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RE: Homeland Security: "Many More 9/11s Are Inevitable"

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Homeland Security: "Many More 9/11s Are Inevitable"

Solution provided is to take everyone's fingerprints, email addresses and credit card details
Steve Watson

Thursday, June 7, 2007

While announcing new security guidelines to make mandatory the fingerprinting of any travelers leaving the US, deputy secretary of the US department of homeland security Michael Jackson has stated that another attack on the scale of September 11 2001 is "inevitable".

In a report carried by the London Guardian Mr Jackson was quoted as adding that the most "catastrophic" threat to the airline industry was a rocket-propelled grenade attack similar to the one that nearly downed an Israeli airliner in Kenya five years ago. He said another attack on the scale of September 11 2001 was inevitable. "It is not clear whether it could be in aviation ... but it would be silly not to understand that we will have many more September 11s. It is a long-term struggle." Speaking at the International Air Transport Association conference in Vancouver, Jackson made the comments while revealing plans to force airlines to take the fingerprints of travelers at check in. He said that the DHS would supply the electronic fingerprinting kits to airlines while some larger airlines would be able to adapt existing check-in kiosks to scan passengers' index fingers.

Virgin Atlantic is strongly opposed to the measures and is lobbying against the measures. Other previous proposals for authorities to access to credit card details and email accounts are also still on the table.

Mr Jackson's comments are somewhat surprising given the recent revelations that records obtained from the immigration courts under the Freedom of Information Act show that only 0.0015 percent of the total number of cases filed by the Department of Homeland Security were terrorism related.

In the last three years there have only been 12 charges of terrorism out of 814,073 cases.

This once again highlights that the terrorist threat to America is vastly over hyped and is being used by a government populated by control freaks as an excuse to police the world and foment a domestic police state to crush any dissent amongst the American people.

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