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RE: New Saddam Hussein Execution Video

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New Saddam Hussein Execution Video
Video Shows Chief Prosecutor Chanting Sectarian Slogans in Demonstration
By ZEYAD KASIM Posted 4 hr. 4 min. ago

A new leaked video of the execution of Saddam Hussein shows chief prosecutor Munqith Al-Faroon carried on shoulders and chanting sectarian slogans in a large impromptu demonstration near the Council of Ministers inside the Green Zone, where Saddam's corpse was waiting in an ambulance.

The two-minute video, which was published yesterday on Iraqi websites, shows guards in military uniforms and others in plainclothes carrying weapons, chanting, "The Shia of Haider are victorious," as Iraqi officials watched, according to Al-Hayat newspaper. Haider is a nickname of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, the cousin and son-in-law of the prophet Mohammed and the first Shi'ite Imam.

Chief prosecutor Munqith Al-Faroon was assigned to transport Saddam Hussein's corpse from the Military Intelligence Headquarters in Kadhimiya, where the execution took place, to the Green Zone in an ambulance, before it was handed over to relatives from Hussein's tribe, Al-Bu Nasir. Some demonstrators are seen in the video trying to storm into the ambulance where Hussein's corpse was kept wrapped in a white shroud, as they chant, "Where is the scoundrel who waged war against us?"

Al-Faroon, the chief prosecutor of the Iraqi High Tribunal in the Anfal trial, had told the press that he objected to the manner of Hussein's execution last December, and was heard in the cell phone video from the execution chamber protesting the slogans that were shouted during the execution by Shi'ite guards.

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