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From: Pan Man
Date: Dec 5, 2008 8:49 PM

Read the article below for the amazing details of this Discovery Channel "Mythbusters" upcoming 2 hour special on what really happened at the WTC and Pentagon...with the possibility of a Building 7 and Shanksville special later if this one works out well with sponsors! Write them and encourage them to get the help and cooperation of the people who have taught us all what really happened on 9-11-01 over the last 6 years.

You know they will have to wait until Bush is out of the Oval Office...but then we may get the ball rolling on national opinion! I can't wait...but I sure hope their agenda isn't more disinfo propaganda like BBC's hit piece a year ago!
I am sure we will all raise BLOODY HELL if that's what it turns out to be! The Truth will set us free!!!!

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Date: Dec 5, 2008 6:57 PM

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From: 9/11 Truth Jersey City
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Discovery Communications, Inc. (DCI) is an American global media and entertainment company that was launched in 1985 and began as a single channel — the Discovery Channel. The slogan of Discovery Communications, LLC is "The number-one nonfiction media company."DCI both produces original programming and acquires content from producers worldwide. This non-fiction programming is offered through DCI's 28 network entertainment brands, including Discovery Channel, TLC (The Learning Channel), Animal Planet, Discovery Health Channel, Discovery Kids and a family of digital channels. DCI also distributes BBC America, BBC World, and Travel Channel to cable and satellite operators in the United States.

MythBusters is a popular science television program produced by Australian firm Beyond Television Productions[1] originally for the Discovery Channel in the United States. Beyond Television Productions is a subsidiary of the Australian company Beyond International. The company is involved in the creation and international exploitation of television, feature films and ancillary products.

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=LiMMjVmbsWk

THE MYTHBUSTERS HAVE FINALLY given in to the pressure the producers have been under for several years. The show asks the viewers to send their favorite myth in via the internet for the show to consider. Upon receiving their 1 million request dealing with the various September 11th theories, the producers finally cracked.

The 2 hour special slated for an unreleased date in 2009 and will be titled WORLD TRADE CENTER. The program will feature the top 2 most requested WTC theories, controlled demolition and CGI planes - more commonly known as TV fakery. The show will also feature a 20 minute tribute to the Pentagon missile theory conducted by Kari Byron, Grant Imahara,and Tory Belleci. Meanwhile,the stars of the show Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will be putting their reputation on the line with the WTC experiments.

The show will feature a 1/3 scale replica of the towers at an estimated $7.2 million price tag. The replica is rumored to have been built outside of the United States to avoid airspace restrictions that they would have encountered at home. The location of the replica towers has remained a secret from the press as gag orders were imposed on the private contractors. The total cost of the production has reportedly amounted to a whopping $25 million, which the Discovery Channel believes it will reclaim by selling Super Bowl priced ads during the 2 hour event. The Discovery Channel expects the special to be the highest viewed non sport related program in history. It has been reported that an anonymous aerospace company donated a miniature Boeing built to Jamie and Adams specifications that will be 1/3 the mass, weight,and size, of a real Boeing and will carry 1/3 the amount of fuel as well. Preliminary flight test have been performed by a custom Cessna as the mini-Boeing has been under lock and key parked in an undisclosed private hanger.

"We received so many different request dealing with September 11th that we decided on the top 3" explained Jamie Hyneman. Adam Savage continued by saying, "I wish our budget and time table could have allowed us to do some of the others that I found interesting, such as, the WTC 7 collapse and the lack of debris in Shanksville. Maybe if we survive this special, we can do those on a future show.


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