Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What do Andrew Meyer and Tim Russert have in common

If you value your freedom watch this video. In it you will see that Andrew Meyer was allowed to ask his questions about the 2004 election for president and even his inquiry into impeachment of George Bush before he invades Iran but the trouble started when Meyer asked "are you a member of Skull and Bones." If you watch the evidence you will see that at the moment Skull was uttered everyone jumped into action as directed by the man standing behind Meyer. What makes a person be arrested and tazered for inciting a riot for asking a question.

This was the comment that I posted on NBC's site.

All was going fine even though he asked hard questions. Once Meyer mentioned the word Skull his microphone was cut on orders from the man behind him who looked to be with Kerry. So what is illegal about asking a public servant "are you a member of Skull and Bones." Why not arrest Tim Russert for the same crime during the 2004 election. What is so bad about the Order of Death that an officer would tell a citizen that they are being charged with "inciting a riot" according to your video for inquiring about it’s members. I was glad to see that your company has adhered to objective reporting, this is more than can be said for other news agencies such as FOX or CNN. I mean Newscorp.

At the time I posted this there are already 52 pages of comments about this video.

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