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RE: Bush stops election to declare himself "SON OF SATAN"!!!!

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PLEASE FORWARD / REPOST to everyone you know -

Bush can NOW SUSPEND elections!

As of May 9, President Bush HAS GIVEN HIMSELF the power to SUSPEND our elections and DISMISS CONGRESS for any reason he chooses, for any length of time! FULL DOCUMENTATION below:

Nobody has picked up this story yet! The press is NOT covering this (barely anyone – only, Coast to Coast AM, and Alex Jones)

Call your Congresspeople and Senators ASAP and tell them to put a stop to

“The National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive,”





Demand to know why is there no congressional review of this executive directive!
Demand they put this on the agenda in Congress and tell them to challenge it!

Capitol switchboard - 202-224-3121


Call your local paper and tell them you want them to cover this story! Call the ACLU and anyone else you can think of to get this out to the public!

Breaking News:

Last night, on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007, the world's largest late-night talk radio show aired this interview in which author and columnist Jerome Corsi discussed a new Presidential Directive, signed into law on May 9th, that he said grants dictatorial powers to the office of the president in the event of a national emergency.

For more, see his commentary for WorldNetDaily.

Bush Grants Presidency Extraordinary Powers: Directive for Emergencies Apparently Gives Authority Without Congressional Oversight by Jerome R. Corsi

During the interview Corsi reported that the directive was, "signed quietly on May 9," "without congressional approval or oversight."

Corsi reported that this Executive Order is known as “The National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive,” a.k.a. NSPD 51 or HSPD 20

This creates a new un-elected office of a "national continuity coordinator, whose job is to make plans for national essential functions of ALL







As well as

- private sector organizations

To continue functioning under the president’s directives in the event of a “national emergency.”

Corsi stated that a:

"Catastrophic emergency is loosely defined as ANY incident, regardless of location that results in extraordinary levels

Of mass casualties, damage or disruption

Severely affecting

- The U.S. Population

- Infrastructure

- Environment

- Economy


- Government functions.”

All the president has to do is “call” or “declare” a "national emergency" and this

Includes - "the operation of business organizations."

- No necessity to go to congress

- Does NOT need Congressional approval

There will be NO congressional control "over" of which powers the president can use / "exert"…"once he's declared a national emergency by his own authority."

The host, George Noory, asks: "How does this differ, Jerry, prior to him signing? Could the president not have assumed control over everything in the first place?"

Jerry Corsi – “Prior to this, the only such authority would have been in National Emergency Act and that's defined in the US Code, Title 50, chapter 34, subchapter 2, section 1621 and under that US Code, the national emergency act allows the president to declare a national emergency BUT requires that the proclamation immediately go to Congress and be published in the Federal Register.”

On May 9 the requirement to report to Congress was done away with!

Corsi notes:

“The Constitution was specifically crafted "to limit the power of the presidency. We have a Constitutional Republic where the different branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial balance each other. Our Founding Fathers were well aware that the council of the ancient Romans, executive branch of the Roman government would declare emergencies and declare themselves to be dictators, or emperors, with all the powers of government in their office. If The Founding Fathers of the United States wanted to put such a provision in the Constitution they would have but they specifically eliminated any ability of the president to declare an emergency to assume the powers of a dictator, and that’s basically what this national security directive that George Bush has signed on his own authority, on May 9, allows the president to assume virtually dictatorial powers.”

George asks who created the document_

Jerry - "Totally, George, in the office of the president. This is George Bush’s own creation.”

George points out, and Corsi confirms, that it NEVER went to congress.

Corsi - "He signed it and it went into law, on his signature with no congress, no congressional oversight, no congressional review, no law being passed, this is George Bush's edict, pure and simple"

George: "Now with this wide-open definition of 'catastrophic emergency,' if we have another hurricane Katrina. One could assume, that's a catastrophic emergency."

Corsi confirms, “That’s correct.”

George - "Could you then kick all these powers into effect under this directive?"

Corsi - "Yes, you could."

"In my review today, the Security and Prosperity Partnership in North America, which was declared again by President Bush, no law, no treaty, in Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005 and the working groups, you know these Tri-lateral shadow government groups, consisting of the bureaucrats of the United States, Mexico and Canada.

They've been reviewing ‘Continental emergencies’ that could occur in, say a health emergency, Avian Flu or Katrina, an emergency of weather or environmental disaster.”

George - "Could they also then, under this directive cancel an election?"

Corsi - "I believe they could, I believe the president could say: 'we're in a national emergency, I'm assuming these extraordinary powers, to preserve the Constitution I'm cancelling the election. There's no limit in this directive of the powers the president may assume. I went to the Congressional Research Service,

which defined, under the National Emergency Act, what the presidents powers under an emergency would be”:

- Sieze property

- Organize and control the means of production

- Seize commodities

- Assign military forces abroad

- Institute martial law

- Seize and control all transportation and communications

- Regulate the operation of private enterprise

- Restrict travel

- and in a variety of ways, control the lives of United States citizens

Corsi emphasizes that the president "can declare on his own authority that a national emergency exists."

George asks a great question: "in a national emergency... can't government function without this directive anyway?"

Corsi - "Well absolutely George, I mean historically we've been through any, countless numbers of emergencies. We went through the flu epidemic following WWI. We've had countless earthquakes and tornados and hurricanes, Katrina etc. We've had wars, WWI and WWII and the president never had to have a... presidential directive that allowed him to become a dictator and assume all these powers.”

Corsi - "There is NO LIMIT to the president’s authority under this directive."

George - "Then what do we have Congress for then?"

Corsi - This would permit the president, if he wanted, to basically dismiss Congress... in the interest of preserving ‘continuity of government’...the president might declare the emergency is so great that Congress cannot meet.”

George – “Have any congressmen said anything to you or anybody about this?”

Corsi – “Entirely silent.”

George – “Do they know about this?”

Corsi – “Its shocking how little congress knows about what the president is doing.”

George – “How did you pick up on this story?”

Corsi – “I got emails from readers who said you've got to look at this directive from May 9…began looking at it… was shocked.”

"There was NO press release of any substantive nature"

"The press release putting this on public notice, JUST published the directive. There wasn't even a Presidential statement EXPLAINING it."

“No discussion from the white house, they refused to explain it,” according to Corsi.

“They just did a press release that posted the directive itself. No Press conference by president Bush.When I called the White House they refused to call me back and give me a statement on this"

George - "This is dangerous, this is dangerous."

Corsi - "This is EXTREMELY dangerous"

George - "Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, or a Conservative, or a Libertarian the point is: no one person in this country should have omnipotent power."

Corsi - "That's right. When the Founding Fathers created the Constitution, they'd just got rid of King George the 3rd. They did not want an Imperial President that could become a dictator in the course of an emergency. This is equivalent to the Fuhrer of the Reichstags fire saying, 'I've got all the authority of the German state. It’s the equivalent of a Roman dictator saying, the Roman state has an emergency and I am now the dictator, the emperor, not a council, but the dictator, in charge of the entire Roman government.

Our Founding Fathers knew this could be done by an executive and they created a LIMITED REPUBLIC with a balance of powers to prevent this EXACT type of directive from ever being written."

George - "If the power grid goes out for 2 hours, he can kick this directive into effect?"

Corsi - "Yes he can. ANY time the president decides there's a national emergency, he can kick this directive into effect and take over dictatorial powers

George - "So the day we have the election next year, the day we have it, if something happens in the morning, whatever it is can he cancel the election?"

Corsi - "YES. He can assume control of the Federal, State, Local, territorial and tribal governments."

George - "For how long?"

Corsi - "Unspecified George, until the President decides the emergency is over, could be YEARS, but that directive does not say how long it could be in existence, as long as the President wants."

George - "we've got to get congress to really go into an uproar about this. This is dictatorship. Whether its used or not, it should not be a law."

Corsi - "It's outrageous, George. It's a complete contradiction of the fundamental principles of the Constitution, which established limited government checks and balances between the different departments. This allows the President to negate CHECKS AND BALANCES and take over as a dictator, JUST by DECLARING a national emergency exists on his OWN authority.”

Corsi - "This supersedes The National Emergency Act."

George asked why the President didn’t call a news conference to explain this.

Corsi - “Why didn’t Bush take this to congress and say I want to "pass this as a law [and this is WHY] amending the National Emergency Act. We already have an act in place which DEFINES the President's ability to declare an emergency, but that law requires the President to bring the declaration of an emergency to Congress and to PUBLISH it in the Federal Registry, where Congress would have the opportunity to overturn it, or negate it.

This directive has NO specification that the President has to take a declaration of an emergency to Congress at all."

Corsi - "Part of this directive is classified, you can't even read the appendix.”

George asked if, during WWII, FDR invoked "anything like this."

Corsi - "F.D.R. did NOT invoke extraordinary emergency powers of the presidency. The only thing I can think of in American history that's similar would be some of the actions taken by President Lincoln during the Civil War, which Constitutionalists have been arguing about ever since, suspending Habeas Corpus. There were any number of things that Lincoln did."

George - "Could he in theory say: I want everybody to get chipped. I want everyone to take a vaccine, under this directive?"

Corsi - "Absolutely. He could say, 'We've got an Avian Flu epidemic that's affecting the Continent, so I'm going to put together under my direction, a continental health service and I'm going to require that everybody be quarantined, unless they get a vaccine.’"

Corsi - "Remember on April 30, President Bush, on his own authority, signed a Transatlantic Agreement with the European Union, creating a Transatlantic Economic Council to integrate us with the E.U. and that ALSO did not go to Congress. So this Presidential directive, establishing these emergency powers, involves a series of decisions George Bush has made in his own office without going through Congress."

Corsi – “This looks like a power-grab that negates the Constitution.”

Corsi clarified that this does not give the Vice President any special powers. "It's all in the office of President...In fact the President has created a 'national continuity director...she also has never been elected. She is now the czar for 'national continuity."

A caller called in and pointed out that this type of thing has been going on for decades, including during Bill Clinton's Administration.

Corsi - "Bill Clinton may have. The idea is an ancient idea. The Roman emperors knew how to use these emergency powers to declare themselves supreme leaders. Adolf Hitler knew it at the Reichstag fire. It’s an old idea, its just shocking that President Bush has actually put it into a May 9, signed executive order which makes it law."

George asked what happens when people and soldiers say no?

Corsi - "It would take extraordinary efforts because the President would have the ability to CONSIDER IT AN ACT OF TRAITORSHIP. If someone refused to follow the President’s orders, even as a dictator. This directive gives him the ability to direct any decision he wants."

George expressed that he thinks a soldier would be apt to first protect the Constitution.

Corsi – “I would hope so, but first OUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMAN must first protect the Constitution and bring this Presidential directive under Congressional examination IMMEDIATELY."

At approximately 37 minutes into the first hour, a caller (Jim from Huntsville , AL ) called in supporting the directive saying that the President should, "dissolve Congress" until we win the war, "and then perhaps if common sense comes back into politicians, allow Congress to be seated again. I think if he enacts these powers that it is the best thing for the people of the United States of America ."

Corsi - "The problem is, is that the Constitution sets up limited powers. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, facing a war on two oceans, a world war STILL went to Congress and got a Declaration of War. That's something we've not done with Iraq , something we didn't do in Kosovo and we didn't do in Vietnam . We're not following the Constitutional procedures and we're going down this slippery slope to the point where the President, under this directive, could declare [by] himself, that there's an emergency, he's a dictator."

Congressman Ron Paul is the ONLY elected representative to directly address this recently on the house floor. Here is the link to the Tuesday, May 22 speech on the house floor:

If you want to TAKE ACTION then please watch this historic speech and pass it on to everyone you know!

This speech is available @ 3 sources:


MySpace - small picture, great sound

Google - big picture, not as good quality sound

Preserve the rule of law that protects us all - the United States Constitution, the highest law of the land.

"... For behold, I have been with you from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.

~*The Charge of the Goddess*~




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