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RE: The Amber Alert Bill (Rave Act) is Unconstitutional - Bad!!!

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The Amber Alert Bill (Rave Act) is Unconstitutional

The Amber Alert Bill (Rave Act) is Unconstitutional- SO TRUE

VOTE FOR RON PAUL 2008 before we lose all our

Joseph Biden sneakily snuck the Rave Act into a child abduction bill called the Amber Alert. This basically made the Rave bill easy to pass because anyone against it was going against child kidnappings. It was a sneaky move made by a guy bought out by music industry moguls. This is some reasons of why music is so controlled by Clearchannel and Viacom because of people like Biden.

What does the Amber Alert bill have in common with raves, music festivals and other gatherings of the masses? Plenty. The Amber Alert is the missing child-response program that utilizes the resources of national law enforcement and media to notify the public when children are kidnapped. Its name comes from the tragic kidnapping and murder of 9-year-old Amber Hagerman of Arlington, Texas, in 1996.
The Amber Alert easily passed 98-0 in the U.S. Senate and 400-25 in the House.

Midnight riders on bills are becoming S.O.P. in Congress. They're last-minute additions tacked on to bills that are already travelling through Congress. To ensure their passage, these riders are quietly implanted in bills favored to win congressional approval. Their concealment avoids the routine public hearings required before the new laws are introduced. Midnight riders often have little or nothing to do with the actual bill they're attached to.

Deeply embedded in the Amber Alert Act is a new law, which makes organizers of nearly every public event liable for prison time and fines up to $250,000, if drugs are found on the premises. That portion, which has already been given the moniker the "Rave Act," was buried in the Amber Alert bill by Democratic Senator Joe Biden. It's called the Rave Act because Biden believes those events promote drug use.

This puts concert and rave promoters at tremendous and unnecessary risk. It also creates a new sport for prosecutors who often use their position for future political ambitions. Just ask Rudy Giuliani.

Biden co-chairs the Senate NATO Observer Group and the Senate National Security Working Group. That apparently makes him an expert of raves and rock concerts.

In his home state of Delaware, Biden is known as a staunch crusader against drug abuse and underage drinking. The Senator is labeled a liberal for his opposition to the nomination of Attorney General John Ashcroft. He voted for the gay-friendly Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 1996, which would have prohibited job discrimination based on sexual orientation by federal employers. Biden was also a major supporter of Senator Barbara Boxer's unsuccessful 1993 amendment to modify President Clinton's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding gays in the U.S. military. As it stands, that policy still permits the dishonorable discharge of gay and lesbian soldiers due to sexual orientation.

Biden's rave rules say if someone is found with any amount of pot, or any other substance deemed illegal, the promoter of the event can be popped. This puts promoters at tremendous risk. They're liable, even if they are unaware of drug usage and have made a good faith effort to prevent it.

So what will Biden's bill accomplish? Enforcement would lead to higher insurance rates for promoters. This means promoters, to cover their to-the-roof premiums, may be forced to increase the cost of attending events defined by Biden's rider. It also puts the damper on any roving raves now or in the future. It's not worth the risk of jail time and heavy fines.

It gets deeper. As it reads, the rider targets organizers of any event. This includes a permit-holder for a demonstration. Literal enforcement of the bill puts any promoted large public gatherings at risk. Just think of it as another chunk out of the Bill of Rights.

Word to the wise. If you're planning on attending the annual playing of the 1812 Overture at Blossom, leave the pot pipe at home. We don't want Loras John Schissel and his Blossom Festival Band to get busted.

Then there's the question of who's held responsible if someone's caught holding at a Biden re-election rally?

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