Monday, December 25, 2006


Merry Christmas America

It seems that our elected congressional leaders are putting their feet down on the issue the Universal Service Act but could this be a rouse? George W. Bush fired the first General in charge of Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.) because he said that he needed four hundred thousand troops in order to secure Iraq. Now we face a draft that will encompass all Americans in it’s Satanic grasp. H.R, 4752 will make all citizens serve a minimum of two years of military/civil service if they are between the age of 18-42. This Act will make Viet Nam look like a picnic. The Bush administration seems to have reduced our military strength in order to bring the accursed draft back form the abyss.

The last time the Selective Service ran a drill on the draft I had a vision that has started to become true. In 1998 while meditating I was faced with something so horrible only a demon would want it to come to pass. While I was confronted by thousands of women who all had the same question, “why did this have to happen to MY child.” At the time I had no idea what this vision meant but it was very clear that this was the result of the largest loss of life the planet had seen save a planetary extinction. I saw American mothers holding the bodies of their dead and dismembered children. This startled and horrified me to the extent that I could not believe that there could be people so evil as to allow and encourage this to happen.

With the justification for invasion all but crumbled to dust there is no just cause for this except Imperial expansion. What happened to the Republic that was formed by our fore fathers, the answer if you can take it is that politicians have sold this nation into corporate slavery. With the un-Constitutional enactment of the Federal Reserve, America had it’s sovereignty usurped by secret societies and big banks in order to have cannon fodder for their New International Order (New World Order) as phrased by Henry Kissinger on a recent news broadcast.

At the moment “We The People” have to stop this from becoming history for it will be build on the corpse of Innocence. We cannot allow this integral part of world domination to be allowed enacted into law. Please write/phone your Congressman as many times as necessary until they understand that if they want a war then they can go fight it the American are not pawns to be sacrificed to achieve an end especially if it is the end of life as we know it. Almost a thousand years ago the world was in a similar state of unrest caused by religion, have we yet learnt nothing? The way to unify people is through compassion and understanding, which our “leaders” apparently lack in addition to common sense. The way we can speak out is with our dollars and our labor, we need to make it aware that decide our own future not some banker in Germany. We have the Right to work for whomever we choose yet Congress would like to take that from us as well, we cannot allow this to happen. If H.R. 4752 passes then you will be required to put your blood, sweat, tears and soul into implements of dismemberment and death for men, women and children world wide. What does your “God” tell you to do?


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