Saturday, June 09, 2007

About Freemasonry and politics (ie Ron Paul, Ed Brown)

Friday, June 08, 2007

About Freemasonry and politics (ie Ron Paul, Ed Brown)
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Wow people. I'm a little shocked at a lot of you who would suddenly turn your back on Ron Paul if it is true that he's a Freemason. I'm very disappointed in those who painting a negative picture. I will state that GWB is not a Freemason but a Skull & Boner. There's the difference of good and evil. Have any of you ever researched Freemasonry to find out what the intention was?

How about you do that - let me give you an opportunity to be "fair and balanced" truth seekers who are "open minded" to learning things right? This website gives the other side with some humor and a lot of history, debunking their own stuff, other stuff and so forth.

Masonic Info

If it's true - I know more than ever that Ron Paul is a patriot and really and truly believes in the Constitution more than ever. He will follow what our founding fathers wanted us all to have - the pursuit of happiness, freedom, liberty. I know many men who are "truth seekers" and are freemasons - I am not ashamed of them and stand with them and many of you out there together for our nation.

If any of you continue to witch hunt after Freemasons, who are clearly not the issue, you may remove yourselves from my friends list. I am not interested in having people who don't see the bigger picture or perhaps are vatican supporters out to throw people off. Those who have a clear understanding of that last sentence will know what I mean.

Thank you Ray!!

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From: 666*ray*666
Date: Jun 8, 2007 2:29 PM

There have been some rumors of Ron Paul being a Freemason and those bringing the charge are doing so in a negative way.

I don't think that people have a very good grasp of what Freemasonry is. Its quite simply a fraternity with loose associations from lodge to lodge in different states and countries. The associations are arranged almost exactly in the spirit of the foundation of this country in respect to how the states and federal government are supposed to be interacting (do as thou wilt shal be the whole of the law).

There are several sides and elements to freemasonry. First and foremost there is the public face of freemasonry; the blue lodge. The blue lodge only goes up to the third or master mason degree. After the third degree freemasonry splits into two different rites; the Scottish and the York Rite. The only association the higher degrees of freemasonry have with the blue lodge is that it is where they pull their members from.

Freemasonry is also far older than the official start date but more accurately the knowledge is. It stems from beyond antiquity and has had many names but has more recently it been known as Freemasonry.
Freemasonry has been infiltrated by a criminal element. Its unclear if that criminal element was present when Freemasonry was created but its my personal belief that it was not. I believe that the person responsible for the creation of modern freemasonry had a clear and honorable intent in doing so. An intent that has been captured and used for evil.

The point is so what if Ron Paul is a mason? Most all of our forefathers were masons. Ed Brown is also a mason. Blue Lodge masons are some of the most courageous, most patriotic, and knowledgable Americans. Do not fear the knowledge but be educated on the men wielding it. The knowledge of the masons is neither good or bad, its how it is used that determines the character of its use. Just look how G.W. Bush and his cronies use it vs how Ron Paul uses it.

Get educated on the world before its too late.

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Blogger WillyPete said...

RP a Freemason? I've seen accusations that he's a Vatican operative/Jesuit too. Which is it? Neither? Both? I heard that Saddam was a Freemason too, can it be true? OMG, what next, Russian spy? Lizard King? The Almighty Xenu himself?

I only know one thing that he for sure is, the candidate who is getting my vote.

6/9/07, 2:26 PM  

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