Thursday, June 07, 2007

RE: Please allow me 2 introduce you to today's "King Douchebag"!

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From: Pan Man
Date: Jun 6, 2007 11:58 PM

Talk about "douchebags"! Whoever wrote this is King of the Douchebags...with two nozzles!

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From: William
Date: Jun 6, 2007 10:47 PM

They just recently included Ron Paul so he is behind.


"We are removing votes because so many of Ron Paul's supporters are anti-Semitic pigs or douche bags.
Ron Paul did disassociate from one bunch of spamming jackasses in Virginia so we put him back in temporarily. If other Ron Paul douche bag supporters continue to post insults we will remove him again.
At minimum 100-500 votes will be deducted per insult directed at us or at this web site.
If the jerks can confine their jerk comments to the candidates and not us everything will be just fine.
We are not running for a goddam thing so talk about the freaking candidates or shut the funk up.

This website is not a goddam scientific poll.
This website is a goddam link page designed to give dumbasses access to more candidates web pages so as to increase voter awareness in general and reduce the number of dumbass voters in specific.
This website is designed as a fantasy goddam horserace. It's supposed to mimic real scientific political polls and have the leading candidates on top. It's not supposed to be a goddam urinal for the goddam dumbass seventh grader myspace spamming contest that so many Ron Paul supporters want."

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