Sunday, April 27, 2008

RE: U.S.A.F. Chemtrails

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From: Shane (Infoseekr)
Date: Apr 27, 2008 5:43 PM

stop using periods in bulletins, it IS the cause of the excessive space being added to bulletins

this guy might know more about it
http://www. ngu. edu/science/pp/Fac/Marks. html
theres even a phone number
he taught at the USAF
read his page

and its mentioned here
http://www. rinf. com/columnists/news/electromagnetic-warfare
with tons of info

Third Estate, Second Estate. No, United States

Exactly, Id like to see further proof where this came from

The USAF chemtrail course is real???????????????????????????
NoDancing@800 FEMA Concentration Camps Nationwide

The USAF chemtrail course is real

Can Anyone substantiate this one????
Date: 27 Apr 2008, 15:57

Thanks, graditude and love to Ooppoddoo!

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From: ooppoddoo
Date: 27 Apr 2008, 09:30 AM

Or at least this picture was on the cover of their syllabus in 1991 the very least, a lot of people in the USAF have been bald-faced LYING about not knowing where on earth the term 'chemtrail' came from
If anyone can find out what else they were learning in their coursework at the USAF Academy, ooppoddoo would like to know ~ Janet

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