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RE: Military in revolt over Iran attack plans

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Sept. 19, 2007 -- Military in revolt over Iran attack plans

WMR has learned that the U.S. military is in virtual open revolt over plans by the Pentagon to conduct a massive military strike on Iran. The opposition is especially prevalent in the Navy, according to our sources.

Summarizing comments by military members up and down the chain of command, from junior enlisted ranks to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, they include the belief that the neocons in the Bush administration are "insane" and "crazy."

Meanwhile, Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell, a former National Security Agency director, told Congress that espionage against the United States by China and Russia are now at Cold War levels. What McConnell did not state is that both nations are now required to use their intelligence assets to gauge the intentions of the highly-secretive Bush administration. The recent breakdown in the command and control of U.S. nuclear weapons has both Moscow and Beijing concerned about the political and military situations in the United States.

During the Cold War, the CIA used Kremlinologists and psychiatrists to ascertain the actions and intentions of the secretive Soviet political hierarchy. Today, Russia, China, India and other countries are employing "White House-ologists" to determine American plans. If McConnell wants to call that espionage, he is welcome but he is also misleading the Congress in order to justify his new Congressionally-granted massive surveillance powers.

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