Monday, November 06, 2006

The Empire Strikes Back

Emperor Bush the action figure

If any one has seen the Star Wars films than you can tell George Lucas patented this work on the type of government we have now. People have watched television so long that they are forgetting how to think logically. There is no physical way that three skyscrapers constructed of steel and concrete could collapse due do small fires. There have been many fires that lasted longer and burned longer. Yet we went to war amidst a roar of applause under false pretext in both cases.

The war in Afghanistan was passed because of a fake videotape was used as evidence. The man in the video is fatter than bin Laden and uses his right hand while bin Laden is lefthanded.

In the case with Sadam, Bush just wanted some oil…and dollars but mostely oil because oil is power. The war in Iraq was waged because of bad information that was perpitrated as fact.

The U.S. has become misguided into focusing on the seperation of church and state as much and focus on a more dangerous enemy of the peoples rights; corporations have become one with government and this is not good. I read about this ten years ago and it has come true. The only way to survive another ten is to sever this bond.


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