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Remember that cop who shot the Air Force veteran three times for obeying his order? He was acquitted on all counts

Maeve Reston
LA Times
Friday September 21, 2007

A San Bernardino County jury Thursday acquitted a former sheriff's deputy of attempted voluntary manslaughter for opening fire on an unarmed, off-duty Air Force police officer after a high-speed chase last year, a brutal shooting videotaped by a bystander and aired nationwide.

Ivory John Webb Jr., 46, the son of a former Compton, Calif., police chief, was the first law enforcement officer ever to face criminal charges for an on-duty shooting in San Bernardino County in Southern California. Webb, who also was acquitted of assault with a deadly firearm, faced up to an 18-year prison sentence.
The jury of eight men and four women had spent less than half a day deliberating after the four-week trial in the San Bernardino courtroom, a case dominated by the video footage of the January 2006 shooting on a residential street in Chino, Calif., and dueling experts on police tactics and use of deadly force.

The prosecution's case focused on 1 minute, 15 seconds of raw, shadowy video, recorded about 10:30 p.m. Jan. 29, 2006, that showed Webb towering over Elio Carrion and then opening fire as Carrion appeared to be following his order to get up from a sprawled position on the pavement.

Carrion survived the shooting and is on duty at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

Carrion, a 23-year-old senior airman who was home on leave after a six-month tour in Iraq, had been a passenger in a Corvette that led Webb on a chase that reached 120 mph through residential neighborhoods, ending when the car crashed into a block wall and Carrion jumped out of the car and onto the ground.

In the video, Carrion is seen raising his left hand toward Webb at least twice and then Carrion appears to use his right hand to gesture as he tells Webb several times, "We're here on your side" and "We mean you no harm." Webb tells Carrion to keep his hands on the ground and then appears to tell Carrion to "get up." When Carrion says, "OK, I'm getting up," and starts to rise, Webb shoots him three times.

Prosecutor R. Lewis Cope also leaned heavily on police tactics experts, arguing the tape showed an angry deputy whose repeated tactical errors led him to fire on Carrion without provocation, including Webb's failure to wait for backup to arrive.

Lead tactics expert Joe Callanan, a former Los Angeles County sheriff's lieutenant who trained officers on the use of force during 22 years with the department, said Webb engaged in "extraordinarily risky" behavior and shouldn't have left the safety of his patrol car.

During his testimony, Callanan also insinuated that Webb's decision to fire his weapon was a "deliberate" act -- not a panicked response -- because the deputy paused for at least a half-second between each of the three shots he fired.

"Rapid fire is more typical of panic situation. Timed fire is more deliberate, more thoughtful," Callanan testified.

However, an expert witness for the defense told jurors that Webb was clearly justified in shooting because, as the video recording showed, Carrion ignored commands to keep his hands on the ground and appeared to reach into his Oakland Raiders jacket for a weapon just before the deputy opened fire.

"There were a couple of times where (Webb) would have been justified in firing," Inglewood (Calif.) Police Sgt. Kent Ferrin testified. "He showed great restraint." Webb's lead attorney, Michael Schwartz, hammered Carrion's credibility, arguing that Carrion was not a heroic Iraq veteran portrayed in the media but a "nameless, faceless suspect" who endangered Webb's life and the lives of others by failing to stop his drunk friend from leading police at more than 100 mph through residential streets.

Schwartz accused Carrion of intentionally misleading the jury about how drunk he was on the night of the shooting.

He argued a military policeman like Carrion should have known better than to argue with a police officer and disobey commands to stop talking and keep his hands on the ground when he was being held at gunpoint.

Schwartz argued that Webb fired in self-defense not just because of one movement by Carrion, but because of a combination of threatening movements that followed a pattern of noncompliance by the airman.

Webb, the only officer present during the shooting, initially told detectives that Carrion had lunged at him after ignoring orders to stay on the ground.

Several days later, after watching a clip of the video, the 46-year-old former deputy told detectives he believed Carrion was reaching for a weapon when he fired.

During the trial, the prosecutor seized on those conflicting statements, saying it showed Webb initially tried to deceive investigators and then was forced to change his story when he realized the shooting was caught on tape.

Webb's attorney dismissed the prosecutor's claims that Webb made conflicting statements to investigators, arguing that Webb's description of what happened in a two-hour interview after the shooting was supported by what was seen in the videotape.

Not every statement uttered that night, Schwartz said, can be heard on the videotape. He said even the transcript of the muddied voices on videotape was in dispute.

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Sweeps America

An epidemic of violence is sweeping the country. Police are being trained that the general public are the enemy and that they can engage in outright brutality without recourse. Taser deaths are skyrocketing because the police have been ordered to use "pain compliance", otherwise known as torture, to subdue and oppress the citizenry. It is time for police to remember that their duty is to protect the general public from criminals and not act as enforcers for a tyrannical police state.

Americans To Be Tortured For Refusing To Show ID?
A horror video that wouldn't look out of place in Maoist China or Nazi Germany shows a student being repeatedly shot with a stun gun by UCLA police for the crime of not showing his ID. As similar cases begin to pile up how long will it be before Americans are routinely tortured for noncompliance and refusing to have their 4th amendment violated?

Student Tasered For Asking A Question
Andrew Meyer was grabbed by cops after he asked the former presidential candidate why he didn't challenge the rigged election of 2004 and about his membership of the skull and bones secret society. Meyer asked police what he was being arrested for as they dragged him to the back of the University Auditorium before manhandling him to the ground.

Only when Meyer was immobile and had five officers on top of him did the police decide to send 50,000 volts of electricity coursing through his prostrate body, seemingly waiting until Meyer begged them not to do it so as to enjoy the maximum power trip from administrating the torture.

Police Beat Town Councilman Then Arrest Him For Assault

Roseland town council member David Snyder is calling for the resignation of a town marshal after a fight at Friday night's meeting. Snyder says while he was being arrested, he became a victim of police brutality.


Remember that cop who shot the Air Force veteran three times for obeying his order? He was acquitted on all counts.
A San Bernardino County jury Thursday acquitted a former sheriff's deputy of attempted voluntary manslaughter for opening fire on an unarmed, off-duty Air Force police officer after a high-speed chase last year, a brutal shooting videotaped by a bystander and aired nationwide.


Officer On Leave After Woman Tasered
The Warren Police Department is under fire for another accusation of abuse of force. The latest incident happened during a September second arrest in the parking lot of a popular nightclub.

Police Repeatedly Beat Old Man
NYPD thugs repeatedly beat an old man in the head for the crime of "intoxication".

Militarized Police Storm Utah Rave, Beat Partygoers
Armed with assault rifles and tear gas, the police used dogs to sweep the crowd for narcotics. At least one helicopter was used in the operation. The scale of the police response was apparently due to the ineffectiveness of a smaller force used in the previous "Sequence Five" rave. Prior to dispersing the partiers, several police informants had reportedly infiltrated the rave and observed widespread illegal activities

Police Attack Video Journalist, Steal His Camera
I was attacked by the New York Police Department, who broke my camera AND stole it... as well as my footage.

Cops Choke Kids For Skateboarding
Cop flips on kids for skating downtown in Hot Springs Arkansas. Jarad Graham, Drew Irwin, Skylar Nalls, Matt McCormack, Robbie Brindley, & Casey Canterbury get arrested.

Clay County Woman Shocked With Taser Dies
The family of a Clay County woman who died after being shocked with a Taser by police plan to seek justice. An attorney for the family of Emily Delafield said they plan to sue Green Cove Springs Police for the woman's death. She was shocked nearly a dozen times during a confrontation with officers.

28 seconds : The Killing of Fouad Kaady
In the early afternoon of September 8, 2005, police encountered Fouad Kaady shortly after he was in an accident that left him in shock and bleeding, burned over much of his body. Rather than calling for medical help, the police commanded him to lie on the pavement, even though they could see the burned flesh hanging from his body, and even though they said he appeared to be "in a catatonic state." When he did not comply with their orders, but instead continued to sit on the ground in a daze, they tasered him repeatedly. And then, they shot him to death.

In a report that was typical of the corporate media's response to this killing, Channel 8's ever-mealy-mouthed Kyle Iboshi held up a wad of papers left over from the "investigation" into the death, saying, "you can see how extensive this investigation was." He then commenced to highlight (literally, with a yellow highlighter pen) what he claimed to be the relevant details of the case. Not surprisingly, Iboshi was very selective in what he chose to focus on. He accepted, without question, everything that the PIO had told him to say. He never asked a single question about why two officers might have shot an obviously unarmed man to death. And, he concluded his report by implying that Kaady must have been "on drugs" at the time of the killing, as if that might excuse the officers' behavior.

And so, in a pattern of violence that is repeated almost every day in this country, the police got away with murder. So far, anyway. They did so because they have the power and the authority to carry guns and to use them, and to avoid facing the consequences of their actions. And, they got away with it because the complicit corporate media helped them to weave a story that would lull the public into silence. As in so many incidents like this one, they told a story that was engineered to cause people to blame the victim, and accept the violence. No questions asked.

The truth about what happened to Fouad Kaady is important. It's important to bear witness when a member of our community is cut down like this. It's important to stand up for the person he might have been, rather than accepting the media's portrayal of him as merely some drug-crazed monster who "had it coming." It's important to know just how deep the culture of police violence runs through our cities and towns, and just how fist-in-glove the corporate media has been with the police state. And that's why this video is important. Even if you think you know the story, you're not going to believe this. Over the course of a year and a half, Videoistas painfully and meticulously gathered evidence, combed through records and reports, spoke with witnesses, and pieced together the real story. It's much more disturbing than what you might have seen on KATU, but it's the truth. And the least we can do for a fallen comrade is to take the time to learn the truth about what really happened to him.

Believe it or not, this story is told in the officers' own words. And you won't even believe what you hear.

This video is of The Portland Indymedia video Collective and does not represent or speak for the kaady family.

Officers involved in bar room fight
As many as five Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies have been suspended with pay because of a bar room brawl early Thursday morning, said Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer.

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