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RE: 9/11: The Third Stage

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Date: Jun 28, 2008 4:01 PM

The Third Stage
truthaction. org

A collection of short mainstream media and independent film
clips on the evolution of 9/11 skepticism.

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A government ruled by banks is facist, by mob is a democracy and by law is a Republic

RE: Secession - It's about the money stupid

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From: Veritas (Latin For Truth)
Date: Jun 28, 2008 3:40 PM

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From: Aristocutionor
Date: Jun 28, 2008 5:25 AM

The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor does it have any reserves.

The US Government borrows money from foreign Countries to keep going towards dissolving the sovereignty of the US to be replaced by the "New World Order" - So what is the collateral for those loans??
re: Public Lands as Collateral for US Debt
http://www. aristocutionor. com/index. php?option=com_content&task=view&id=210&Itemid=168
John Kennedy was assassinated within months of signing an Executive Order abolishing the Federal Reserve..So was Lincoln, and Harding, and it was attempted on Andrew the banksters (that is FACT!!)

Please watch the videos below - you will understand the scam and why my prediction of your standard will be half of what it was in 2005 by 2012 is true..

Secession is both the moral and legal obligation of the States..The Federal Government due is "Acts" and legislation are in breach of contract with ALL the States' Constitutions and their Contracts of Statehood..

All the States would be MUCH better off without the Federal Government..The States can and should remain united with the Bill of Rights, freedom of travel and no tax on commerce between the States as the ties that bind..

There are literally MILLIONS of TONS of gold and silver in the western States..We can and should have gold and silver backed currency..

Secession from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CORPORATION does not dissolve the united States of America or its Constitution - the primary law of the land..What secession does is dissolve the Federal Reserve, the IRS, many unconstitutional government agencies, and abolishes the infringements and usurpations of OUR individual and States' Rights..

Your State should follow the lead of Oklahoma in declaring a Sovereignty Resolution, and the Central and Eastern Counties of Oregon in filing a Writ of Secession -

Get with it..Protesting doesn't work, electing different people to the Federal Congress doesn't work - it needs to be torn down and rebuilt on the ORIGINAL Constitution that made US the greatest nation on earth - not the patsies of the banksters and "New World Order" agenda advocates that make up the MAJORITY of the Members of Congress - (they need to be charged with treason for not upholding their Oath of Office and imprisoned or hung by the neck til dead, according to the law of the land)..

Secede!! Or, rise up in armed revolt - those are your ONLY two viable options - Period!! - SECEDE!!! Remain the united States of America, but SECEDE from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CORPORATION..It is illegal, and is in breach of contract with ALL the States - SECEDE!!! And have a better standard of living and restore your RIGHTS..

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From: modern day serf
Date: Jun 28, 2008 5:11 AM

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From: jahmir - Welcome to the new world
Date: Jun 28, 2008 12:48 AM


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From: Re~Constitution USA | The GOP needs the Doctor...
Date: Jun 28, 2008 12:28 AM


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RE: This is for anyone who can't, or fears to, march on DC

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From: Lori
Date: Jun 28, 2008 4:01 PM

From: Blaine
Date: Jun 28, 2008 2:44 PM

Posted by: "Rich Martin"
Sat Jun 28, 2008 12:55 am (PDT)

This is for anyone who can't, or fears to, march on Washington. You have a chance to join the the only constitutional way to throw all the bums out peacefully and constitutionally..

Rich Martin

fromBill Walker, FOAVC co-founder:

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, FOAVC is currently researching through the U.S. Congressional achieves for the actual text of each state application submitted to Congress for an Article V Convention. These important applications have been buried in government repositories � some for over a hundred years � with no effort ever made to compile a comprehensive list of them. Some have speculated that this was no mere oversight. By burying, and hence, ignoring the more than 500 applications lawfully submitted by the states pursuant to our national Constitution, Congress has been able to sidestep its responsibility to convene an Article V Convention..

FOAVC has taken the historic initiative to compile an authoritative listing of these vital documents. It is our hope that by doing so, the American people will recognize not only that Congress has avoided its constitutionally mandated responsibility, but that we the people, acting through our state governments, have the power and authority to convene such a convention to discuss and address the vital issues of our day..

For those who want more transparency in government, there is no better way than to convene an Article V Convention that will spread the sunshine of intellectual scrutiny on every aspect of our government and provide the legal, constitutional means where shortcomings in our government may be constitutionally corrected..

Our research efforts have already uncovered more than 300 of these applications; these will soon be posted on our website for the world to view. We now need your help to complete this historic endeavor gathering the more than 200 applications we have yet to compile..

Some of the applications have already been posted and may be viewed at: http://foavc. org/file. php/1/Amendments/index. htm ..

If you are financially able, please consider donating whatever amount will fit your budget. We assure you that these funds will be used exclusively for this research purpose. If we are fortunate to raise more than the actual costs incurred by our professional research staff, any excess will be used to publicize to the American people the existence and location of this historic information..

Our donation link is: http://article-5. org/Donations/Donations. htm

Thank you
Bill Walker
FOAVC co-founder
www. foavc. org
http://foavc. org

Never let them forget what they did at Waco..

http://video. google. com/videoplay?docid=4298137966 377572665

myspace. com/bdsda..


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