Thursday, October 12, 2006

Israel=North Korea

In being lead into a war under false pretext we have left the country unsecured, was this planned? The United States has the most powerful military yet we could not stop four planes on our own soil. We have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq so far in this crusade but we still have not faced a foe that posed a serious eminent threat to our security. The only country that has threatened and could pose a threat is being ignored by the Bush/Cheney administration. Kim Jung Il Has Nuclear devices and is using them. It is believed that North Korea has been working on mini-nukes similar to the nuclear mines that the Israeli’s have. Both of these countries have one thing in common though; neither country has their nuclear reactors inspected by the I.A.E.A. to ward off another Chernobyl.

No matter how much you tighten the reins of control on the population you can’t protect them from the unknown. As long as international policy is to overthrow weak governments and placate the true evil we can never be free. When you are asked to fear something/one, ask yourself “why am I being asked to do this.” I we can develop the ability to think on our own then we may have a chance of survival otherwise we are doomed

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