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RE: Feds Torture “Tax Protester” Irwin Schiff

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From: Pamela's Protest
Date: Jun 15, 2007 10:51 PM

Feds Torture “Tax Protester” Irwin Schiff

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Date: Jun 15, 2007 7:44 PM

Feds Torture “Tax Protester” Irwin Schiff

Source: Another Day at the Empire

Considering what the government is doing to “tax protester” Irwin Schiff, it makes sense the “tax protesters” Ed and Elaine Brown have vowed to die before allowing hired guns working in the service of the psychopathocracy to take them in.

According to a post on the Rumor Mill News website, political prisoner Schiff was “was given the diesel treatment,” that is to say his sadistic wards put him on a bus, trussed in shackles, and drove him around for twelve or more hours. “The blood pools in your legs… the shackles cut in to your skin. You are NOT allowed to go to the bathroom, so people urinate in their clothes,” the post explains. “Prisoners are routinely given shoes that are too small… toe nails become ingrown to the point that prisoners have to pull them out with pliers to ease the pain… This is what happened to Irwin… they gave him boots that were too small. His foot became infected, he developed gangrene and they had to amputate his toe.”

For those unfamiliar with Schiff, he is 78 years old and serving 151 months in prison and was ordered to pay over $4.2 million in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service for the crime of not paying “income taxes,” otherwise known as slave ransom, or that’s what your humble blogger calls it, anyway. He currently languishes, apparently minus a toe, as Inmate #08537-014 at the Federal Correction Institution at Fort Dix, New Jersey, located on the Fort Dix/McGuire Air Force Base military installation. Fort Dix was in the news recently when a pizza delivery guy threatened to attack the base and kill as many soldiers as possible.

IRS Generalfeldmarschall Mark Everson told the media upon Schiff’s conviction in 2005, “Paying taxes is the price of citizenship. After three strikes, I would hope that even Schiff realizes that he has struck out.” Indeed, Schiff not only “struck out,” but apparently is in the process of losing body parts due to the Abu Ghraib-like conditions at Fort Dix.

Of course, it was our psychopathic rulers who long ago decided paying ransom, er income taxes, is “the price of citizenship,” as this was considered a reprehensible concept until the 16th Amendment was “ratified” in 1913. No doubt Mr. Everson missed history class on the day the teacher told the story about Thomas Jefferson, who managed to repeal all direct federal taxes—call it ransom, excuse me, income taxes—passed by the Federalists and boasted that ordinary Americans would never see a federal tax collector in their whole lives. Back in the day, the Republicans fought not only against direct taxes, but the authoritarian Alien and Sedition Acts foisted on the country by the Federalists. Nowadays, Republicans make the Federalists of yore look like pikers.

Again, considering the “diesel treatment” meted out to Schiff, the determination of Ed and Elaine Brown not to be taken alive makes perfect sense, as only a masochist would allow himself to be subjected to such brutal abuse, purposely inflicted by minions in the service of our rulers, who are criminal psychopaths.

Naturally, the taxes we are now paying will pale in comparison to what is coming, beginning with the so-called “carbon tax,” that is to say a fleecing scheme predicated on a ruse or at best an unsubstantiated theory based on junk science. Other taxes will of course follow, as our rulers have a mighty thirst for thievery and, unfortunately, far too many Americans are easily distracted and bamboozled when the government snake oil wagon trundles down Main Street promising miracle cures against the ills that plague us. Osama bin Laden, the CIA operative, is one such ill, and yet another is “climate change.”

But we are ripe for the picking. And the question is: How many of us will end up no better off, possibly worse, than the average Chinese zek, and how many of us will end up sharing Irwin Schiff’s fate?

No doubt plenty to the former and precious few to the latter.

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RE: Out There TV - Episode 261

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From: Nibiru
Date: Jun 15, 2007 7:49 PM

Patrick Geryl joins us on Out There to give you some hints. Beware: they're not very encouraging: those ... all » who do not prepare themselves will die in a terrible way. When you do prepare yourself, your survival chances will quickly rise. The problems we will have to overcome are immense, but not insurmountable.

"How to Survive 2012" is a blueprint for all of you who want to re-live the story of Noah. Patrick explains thoroughly all the problems we are going to encounter and which precautions we need to take. Patrick hopes to inspire enough people so that together we can resume life on earth in a new civilization.

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Whatever happened to good ol' baking soda

RE: Fake Toothpaste - Colgate warns of fake toothpaste in U.S.

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Date: Jun 15, 2007 7:13 PM

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From: Charlie Brown (Truth Seeker)
Date: Jun 15, 2007 4:09 PM

RE: Fake Toothpaste - Colgate warns of fake toothpaste in U.S.

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From: Kimberly
Date: Jun 15, 2007 3:42 PM

We have been aware of generic toothpaste brands which have been manufactured on China and contain antifreeze, but now it has surfaced they are copy catting name brands such as Colgate Polmolive!!

Imported Toothpaste Ordered Recalled
Colgate-Palmolive Says Product, Sold In Four States, Is Counterfeit

AP) Tubes of toothpaste sold in discount stores in four U.S. states and labeled Colgate - described as counterfeit by Colgate - are being recalled because they may contain a poisonous chemical, according to the importer of the tubes.

A Food and Drug Administration official, Doug Arbesfeld, confirmed Wednesday that testing had found the chemical in a product with the Colgate label. But he said the agency is unsure if it is really Colgate or a counterfeit.

"We are aware that toothpaste is something that's been counterfeited in the past," he said. "We don't want to alarm people unnecessarily."

MS USA Trading, Inc. of North Bergen, New Jersey, said the toothpaste may contain diethylene glycol, a chemical found in antifreeze.

The company said the toothpaste, imported from South Africa, was sold in discount stores in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

"Made in South Africa" is printed on the box and the batch includes Regular, Gel, Triple and Herbal versions.

The trading company said the problem was discovered in routine testing by the Food and Drug Administration. It said no illnesses have been reported to date.

The same chemical has led to the recall of several brands of toothpaste imported from China in recent weeks.

Colgate-Palmolive issued a statement early Thursday saying the tubes are counterfeit.

The company said it does not use, nor has ever used, diethylene glycol as an ingredient in Colgate toothpaste anywhere in the world.

"Colgate does not import toothpaste into the United States from South Africa," said the statement from Colgate-Palmolive Company. "In addition, the counterfeit packages examined so far have several misspellings including: `isclinically,' `SOUTH AFRLCA' and `South African Dental Assoxiation.'

"Counterfeit toothpaste is not manufactured or distributed by Colgate and has no connection with the company whatsoever," the company said, adding that Colgate is working closely with the FDA "to help to identify those responsible for the counterfeit product."

© MMVII The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Colgate warns of fake toothpaste in U.S.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Colgate-Palmolive Co. (NYSE:CL - news) on Thursday warned counterfeit "Colgate" toothpaste that may contain a toxic chemical had been found in discount stores in four U.S. states.

"There are indications that this product does not contain fluoride and may contain diethylene glycol," the company said of the toothpaste found in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Colgate-Palmolive said it does not use, nor has ever used, diethylene glycol as an ingredient in its toothpaste anywhere in the world. The chemical, also known as DEG and sometimes illegally used as an inexpensive sweetener and thickening agent, is commonly found in solvents and antifreeze.

The counterfeit toothpaste is labeled as being manufactured in South Africa but Colgate-Palmolive said it does not import toothpaste to the United States from South Africa. The packaging also contains several misspellings.

Colgate did not immediately respond to an inquiry seeking details of which stores the counterfeit toothpaste was found in, or how it may have found its way into the United States.

The Colgate announcement comes almost two weeks after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned consumers to avoid any toothpaste made in China after inspectors found DEG in tubes sold at two stores.

The FDA also issued an import alert aimed at preventing all toothpaste from three companies in China that make brands found to contain DEG from entering the United States.

The FDA has said it is not aware of any U.S. reports of poisonings from DEG-tainted toothpaste, but says the chemical has a "low but meaningful risk of toxicity and injury," especially to children and people with kidney or liver disease.

Colgate-Palmolive said it was working closely with the FDA to identify those responsible for the counterfeit product.

Colgate is the leading toothpaste company, with 36 percent of the U.S. market in 2006, slightly ahead of Crest, a Procter & Gamble Co. (NYSE:PG - news) brand, with 35.7 percent, according to Euromonitor data.

When the FDA issued its warning early this month, Crest said its toothpaste sold in the United States is all manufactured in North America. It also said Crest toothpaste sold in China is not manufactured by the companies under investigation.

A spokeswoman for Crest said on Thursday that counterfeit toothpaste is currently not an issue for the company.

The FDA issued its warning about Chinese toothpaste after seizing a batch found to contain 3 percent DEG. It said inspectors found DEG-containing toothpaste at a Dollar Plus store in Miami and at a store called Todo a Peso in Puerto Rico.

The FDA has identified products by Goldcredit International Enterprises Ltd., Goldcredit International Trading Co. Ltd., and Suzhou City Jinmao Daily Chemicals Co. Ltd as containing DEG under brands such as Cooldent, Clean Rite and ShiR Fresh.

DEG-contaminated toothpaste has also been seized in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Nicaragua. The sweet substance, sometimes used as a substitute for glycerin, was found in cough syrup in Panama that led to the deaths of at least 100 people last year.

Colgate, which also makes dish soap and pet food, earlier this year recalled two pet products manufactured by a Canadian company whose foods were found to contain contaminated wheat gluten imported from China and suspected in the deaths of cats and dogs.

Colgate shares were down 59 cents, or .9 percent, at $66.87 in afternoon trade on the New York Stock Exchange.



RE: If Fox "News" had been around throughout history...

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RE: How the FDA is Becoming a Drug Company

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From: Tony
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~Nita aka ~eerie
Emanations Of Love

Under the false pretense of improved food and drug safety the FDA is re-inventing itself as a kingpin drug company. This charade has so far hoodwinked virtually all members of Congress. The Senate has already approved this FDA transformation. The House will bring similar legislation out of committee next week, with a vote in the full House likely in July. The measure will then go to a conference committee to work out the differences. The final chapter in this transformation occurs when the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA becomes law, which is scheduled to happen some time before September 30, 2007.

Even well-intended FDA employees are actively seeking new employment in more meaningful work. Such is the case with Rosemary Johann-Liang, former FDA deputy director of the Division of Drug Risk Evaluation. Last year she was reprimanded for trying to put a black box warning on Avandia, a move the FDA itself made last week in a damage-control effort to cover its complicity with GlaxoSmithKline. After 6 1/2 years Johann-Liang is leaving the FDA. As USA Today reports:

She begins working Monday as chief medical officer in the vaccine injury compensation program at the federal Health Resources and Services Administration. Still, she says, she might have tried to figure out how to stay at the FDA "if the agency had a vision of promoting and protecting public health."

The 10,000 or so laid off Pfizer employees should cheer up, gainful employment for a legion of drug reps will soon be available through spin-off companies of the FDA's Regan-Udall Foundation. Yes indeed, times are a changing.

How Did this Happen?

The Bush administration figured out that the fastest way to get the FDA out of the way of Big Pharma's profits was to appoint FDA critics to key positions, thereby changing the FDA from within. This began in August of 2001 when Bush appointed Daniel Troy as chief counsel of the FDA, a man best known for defending tobacco companies. Mr. Troy invited Big Pharma to submit cases to him so that the FDA could help Big Pharma defeat citizens who were complaining that drugs and medical devices injured them. This has resulted in legal case precedent that ties up damage claim cases indefinitely and creates "trade secret laws" wherein the FDA claims it is legally obligated to withhold drug risks from the public to protect Big Pharma's proprietary knowledge.

Another active critic of the FDA, Scott Gottlieb, M.D., a Wall Street biotech sales rep and member of the American Enterprise Institute was invited into the FDA to rewrite its medical policy. Shortly after that Bush appointed him to the number two position at the FDA, even though he was a young and inexperienced physician with no expertise in drug safety -- just a major agenda to bring unproven drugs to the market with far less safety or effectiveness testing for the benefits of Wall Street.

These appointments were just warm-ups for Bush. His appointment that floored the drug-safety world and sent well-intentioned FDA employees running for cover was the appointment of Andrew von Eschenbach to head the FDA, an appointment that the Senate made permanent in last year's Lame Duck session. The FDA is now headed by a representative of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. It is informative to understand the chain of events enabling von Eschenbach to attempt his transformation of the FDA into a drug company.


Andrew von Eschenbach is a founding member of C-Change, short for Cancer Change (originally called The National Dialogue on Cancer) -- a group that was created and funded in 1998 by the American Cancer Society. This group has become a conglomeration of the most powerful players in the cancer treatment industry, as can readily be judged by looking at their member list. Their unstated goal is taking the national cancer agenda away from the public sector and placing it into private for-profit hands. The group is headed by former President Bush and his wife, Barbara. Until recently von Eschenbach was the vice chairman of the board. Since becoming permanent head of the FDA he relinquished his board position and is now only a member.

Von Eschenbach is an oncologist by trade, a cancer survivor himself, and had a long career running the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. He parlayed his close relationship with the Bushes and cancer-industry players into an appointment to head the National Cancer Institute (January 2002). And thus began the final stages in the transfer of power from public health interests to Big Pharma and Big Biotech. The initial and extensive C-Change conflicts of interest are fully explained in a revealing article on the Cancer Prevention Coalition website, including the assistance of tobacco companies and their PR firms in setting up this arrangement.

On February 22, 2002, Diane Feinstein (D-CA), the only Senator that is a member of C-Change, introduced The National Cancer Act of 2002 (S.1976). While this legislation never became law, it was quite telling as regards the C-Change plan -- to shift the national cancer agenda and funding away from the public interest and into the hands of the American Cancer Society, C-Change, and related pharmaceutical companies.

Astonishingly, then director of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson approved a waiver allowing von Eschenbach to remain vice chairman of C-Change while heading NCI, a dramatic conflict of interest. Tommy Thompson, like von Eschenbach, is a founding member of C-Change. During the von Eschenbach rein at NCI hundreds of millions of dollars in research grants were channeled to his C-Change friends and away from basic cancer research and public health measures relating to easily preventable cancers.

As head of NCI, von Eschenbach reorganized its administration bringing in a new layer of management spearheaded by the chairperson of the C-Change cancer research team and former biotech CEO, Anna Barker, Ph.D. Part of this new team included C-Change member Mark Clanton, M.D., as deputy director for cancer care and delivery. This C-Change management team met behind closed doors, setting NCI priorities independent of NCI's traditional scientific advisors.

Von Eschenbach then funneled NCI money into Big Biotech projects relating to genomic-based cancer research, nanotechnology, proteomics, and the establishment of biomarkers relating to disease and cancer identification. While such innovative projects are on the one hand admirable, they are quite detached from the real-world issues that cause cancer in many Americans and are in many ways a diversion from what should be done now to realistically help many people not get cancer. Furthermore, there is no near-term tangible result. The problem for all of this type of research is how to get potential products to the market when the cost for drug development is so high and the FDA has no guidelines as to how these drugs even work or can be monitored for safety.

The Critical Path Initiative

The FDA "solution" to this problem, announced in March of 2004, was to set up a collaboration with industry to design the next generation of drugs. This plan is called the Critical Path Initiative and it refers to streamlining the path for approval to get new drugs on the market faster with less expense and less testing for safety or effectiveness. I would like to point out that the entire Critical Path Initiative, admirable as it may seem to some, is going to produce an increase in public health disasters like Vioxx. This is because the FDA (or more specifically von Eschenbach and friends) think the pharmaceutical industry's problems are all based on a failure to get approval of new drugs fast enough.

In reality, the pharmaceutical industry's real problem is a failure to get results in the marketplace. When a new drug is approved very little is actually known about how it will perform in the real world. This problem is complicated by direct to consumer promotion that typically misrepresents the drug, massive off label promotion and use of the drug, and no system that monitors what is really happening with the drug as it is used. By rushing more drugs onto the market faster, the failure to get results issue will be magnified -- and the safeguards proposed in S.1082 are inadequate. Any savings in the cost of bringing a drug to market will be offset by the costs of lawsuits related to damages. The FDA is trying to "solve" that problem by preventing citizens from suing drug companies when an FDA-approved drug injures or kills. Von Eschenbach and the FDA have pushed forward with this very misguided marketing strategy.

In June of 2004 von Eschenbach's NCI awarded SRI International a long term grant to evaluate the safety and pharmacology of these new biological drug cancer treatments. More related grants have followed. SRI specializes in cancer biology and toxicology research, as well as helping to patent, license, and spin off inventions into commercial applications. SRI also does extensive work for the Department of Defense and Homeland Security. Some of SRI's largest clients besides government are the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In March of 2005 the FDA announced its first Critical Path collaboration known as the C-Path Institute in Tucson, Arizona. This is a collaboration between the University of Arizona, the FDA, and SRI International. One of its first projects is the establishment of cardiovascular biomarkers, working in conjunction with the University of Utah. Following this announcement the governors of the States of Arizona and Utah joined C-Change.

Conflict of interest reached a new level in October of 2005 when President Bush appointed von Eschenbach as temporary head of the FDA, a position he took while maintaining his roles as head of NCI and as vice chairman of the board of C-Change.

The Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA

Once von Eschenbach took over at the FDA, and eventually gave up his role at NCI, his main priority became promoting the Critical Path Initiative (not food or drug safety). He worked diligently with Senators Mike Enzi (R-WY) and Edward Kennedy (D-MA) to create a vehicle within the FDA to develop the next generation of biotech drugs. In last year's version of this legislation (which never came out of committee), this project was called The Reagan-Udall Institute for Applied Biomedical Research. This legislation would have set up the Institute within the FDA.

This year, Kennedy and Enzi tacked this piece of legislation onto required FDA funding, lumping numerous FDA issues into one huge bill (S.1082) and telling everyone it is a safety bill. Within this new legislation is the creation of the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA, set up as an independent non-profit Foundation that will be under the control of the FDA. The Senate fought bitterly over various drug-safety issues unrelated to the Reagan-Udall Foundation, as if these issues acted as a smoke screen to slip past members of the Senate the creation of the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA, the von Eschenbach dream come true.

Not a single Senator raised one concern about the significant safety issues inherent in the Critical Path Initiative/Reagan-Udall Foundation or conflicts of interest when Big Pharma and the FDA work side by side to develop, patent, and license drugs. The entire history of von Eschenbach's relationship with Big Pharma, Big Biotech, and C-Change has been conveniently ignored. This issue now moves to the House, where it will be interesting to see if Representatives are as poorly informed as Senators as to what is actually going on.

Yes, the FDA is going into the drug development business. According to Senate bill S.1082, the purpose of the Foundation is to advance the mission of the Food and Drug Administration to modernize medical, veterinary, food, food ingredient, and cosmetic product development, accelerate innovation, and enhance product safety. It will do this by taking into consideration the Critical Path reports and priorities published by the Food and Drug Administration, identify unmet needs in the development, manufacture, and evaluation of the safety and effectiveness, including postapproval, of devices, including diagnostics, biologics, and drugs, and the safety of food, food ingredients, and cosmetics.

The board of directors is composed of four primary members: the Commissioner of the FDA, the Director of the National Institutes of Health, the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. These members will then select the remaining board members to be composed of 4 representatives from Big Pharma and Big Biotech, 3 representatives from academia (which is funded by Big Pharma), 2 more from the FDA and NIH, 2 from consumers groups, and 1 from health care providers. This means that the FDA/Big Pharma/Big Biotech voting block always has 13 votes -- to at the most 3. An executive director of the Foundation will be appointed by the board and serve at the pleasure of the board.

The bill says the Foundation will ensure that "action is taken as necessary to enable the licensing of inventions developed by the Foundation or with funds from the Foundation; and (C) executed licenses, memoranda of understanding, material transfer agreements, contracts, and other such instruments, promote, to the maximum extent practicable, the broadest conversion to commercial and noncommercial applications of licensed and patented inventions of the Foundation."

Since the Foundation is responding to the needs of the Critical Path Initiative, and that initiative is primarily about the development of new drugs, it is clear that the Foundation will not only help with drug development but it will have significant business relationships as a result. Do not be confused by the Foundation's non-profit status, this is simply a useful vehicle that SRI International has used to coordinate collaboration while securing patents and licenses and then spinning off business ventures. The FDA is trying to reduce its legal liability to the federal government by setting up the Regan-Udall Foundation as a non-profit, in case the drugs it helps design injure or kill people. Make no mistake about it, the FDA will be fully in control of the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA. Once this becomes law, as anticipated by September 30, 2007, we will enter a new era with the FDA as a quasi drug company.

A Safety Nightmare

It is indeed disturbing that SRI International is intimately involved with the drug development process and has equally extensive connections with Homeland Security and the Defense Department. It will be far easier to make biological weapons that disrupt gene function than it will be to cure anything, in terms of initial applications of Critical Path technology. Indeed, this is an international problem and could cause an arms race of a new sort, as the Reagan-Udall licensed technology moves out into the world and not only creates a generic biotech drug industry but a generic biotech military industry. It would be responsible for the Congress to actually consider this problem before letting the Jeanie out of the bottle.

On the drug development side von Eschenbach plans to replace clinical trials that show positive outcomes such as true improvement in the medical condition or improved life expectancy with studies based on biomarkers or surrogate endpoints. Biomarkers are like sign posts that point the way, but do not guarantee that anything positive is actually happening. This concept lowers the safety and effectiveness testing required to get an approval, a key theme of the Critical Path Initiative.

This use of biomarkers, in and of itself, represents a drastic reduction in safety for Americans. One example of this problem is the Avandia scandal, wherein the drug was approved based on its ability to lower blood sugar (a surrogate endpoint or biomarker). It turns out that the drug does so while increasing the risk for heart failure, heart attack, and mortality. Over an eight year period it was turned into a blockbuster drug with sales of 3.2 billion a year. During this time the FDA sat on the known risks and did almost nothing to determine the aftermarket safety of the drug. The problem was actually exposed by an independent researcher. Based on last year's drug sales and the increased risk for heart attack, it is likely that 35,000 people needlessly died last year alone. How will independent researchers expose problems in the future when all of the advance technology required to evaluate the issue is part of an FDA-controlled monopoly?

Biotech drugs are inherently dangerous as they throw gene switches and powerfully influence functions of the body. Our understanding of what we are doing is in its infancy. This is like having the discovery of matches to light fires and not having any firefighting equipment or technology. Take the biotech company Amgen, with annual sales of 14.3 billion in 2006, and nearly half that revenue coming from two biotech drugs, Epogen and Aranesp, used in kidney disease. Aranesp is the blockbuster with 4.1 billion in sales for 2006, and is also used to treat anemia during chemotherapy. Amgen stock and sales are taking a beating as it is now coming to light that these drugs pose a significant risk for increased death when used, and doctors keep using them in an inappropriate way even though the FDA has warned them not to.

The FDA is scrambling to contain the damage the drug is causing without making Amgen look bad. Otherwise, the whole fast track approval of new biotech drugs as envisioned by the Critical Path Initiative and Reagan-Udall Foundation is in jeopardy. This is because these Amgen drugs were approved by the FDA based on biomarkers, not based on improved patient outcomes. An FDA Advisory panel was surprised to find how little testing Amgen did to demonstrate these drugs are safe or actually improve the patient's health. Amgen has a long history of involvement with the American Cancer Society and its fundraising activities. Will an FDA chief that is beholden to the same circle of friends and a true believer in what Amgen stands for actually be able to objectively regulate the company and protect patients from danger? Or will the profits of the drug company and image of the Critical Path Initiative be more important?

The Loss of Patient Centered Care

There was a time when a patient walking into the doctor's office actually had a meaningful conversation. The amount of time spent and the type of lab work or diagnostics performed were not constrained by managed care. To the best of the doctor's ability, the patient was given personalized care in the best interest of the patient. Patient centered care has been replaced by time constraints, minimized diagnostics, and maximized dispensing of questionable drugs. All of these problems are about to get significantly worse, as we enter the new era of von Eschenbach's concept of personalized medicine, based on genomics and proteomics.

Initially, a flood of new biotech drugs will hit the market, resulting in numerous Avandia and Vioxx-like scandals, which in some cases may take several years to identify. Congress, with 20-20 hindsight, will hold hearings that will result in legislation to improve safety. Von Eschenbach will tell Congress that the fault is not the drugs. Rather, it is the inability to personalize those drugs to specific patients that is the problem. Von Eschenbach would love to say that today, but he knows he doesn't have the technology ready to implement this plan as he will in five years. Thus, he is willing to put the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans in jeopardy by exposure to barely tested biotech drugs and recklessly push forward with his Critical Path Initiative plan.

The Von Eschenbach solution will be to evaluate the blood of every patient taking the drug with the FDA's sophisticated biomarker software. The FDA has already developed the early stages of this software and will continue to perfect its new system of medicine over the next decade. Making a long story short, in order to receive medical care your blood will be evaluated by an FDA-controlled super computer, your genes will be profiled, your genetic weaknesses will be part of your medical record, and you will have an RFID chip in your arm storing your complex biological medical records, tracking your vital signs, and monitoring your whereabouts. If doctors think they have it bad now just wait until they become slaves to the FDA computer's directions and drug prescriptions -- which will no doubt be the latest and most expensive biotech drug experiment.

Loss of Health Options

The FDA knows that most of its Critical Path technology is years from practical application, thus it is confronted by the problem of maintaining funding while not much is happening. One aspect of this technology is very advanced toxicology tools, tools required for the development of new drugs. In January of this year the FDA issued a press release saying they want to use Critical Path science to develop tools to assist with their regular FDA duties:

Scientific advances hold the potential to improve the tools FDA uses to evaluate the safety and efficacy of human and veterinary products as well as the safety and nutrition of food and food ingredients (e.g., new rapid tests for biological and chemical contamination of animal-derived foods, technologies for detecting and mitigating the microbial contamination of food, analysis technologies for assessing the safety and nutritive value of foods and food ingredients).

While any person is in favor of the FDA being able to better identify contamination in food, such as infectious E.coli, assessing the safety of food and food ingredients is an entirely different matter. Similar language has been written into S.1082 in the section on the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA, meaning the FDA is seeking to have it written into law that it can use Critical Path toxicology assessment to determine the safety of food ingredients (i.e., dietary supplements). This becomes a vehicle for the FDA to be able to remove any dietary supplement it desires from the market at its whim.

The supplements most likely to be removed are those that compete with Big Pharma and Big Biotech drugs, especially those drugs produced by the Reagan-Udall Foundation itself. S.1082 already contains the troublesome wording. The battle now moves to the House where it is vital to get an amendment into this legislation that will protect dietary supplements without interfering with the FDA's ability to identify true food contamination problems. This amendment has been prepared by Jonathan Emord, our nation's top health freedom attorney.

To keep up to date on this legislation and to help preserve your access to dietary supplements, send an email your Senators and Representative by clicking here.

A great deal will be happening in the next month or two on this legislation, which will determine the future of health care safety and quality for many years to come. Ideally, the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA should be removed from this legislation altogether until the technology is ready and the safety can be assured. Realistically, both the Senate and House are going to pass this legislation with the Reagan-Udall Foundation in the bill -- unless massive public protest occurs.

Assuming that the Reagan-Udall Foundation does move forward, strong language will need to be in this legislation to preserve health freedom and protect consumers from having dietary supplements evaluated using drug-related risk benefit analysis. In addition to the Emord amendment it will be essential to protect ourselves from the FDA's internal conflicts of interest that pervade the agency. As things are now the FDA is more concerned about looking good and protecting its image than it is about drug safety or allowing unfettered access to safe and effective forms of natural health options. Alternative therapies and dietary supplements are the true competition to the FDA's Big Pharma and Big Biotech medical model it is seeking to cram down the throats of all Americans. Stay tuned -- more to come.

(c) 2007 Truth in Wellness, LLC - All Rights Reserved, reprinted with permission.



RE: Gov agencies all moving to the center of the country?

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From: R4ND0mLI9HT
Date: Jun 15, 2007 4:14 PM

June 15, 2007 posting ... after looking at the "facts" ... the gov agencies all moving to the center of the country ... just imagine ... the incredible detail of just moving all the computer and communications equipment ... these types of items do not move or travel well and is an extremely complex job ... just from this fact it tells you that this "move" has been anticipated and planned for a LONG time which tells you that someone has known for a LONG time that something was going to happen ... is it a natural event or are they planning to simulate a "natural event" ... Katrina worked well to move populations so how about the following scenario which i actually have talked about in the past on radio shows ... imagine someone setting nuclear charges off the west coast of the canary islands to create underwater land slides (on already fragile volcanic rift zones) in the eastern pacific and creating a massive man made tsunami that before anyone could awake and move ... would wipe out the population of the entire eastern USA and they could blame it on a natural event ... and also it would do considerable damage to england (thus the queen's visit to the USA to take residence in the tunnel systems) ... has anyone noticed goddard scientists moving to new locations ... this would be another "indicator" ... the key to understanding is the mass movement of US security agencies prior to the alleged "event" ... in a real natural event there would be no such preparations would there ??? kind of like bill clinton contacting donald trump 2 weeks before katrina hit new orleans to get donald's investment ok to rebuild certain parts of downtown new orleans ... i am quite tired tonight so with this thought i will go for some much needed rest ... the past weeks have been very taxing ... talk to you in the morning ... and keep an eye out for the new somewhat revised web page (same content and rules but with a menu driven front page) ... jim mccanney



RE: Playing Dead: Amnesty Bill Back From The Grave AGAIN

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Lullaby Academy
Date: Jun 15, 2007 4:23 PM


Playing Dead: Amnesty Bill Miraculously Back From The Grave AGAIN
Plan to legalize millions of illegal aliens never went away

Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, June 15, 2007

The corporate mainstream media is working itself into a frenzy over the "revival" of the Amnesty bill as Senate leaders have announced that the legislation is to be brought back to the floor some time next week.

You cannot revive something that has never been dead.

No matter how many times Bill O'Reilly and Fox tell us the bill has "gone down" it never does.

The bill has been reintroduced three times in the last month. The government has been pushing this twice a year for last six years. This is not a "second chance" for the immigration bill as the media is stating, this is the bill's 14th or 15th chance. We are continually being told that it is being brought back and killed off to the point where the majority of Americans are worn down into complete apathy.

Before lobbying Congress personally this week, President Bush announced that he is "sure" that the amnesty immigration bill is going to pass:

"I'm going to work with those who are focused on getting an immigration bill done and start taking some steps forward again. I believe we can get it done. I'll see you at the bill signing." Bush insisted.

Bush then emerged from a midday meeting with Republican senators on Capitol Hill to declare, "We've got to convince the American people this bill is the best way to enforce our border."

This quote is key, the people need to be "convinced" because the fact is that leaving the border wide open and allowing mass amnesty along with chain migration is the absolute opposite of enforcing the border.

CNN's Lou Dobbs who has railed against the amnesty bill and the emerging north American union today hit the nail on the head in his column when he said:

No, Mr. President, someone you trust and respect must convince you that kind of tortured reasoning should never be exposed before cameras and microphones. Isn't there anyone in this administration with the guts to say, "Give it a rest, Mr. President?

In what other country would citizens be treated to the spectacle of the president and the Senate focusing on the desires of 12 million to 20 million people who had crossed the nation's borders illegally, committed document fraud, and in many cases identity theft, overstayed their visas and demanded, not asked, full forgiveness for their trespasses?

Illegal aliens and their advocates, both liberal and conservative, possess such an overwhelming sense of entitlement that they demand not only legal status, but also that the government leave the borders wide open so that other illegals could follow as well, while offering not so much as an "I'm sorry" or a "Thank you."

As the Senate is announcing the reintroduction of the bill we are receiving with emails telling us we are wrong or intentionally misleading readers by warning that the bill has not gone away!

As the cover of Time Magazine announces that amnesty makes sense, we are being criticized for calling the immigration "reform" an amnesty.

The indefinitely renewable "Z visas" that form the core of the legislation not only legalize immigrants already in America but pave the way for their extended family to join them. Once those family members become resident they too will be able to bring in their extended families and so on. In what sense can this be considered NOT to be an amnesty?

In addition to this the bill was drafted in total secrecy with the help of liberal think tanks and Latino national interest groups such as the National Council of La Raza and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, which as the Washington Post reported now have virtual veto power in the immigration debate. Some of these groups are notoriously racist and have openly called for revolution.

The latest "revival" sees a new measure to "ensure funding for tighter border security measures".

The fact that this measure has had to be inserted goes to show that there is little faith in the intention to secure the border.

Furthermore Bush has said that the $4.4bn in immediate additional funding for securing the borders and enforcing the law will come from
fines collected from illegals caught entering the US.

There you have an admission that the funding to secure the border will come from the border remaining wide open!

Before the bill "died" its advocates claimed that before the immigrant-rights measures could go into effect, the government would have to deploy 18,000 new Border Patrol agents and four unmanned aerial vehicles; build 200 miles of vehicle barriers, 370 miles of fencing, and 70 ground-based radar and camera towers; provide funds for the detention of 27,500 illegal immigrants a day; and complete new identification tools to help employers screen out illegal job applicants.

Given that the government has not been able to build a simple fence in six years how is it going to be able to achieve all this within eighteen months? We have also seen in the past how "immigration control efforts" such as Real ID, boosting troops on the borders and building fences are simply smoke and mirrors behind which lie methods of control, outrageous elitist profiteering and the destruction of freedom.

Earlier this week we revealed that senior officials in the defense department have been pushing the Congress to fast track a section of the bill that would allow the military to recruit illegal aliens, after recruitment figures released by Pentagon showed that the Army failed to reach its targets for May.

Enemies within the Pentagon have declared war on US sovereignty. Traitors within the Defense Department are treasonously attempting to strong arm Congress into passing a blanket amnesty bill in order that it can facilitate a huge influx of illegal foreigners into the United States armed forces in addition to the 20-50% of ground troops in Iraq who are now non citizens.

We have also exposed the fact that the bill not only provides total amnesty for those who have illegally entered the country and those who have employed them, but it also provides total tax amnesty for illegal aliens.

The Boston Globe reported that the Bush administration insisted on the removal of a provision in the initial version of the bill, proposed by Kennedy (D-Mass.), requiring payment of back taxes and any related fines to the Internal Revenue Service as part of the road to citizenship.

.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) released a list of 20 further loopholes in the bill last week which reveal that it is fatally flawed and will not establish a functioning immigration system in the future.

Social, political and economic forces are pulling America apart and driving her toward a bloody conflict that may fracture and Balkanize the nation. The move to cement a legal force of underling workers that will do the dirty work for the global corporate elite while at the same time wiping out middle class opulence and sustainability is a direct avocation of a creation of a massive underclass of illegal, third world, uneducated and poor slaves.

In this sense the bill is designed to kill America.



RE: Attorney serves notice on marshals to cease and desist in NH

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
Date: Jun 15, 2007 2:52 PM

I love it!

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Indiana 9/11 TRUTH
Date: Jun 15, 2007 11:41 AM

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: splitbabyniblet (FREEDOM NOT LIBERTY)
Date: Jun 15, 2007 2:31 PM




TO: Mr. Stephen R. Monier

c/o Office of the U.S. Marshal

Warren B. Rudman U.S. Courthouse

55 Pleasant Street, Suite 207

Concord 03301


FROM: Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964(a), Rotella v. Wood

DATE: June 15, 2007 A.D.

SUBJECT: Mr. Ed and Mrs. Elaine Brown

Greetings Mr. Monier:

This is to inform you formally and officially that my office legally represents the United States ex rel. in Tenth Circuit appeal #07-2017.

In that case, extensive verified evidence has already been admitted into that Court’s record, proving conclusively that there is no Statute at Large creating a specific liability for income taxes imposed by subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”).

The alleged “liability” was fabricated by the Internal Revenue Service, but there is no corresponding Act of Congress creating that specific liability for any income taxes imposed by IRC subtitle A.

Accordingly, even if the IRS were a de jure service, bureau, office or other subdivision of the U.S. Department of the Treasury (which they are NOT), they would still not have any authority to create a tax liability by means of regulations published in the Federal Register. See 31 U.S.C. 333; Commissioner v. Acker, 361 U.S. 87 (1959).

Moreover, you are hereby served with formal NOTICE that the constitutionality of IRC subtitle A, the federal Jury Selection and Service Act and the Act of June 25, 1948, has now been properly and formally challenged in that Tenth Circuit Appeal.

In the first instance, it is now the position of the United States ex rel. that the Jury Selection and Service Act is unconstitutional because it expressly discriminates against State Citizens by requiring that all jury candidates be federal citizens. The U.S. Supreme Court has already held that such “class discrimination” in jury selection is unconstitutional. There are two (2) classes of citizens in America.

Therefore, the Browns were never “indicted” by a lawfully convened federal grand jury, and they were never “convicted” by a lawfully convened federal trail jury. Both panels of federal citizens were not lawfully convened federal juries, in the first instance.

My office has not yet had an opportunity to review any of the court pleadings filed in the Browns’ case. Nevertheless, our 17 years of experience in State and federal litigation inform us that the U.S. Department of Justice routinely institutes criminal proceedings on behalf of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. However, the latter entity incorporated twice in Delaware, and both of those foreign corporations have now been revoked by the Delaware Secretary of State.

To make matters much worse, the long-standing rule in all federal litigation is that statutes conferring original jurisdiction on Federal District Courts must be strictly construed. The Article IV United States District Court has no criminal jurisdiction whatsoever. The general grant of criminal jurisdiction at 18 U.S.C. 3231 confers original jurisdiction upon the Article III District Courts of the United States, not on the Article IV United States District Courts.

We have enclosed a few key documents to substantiate every statement above, and full details are readily available from supporting links and related resources in the Supreme Law Library on the Internet here:


Accordingly, formal demand is hereby made of you and all of your associates, accomplices and accessories of whatever description, to cease and desist immediately from any further attempts to apprehend the Browns or to trespass upon their fundamental Rights or private property in any manner whatsoever.


If you willfully violate this lawful NOTICE AND DEMAND TO CEASE AND DESIST, this is our formal NOTICE to you of our intent to lodge a VERIFIED CRIMINAL COMPLAINT, ON INFORMATION specifically naming you as a principal in a conspiracy to engage in a pattern of racketeering activities in connection with the Browns and in connection with any other attempts by your office to enforce a non-existent liability for IRC subtitle A “income taxes”, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1962.

Notice to agents is notice to principals.

Notice to principals is notice to agents.

Thank you for your immediate cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Private Attorney General, Criminal Investigator and

Federal Witness: 18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13, 1964(a)

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RE: Everything You Wanted To Know About Ron Paul

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Date: Jun 15, 2007 1:48 PM

Everything You Wanted To Know About Ron Paul

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From: Mudd(R-PA)
Date: Jun 15, 2007 10:40 AM

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From: Ron Paul 08; [Manny - CT]
Date: Jun 15, 2007 10:36 AM

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Beto (small L - CA) Ron Paul 2008
Date: Jun 15, 2007 1:23 PM

Thanks: Got Liberty?


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ron Paul


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RE: RE: 3rd CIA Officer Confirms Ron Paul On Roots of Terrorism

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Date: Jun 15, 2007 1:51 PM

RE: 3rd CIA Officer Confirms Ron Paul On Roots of Terrorism

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: (R) Ron Paul 08' South Carolina
Date: Jun 15, 2007 10:45 AM

From: vote hawaii

From: Ron Paul Revolution

*3rd CIA Officer Confirms Ron Paul On Roots of Terrorism*

For the third time this week, a retired CIA officer has told Antiwar Radio that U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East is the driving force in al Qaeda’s recruitment and motivation for attacking America on September 11th.

Ray McGovern, a 27 year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, when asked Friday afternoon what he thought of the exchange between Congressman Ron Paul and Rudy Giuliani said (at 23:45 out of 43:23)

MP3 here.

“I’m really edified by Ron Paul stepping up and stating what he believes to be the case.

“If you believe that they hate us for our democracy or for our freedoms, well I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that I’d really like to sell you at a cut rate.

“They hate us for our policies and that’s what Ron Paul was saying. …

“Giuliani … really showed his true colors there as a demagogue.”

Earlier this week Michael Scheuer, the former chief of the CIA’s bin Laden unit and Philip Giraldi, another former CIA counter-terrorism officer, made much the same statements to Antiwar Radio.

McGovern then made the common analogy of terrorists and mosquitos and why the policy should be to “drain the swamp.” But rather than advising more invasions in the name of swamp draining as the Bush administration has maintained is their policy, McGovern says you want to remove the circumstances which create terrorism, by “find[ing] out where these terrorists are breeding.”

“[There is a] swamp of grievances dating back decades: Three generations of people living in the equivalent of concentration camps in the West Bank and Gaza, dictatorial regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other places.

“If you look at those grievances and instead of trying to shoot those terrorists as they leave that swamp, you drain that swamp by addressing those grievances and giving these people some reason to hope for a better future. …

“People will come back and say, ‘Now Ray, for God’s sake, Osama bin Laden doesn’t give a darn about the Palestinians.’ Well, that doesn’t matter whether he does or he doesn’t. He knows the kind of resonance that kind of appeal has.”

McGovern then quoted the 9/11 Commission Report regarding the motivation of Kahlid Sheik Mohammad, the ringleader of the September 11th attacks:

“Kahlid Sheik Mohammad was motivated not by any antipathy resulting from his stay in the United States [where he had attended college years before], but by his profound hatred for U.S. policy toward Israel – favoring Israel one-sidedly.”

McGovern then summarized a footnote in the back of the 9/11 Commission Report as saying:

“These are practically the exact words of what Ramzi Yousef - Kahlid Sheik Mohammad’s nephew - used in bragging about his pride in being condemned to 140 years in a federal penitentiary for trying to knock down one of the Twin Towers back in 1993.”

Educating Rudy Press Conference

Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Book Club

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Zeitgeist: If you only watch one movie, this one could save your life.

RE: The best Truth video in 12,000 years.. from Horus to 9/11/01

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
Date: Jun 15, 2007 1:06 PM

Absolutely at the Top Of My List!

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Taboo Central
Date: Jun 15, 2007 10:03 AM

All thanks and credit to my excellent friend, Dalibor! If this video shakes, alters or confirms your belief in some of the world's great myths then it has suceeded. The worst thing that can happen to any of us is to have our reality raped by a lie because without "reality", all we have left to depend upon is chaos. If we mindlessly believe what we are told, we stop looking for the Truth
and accept the lies as gospel. The consequences of such blind faith are as horrible as they are predictable. Wake up, before it's too late....

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RE: Saltwater into fire (John Kanzius) (video)

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From: thumbs
Date: Jun 15, 2007 11:37 AM

Video: Saltwater into fire (John Kanzius)

"John Kanzius discovered that his radio frequency generator could release the oxygen and hydrogen from saltwater and create an incredibly intense flame."

Related Videos:

Supplemental Information:



RE: Joseph Farah Attacks Ron Paul

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From: Leo/FightNWO-Resisting World Government
Date: Jun 15, 2007 12:08 PM

WND blows for the most part...minus a few good reads. After reading what the Republican Liberty Caucus Of Texas has to say, scroll down & read the worldnet daily article by Joseph Farah.

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
Thanks: Republican Liberty Caucus Of Texas
Date: Jun 15, 2007 8:48 AM

I recently posted a bulletin about Joseph Farah betraying conservatives and supporting Fred Thompson even though he said he did not know much about him. In his most recent article he's shown his true colors, he's not just a sellout he's taken it upon himself to be Ron Paul's enemy.

The traitors email address is:

Please take the time to let him know what you think about his attacks on Ron Paul

Mr. Farah,

I am a life long Conservative and I thought World Net Daily was a source to be trusted but now I know that your publication is not what it appears to be. You have shown a callus disregard for the truth and exposed yourself to be either lazy or you are simply trying to deceive your readers. In a recent article you endorsed Fred Thompson yet admitted you didn't know that much about him. Does that mean you did not know he sponsored and voted for McCain/Feingold ? If you have any journalistic integrity you would explain why you failed to mention that to your readers. Or is that the part about Thompson you didn't know? It took me about two minutes of searching on the Internet to find that out.
Now you have resorted to attacking Ron Paul. The most incredible thing you said was:

"Let me tell you something else that disturbed me about Paul's position on amnesty for illegal aliens.
In the most recent debate, he implied amnesty wouldn't be such a bad idea if we could stop attracting illegal aliens with welfare-state programs.

This demonstrates, again, a fundamental misunderstanding of why illegal immigration is so threatening to our country.

Hardened criminals come to the U.S. illegally.

Terrorists come to the U.S. illegally.

Drunk drivers come to the U.S. illegally.

Millions of low-skilled workers come to the U.S. illegally and transform our culture.

I listen to the last debate again and Ron Paul didn't even come close to implying that amnesty was a good idea.

Ron Paul: "I voted for the 700 mile fence though that was the weakest reason but for other reasons, to enforce the law is important and border security is important. "We've talked about amnesty which I'm positively opposed to, One thing we have not talked about is if you subsidized something you get more of it. We subsidize illegal immigration we reward it by easy citizenship either by birthright or amnesty. We force our states and local communities to pay for their health care & education why wouldn't they bring their families? Because of our economic conditions we do need workers but if we had a truly free market economy,the illegal immigrants would not be the scapegoats."

You seem to be putting a lot of effort into attacking Ron Paul but you failed to mention some other things about Fred Thompson that most true conservatives would be disturbed by. Like the fact that Fred Thompson somehow managed to avoid the draft during Vietnam, Ron Paul served honorably as a Flight Surgeon. Fred Thompson made huge amounts of money from being a lobbyist. One British company alone Equitas Ltd paid him $760,000. Fred Thompson also had the reputation in the Senate as being lazy.
Contrast that with Ron Paul who has never been a lobbyist, He has never voted to raise congressional pay. He has never taken a government-paid junket. He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program. He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

You dismiss a man of impeccable character for Fred Thompson. I know who you are now Mr. Farah , a fear mongering Neo-con. You joyfully spread Bush's propaganda about the Iraq War . I don't usually quote a Democratic, but in the words of FDR, I'm not going to fear, fear itself anymore.

Here's links to some real journalists who actually did their job.

Thompson Will Take On Outsider Role After Playing Access Man

Thompson and the 'Laziness' Issue

Of Tulips and Fred Thompson

I used to post links to WND articles in support and considered myself a loyal reader. But that ends now. I know you are a Judas among true conservatives, and I will spread that fact about you and WND to as many people as I can.

Phil Pepin

This was in response to this article:

Why Ron Paul is disqualified
Posted: June 15, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

between the lines Joseph Farah

Why Ron Paul is disqualified

Posted: June 15, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

For a long time, I have considered Ron Paul to be among a small handful of principled members of the U.S. Congress.

I respect the fact that he reveres the Constitution and takes it seriously.

He and I were virtually alone on the national stage in calling on Congress to debate a declaration of war before invading Iraq. Had we done so back then, it would be a little more difficult for people like John Edwards and Hillary Clinton to dismiss so cavalierly their previous votes to authorize combat.

If I were in Congress, my voting record would be closest to the voting record of Ron Paul – no question about it.

But I want to be clear about why I oppose Ron Paul's bid to become president.

The main reason is this: He is clueless about the nature of the threat we face from Islamo-fascism. He is clueless about the nature of the conflict in the Middle East, a subject I have studied intensely for 30 years.

Paul actually blames American interventionism in the Middle East for our problems with Islamo-fascism and the attacks of Sept. 11. In the May 15 Republican debate in South Carolina, Paul said it was America's history of interventionism in the Middle East that sparked our problems with terrorism.

"They attack us because we've been over there," he said. "We've been bombing Iraq for 10 years. We've been in the Middle East [for years]. I think [Ronald] Reagan was right. We don't understand the irrationality of Middle Eastern politics."

Paul called this "blowback." He illustrated his point by blaming the 1979 Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini revolution on CIA involvement in installing the shah 26 years earlier, not on U.S. undermining of the shah in his last days in power.

While I am not a defender of the way the war in Iraq has been waged by President Bush, Paul essentially calls for running up the white flag of surrender to an enemy that seeks America's destruction. It is a wholly untenable position he shares with people like Rosie O'Donnell and Bill Maher.

He also flirts with many of those who believe 9-11 wasn't really an attack by Islamo-fascists at all but an inside job by the U.S. government. While I take a backseat to no one in my distrust of government, these conspiracy theorists Paul courts are, quite simply, doing the propaganda work of America's fiercest enemies.

America has made many foreign policy mistakes in my lifetime. We have indeed intervened militarily too often. I have preached non-interventionism many times. However, America is under siege from Islamo-fascist enemies. We've been attacked – the worst ever in our history. This is no time to back down or even to appear to be weak.

It would be disastrous if we cut and run now as Ron Paul suggests.

Let me tell you something else that disturbed me about Paul's position on amnesty for illegal aliens.

In the most recent debate, he implied amnesty wouldn't be such a bad idea if we could stop attracting illegal aliens with welfare-state programs.

This demonstrates, again, a fundamental misunderstanding of why illegal immigration is so threatening to our country.

Hardened criminals come to the U.S. illegally.

Terrorists come to the U.S. illegally.

Drunk drivers come to the U.S. illegally.

Millions of low-skilled workers come to the U.S. illegally and transform our culture.

Yes, I would like to dismantle the welfare state, too. But it would still be no substitute for securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws.

The defense of the country is a paramount issue in a presidential election. It is the most important responsibility of the executive branch of government. Yet, Paul's positions on the key defense and security issues of the day are closer to those of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry than Ronald Reagan.

That's why, for me, he's disqualified – even if he had the support necessary to win, which he doesn't and never will.

Joseph Farah is founder, editor and CEO of WND and a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. His latest book is "Stop The Presses: The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution." He also edits the online intelligence newsletter Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, in which he utilizes his sources developed over 30 years in the news business.


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