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RE: David Letterman endorses Ron Paul - repost for Lucas

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I wrote a heartfelt letter to David Letterman. Please do your part and Copy/Paste the text of this letter into an email to

Please REPOST this letter a GAZILLION TIMES so it goes out to everyone. He has MILLIONS of viewers and if he would endorse Ron Paul again, it would be a huge win for us.
The more people we get to send this letter, the better chance he has of actually getting it.

To David Letterman

Dear David,

I am writing you today to see if you could help me, America, me with a problem.

As your know Sir, our once great country which was called a bastion of freedom and liberty, has now fallen by the wayside.

Where there was once smiles and laughter, there is now water-boarding and tasers. The notions of children playing hopscotch on the sidewalk have been replaced with fines for writing on the sidewalk with chalk. Where our military was regarded as one of the most beloved on the planet, they are now called occupiers.

The reason why I write to you is simple. You have an audience, a large audience of dedicated folks who love and admire you. Your crazy antics have entertained millions and millions worldwide for many a year.

My problem, America's problem, is this;

The forces that be wish to suppress liberty and freedom by trying their best to limit Ron Paul's access to the airwaves. They have deleted polls, called him names, tried to link him to things that are not true, and basically contrived to undermine every attempt to bring him into the spotlight.

I know you supported Dr. Paul back in 1988. I know you are a good man David, and your heart is in the right place. We need you, and I repeat, America NEEDS you to endorse Ron Paul, once again, like you did on air in 1988.

I know David, that when you decide to be serious, you are as serious as they come. I also know you understand the seriousness of this next election for the future of America.

Please Sir, I ask you this one favor in return for the loyalty the American public has given you. We need you to help us break free from this media wall they have tried to construct around Dr. Paul.

It's just one simple favor I ask, America asks, so we can return to a way of life that we were supposed to be granted from our constitution.

Will you please help us?

Thank you so much for your time in reading this and keep up the great work.

A Fan for Years,


Video of David Letterman Endorsing Ron Paul

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