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RE: Rice with human proteins to take root in Kansas

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Published online: 18 May 2007; | doi:10.1038/news070514-17
Rice with human proteins to take root in Kansas
Pharmed food crop approved for growth despite controversy.

Emma Marris

It's certainly not the first crop designed to produce pharmaceutical proteins given the go-ahead in the United States or elsewhere (see 'Turning plants into protein factories'). But this is among the first food crops containing genes that produce human proteins to gain approval for large-scale planting. Many other pharmaceutical genetically-modified (GM) crops are grown indoors or in inedible plants such as tobacco.

The rice strains, made by Ventria Bioscience in Sacramento, California, produce lysozyme, lactoferrin and human serum albumin in their seeds. All three are commonly found in breast milk. Lysozyme and lactoferrin are proteins with antibacterial, viral and fungal properties, according to the company.

Ventria says that they aim to use the rice to create drinks that can combat diarrhoea, and dietary supplements to help reverse anaemia1. Diarrhoea, which often stems from gastrointestinal infection, is a major killer of children worldwide.

Many further regulatory hurdles involving other agencies would need to be passed before products made from this rice could be sold to consumers.

Public comment

The crop, which has been tested in Peru, was given preliminary approval in March, and the USDA then opened the proposal up for public comment. Of the more than 20,000 comments they received, only 29 were positive, although many of the negative comments consisted of form letters.

In the end, the USDA thought that the fears of many that the rice would escape into the environment or the food supply were not warranted, thanks to the many cautious procedures proposed by Ventria - including the fact that they plan to plant the test field more than 480 kilometres away from any commercial rice farms.

The permit states that any seeds eaten by animals or birds would pose them no significant risk. It adds that the chance that a tornado or other extreme weather event might disperse the seed widely is low, but requires an emergency management plan to deal with this.

A 2005 report by the USDA's Office of the Inspector General criticized the agency's approval of GM crops as being too lax, but the agency says that it has improved the approval process since then and that it has always been more vigilant about crops that produce pharmaceuticals.

In 2006, a fairly typical year, according to USDA public affairs specialist Rachel Iadicicco, the USDA received 14 requests for outdoor plantings of GM crops expressing pharmaceuticals or industrial compounds. Of those fourteen, ten have been granted, three are pending and one was withdrawn. Some of these resulted in plantings in 2006, and some were planted this year. The agency requires a new permit each year.

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1. Bethell D. R., Huang J., et al. BioMetals, 17. 337 - 342 (2004). | Article |

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Treason runs in the family

RE: Mass Murder and High Treason

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From: Patriots Speak Out ®©
Date: May 19, 2007 1:01 PM

Mass Murder and High Treason

Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

May 18, 2007

There are glaring discrepancies surrounding Bush's activities on the morning of 911. At the very least, George W. Bush is the liar we know him to be. At worst, the discrepancies may lead one to conclude that Bush knew about the events of 911 well in advance and did absolutely nothing.

The timeline of his travels depicts a man trying to stay out of the line of fire. It does not portray a President concerned with the lives of American citizens. It does not portray a "commander-in-chief" or a "decider". It portrays a weak-kneed wimp at the mercy of his "handlers", the real power behind the throne. Or - should I say "dictatorship"?

His false statements concerning his activities on that day raise doubts not only about his credibility but also the possibility that the President of the United States is complicit in mass murder and high treason.

Let's look at the time line which becomes a chronology of incredible coincidences, a literal round up of the usual suspects.

(8:00 a.m.): Former President George H. W. Bush Heads off After Spending Night at the White House

Former President George H. W. Bush, along with former First Lady Barbara Bush, leaves Washington, DC, by private jet, bound for a speaking engagement in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Bushes spent the previous night at the White House. They had flown to Washington the previous day to attend several meetings and a dinner. One of the meetings attended by the former president was the annual investor conference of the Carlyle Group, which was also attended by Shafig bin Laden, one of Osama bin Laden's brothers (see (9:00 a.m.) September 11, 2001). They are later informed of the WTC attacks while on their jet. Due to all planes being grounded, they have to land in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. [CBS News, 11/1/2002; Newsweek, 10/20/2003; CNN, 10/25/2003]
But things get even weirder and there are no innocent explanations.

George W. Bush left his Florida hotel about 8:35 AM. But, according to ABC News, just before leaving the hotel, reporters saw Andy Card whispering into Bush's ear. The topic of whispered conversation, according to the network, was the stunning events taking place in New York.

But the first plane did not crash into the north tower until 8:45 AM. "What was going on in New York" was not yet going on when Bush and Card talked about it. Yet, we are led to believe that Card and Bush discussed an event that would not take place for another ten minutes or so.

Much later, Bush would claim that while at the school in Florida, he saw the first plane crash the north tower on a TV that had been set up for him. How convenient!

The only known footage of that event was not broadcast until the next day. Presumably, no one knew it was going to happen. Or did they? Bush, however, made his claim on two occassions leading one to believe that this was not a mere slip of the tongue. The verbatim transcripts are still available at the White House web site. Nor was Bush referring to the crash of the second plane into the south tower. He is video taped being given that information by Card while still in the classroom. Even Bush is not likely to have forgotten that.

If Bush told the truth about seeing a plane crash the north tower on live TV, it could only have been on monitors getting a feed from cameras placed in anticipation of an attack. If Bush is telling the truth about seeing the first plane, then he most certainly would have seen it on the TV depicted in the photos above. This is a room at the school where Bush had read goat stories to children, where Andy Card was seen in stills and in video informing Bush: "[The] second plane hit the second tower. America is under attack." Though Card is often quoted as having said "A second plane", Bush himself attributes the word "the" to Andy Card. I find the use of the word "the" in this context to be interesting and revelatory.

Look closely at the above monitors. It has been pointed out to me that there is no network logo or "graphics bar" running across the bottom of the TV screen, though it clearly depicts the WTC. If it were a network feed, the network logo would be present. If it was, indeed, a closed circuit set up that Bush had seen, there might not be one. Clearly, there is no logo depicted above.

If Bush merely lied that is one thing. But consider the implications if Bush had, in fact, viewed a closed-circuit broadcast with cameras placed in advance delivering a signal that might be viewed by a complicit President. If that is the case, then Bush is not merely a liar as we know him to be. He is much more besides. He is a murderous traitor, complicit in mass murder, a conspirator to high treason.

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Date: May 19, 2007 1:14 PM

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From: speedreeser
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From: Patti

Risky Open-Air
Pharmaceutical Spraying
On Crops
Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 31, 2002

Puerto Rico is permitting open-air field experiments with genetically modified (GM) plants unfit for human consumption, according to a recent report by Genetically Engineered (GE) Food Alert, a U.S.-based coalition of environmental and consumer groups.

The GM plants in question, commonly called "pharm crops," are produced by introducing mammalian genes into plants like corn, soya, rice and tobacco. They secrete industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals in their tissues and are not edible.

The tests are part of an ongoing attempt to "grow" drugs, with the hope that the process will be cheaper than manufacturing.

The chemicals these plants produce include vaccines, growth hormones, clotting agents, industrial enzymes, human antibodies, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

The report, titled "Manufacturing Drugs and Chemicals in Crops," says that Puerto Rico is one of four main centers in the United States for these tests. The other three are Nebraska, Wisconsin and Hawaii.

According to GE Food Alert, the Department of Agriculture has approved over 300 pharm crop field tests since 1991 in secrecy and with no public debate.

These plants are by no means the only experimental GM crops grown in Puerto Rico. This Caribbean island has been host to 2,296 USDA-approved GM open-air field tests since January 2001 according to Raising Risk,- a report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group and GE Food Alert.

This makes Puerto Rico host to more GM food experiments per square mile than any U.S. state except Hawaii.

Puerto Rico is a commonwealth, not a state. Its residents are U.S. citizens but have no voice or vote in the U.S. Congress or in the United Nations.

Environmental activists, consumer advocates and organic farmers warn that GM crops are risky, but that the risks of pharm crops are bigger.

"Just one mistake by a biotech company and we'll be eating other people's prescription drugs in our corn flakes," warned Larry Bohlen, director of health and environment programs at Friends of the Earth, in a press release.

"How will crops that are engineered to produce industrial chemicals or drugs affect soil micro-organisms or beneficial insects?" asks the Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration, a Canada-based think-tank.

"Will pharmaceutical proteins be altered in unforeseen ways? Could they cause allergies? What if biopharmaceutical crops end up in animal feeds?"

Fears of unapproved GM products accidentally entering the human food supply are not unfounded. In late 2000, traces of Starlink, a variety of GM corn not approved for human consumption, were found in supermarket products in the United States.

No less than 143 million tons of corn were contaminated with Starlink, according to its creator, the Europe-based Aventis corporation. Seed companies, farmers, processors and food makers spent over a billion dollars and six months trying to get rid of this unwanted GM corn.

Critics also point out that GM crops can pollinate wild relatives and non-GM fields, with unforeseeable consequences. The presence of GM corn has already been documented in rural communities in Mexico, even though genetically modified crops are prohibited there.

When asked about genetic engineering in agriculture, Puerto Rico agriculture secretary Luis Rivero-Cubano said that the only such crops in the Caribbean island are experimental.

But Puerto Rico Farmers Association president Ramon Gonzalez has revealed that he plants GM crops in his farm in the town of Salinas. He said that genetically modified crops in Puerto Rico are commercial and include a herbicide-resistant soya plant made by Monsanto and a variety of corn that produces its own bio- pesticide, known as Bt corn.

The soya in question, known as Roundup-ready, can resist repeated applications of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide.

According to Gonzalez, the harvested GM crops planted here are sold as seed to be planted elsewhere. "Puerto Rico is the preferred place to make seed because our weather permits us to have up to four harvests a year."

A phone call to the local offices of the Department of Agriculture proved fruitless, as none of the employees seemed to know anything about genetically engineered crops.

The local office of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was no more helpful. A spokesman, Jose Font, stated that agriculture does not concern the EPA unless toxic pesticides are involved.

Local regulatory agencies seem to be unaware of the issue. A spokeswoman for the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board told IPS that since Puerto Rico has no laws or regulations for GM crops, it has no mandate to investigate.

Copyright © 2002 IDEALS & Loyalist College All Right Reserved

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RE: RE: Impeaching Bush...Crimes Against Humanity

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From: Kachina
Date: May 19, 2007 12:21 PM


Love and Hugs

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From: ~♥Reality~
Date: May 19, 2007 9:05 AM

Pray this is True I Do I

Much Love and Respect to
& Corporations_Ate_My_BABY!

The framers made it OBLIGATORY to impeach a president for this:

Olbermann on the Hospital Room Gonzo-Raid!

Get mad!
Get on your representative:

Tell them!

The house is duty bound to impeach the president over his felonious conduct! Impeach Bush over the Aschcroft Hospital Bed Affair! Impeach NOW!

- Corporations_Ate_The_AG's_Office

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RE: 9/11 Press For Truth + Webpages

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From: 9/11 Research
Date: May 19, 2007 9:52 PM

From: The KiiD™ Asks : What The Hell Is Wrong With Us?
Date: May 19, 2007 9:50 PM

Out of the grieving thousands left behind on September 11th, a small group of activist families emerged to demand answers. In 9/11 Press For Truth, six of them (including three of the famous "Jersey Girls") tell for the first time the powerful story of how they took on the powers in Washington—and won!—compelling an investigation, only to subsequently watch the 9/11 Commission fail in answering most of their questions.

The families eventually found an ally in Paul Thompson. Dissatisfied with the incomplete picture of September 11th presented in most news reports, Thompson became a citizen journalist of sorts. He stitched together thousands of rare overlooked news clips, buried stories, and government press conferences into a definitive Complete 9/11 Timeline (published by Harper Collins as The Terror Timeline). Press For Truth is adapted in part from his acclaimed work, which revealed to the families a very different picture of the road that led to the attacks and the resulting War on Terror, one that still today raises important and pressing questions.

The Complete 9/11 Timeline

9/11 Research

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RE: 9/11 Truther Ex-Marine Johnny Wave's First Big Interview

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From: Pamela's Protest
Date: May 19, 2007 9:21 PM

9/11 Truther Ex-Marine Johnny Wave's First Big Interview
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From: One Man Revolution
Date: May 19, 2007 6:15 PM

Johnny Wave's First Big Interview

.. google_ad_section_start -->

Johnny Wave photos by Randy

Putfile audio stream:

MP3 download and other streams at

At the 21:31 mark:

"...what was going through my head was, "I'm going to make a change today. I'm going to make an impact."

And that happened. Undoubtedly. We've seen the pictures, we've read the blogs, I've gotten tons of love in emails, and I'm very appreciative to everybody. ... If nobody gets out there on the eleventh day of every single month, all this love, all this support... doesn't mean anything. We all have to get together, we all have to make a change.

I can go out there all day, all by myself, which, I have to say if you're on active duty in the IRR is not a smart thing to do. Technically, in the UCMJ, they can hang you, if this is an act of mutiny on my part. I'm not suggesting that anyone goes out and does this who is on active duty or IRR.

However, I am suggesting-- I'm actually not suggesting, I'm commanding, here.

If you are military, prior military service, get your uniform on, and get out there. 'Cause I'm not gonna be the only one standing out there making a change, I refuse that. This is our country. Not "my" country. This is America. I want every service member getting out there, making a change, because you gave your life for this country. Four years, two years, twenty years, I don't care. Get out there. Make a change... I'm gonna continue on my path, but I want some frickin' help. I want to go out there with people, 'cause I had some great, positive reactions from people, so many people that it actually kinda shook me!

I was like, "Man, how can there be this big cover-up, when so many people don't believe it, and believe our side of the story?"

How many people does it take to make a change? This is what I need to happen, and this is what I want to happen, what I want to see happen... if you're listening to me... get out there... Put your uniform on, get out there and make a change...

I saw people drive by, there was one lady who was drivin' by and laughing, pointing, not taking us seriously, "Look at all the hippies, all the crazies" and all of that, but when they got to me, they saw me in my Dress Blues, their faces stopped. Dropped. They were done. Their world had been shattered. They didn't know what to think. They all of a sudden realized, "There is a problem. We need to figure out what's going on. We need to start asking questions, because the Marines are questioning. The Marines... there not going with the flow."

We're gonna stand up and take what's ours. We're gonna defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic. That's our oath. That's why I'm calling you all out right now. I had to take this leadership, because I'm sick of it. I'm done. I'm not putting up with this anymore, this is our country, this is our right.

And they're taking it away from us.

As a person, as a man, I care about that. And one day I hope to have a family, so my kids can have these rights. My kids can have what I had growing up. This is very special to me. It got me through so much to have a good childhood, to have these rights, to have Civil Liberties, that's something that I will never, ever take advantage of, that's something that everyone has to stand up for.

On that day, it was wonderful, it was great, to see people really wake up, people who just did not question... you see could see it across their face, they were so shocked, so in awe, so... awakened.

That was the reason I came out that day."

The Marines have landed. During the interview, Cosmos and Johnny are joined by another IRR Marine, Andrew. This is the birth of Marines for 9/11 Truth.

Special thanks to, which is the source for the excellent pictures of Johnny, and to Truth Revolution Radio, weekdays at 11pm on We The People Radio Network.

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RE: AIPAC's Power Base: America's Real Terrorists

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From: Infensus Mentis
Date: May 19, 2007 11:12 AM

Mike Rivero's site linked to one of my blogs today, reproduced below. Ka-heewwwl!!

AIPAC's Power Base: America's Real Terrorists

By: Ted Lang

Our entire government is controlled by Israel! Through a small, rich and powerful Jewish supported pro-Israeli tax-exempt lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or simply AIPAC, virtually all American domestic and foreign policy is now being controlled by a foreign government entanglement. This is done by targeting American politicians: those who are pro-Israel receive campaign funding and favorable publicity through a myriad of Jewish organizations, magnified by the liberal and Democratic Party-leaning American press; those politicians not favoring policies benefiting Israel are targeted by Jews all over America who send money to help finance that politician’s opponent.

Former Georgia Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, who was critical of the dominance Israel enjoyed controlling our government, was defeated in this way by Jewish contributions coming in from all over the United States. Those contributions had to be requested en masse, funneled to a finance manager, and then distributed to all the right places to both the opposing candidate and key media outlets to generate the necessary opposing campaign propaganda.

At the Republican Party’s highly expensive convention bash being orchestrated smack in the middle of New York City this week, reports: "About 1,500 supporters of Israel attended the posh event hosted by United Jewish Communities, the Republican Jewish Coalition and the American-Israel Political Action Committee. The event, held at Pier 60 in Manhattan, was attended by dozens of congressional members, governors and administration officials, and featured Bloomberg, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Bush-Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman."

Posting on his website Informed Commentary, and carried on’s as well, Professor Juan Cole, who teaches history at the University of Michigan, writes in his August 28, 2004 piece entitled, "AIPAC’s Overt and Covert Ops.": "The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a lobbying group that used to support whatever government was in power in Israel, and used to give money even-handedly inside the US. My perception is that during the past decade AIPAC has increasingly tilted to the Likud in Israel, and to the political Right in the United States. In the 1980s, AIPAC set up the Washington Institute for Near East Policy as a pro-Israeli alternative to the Brookings Institution, which it perceived to be insufficiently supportive of Israel. WINEP has largely followed AIPAC into pro-Likud positions, even though its director, Dennis Ross, is more moderate. He is a figurehead, however, serving to disguise the far right character of most of the position papers produced by long-term WINEP staff and by extremist visitors and ‘associates’ (Daniel Pipes and Martin Kramer are among the latter)."

Professor Cole continues: "WINEP, being a wing of AIPAC, is enormously influential in Washington. State Department and military personnel are actually detailed there to ‘learn’ about ‘the Middle East’! They would get a far more balanced ‘education’ about the region in any Israeli university, since most Israeli academics are professionals, whereas WINEP is a ‘think tank’ that hires by ideology."

There are many ways AIPAC magnifies its influence over American government, and targeting politicians during elections is only one of them. In this presidential election, reflect on how both Senator John Kerry and President George Bush are one in their support for Israel. Note also how former frontrunner Dr. Howard Dean became toast after he merely suggested a more balanced approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which was created and continues to be exacerbated by Israel’s imperialism and ethnocide.

Cole explains, "Note that over 80% of American Jews vote Democrat, that the majority of American Jews opposed the Iraq war (more were against it than in the general population), and that American Jews have been enormously important in securing civil liberties for all Americans. Moreover, Israel has been a faithful ally of the US and deserves our support in ensuring its security. The Likudniks like to pretend that they represent American Jewry, but they do not. And they like to suggest that objecting to their policies is tantamount to anti-Semitism, which is sort of like suggesting that if you don't like Chile's former dictator Pinochet, you are bigotted against Latinos."

This explanation is consistent with all that I have read on the subject. Jewish Zionists and their more numerically powerful and vocal Christian Zionists, will support any and all Israeli policies, and then smear opponents as being "anti-Semitic." Perhaps a better term to describe these war-mongering Jewish and Christian Zionists is to identify them as being "Likudniks," indicative of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s war-mongering and genocidal Likud Party. And it would be entirely safe to say that a majority of Jews living in Israel also oppose Sharon’s atrocities against the Palestinians, which is the ongoing basis for anti-Israeli terrorism there responsible for the horrible deaths and maiming of so many of Israel’s citizens.

AIPAC and the neoconservative Likudniks in the Pentagon and in the Bush administration today represent the greatest threat to world peace. They are plotting to ignite hostilities that could ratchet up to World War III. This would fit in nicely with martial law control over the American populace as General Tommy Franks envisioned, and could lead to US rule by a one government international New World Order seemingly so desired by both Bush and Kerry. And separate from a world engulfed in nuclear war, we have the constant threat of terrorism by Muslim militants looking to hurt the people of "The Great Satan" as protector of the most dangerous regime in the world: Sharon and his Likud Party.

The "outbreak" of anti-Semitism all over the world is unmitigated pap and nonsensical propaganda. Muslims are not out to destroy US because of our wealth, or our freedom, or even because of our ties to, and origins as, a Judeo-Christian nation; they foment terrorism against US because of our military might as the world’s greatest super power enabling Israeli ethnocidal imperialism. It is Israel that is the trigger; we are the big gun.

Commenting further on the dominance of Israel’s Likud Party over American politics, Cole continues: "It should be admitted that the American Likud could not make US policy on its own. Its members had to make convincing arguments to Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush himself. But they were able to make those arguments, by distorting intelligence, channeling Ahmad Chalabi junk, and presenting Big Ideas to men above them that signally lacked such ideas. (Like the idea that the road to peace in Jerusalem ran through Baghdad. Ha!)"

Cole’s observations confirm the source of Muslim terrorism: "The Likud policies of reversing Oslo and stealing people’s land and making their lives hell has produced enormous amounts of terrorism against Israel, and the Likudniks have cleverly turned that to their political advantage. Aggression and annexation is necessary, they argue, because there is terrorism. Some of them now openly speak of ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, using the same argument. But when the Oslo peace process looked like it would go somewhere, terrorism tapered off (it did not end, but then peace had not been achieved).

The drawback for the US in all this is that US government backing for Sharon's odious policies makes it hated in the Muslim world. (Note that Muslims who oppose Israeli aggression are often tagged as ‘terrorists’ by the US government, but rightwing Jews who go to Palestine to colonize it, walking around with Uzi machine guns and sometimes shooting down civilians, are not ‘terrorists.’) This lack of balance is one big reason that Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri hit the US on September 11. [Emphasis added.] In fact, Bin Laden wanted to move up the operation to punish the US for supporting Sharon's crackdown on the Second Intifada."

The FBI investigation now rapidly disappearing from the American media’s radar screen seems as some kind of fluke. Considering the extensive control Israel maintains over virtually all branches of American government through AIPAC and their Pentagon and White House neocon plants, why would an espionage agenda even be necessary?

Again Cole: "So, passing a few confidential documents over is a minor affair. Pro-Likud intellectuals established networks linking Defense and the national security advisers of Vice President Dick Cheney, gaining enormous influence over policy by cherry-picking and distorting intelligence so as to make a case for war on Saddam Hussein. And their ulterior motive was to remove the most powerful Arab military from the scene, not because it was an active threat to Israel (it wasn't) but because it was a possible deterrent to Likud plans for aggressive expansion (at the least, they want half of the West Bank, permanently)."

Here’s why AIPAC is an extremely dangerous and subversive group as offered by Cole: "All this can happen because there is a vacuum in US political discourse. A handful of special interests in the United States virtually dictate congressional policy on some issues. With regard to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and a few allies have succeeded in imposing complete censorship on both houses of Congress. No senator or congress member dares make a speech on the floor of his or her institution critical of Israeli policy, even though the Israeli government often violates international law and UN Security Council resolutions (it would violate more such resolutions, except that the resolutions never got passed because only one NSC member, the US, routinely vetoes them on behalf of Tel Aviv.) As the Labor Party in Israel has been eclipsed by the Likud coalition, which includes many proto-fascist groups, this subservience has yoked Washington to foreign politicians who privately favor ethnic cleansing and/or agressive warfare for the purpose of annexing the territory of neighbors. On the rare occasion when a brave member of congress dares stand up to this unrelenting AIPAC tyranny, that person is targeted for unelection in the next congressional campaign, with big money directed by AIPAC and/or its analogues into the coffers of the senator or congressman's opponent. Over and over again, AIPAC has shaped the US congress in this way, so successfully that no one even dares speak out any more."

Cole points out that this is precisely the type of tyrannical takeover of America our Founding Fathers feared. This is precisely what President George Washington warned US about advising strongly to avoid entangling alliances. Our sinful alliance with tiny Israel, run by mass murderers and war-mongers, has infested virtually all levels of our own government. And they are a long way from being through with US, but we may be only a few short years away from becoming a brutal dictatorship forged from the terrorism created by tiny Israel’s Likud Party.

AIPAC picks, elects and stacks both houses of our Congress. AIPAC has eliminated the Democratic Party’s former frontrunner. AIPAC accomplishes this by targeting politicians, and magnifying their small numbers by enlisting the support of a much greater number of Americans: the Christian Zionists. Cole explains this magnification of power employing non-Jews: "AIPAC is not all that rich or powerful, but politics in the US is often evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. Because many races are very close, any little extra support can help change the outcome. AIPAC can provide that little bit. Moreover, most Americans couldn't care less about the Middle East or its intractable problems, whereas the staffers at AIPAC are fanatics. [Emphasis added.]

If some congressman from southern Indiana knows he can pick up even a few thousand dollars and some good will from AIPAC, he may as well, since his constituents don't care anyway. That there is no countervailing force to AIPAC allows it to be effective. (That is one reason that pro-Likud American activists often express concern about the rise of the Muslim-American community and the possibility that it may develop an effective lobby.) Moreover, AIPAC leverages its power by an alliance with the Christian Right, which has adopted a bizarre ideology of "Christian Zionism." It holds that the sooner the Palestinians are ethnically cleansed, the sooner Christ will come back. Without millions of these Christian Zionist allies, AIPAC would be much less influential and effective." [Emphasis added]

The etremely dangerous power that AIPAC, a lobby of about 60,000, "representing" five to six million Jews in Israel, wields over the government and military of the United States, a nation of almost 300 million, can easily lead to a totally nuclear World War III. Terrorism is a tactic employed by the weak and oppressed. It is a tool that can be used to symbolically retaliate against a repressive government that is enslaving a people. But it can also be used to turn the people of a repressive nation against its own government. When the people of such a repressive nation realize that it is their own government that is responsible for generating such terrorism from external sources, the perpetrators hope that internal political pressure will lead to the abolition of that nation’s oppressive policies. This is the motivation of the PLO in conducting terroristic suicide bus and public place bombings against Israel.

The stubborn pigheadedness of the Bush administration and its Zionist PNAC cabal that engineered the war against Iraq in accordance with the "Clean Break" policy, is what must now be propped up and supported by a series of increasingly draconian Patriot Acts. Terrorism against the United States will grow, and will grow more seriously. During American expansionism characterized as "the wild West," the Colt "Peacemaker" revolver was termed "The Equalizer." In the "wild" Mid East, terrorism is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to oppressed Muslims and Palestinians. The new "equalizer" is nuclear weaponry. The threat to America is that nuclear devices will be employed shortly in terrorist acts against the United States.

This is precisely why we are becoming a police state. Bush had it right when he said that we couldn’t win a war against terrorism. But we can take a positive approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We can unauthorize AIPAC to lobby and take away its tax-exempt status. We can recognize that both of our major political parties are totally under the thumb of a serious foreign entanglement, and one that not only dictates down to US, but is also impervious to the death, harm and destruction that the weak and oppressed will use against US as the actions of our government blur the distinction between a just and honest people and our increasingly savage and corrupt government.

This is the major issue in this election. Either our government is with US, or with Israel. Which way is it Mr. Bush? Is there a third party that will step forward and save our nation? Obviously, saving US from World War III and nuclear attack aren’t of any importance to either major political party. We are, instead, focusing on another unjust war we lost thirty years ago. But just like the Germans after World War I, we cannot accept either that the war is over, or the fact that we lost it. The blessed opportunity of a "peaceful revolution" by a truly honest and open election is rapidly slipping away, and may well be replaced by a nuclear terrorist attack launching World War III. It will be the first major rebellion against "The Evil Empire," a rebellion against the Emperor of the Dark Side. Star Wars is US, and the great clock of history is about to strike the hour.


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Walt and Mearsheimer: The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy

"The Lobby", Dutch TV 2007, adapted for English.

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