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RE: Transexual Drag Queen Ann Coulter Under Fire Again

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Ann Coulter's Adam's Apple

Transexual Drag Queen Ann Coulter Under Fire Again

Transexual Drag Queen Ann Coulter Under Fire Again Transexual drag queen and faux- conservative Ann Coulter is under fire again for her remarks at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) conference in Washington.

Columnist-cartoonist Ted Rall is threatening a lawsuit against Coulter for saying that he is a Holocaust denier.

"...One Iranian newspaper is soliciting cartoons about the Holocaust (So far the only submissions have come from Ted Rall, Garry Trudeau and The New York Times)," Coulter told the CPAC crowd.

Ann Coulter was previously known as "Arthur Coltrane of Pickens County, Georgia, former scion of an old Southern hog-farming family, before his sex-change operation," according to TBR News.

"If you're as tired as I am of Republicans smearing liberals and Democrats as traitors, un-American and sympathetic to terrorism, here's an opportunity to draw a line, to say 'here's where it stops,'" wrote Rall on his blog, ironically called "Search & Destroy.

Also ironically, despite the sex change operation, Coulter told the CPAC-ers -- "If you are going to be a conservative in America, you can't be a pussy."

(How's that for sexual confusion?)

Other Coulterisms bound to incite more indignation --

* "I think our motto should be post-9-11, 'raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences.'" (This declaration prompted a boisterous ovation.)

* (Responding to a question from a Catholic University student about her biggest moral or ethical dilemma) "There was one time I had a shot at Clinton. I thought 'Ann, that's not going to help your career.'"

Ironically even George Bush makes fun of Coulter, calling her "Grasshopper."

While TBR News reported that "this name-calling particularly amused Secretary Congoleeza Rice, who has a special dislike of Ann/Arthur Coulter, due to the fact that Coulter tries to "pass" not only as a normal heterosexual, and also as a woman, but also as white, while in fact Coulter's great-great-great-grandmother was a house negro for the Coltrane family. She was freed from slavery in Pickens County in 1845 with two good-bye presents, a dozen hogs and a half-white boy baby, which is how this branch of the Coltrane family acquired their name and their business. This makes Ann/Arthur's mother Darlene Coltrane an octoroon, and Ann/Arthur herself what Condoleeza would refer to as a 'high yeller' African-American.

"If all this history is too complicated for your readers to follow, just calling Ann Coulter 'Grasshopper' from now on will suffice admirably."

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