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RE: Hiding Behind Civilians - documented us of human shields

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Hiding Behind Civilians - documented us of human shields

-Articles, testimonies, and discussion on Israels use of humans as shields.

Joke: What's the difference between a Jew and a Palestinian?

- A Palestinian has no money to spend. A Jew has money and still doesn't spend it.

The only other difference is religion. There's no such thing as a Jewish race. It's a fabrication to suit a racist religion and justify stealing land, bull dozing homes, terrorizing Palestinians, taking taxpayer's money from other countries to fund a war machine, etc.

Did they really need a homeland? How have we been lied to about the Holocaust? Do they call people who question the numbers, images, and claims liars or deniers? Why do people get so emotionally defensive about the subject? Could it be mass mind-control like we see with religion?

We're not denying the Holocaust either.. We're pointing to their evidences and showing how they're unquestionably debunked. We're pointing out how they use legislation and emotion to keep the truth from spreading and keep money pouring in for themselves.

Are all Jews bad? Consider this: There's no such thing as a Jewish race. If you investigate the religion; you'll find that it is a sick racially genocidal, female oppressing, slave endorsing, rape approving religion.

So: Not all who call themselves Jews are Jews. The ones that are promote a sickness that is causing much of the atrocities in the world. The world bankers, the Oppenheimer Diamond Cartel, and many other world class criminals hide behind the protections afforded them by these lies, the religions, and Zionist owned world media.

Do Jews benefit from Zionism? Christians who outnumber them expect the world to wage war on Israel in the last days which many believe we're in. Wouldn't Russia, China, Africa, Iran, Iraq, etc have good reason to wage war on Israel?

ZOG happened in USA. How are we gonna fix it?

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