handle the truth ?

All this nonsense needs to stop! People need to wake up to the reality of what is truly going on with this country known as America. Most importantly, this raises the defining question, do you really wish to be classified as a U.S. Citizen? When I ask people --

Are you a US Citizen? .... and of course, most say YES, then I inform them about the US Code, actual citing 28 USC 3002 (15) A] usc_sec_28_00003002----000-.html

and it defines the UNITED STATES as a corporation; then I ask them, "can you be a Citizen of Wal-Mart or Microsoft "? then of course they say NO, but then some try to say, well this is a country....which my response to that is ....not by definition it is not! The united States of America was a nation set up as a republic, but when you read this link:

you find out when that all changed in 1933 and why it is now a corporation.

The UNITED STATES CODE (USC) is the UNITED STATES corporation's governing code, period. Then some will attempt to say that they are citizens of the "California" (insert any State here) Republic. Ok, but there is no longer a Republic, anywhere, any more! People need to start reading and understanding how attorneys/ lawyers have altered the meaning of some common every day words to serve the corporation''s purposes. Some may call it legalese, and of course that is what it is.... but this has all been cloaked on purpose.

The attorneys, serving their masters, the international banking cartel or "banksters", used legal trickery to form these non-existent legal entities -- cities, counties, states, supposed federal governments, and in doing so, have created a monster big brother police state corporation.

Yes, indeed, boys and girls, the STATES are not sovereign as some people think, they are all under the big corporate umbrella --UNITED STATES -- and interestingly enough, this happened in 1933 as well. or go research the USC ! In 1933, the government was incorporated, or commercialized. To Commercialize means to "EXPLOIT." Therein lies the reason why the powers that be, "THE ATTORNEYS", change this conventional government to a legal fiction. This was to exploit with words, and done by the very men or women that hide behind the names or words.

Excerpt from book, "WOE UNTO YOU LAWYERS", written in 1939 by the late Fred Rodell, Professor of Law, Yale University:

It is the lawyers who run our civilization for us - our governments, our business, our private lives. Most legislators are lawyers; they make our laws. Most presidents, governors, commissioners, along with their advisers and brain-trusters are lawyers; they administer our laws. All the judges are lawyers; they interpret and enforce our laws. There is no separation of powers where the lawyers are concerned. There is only a concentration of all government power - in the lawyers. As the schoolboy put it, ours is "a government of lawyers, not of men."

It is not the businessmen, no matter how big, who run our economic world. Again it is the lawyers, the lawyers who "advise" and direct every time a company is formed, every time a bond or a share of stock is issued, almost every time material is to be bought or goods to be sold, every time a deal is made. The whole elaborate structure of industry and finance is a lawyer-made house. We all live in it, but the lawyers run it.

And in our private lives, we cannot buy a home or rent an apartment, we cannot get married or try to get divorced, we cannot die and leave our property to our children without calling on the lawyers to guide us. To guide us, incidentally, through a maze of confusing gestures and formalities that lawyers have created.

LINK to entire text of the book:

Okay, so let's put this real simply, someone nearly has to look at a city's police car to find out who they (the police officers) are truly "protecting and serving". For example, in the city known as Chicago, it is clearly displayed on the car, "City of Chicago, Incorporated 1837" along with it's corporate seal. Okay, now I know that all society's need order and a set of laws. I'm an advocate of common law myself. If you don't know what that is, go look it up.

To get an idea how whacky this corporation driven system has become, people who are working for these corporations after a while realize that there is indeed some thing terribly wrong, but most just keep their mouths shut, because it is job security and they say "hey, I am just doing my job". Getting back to the example of common law - how can a man or a woman injure a fictional entity, non-existent corporation?? They cannot, it is impossible! For even further research, do yourself a favor and read some of the great articles at

Excerpt example:

Marc: Am I entitled to a fair trial/hearing? Judge: Yes you are. Marc: Could I get a fair trial/hearing if there is a conflict of interest? Judge: No, you could not. Marc: If there was a conflict of interest, would you recuse yourself? Judge: Yes I would. Marc: Who do you represent? Judge: The State. Marc: If you represent the state, and the state is the plaintiff, then you represent a party (in this case), isn't that a conflict of interest?

Lastly, do you recall this line in the movie, "The Interpreter"? (starring Nicole Kidman & Sean Penn). Well, the truth is often revealed in movies, just people don't see or hear it for what it's sharing. A great example of an allegory movie was "Wizard of Oz" - read this link:

"Despite all the flags on First Avenue, there are no nations any more, only companies - international companies. lt's where we are. lt's what we are". -- Kuman-Kuman to Sylvia Broome in the movie "The Interpreter" in reference to the United Nations on First Avenue at 46th St. in New York.

... incidentally, the tagline for the film: The truth needs no translation.

There is something we can ALL actually do --on July 17th-- 11:11 Greenwich Mean Time a worldwide event --- One hour of prayer/ meditation to begin healing the planet

---- 7:11 am EDT ---- 6:11 am CDT ---- 5:11 am MDT ---- 4:11 am PDT ---

The author, One, Steven, is a well-researched man and is not a person, not a subject or citizen nor has any allegiance to any country, State or States in contract, not a U.S. Citizen or National, not a civilian, not a resident, not an legal entity dolus trust, not an enemy combatant, and One is not a member of any Jural, political or religious society/body. Be it also known that "person" is a word of the Private Civil Law, and a "man" is a word of nature. One governs life under natural, moral and Universal Laws of Love, Honor and Respect.

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RE: NADER praises Ron Paul & Mike Gravel...

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From: Kelly Halldorson is for RON PAUL 2008!!
Date: Jul 5, 2007 3:52 PM

And while Nader, 73, realizes he might once again be accused of being a "spoiler" candidate, he says the Democrats could win in 2008, unless they spoil things for themselves.

"Democrats have become, over the years, very good at electing very bad Republicans," Nader said. "Democrats always know how to implode, how to be ambiguous, how to waver, how not to be authentic."

While Nader praised two candidates who have almost no chance of winning their party's nomination -- Republican Ron Paul and Democrat Mike Gravel -- he was severe in his criticism of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

"She is a political coward," Nader said. "She goes around pandering to powerful interest groups on the one hand and flattering general audiences on the other. She doesn't even have the minimal political fortitude of her husband."

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