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RE: Hannity & Colmes: Guest Wishes For Bat To Go After Rosie

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Hannity & Colmes Guest Wishes
For Bat To Go After Rosie “Like A Human Piñata”


Friday May 25, 2007 

Hannity & Colmes hosted the self-aggrandizing loudmouth, Curtis Sliwa
for yet another discussion about Rosie O’Donnell last night (5/24/07).
The show continued to ignore the Alberto Gonzales scandal and Monica Goodling’s
significant testimony before Congress the day before. But last night,
the show devoted an entire segment to “the day after” the
tiff between Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. That big
news had received a double segment as the top story the night before.
Sliwa, who made his name by heading a civilian anti-crime force during
the 1970’s, nevertheless enthusiastically yearned for a baseball
bat to go after Rosie O’Donell “like a human piñata.”
With video.

Chalk Sliwa up as another FOX News pundit with an unrevealed skeleton
in his closet. In Sliwa’s case, it’s the admission that he
lied about six episodes of derring-do in order to garner publicity for
his organization. As the 12/14/92 edition of People Weekly reported,

It was the sort of thing that seemed to happen a lot to Curtis Sliwa,
the headline-grabbing leader of New York City's red-bereted Guardian Angels.
As he told the story 12 years ago, he was patrolling a subway station
late one night with his band of volunteer peacekeepers. Three men approached,
detectives with the New York City Transit Police. They said a Guardian
Angel working in another subway station had been seriously hurt and rushed
to a hospital. Sliwa said he had gone with the men -- but they didn't
take him to the hospital. Instead, he said, they drove him to a beach
40 miles away and dumped him with a warning: If the Guardian Angels didn't
quit patrolling the subways, they would kill him.

The incident was front-page news in New York City in October 1980. The
only problem, says Sliwa, 38, is that the story was a lie. There was no
injured Angel, no detectives, no kidnapping, no death threat. He made
everything up, he admits, simply to get publicity for the Guardian Angels,
a quasi-military civilian security force he formed in 1979 to patrol the
city's streets and subways. "Everyone was against us," he says.
"The Mayor, the cops, even the public. We just needed some good attention."

Sliwa, now 53, continues to wear the Guardian Angels signature red beret
(rumored to hide his baldness) and jacket like a former jock parading
around in a high school football jersey. His rude, crude remarks were
not just accepted, they seemed to be welcome.

It was pretty clear that Sliwa had planned his “joke” about
wanting to attack Rosie in advance. First, he worked into the discussion
that she likes to hang upside down “like a bat.” Then, pantomiming
beating her with a club, he added, “and I only wish I had that bat
to take at her like a human piñata.” The other guest, Ellis
Henican, laughed loudly.

Sliwa added with hammy gestures, “She’s a bully girl.”

Alan Colmes said, “You just said you want to hit her with a bat
and SHE’S a bully?”

Obviously relishing the spotlight, Sliwa went on to compare her to Jabba
The Hutt.

Sean Hannity didn’t mind a bit that Sliwa had just advocated physical
harm to someone on the air. He continued to vilify Rosie. “She is
mean, she is nasty, she’s a bully and she’s also ignorant
on the facts,” Hannity, the pot, said. He went on to attack her
for saying “The terrorists are mothers and fathers, too.”
Let’s see, which is worse, saying that terrorists are mothers and
fathers or advocating attacking someone with a baseball bat? Obviously,
for Hannity, it’s the former.

Hannity continued with Hanctimonious outrage. “Her statement here
is that 655,000 Iraqi civilians have died, which is a lie, number one.”
In fact, that’s not a lie. It may be incorrect but that is the figure
that the respected British medical journal The Lancet arrived at last

Sliwa offered another of what seemed like a premeditated bon mot. “Given
the choice between President George W. Bush – like him or not like
him – it seems she would favor President – I think you got
his name right – I’m in the mood for Jihad, there in Iran.”
Sliwa was so pleased with his humor, he repeated it.

Sliwa continued, “Now you can criticize our president. But if you
notice, there’s a certain venom (his voice rose dramatically and
his hands gestured theatrically) that pores from her lips. The sarcasm
drips from her lips.”

Hannity pointed his bullyboy pen and shouted at Henican, “When
do you stand up and say enough is enough from this bully and this ignoramus?”
Sliwa nodded his head emphatically.

I so wished that Henican had said the obvious: Why didn't Hannity stand
up and say enough is enough when his own guest advocated violence against
someone else? But, like most of the Democratic guests on the show, Henican
didn’t seem to mind that a woman was being demeaned and abused (if
not actually threatened) because she had been outspoken with an opinion
Hannity and company didn’t like.

As the segment ended, Colmes at least worked in an attempt to address
that point. “Just because you don’t support the president’s
policies (doesn’t) mean you support Saddam Hussein or Osama bin
Laden,” he said.

I figure that’s about as far as he can go as a host. What’s
the guest’s excuse?

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