Thursday, June 07, 2007

RE: Giuliani Strong-Arms Accredited Press!

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From: Shane (Infoseekr)
Date: Jun 7, 2007 12:04 AM

Category: News and Politics
Breaking news -
Jack-Booted Fascism at work behind the scenes at the Presidential Debate!
Complete Report Here:
Manchester, NH - Giuliani Strong-Arms Accredited Press!
Freelance reporter Matt Lepacek, reporting for, was arrested for asking a question to one of Giuliani's staff members in a press conference.
Jason Bermas, reporting for Infowars and America: Freedom to Fascism, confirmed Lepacek had official CNN press credentials for the Republican debate.

Freedom to Fascism reporter Samuel Ettaro was also dragged out after asking a question on Giuliani's ties with Cintra and Macquerie, two foreign contractors involved with the contentious Trans-Texas Corridor under development in Texas.

The entire incident took place in a large press auditorium, apart from the debate stages where authorized media were able to question candidates and their handlers.

This is criminal conduct that demands a Citizen response to Giulani and to the Republican National Committee.

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