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RE: Ron Paul: all the most recent engagements

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Vote for Ron in these polls for the RNC Debate!

Ron Paul at the Republican Debate - (6/5/2007)

Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson

Ron Paul on KHOU

Ron Paul Arrives at the Daily Show

Ron Paul on the Daily Show - (6/4/2007)

Recent News:

Old Media Scrambles to Silence New Candidate

CNN censorship eyed as web site breaks down under traffic supportive of Republican Ron Paul.
June 6, 2007

Overwhelming response in web poll causes CNN to pull Republican candidate Ron Paul's support from blog pages. Ethical issues raised in battle of new media credibility versus old media manipulation and foreign influence over U.S. elections.

Following Tuesday night's televised Republican debate on cable giant CNN, the networks web site was lit up with support for pro-Constitution candidate Dr. Ron Paul, congressman from Texas.

The post-debate blog comments from individuals around the country were overwhelmingly in favor of Paul's positions and answers.

By midnight, the CNN web page was deactivated and temporarily forwarded to the results page from the Democratic debate over the weekend. It is unclear whether the page was deactivated for internal political reasons at the media powerhouse or a technical deficiency in their web operations. [Screen capture prior to deactivation] Inquiries to the network were unanswered.

Many informed observers believe CNN's web "glitch" may be politically motivated. As many states adopt electronic voting in their electoral process, the same observers believe electronic voting is secure. "If it's secure enough to vote for President, it should certainly be secure enough for a simple web survey." according to one participant.

Paul's high showing in the CNN poll was matched on rival network MSNBC's web site as well. Despite accusations of "spamming" by opposition party members, and even by fellow Republicans, no technical data has been presented to substantiate the accusations. From all accounts, the support of Paul appears to be widespread and strong, despite the old media's attempt to silence him in the new media.

The web-related problems at CNN were not the only obstacles Paul faced last night. CNN debate moderator, Wolf Blitzer focused most of his attention on the three candidates the network has previously focused on - Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and John McCain. At many times during the debate, Blitzer interrupted "second tier" candidates' answers with new questions for his preferred responders. At one point, Blitzer blurted "Mayor Giuliani! Mayor Giuliani!" while speaking over a conversation between a studio guest and candidate.

There is circumstantial evidence to support the media blackout of Dr. Paul conspiracy as a lot more than "theory."

Many observers wonder why Paul, the only doctor on stage, was not given the opportunity to respond to any of the health care-related questions. Instead, Blitzer focused on the old media frontrunners who provided similarly-rehearsed responses. Similarly, Blitzer interrupted audience applause for Paul when his answers started foreshadowing a more contentious issue: U.S. support of Israel. Prior to writing for The Jerusalem Post, Blitzer worked for AIPAC (American Israel Political Action Committee) where he wrote for their newsletter, The Near East Report. Paul's stance as an isolationist has been seen as a threat to the Zionist-themed lobbying efforts AIPAC has pursued since it's inception.

As the battle between new media credibility rages against old media manipulation, Paul's Presidential hopes lie in the ability of those in both world's to take a look beyond party and person to determine "what" is right, as opposed to the more contentious "who" is right argument entrenched in todays American political landscape.

Fed up of Media Manipulation from CNN? TAKE ACTION!

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