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RE: They Live, they Control and they Feed

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Friday, December 5
They Live, they Control and they Feed.

Well… let’s start off with something we don’t hear much discussion about and that would be about Bush buying a huge parcel of land in Paraguay. You may scan the various articles at your leisure. You’ll find sometimes they are talking about Little Boots Bush and sometimes they are talking about Domitian Daddy, Bush senior. That the son preceded the father in the analogies doesn’t mean anything.

Paraguay has a history of being a Nazi getaway so the choice of this country shouldn’t be surprising in the least. I throw this information in just to say that the Bush’s and their associates, all poker buddies of Asmodeus and Abaddon, have got their bolt holes secured for the coming world upheaval. They probably don’t know that the demons they play cards with are not their friends but only around for the purpose of accompanying them to their future ‘long term’ homes.

As you read some of these links you find that Stepford Wife, Laura and the genetically engineered Jenna the Hut are also playing footsie in Paraguay which may be not unlike ‘picking your feet in Poughkeepsie’. I imagine that part of the attraction for Bush Sr. is a closer proximity to certain aspects of his dope operations but, maybe not, since he’s pretty global. I’m supposing there may be less hassle about the age of his alleged love interests but I doubt it much matters where he is in that regard. I don’t know if the rumors are true. I do know that he/they is/are capable and guilty of much, much worse so it wouldn’t be a big deal for him.

I don’t know if these things are true. I do know that these people have no moral compass and are not burdened with a conscience so that they would certainly do anything they wanted to, any time they felt like it. These people are monsters.

One of the things I’ve been doing lately is to be reading up on the economy and the forces that are driving it in the direction it is headed. I’ve looked into this derivatives thing and I’ve looked at the wealth disparities and the rate of income increase for the various percentiles of wealth. I’ve looked into the toxic loans and who sold them to the unsuspecting buyers .I’ve tried to see who has been hurt the most and who profited from it. I’ve looked at the banks that have gone south and the banks that don’t get mentioned and who haven’t experienced terminal status. I’ve looked at a lot of related things and I can tell you that I don’t like reading about finance and don’t have much interest in it.

The picture I have been getting tells me several things. You have to understand that I’m not the sort of guy who’d be tapped to act as a financial writer or a financial policeman. Still… it looks to me like this has all been engineered as part of the plan to impose mass suffering upon a large portion of the human race and it seems as if the motive is to provoke them into destroying each other, leaving only a selection of the elite and those who are preserved to serve them as a permanent underclass. There doesn’t seem to be any other motive. You look at it and you tell me.

There’s a really badly done movie called “They Live” by John Carpenter. The acting is atrocious, with wrestler, Roddy Piper, in the main role. The direction is pretty shabby too. But the plot and the way the overseers are presented is chilling. Many other people have noted the power of the imagery and what it says about the world in which we live. There’s no doubt in my mind that something like this -e cosi- is going on. I can watch people going through the motions of their lives and it’s apparent they are being herded in some B.F. Skinner/ Pavlovian sort of a way.

The world financial system is crashing. You haven’t seen anything yet. This is what my cursory investigations have told me. It is interesting to see how the press handles it. There’s a sense of same old, same old business as usual going on and it’s no big deal even when they say it’s a big deal. It seems as if there are powerful, subliminal messages that impact through sight and sound but are hidden from the recognition portion of the mind.

You can’t even have a decent terror attack these days without a whole bunch of annoying questions. Like, how could ten guys create such damage and why are they saying that some of the terrorists were staying at Nariman house for two weeks before the period of assault? Whatever happened to the real, wild-eyed cats that cooked up some explosives in a back room and then blew up an embassy or a government building? Are any of them still around, even? Imperialism and corporate super swine have swallowed up every area where entrepreneurs once thrived. They drove the small businessman out of the illegal drug trade and now they’ve driven the legitimate terrorists into taxicabs and Falafel Shops. As a result the quality of drugs has gone down and the terror body counts have gone up.

The whole shebang is now a seamless enterprise for the benefit of the few who are now using the immanence of financial meltdown as a cover for all the other triggers and turning points that are part of the carnival ride which ends in an entropic swamp or the soon to be ubiquitous McMassgrave locations or FEMA Concentration Camp Theme Parks.

You can’t tell me that everyone is as stupid as they are pretending to be. Yes, the MSM doesn’t hire anyone who doesn’t toe the company line but wouldn’t you think there would be hundreds of disaffected former employees, whose small shreds of integrity got over looked when they hired them? Now they’re on the street because some faint flashbacks of a formerly sunlit world where they were someone different; not all twisted and corrupted as they became, got in the way of their formerly non-stop lying ways. Yeah… there’s something going on behind the scenes. I keep saying it because it keeps coming up for me. I figure you find out what ‘that’ is and you have found out what you need to know.

This thing with Obama’s birth certificate won’t go away and Clarence ‘the clown’ Thomas stuck his toe into the oil slick and not because he wanted to see a rainbow on the nail. I don’t believe in accidents and Clarenzo was one of the players in the illegal investiture of Little Boots Bush into the White House. I’m doubtful that Obama wasn’t born here… of course the whole thing could have been set up way back and there’s your martial law trigger like it had eyes.

You know its coming. You see it. You hear about it every day. It is only a matter of when. All those constitutional guarantees getting hammered and this Homeland Security thing now run by some of the major players in the attack that birthed it. The soldiers being deployed… the fears and threats… the whispers. The spying and the torture along with the airport dehumanization’s, while the jobs and incomes disappear under the umbrella of a manufactured, financial meltdown. The retail industry can’t survive what’s coming.

Since you and I can see it happening, the only questions is, why? Why are they doing it? If you throw in the seeming food and fuel shortages and the civil unrest that is bound to follow along with the wars necessary to motivate the economy, your eyes finally swivel around to the population explosion and what to do about all these people. Then you might think about the eugenics considerations of certain particular, wealthy psychopaths and a picture begins to emerge.

Swine flu is walking on two legs through the arcade. I realize that this is just more talk about the same things but it is apparent there are a lot of questions we aren’t getting any answers to. Meanwhile, Hannibal Lecter is browsing through his Dean and Deluca picnic box.


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