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United State sponsored terrorism

RE: The Never Ending Story of Jewish Violence

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Date: Nov 14, 2008 5:41 AM

I was told by a friend of mine that this bulletin was deleted shortly after I last posted it, and it wasn't by me. Here it is again, apologies to those that may have caught it before it was Orwelled by Rupertspace.

The Never Ending Story of Jewish Violence

It's olive harvest season in the West Bank, and militant Jewish racists who inhabit the illegal settlements throughout Occupied Palestine are again determined to cause as much grief as possible for struggling Palestinian farmers.
Even human rights activists seeking to provide protection for the farmers come under attack from these violent Zionist loons.

Already hundreds of olive trees have been torched in Nablus by these nutcases, some of them hundreds of years old, while the complicit IOF not only refuses to prevent the Jewish attacks but provides them with practical and moral support and goes about arresting and kidnapping Palestinians just for good measure.

Yesterday, Friday, Oct 10: ....

Elderly Man, Two Kids Injured In West Bank Settler Attack

Israeli settlers injured six Palestinians as they harvested their olive trees near the illegal Israeli settlement of Brachah.

Medical sources at Radefia hospital told Ma’an that six residents of the village south of Nablus suffered bruises, fractures and wounds after settlers assaulted them. Among the victims were two children and an elderly Palestinian man.

Hospital officials identified the two injured children as eight-year-old Hesham Fayez Fathi Mansur and 12-year-old Madeeha Nassar Rashed Mansur.

70-year-old Fathi Rasheed Mansur, as well as Ibtisam Naasar Rasheed and Manal Wasfi Rasheed Mansur, both 30, were also injured in the attack.

A Palestinian Authority (PA) official responsible for village affairs told Ma’an that “dozens of Israeli settlers” attacked the Palestinians.

The official, Ghassan Daghlas, said the settlers “beat and threw stones at the residents” of the village on Friday.
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