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Ron Paul warns of treason in Texas

RE: Perry Summoned to Bilderberg - Insider Trading Charges in TX

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Date: Jun 1, 2007 10:33 AM

Gov. Perry Summoned to Bilderberg While Insider Trading Charges Mount in Related Texas Buyout

Ron Paul: Bilderberg "a sign that he's very much involved in the international conspiracy" as Texas Governor off to Global Government Think Tank's Secret Meeting

Jones Report | June 1, 2007 
Aaron Dykes

Texas Governor Rick Perry's attendance at this year's Bilderberg meeting was reported today by the Dallas Morning News and confirmed by the Governor's Press Office as he left Austin for Istanbul-- where the exclusive and private meeting of elites from throughout the Western world will take place. The trip could be in violation of the Logan Act which prevents U.S. citizens from unauthorized negotiations with foreign entities .

While the agenda of the meeting is kept secret, the overlap in interests between Governor Perry and Bilderberg are clear, as Texas becomes increasingly overrun by international firms taking control over land, roads and newly privatized utilities-- seizing Texas in a manner similar to IMF takeover of third world nations.

Rick Perry has not only been instrumental in the contentious development of the Trans-Texas Corridor-- often argued to be necessary infrastructure for regional government under C.F.R. plans for a North American Community and the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America ( signed by President Bush-- Rick Perry has also privatized TxU (Texas Utilities) , handing it off to global investment firms and private control who are heavily invovled in the Bilderberg group.



The $45 billion dollar TxU buyout is no less than the largest buyout ever, and involves at least three firms represented annually at Bilderberg, each characteristic of global investment-- Goldman Sachs , represented by its Chairman Peter D. Sutherland (also Chairman of British Petroleum [BP] ), Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co. (KKR) represented by Henry R. Kravis , founder and partner, and Credit Suisse First Boston represented by Chairman and CEO Ronald S. Lloyd .

Now, the biggest ever buyout is unfolding in scandal-- as Ajaz Rahim , head of investment banking at Saudi owned Faysal Bank in Pakistan, is criminally charged with conspiracy and securities fraud for insider trading based on information he received from Credit Suisse , who advised on the TxU deal.

Hafiz Muhammad Zubair Naseem, an investment banker with Credit Suisse Securities USA was also charged criminally with conspiracy and securities fraud earlier in the month.

Whether further charges could be forthcoming in the TxU insider trading scandal remains to be seen.

Governor Perry was involved in facilitating the TxU buyout, including the issuance of an executive order to instigate fast-track approval for TxU plant deals :

"Last year, after private meetings with TXU executives, Perry fast-tracked the permitting process for TXU's 11-plant expansion through an executive order, slashing the time frame in half, to six months. ..."

"The bottom line: Only Governor Perry and TXU, which stands to make a lot of money, are championing these plants. "

While his executive order was challenged by politicians, his accessibility to globalist firms is clear-- he is willing to take part in the total and literal looting of Texas land and other resources-- as public interests and private property are seized then sold off to business partners and exploited for profit.

The unprecedented leveraging of Texas to foreign entities follows closely the blueprint for control used by the IMF in the buyout and seizure of third world nations-- which the IMF takes over after impossible loans are not paid back. The IMF loans themselves are specifically designed so that default is certain -- matched against stringent conditions that give leverage and control to the bank and its interests.

Texas' pivotal role in plans for regional government in North America through the Trans-Texas Corridor, as well as its close relationship with Mexico, has made it a central target for globalist development operations-- thus, insuring total access to figureheads like Perry is critical for Bilderberg and its web of global influence. Furthermore, Texas has been relatively free from federal control in terms of land ownership up to this point, and has been partly targeted for seizure of family-owned private land.

Indexed by a 1996 government resource , Texas ranks 9th lowest in federal land ownership by percentage (with only 1.194% Federally owned in 1996), but second lowest by total acreage, with over 166,209,769 acres NOT owned by the federal government. Only Alaska has more unowned land, though 47% of its land is federally owned, and much of Alaska may not be useful property anyway. No other state comes anywhere near the 100 million acre mark for land available for federal control (that is, currently not federally owned)-- thus Texas has become a target for expanded control.

However, much of this Texas land not currently under federal control is now being acquired through eminent domain and other means for use in the TTC project and many other deals benefiting private foreign corporations.

Rick Perry has not only been accused of hatching the entire Trans-Texas Corridor plan, and handing it over to foreign corporations like Cintra-Zachry , who will toll existing roads for private profit in many cases, he also lobbied to allow these corporations to keep the details of the arrangement secret, in the face of opposition and outcry by Texas Congress and the public, respectively.

Gov. Perry also vetoed a bill that would place some limitation on the profit potential for foreign companies running tolls, and more recently decried the two-year moratorium on toll road contracts to foreign companies, which he is seeking to overturn.

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) stated today on the Alex Jones Show regarding Perry's announced attendance at the Bilderberg meeting that it "sure is a sign that he's very much involved in the international conspiracy and, of course, he's been the promoter of the highway, but wasn't it pretty neat how the people in Texas spoke out and the Legislature also, all of a sudden, backed away with a moratorium."

Ron Paul also added that he was "impressed" that Bilderberg was covered by the "regular media," calling it 'hopeful.'

Governor Perry has also been cozy with Mexico's kleptocracy in the past, meeting in 2005 with then President of Mexico Vicente Fox, who awarded local police for giving sanctuary to illegal immigrants while the two heads discussed other business and cooperation, including a water deal. Fox was a signing member of the 2005 agreement (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America). Alex Jones protested the occasion.

Perry has other interesting overlap with the Bilderberg agenda, including his shameless promotion of the dangerously untested Gardasil vaccine which is supposed to protect against HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer. Governor Perry went so far as to mandate the HPV vaccine , which-- by mandating-- conveniently protects Merck, the manufacturer of the vaccine, from all liability.

Meanwhile, the Rockefeller Foundation announced a campaign pushing HPV vaccines worldwide , calling for "immediate action to ensure rapid global access to new cervical cancer vaccines"-- a vaccine that only prevents 4 of approximately 100 mutating strains of the human pappilomavirus and has already caused 1,637 adverse reactions reports and killed three girls . David Rockefeller has a vested interest in the pharma-industrial complex and is also one of the cornerstones of the Bilderberg group, who still attends every year, even at age 92.

Typically, the agenda of Bilderberg is kept secret, though this year has garnered unprecedented media coverage of the bashful consortium of international elites who would prefer to remain in the shadows. In the recent past, rumors have circulated that Perry could be a potential candidate for president or vice-president in the future.

That, too, fits in with Bilderberg's legacy as a kingmaker-- both George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton attended Bilderberg before winning the presidency. The mainstream media reported that John Edward's nomination as vice president was due to Bilderberg.

Perry's rise in Texas politics was largely due to his close association with President Bush, who pushed him into his position as Lieutenant Governor while governor of Texas; Bush's advisor Karl Rove reportedly persuaded Perry to switch to the Republican party in the 80s during massive Republican realignment throughout the state.

Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones contributed to this report.

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