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RE: Ron Paul on The View plus writeup on USA Today Blog

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From: Erin - Ron Paul 08'
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On 'The View,' abortion discussion takes much of Ron Paul's time
Republican Rep. Ron Paul today became the first 2008 Republican presidential candidate to make an appearance on The View. According to ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf, much of Paul's 10-minute appearance was spent discussing abortion -- and the anti-abortion Paul "held his own" with the hosts, Wolf writes.

The Raw Story adds that "Paul was visibly agitated when co-host Joy Behar told him, 'you probably are not going to win and you know that,' then asked who among the Republicans he would be willing to vote for."

"You want those pro-war people to win?" Paul asked. "No, you don't. ... If they come around endorsing my anti-war views, and pro-free-markets and sound money, yeah I would consider it, but I don't have anybody now that I could vote for."

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