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From: Ry anti-neocons
Date: Jun 14, 2007 12:33 PM

From: Ron Paul 08; [Manny - CT]
Date: Jun 14, 2007 6:27 AM

Have you seen these banners? We created them; there all over myspace.

Here's the plan I sent out to these people:

I have a great plan that coincides with your idea. I've been promoting for a long time and found very effective ways to promote.

What I think we should do is use the banner that 1 in every 4 people are using now. This banner is all over Myspace. It's the most used Ron Paul internet tool yet and we created it. I can modify the banner to coincide with your idea; thus every person who has the banner will now receive information about the July 3rd date.


The second idea is to do a videoclip that has Ron Paul's main ideals on it.

Personally, I think this videoclip is the best yet. What we should do is condense the video a bit and also show how to put up signs, flyers, posters, etc. along with the old footage.

The third idea is to put up a flyer that looks very professional marking the date. This way if we put all three together and then we find a core dedicated group of Myspace promoters that put all of this all over Myspace. We'll rally the dedicated onto this site and other message boards and put them into a 'promoter' section so we can give further instructions. We should also leave a link so people can copy and paste the code once its commented on people's profiles.

Here's the videoclip that might be good to use:

The reason our banners are everywhere is because I promoted to over 50 pages; that's 2000 ppl. Yeah, that was crazy but I wanted ppl to tune into the New Hampshire debate.

July 3rd Project

Use Banner and put in July 3rd Date.

Make a professional Flyer.

Make a professional Video.


Attached below Jim Palmisano AFTF/RTR State Coordinator for Missouri has set forth a plan to call forth all Ron Paul presidential supporters to put signs in place on the evening of July 3rd. I suggest getting prepared now and recruiting more individuals until the 4th. Besides signs don't forget flyers, stickers, etc.

The Great Ron Paul Overnight!
« on: June 11, 2007, 01:11:48 pm »

Will your meetup group be the first to start organizing for:

The Great Ron Paul Overnight!

What to do:

Get started making and staging your "Ron Paul for President 2008"
signs in the early evening of July 3rd 2007. Then in the wee hours
of July 4th hit the streets in your city or town plastering the signs
everywhere you can!

Overpasses, street corners, along highways, in store fronts, in front
of media outlets newspapers, television networks, anywhere and everywhere!

When America wakes up on the 4th of July they will see the Ron Paul
revolution move from the internet into the streets!

Special thanks goes out to hardworking and dedicated Jim Palmisano
AFTF/RTR State Coordinator for Missouri for this excellent idea!

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