Saturday, June 02, 2007

RE: Transformation of America - Read online!

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Date: Jun 1, 2007 8:42 AM

Warning -A reader curious about O'Brien's book should be forewarned of the exceptionally bizarre nature of its revelations. In fact, at least in my view, the revelations of what we are dealing with. But it should be no shock to thoughs who follow the word of God and understand what God says about this world. Although it is a wake up call.

To sum in up - she was apart of Mk Ultra - a mind control operation of the CIA that started some 40 years ago. In this womans journey as a presidential Sex slave/agent, she covers from her birth in 1957 to her rescue by her now husband in 1988 - former CIA Operative Mark Philips.

I recomend this book over anyone who really wants to come to grips with our government - and what these people really are.

It can be Extremly disturbing to put it mildy...accuses many people in top levels of goverment Reagan, Bush, Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney and King fahd of Saudi Arabia and many others of child rape, murder and mind control to further the real secret government that rules the world behind the scenes all the way up to the top which is the vatican. Just like Revelation 17 - says it still does! Only in secret. What worse is that she says as apart of her mind control the leaders "made it look like they were shape shifting" into lizard like men.. she says that is a hologram though.. but anyone that does a biblical study on this phenomenon knows that this wasn't hologram that she saw.

Search cathy on youtube - Cathy O'brien - she is a gifted speaker with much to say. God Bless her for being so strong after everything she has gone through.. things that me and you cannot even imagine.

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