Monday, October 29, 2007

Interview with an Ex-Vampire, what does Anne Rice really know.

Just in time for the day of the dead, watch and then order your own copy.

The first time I heard of Bill Schnoebelen (Pronounced Sneblen) was on The Prophecy Club. I wanted to know about Freemasonry because I was in a debate about the secret society. Of all the sources I found Bill was by far the one who went deeper into the society than anyone I had discovered in all my Google searches. The only rival to him in experience is Dr. William Deagle. Dr. Deagle was approached to be the apprentice to Pindar, translates to penis of the dragon, on many occasions. Pindar also goes by the name Marquis of Libeaux. Between the two men you can learn quite a bit about life and history because if we do not learn it, then were doomed to repeat it.

I have recently viewed Interview with an Ex-Vampire" which is a nine hour journey into the abyss. Bill elaborates on his past in everything from the Catholic Church to his fight with vampirism. If you have ever thought of selling your soul then get some background from someone who has. I know, nine hours but that’s not even thirty minutes a day for three weeks if you don’t have time all at once to get in-depth religious knowledge.

Stephanie Relfe does a wonderful job guiding the conversation to heights that will amaze and astound almost anyone who watches. The interview took place in Orlando, Florida and made several references to local issues. Stephanie asks the questions most would be fearful to postulate.

Bill covers a plethora of topics such as Mormons (L.D.S. Church,) Disney, Satanism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Freemasonry, ghost busting and even vampirism just to name a few. I have been a researcher in many intersecting issues and was relieved to hear that the in all his years of experience, he still believes herbalism and holistic medicine are benefits to humanity and not a parasites. I have verified much of what is covered in the videos with research I have done over the years but mostly these things spark to my intuition.

I hope you have the chance to watch and pass this information. After all “it takes a village to raise a child” let alone an adult. No-matter what religion you are this will give you some questions that you will want answered.

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