Thursday, October 12, 2006

Incorporation We Trust


Corporations have been at the forefront of technology advancement, development and production for over two hundred years. This has given corporations something no other living “person” can obtain, eternal life. In the beginning corporations were needed to get people to “co-operate” toward a common goal. The main downfall of present day corporations is that in the quest for the bottom line they have lost sight of who put them there. Since the passing of the fourteenth amendment to the constitution we have had the rights that so many fought and died for handed over to corporations with the flick of a pen, this is hardly fair. Here is a question for you “if a city, state or country is incorporated into existence then who owns it?”

There is a reason that the Federal Reserve is owned/operated by a private bank and that is because it’s the best pyramid scheme ever. This is the information that is covered over and white(house) washed so as to appeal to the masses. How many people know that income tax is voluntary? The only power these “people” have is what we give them.
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!” If you only look for the bad then that is what you will find but if you look for the good then that is all you will need.

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