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RE: The U.S. Corporation ~ Welcome to your slavery

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Truth,isn’t in accordance of the majority

John Marshall, a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and as such he also served in the Circuit Courts of the United States, in a Circuit Court of the United States decision recorded in 1 Marsh. Dec. 177, 181 clearly states in this important decision, that "The United States of America" is a corporation. The United States of America was first formally created in the Articles of Confederation.

Also notice in the Articles of Confederation that "The United States of America" is in large and small capitals. I have always wondered what this meant with the style of capitals and evidently this identifies a corporation.

The two volume set of the circuit court decisions are not available in West Law and it seems that many of the circuit court decisions are missing from the internet - very suspicious. This was the first level of appeal from the district courts of the United States and original jurisdiction for other specific cases.

This definition of "The United States of America" is also found in Bouvier's law dictionaries. See Bouviers 1843 under United States of America definition.

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is not the correct real party
of interest.

I did search and found the cases that used this heading
as a plaintiff or defendant in the Supreme Court of the United States
from 1700 to 1915.. See for your self.

I then did a search in all cases - lower and upper courts
[states and fed] and see again for yourself from 1700 to 1900.

are very few before the civil war and then they start to multiply.

Later on the 1900's you will also see a change from the

All of the Supreme Court cases prior 1900 ere only THE UNITED
STATES or UNITED STATES save two and if you look at the headings this
was different.

Think we had a change in the government during the
civil war and after?
http://www. jusbelli. com/usofa_is_corp. html

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