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RE: VIDEO--AFTF/Loose Change INSIDE the CNN Republican Debate

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From: Pamela's Protest
Date: Jun 9, 2007 3:31 PM

VIDEO--AFTF/Loose Change INSIDE the CNN Republican Debate

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From: Aaron Russo's America: Freedom To Fascism
Date: Jun 9, 2007 12:28 PM


RTR Media & Aaron Russo present
(in association with Loose Change911)

Exclusive Coverage from the Republican CNN National Debate
Produced by Samuel Anthony Ettaro-National Media Director

Manchester, New Hampshire June 5th, 2007

Clip 1-  Ettaro interviews Congressman Ron Paul in the CNN Post-Debate "Spin Room".  Topics include Giuliani's lawfirm's ties to Centras Corp. and the selling off of critical American infrastructure to foreign companies, the North American Union and Texas, Putin's threat to the west in response to the Bush European "Missile Shield", the G8 Summit and semi-secret globalist meetings as well as Dr. Paul's thoughts on the debate in general.

[ watch ]

Clip 2-  Police Arrest WeAreChange's Matt Lepacek as Giuliani's Press Representatives duck questions on admitted 911 collapse foreknowledge, and their candidate's ties to Centras Corp. and his involvement in building of the North American Union.

[ watch ]

Clip 3-  Tommy Thompson and Sam Brownback face questions by Jason Bermas regarding known pre-911 wire transfers to a Pakistani terrorist and why Pakistan is not a target on the "war on terror".

[ watch ]

Clip 4-  Ettaro questions Congressman Ron Paul, Tommy Thompson, Duncan Hunter and Jason Bermas asks Sam Brownback and Tommy Thompson about Real ID, biometrics and Verichip human implants.

[ watch ]

Clip 5-  Ettaro questions Sam Brownback and Ron Paul about Federal Reserve Reform.

[ watch ]

Special thanks to Jason Bermas, Dylan Avery and Cory Rowe of Louder Than Words/Loose Change 911 for their contribution to this effort and of course Jason Mandresh and Mike Fronckowiak for their camerawork and still photography.

To sign up for a position as a RTR Media National Correspondent or State Media Director please visit or contact National Media Director Samuel Anthony Ettaro direct at (814)553-9372


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