Saturday, February 07, 2009

Catch a BUZZ on BIll Gates

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Bill Gates
The Buzz Week in Review
by Michael Krumboltz

February 6, 2009 05:12:06 PM
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A lot can happen in a week. Don't believe us? Just take a look at the Buzz. Over the past seven days, one of the world's richest men released a swarm of mosquitoes, a celebrated coffee was dissed in a consumer report, and a rising starlet was lauded for her stunning new look. Behold all these stories and more! It's the Buzz Week in Review.

Gates Makes a Point
Release the hounds! Actually, make that mosquitoes. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one of the world's wealthiest people, made headlines this week when he released a cloud of mosquitos at a technology conference. The philanthropist was pointing out the dangers of malaria for the world's poor. "Malaria is spread by mosquitoes. I brought some here," he said. "There is no reason only poor people should be infected." Fortunately for the terrified attendees, the mosquitoes were malaria-free. 'Twas all a rouse. Bill Gates 1, Terrified Minions 0.


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