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RE: "If the People knew - They'd lynch us" -George H.W Bush

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"If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." George H.W. Bush

Memorial Day - How to honor Veterans and support the troops

Memorial Day is but 5 days away - the day the US shows respect for all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to uphold the Constitution and defend the US against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

There is in fact (plenty of evidence) a coupe de' tat is in progress. It had its beginnings a hundred years ago. But, the consequences of a continuous war against the Constitution by Congress to abolish the 1st Amendment ("Hate crimes" infringing freedom of speech), and to abolish the 2nd Amendment (gun control infringing the Right to self-defense) is ALWAYS what proceeds a dictatorship.

Amazingly, those involved: all 3 branches of the US Government, its Agencies and the Federal Reserve (privately owned bank of mostly foreigners) are known to be the traitors and perpetrators of a coupe to dissolve the US and form the North American Union (like the EU), yet they continue unabated by unConstitutional Acts and inaction by:

* Courts (won't allow the Constitution in criminal cases), and,
* Congress (won't investigate, won't impeach, won't uphold their Oath of Office while knowingly enacting unConstitutional Acts that promote the coupe - That is High Treason, and punishable by death.), and by,
* We the People (won't take up arms to defend our Rights in the form of an outright effort to overthrow the tyranny of the financial elite, and the unConstitutional "Acts" of Government.)

There are Concentration Camps in all 50 States. The white, railroad people-cars are already on the rail road tracks. The concentration camps are manned and ready to receive those who resist (enemy combatants) for their extermination or sale into slavery. Most don't know the camps and such plans exist. Congress has openly said that these "camps" are for American Citizens.

Will the Military allow this coupe to take place? Will the Veterans remain non-violent against the few that are involved by their votes and illegal policy enforcements? It may depend upon the depth of deception of the next false flag(s). They are planned and they have been rehearsed: The traitors are preparing to carry them out, even as We the People prepare to honor our Veterans.

It is an outrage that We the People have not built gallows on Pennsylvania Avenue and carried out justice against those who have or are actively supporting this Coupe de' tat. What is NEEDED is for We the People to carry out justice. That, not blind allegiance to traitors, is what We the People should be doing this Memorial Day to honor the Veterans who gave their lives for our Freedoms, and in defense of the Constitution and against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.

No one is advocating anarchy, or any act against the US form of Government. What is advocated is that traitors be tried according to the Law of the Land and that justice be served (it is mandated in the Constitution). Like your Freedom? - thank a Veteran. Want to keep your Freedom? - Honor the troops - hang the traitors. It is a matter of survival as a Country, of our Constitution, of our Freedoms and Rights, and the honor of our Veterans.


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